A Whole New Beginning

Pain, what was pain? It wasn't an emotion was it? No, pain was a feeling when something hurt you or made you suffer. Yes, pain was the last thing he remembered feeling before he woke up here, wherever here was.

Harry didn't move as he continued to try and remember, he need to remember what was before the pain to find out where he was and why he was there. He didn't forget what happened before the pain, that much he knew, he just couldn't seem to remember it.

He tried to force his mind to remember time before the pain and a wave of vertigo hit him and he felt so tired. Harry tried to stay wake before the tiredness doubled and he decided to sleep, yes, sleep was a good thing, sleep was nice.

Unknown; Unknown

When Harry woke up again he could remember little bits and pieces, nothing connected to the pain or before it but connected to him. The feeling inside him, the feeling of power and change inside of him was his magic, it could do anything and his name was Harry.

It wasn't much but he felt better now than the first time he woke up and knowing about his magic reassured him immensely for some reason. After a few minutes of quiet contemplation Harry tried to move, nothing big to start with but despite only trying to twitch his fingers it didn't move and another wave of vertigo hit him.

Harry let the wave envelop him before it began to disappear after a minute and congratulated himself on staying awake this time. He tried to come up with a reason as to why he couldn't move and why he felt so tired each time he tried to but no answers came forth.

He sat there, was he sitting, and slowly reached out for his magic and that raised more questions he need to find answers to. His magic was sluggish, as if tired, but still as dense, adaptable and powerful as before the pain, perhaps even more so.

The fact that his magic was tired didn't bother him that much, what bothered him was the fact that when he felt his magic he also felt how empty of magic he was and how little the amount of magic he possessed was when compared to the amount he could contain.

Harry put that problem aside with no small amount of difficulty and decided to coax his magic slightly and not a second later the comfortable feeling of his magic coursing throughout his body was felt.

Despite how little magic there was it was still a glorious feeling to him and after a few minutes of just enjoying the feeling he decided to go to sleep. Magic always "regenerated" in a sense but he knew that it did so faster when the person was asleep or unconscious.

So with that decision made Harry pushed all thoughts from his mind and quickly felt himself falling into blissful unconsciousness. Before falling asleep completely he realised he had been thinking in a way that meant he remembered more things, things he didn't remember when he woke up the first time.

Unknown; Unknown

This time when he woke up Harry remembered some odd three hundred years of his life before the pain but it was scattered memories. Hardly any of them had a chronological order to them, all but one set of memories was incomplete and he didn't know when they happened.

The full set of memories was of his precious Nym and their time together, his training and all their wonderful dates and nights. The second most complete set of memories was of his wife, Luna, but he was missing a single memory and he could feel it in his bones that it was bad.

Shaking it off Harry sifted through his memories, sorting them into a timeline as best as he could before using his magic to try and sense his environment. He wasn't very successful but he did find out he was surrounded on all sides by swirling magic and it was shaped around him like a sphere.

Harry shivered slightly when he became acutely aware of the freezing cold that flowed around his body and through his body. It was the all-consuming cold of the abyss but at the same time the cold comforted him and unlike one would suspect the cold didn't numb his body.

He waited, taking some comfort in the cold abyss that surrounded him before he was shocked as it turned into a searing inferno of heat. The inferno warmed his soul in ways it had never been before and soon the magic changed again, this time to super-charged lightning that zapped around him in a torrent of electricity.

Slowly Harry reached out to the elemental magic with his own, the lightning teasing his body slightly as if to try and get in and touch his magic itself before it changed to a flowing torrent of water. A small tendril of magic moved out of his body, waving slightly and the elemental magic flowed around it as Harry got a proper sense of the magic.

His eyes flew open and his body straightened out of the ball he didn't know it was curled into as the elemental magic invaded his body via his own tendril of magic. He managed to pull his magic back into his body and cut off the magic's access to him but not before a rather sizeable amount already entered his body.

The magic just sat there, above where he knew his magical core was, while his own magic continued to surge through his body but it flowed around the elemental magic. He tried to flush the magic from his body but he stopped when he felt excruciating pain that forced him to double over.

The pain subsided quickly and Harry examined the magic inside his body once more, this time feeling the small veins rooting it to his soul. He felt slightly violated that the magic just attached itself to his soul be quickly disregarded the feeling as he remembered when he took magic from people and made it his own before the pain.

Soon after a short inner-debate Harry decided to try and slowly move the elemental magic to his core and take a shot at absorbing it into his own. For five minutes the magic refused to move and caused him a bit of pain but eventually the cold magic yielded to his will and began moving downwards.

After an uncomfortable few minutes where it felt like he had an itch in his bones the magic was above his magical core and he commanded his own magic to swirl around it and inside his core like a Maelstrom. Little by little the magical Maelstrom siphoned off the elemental magic into his core and the rage of the elements became a part of him.

Once the magic had been absorbed and he was certain the outside elemental magic wouldn't try to invade his body again he looked around him at his surroundings. He was completely surrounded by the magic as it swirled around him body, engulfing his form completely inside whatever contained him and the elemental magic.

The magic would thin in some places and he could see black metal with strange glowing writing on it but the moments when that happened were few and quite far in between. Harry moved his right hand towards the strange metal but as he did so he felt the outside magic become slightly hostile.

Pulling it back Harry considered his options, the magic surrounding him was clearly sentient and would attack if he tried to escape. The magic was dense, almost as dense as his own magic but held far more power and it was clear it was also an elemental magic, it changed between all the elements, each unique to its own and powerful.

His options didn't look good at all, if he even had any, as he was surrounded by powerful Elemental magic that wanted to keep him and even if he could get past it was most likely still going to be trapped in the metal sphere that contained the magic with no knowledge of what was on the outside of it.

Shaking his head he turned his attention to his body, now that he could actually move and see it, and he wasn't that surprised to see what he saw. Instead of a flesh and blood body like most would have expected his very soul had manifested a metaphysical body as far as he could tell.

It was mostly white with tiny smoke like wisps were continuously falling from his body while black veins ran the length of his entire body, just underneath the surface of the white. He moved his right hand through his left forearm, he shivered slightly at the feeling of his own hand going through his body but also how it felt like that hand was moving through water.

Closing his eyes Harry pulled his legs into a kneeling position underneath his body and placed his hands on his lap as the fingers interlocked with one another. Finally he bowed his head and cleared his mind of all thoughts, feeling the rhythm and pulse of life the elemental magic swirling around him created.

His breathing, which he hadn't even realized he had begun doing, evened out and soon he opened his eyes but he didn't see the sphere Elemental Magic. He was now kneeling within his mindscape and saw it in almost complete disarray.

Before the pain he remembered he'd created giant planet made out of tiny silver spheres that floated in a giant sky blue expanse. They shifted and moved in intricate patterns but always stayed in a large planetary sphere shape, now he saw the most horrifying thing since he had awoken.

It still had a large planetary sphere shape, no doubt about that but there were large chunks missing and it didn't move, just floating in place. He could see single silver spheres floating all around while some of them grouped together in semi-large chunks, floating around but not moving near the large sphere planet.

He slowly floated towards it, dodging single spheres and chunks that were orbiting the planet sphere and soon he entered through one of the large holes in it. Navigating the inside was rather easy since it didn't change and everything stayed in place so after a minute he was at the centre.

The centre of the planet sphere was a tiny sphere of one inch in diameter compared to the other spheres which were ten inches in diameter. This tiny sphere was the very core of his being, the essence of who he was, constantly adapting as he lived life but also staying rigid in the sense that he would always be him, Harry.

That sphere, the sphere of his core was missing, the small gap its absence created very clear and horrifying to the wizard. His very identity was missing and yet he didn't feel it, he didn't feel any different than when he had it in his memories.

A feeling of emptiness began enveloping his mind and he could hear a few of the spheres cracking, the memories or knowledge inside close to being lost. He reached for the empty space and strangely enough the feeling of the Elements that had retreated when he entered his mindscape came back full force.

All the Elemental Magic manifested around his hand and flowed from his fingertips before swirling into a sphere shape. Harry merely watched the magic at work, creating a new core sphere from itself while using his own magic as well and soon more memory and knowledge spheres moved to fill the holes in the planet sphere.

Some still stayed away but came slightly closer and the spheres that had cracked earlier were quickly fixed. After a minute Harry was staring at an almost completed core sphere, the magic powerful and pulsing with life, only needing him to put in his identity, how he viewed himself.

'I am me, I am myself.' Harry thought slowly, carefully choosing his words but they seemed to flow through him without thought. 'I am magic, I am nature. I am god, the immortal and unstoppable force of being.'

The core sphere pulsed and let out a shockwave of Magic throwing him from his mindscape and rendering him unconscious, the outside Elemental Magic wrapping his body in a cocoon and his own magic siphoning it little by little.

Unknown; Unknown

He blinked, once, twice before he realized without purposefully stopping it he could see through his eyelids. He raised his head from its bowed position and looked around, the swirling sphere of Elemental Magic had lessened and become a lot smaller.

He reached out to the remaining Magic and watched as it followed his unintentional commands, following his hand as he moved it side to side. He let his arm drop and the Elemental Magic that was obeying his commands returned to the vortex sphere.

Closing his eyes he inwardly smirked as he now saw darkness as if his eyelids weren't see through before clearing his mind again. Instead of receding into his mindscape, this time his form manifested in a separate part of his being and he looked down, seeing his Magical core floating in an expanse of white with black veins.

He could see his Magical Core, large but compressed as it held a mass of magic while a second one floated nearby filled to the brim with Elemental Magic. Harry couldn't help but be slightly elated as he saw this but also scared, he was already far too dangerous with a full core of magic but now he had a full core of Elemental Magic as well though it wasn't as large as his magical core.

Taking a breath he shook it off, he was himself, a person he knew that couldn't be corrupted by power and the lure of greatness. He looked around the cores, he could feel five empty spaces in certain places and looked very carefully.

His magical cores were in line with one another, a certain distance apart with a link of white and black magic connecting them to one another. With a wave of his hand Harry commanded his magic to surge the emptiness he felt and it eagerly did his bidding.

He saw the magic filled what seemed to be connection links and engulf empty spaces that looked like magical cores could inhabit. Five empty spaces made a perfect circle with the Elemental Core around his own magic's core, connection links connecting all the outside cores to the inner one while the outer cores had connection links making it seem like a real circle.

He waved his hand again and the magic retreated from the links and empty core areas but a vague impression of it still remained behind. He closed his eyes and when he opened them he was back inside the vortex of Elemental Magic, ready to absorb everything else and leave the sphere.

Holding his hands out in front of him with the palm facing up Harry slowly drew in the Magic surrounding him and absorbed it into his Elemental Core. Bit by bit the vortex around him became smaller and thinner before five minutes later it disappeared completely and the feeling of the Elements was one with him.

Harry smiled at himself as he looked at his hands the final wisps of Elemental Magic hanging off of them before they disappeared and he made to stand. He looked around at the metal sphere that contained him, finally able to examine it properly and find a way to escape his prison.

The glowing writing he'd seen earlier had dimmed slightly but it grew brighter as he moved closer towards it, crisscrossing lines appearing all along the metal as well. He could tell that it was a language, but for all his knowledge of other languages and of the written word he'd learnt from before the pain he couldn't make heads or tails of this.

He looked around the sphere and saw that the writing on the furthest side was duller than the side he was closest to. Reaching out to touch the side of the metal sphere he was closest the lines and the writing became almost blindingly bright.

The metal sphere began falling apart, the large metal sections detaching themselves from one another and falling to the ground below with loud crashes. 'Well…At least I'm free.' Harry thought to himself and looked around him, taking in his surroundings once more.

It was dark, close to a pitch black but not quite as a tiny amount of light filtered through small cracks in the ceiling of the room as well as the light his metaphysical body was giving off. He turned one way and floated towards the open doorway, the walls around him seem to depict something but he had no care for them yet.

The place he was in was old, very old with the walls having chunks missing and the debris they shattered into covering the floor. The parts that hadn't broken were very worn and dirty, clearly this place was abandoned or the people who inhabited the place were dead.

He went through hallways that had many doorways, the wooden doors had rotted and fallen apart into timber, before he entered a large cavern like atrium. A lot more light filtered through here as there seemed to be a large sphere of light magic in middle of the roof of the atrium.

'I sent myself here but not here.' Harry thought as a memory came to the front of his mind, the ritual meant to send him to Oblivion. 'I need to find out where I am before I can leave this place, no one else is here so that's a good thing.'

Harry turned around and floated back to the room he originated from before taking a long, searching look at the walls of the room. They had pictures carved into them, murals that perhaps depicted the history of this place or the land he was in.

Either way Harry had to find out where he was and get a body as soon as he could.

Mundus; Unknown

'Ignis.' He whispered the word softly as he cupped his hands together and let a small ball of fire form between the palms. The fireball was small, throw a bright warm light on the walls around the room but the fireball was fickle and weak.

His magic was… in a sort of flux he supposed. It was the same magic it always was, his magic, but with the addition of the Cold Magic to it and the magic saturating the world around him it just didn't work at one hundred percent.

Harry could perform magic yes but they either didn't have the same force or power they had before or didn't hold long enough to be of any use. He couldn't conjure wood to set aflame as the wood he could conjure were of no use and only lasted a few seconds.

The fireball he held in his hands was the most impressive amount of magic he could do at the moment, the flame was nearly white hot but it could be snuffed out by a stray draft at any second like it had been so many times before in the past week.

But despite the difficulties he had with his magic Harry did make progress in finding out where he was and reading the murals on the walls. He found out he was in a realm called Mundus, the murals didn't tell him how large it was or if it was a planet or solar system like the one earth had inhabited.

Harry was really glad he'd learnt Norse and Ancient Nordic Script before the pain, before the pain that did something to him. The pain was still blank to him, before and after, but he knew that before the pain he was somewhere hearing something and during the pain something happened to him.

He'd tried to read the script on the metal pieces that made the sphere that had trapped him before but he had little to no success. He could make educated guesses as to what one or two symbols meant but nothing more than that and he wasn't sure he was correct in those guesses either.

So he spent another hour floating in front of the mural, the light of his metaphysical body making the mural visible but not readable so he had to relight the fireball when it went out, which was mostly every ten to twenty minutes.

Once he was done with that mural he snuffed out the fireball and floated towards the metal pieces and knelt above them. He had learned a lot from the murals in this room and the one beyond but he didn't want to venture further just yet.

He was at a major disadvantage if anything was inside with him and tried to attack him, his magic was in a flux so he might not be able to defend himself and he didn't know if anything physical could harm his body or if there were others like him.

That meant he needed to either find or make himself a body, though despite all his knowledge of biology and the human body he couldn't make one without a core DNA sample. He could imprint his core DNA but he'd need something humanly organic, even skin flakes would do but he could either not see them or, the more likely, they'd all turned to dust by now.

Hanging his head Harry closed his eyes and sat knelt in the air for the time being, trying to think of any workarounds he could possibly do. Currently his world consisted of this room with metal pieces that made a sphere and his own mindscape, which had recovered a quite bit.

He wanted to explore the Ruins further but his body seemed to fade every time he moved towards the doorway of the room or tried to go through it. That meant either that either his magic and soul were bound to the room or they were bound to the metal shards laying in the room.

It made more sense that they were bound to the shards as they were once the container of the Elemental Magic he now possessed. To move around and increase his knowledge of the ruins he needed to either remove the tether or create a type of container body out of the metal shards to contain his metaphysical body.

'Removing the tether could destroy me.' Harry thought to himself as he looked down at the shards he knelt above. The script and the lines glowed the faint icy blue he always saw when they were close to him or he used enough magic in the room.

It was becoming painfully clear to him that his new Elemental Magic needed the metal to exist meaning he would need to craft a metal body container. As he tried to manipulate his magic to bend, twist and mould the metal shards into the body Harry became well aware that this plan didn't sit well with him.

The body presented the only way he could survive and explore outside the room but it also imprisoned him inside or near it. He might not even be able to make himself a human body if he couldn't leave the metal body without dying or suffering.

It was with these grim thoughts and feelings of imprisonment that Harry shaped the shards into something that resembled a body. It was clunky, bulky and by no means a pretty site but it was… something, Harry himself pinched the bridge of his nose as he floated above his creation and looked down upon it.

It was absolutely horrific, the arms were malformed, thick in certain areas and bone thin in others with the left arm going a distance of two and a half feet from shoulder to fingertips while the right was three and a half.

The fingers themselves looked like pork sausages, thick, meaty and without the necessary joints as they curved in an uninterrupted arc. Meanwhile the chest was distorted, one side thick and heavy while the other seemed to have partially melted and turned to sludge.

The legs were in no better shape with twisted feet, knees shaped in a horrific manner while the toes seemed to be cut in half and burnt in some manner. All in all it was a horrific monstrosity and Harry took no pride in it nor did it make him think he could make it better with practice and make something he would actually use.

He could feel anger bubbling up inside of him, anger at not being able to make a body, anger at not being able to leave this room. Anger, desperation, hate and panic all surface in his mind as he stared at the body with a stoic face while a storm of ElementalMagic swirled around his body.

Harry felt ready to release his emotions and magic, to destroy the metal monstrosity laying on the ground before him before an ice cold wave surged through his body and apathy took over his mind, calming it and his magic in an instant.

Now he looked at the metal body with a type of idle curiosity that betrayed no emotion, he cared about nothing didn't he? Harry didn't care if it looked horrifying, it was a body of metal meant to be shaped and bent to his will as many times as he wished it and in whatever way he wanted.

He didn't care about the time it would take to get it right, the room he was in had no source of light other than the tiny amount coming through the doorway. That amount was minute enough hat it didn't tell the time of day nor did it ever waver, time was meaningless and failure was merely a stepping stone towards success.

But that didn't mean he could be careless and do anything or muck about, he needed to work and to succeed so he could leave. With these thoughts in mind he went back to work, turning the misshapen body back into it's original individual shards.

Harry levitated one of the metal shards to his face as the feeling of apathy dissipated, leaving his mind while the feeling of ice cold remained. His emotions surfaced but they were calm, one could almost call them dormant as they rested, waiting for him to need them.

As he looked at the floating shard he realized one reason his first attempt failed so spectacularly, his magic was still in it's flux meaning he couldn't control it properly. It seemed to have stabilized somewhat for now but he didn't know how long that would last so he may have to work faster than he wanted to.

Harry moved his left arm so that it was next to the floating shard, he twisted it, looked at his hand from all angles. The joints, the nails, the way the fingers bended and twisted as well as the way they clenched into a fist.

He levitated another two shards so that they were next to the first before he melted them, he didn't heat them until they liquefied. No, this metal was of his Elemental Magic and it was his to control, he commanded them and they did as they were told.

Now he had a floating blob of black metal that had the foreign script moving across it while changing colours from red to blue, green to white and even brown, dulling the intensity of the script Harry focused on the metal. It rippled in some places and shifted in others before it began losing it blob shape and forming a hand, then a wrist and finally a forearm that stopped before the elbow.

Harry looked it over, the arm was a nice size and looked to be an exact copy of his own metaphysical one. The inside wasn't solid but a person would be made to call it hollow as veins spread out through the arm from a central line that went through the centre of the arm.

The centre hollow line was maybe half a centimetre thick while the hollow veins were two to three millimetres thick. He put a finger on the forearm and pushed some magic into it, the veins inside lit up with multi-coloured Elemental magic and glowed enough to light up the entire room.

Putting it down on the ground with the palm facing down Harry began repeating the process as he began to build the other part of the body. He examined his own and tried to match it as much as possible, making sure it was strong and could handle his magic before moving onto the next piece.

Moulding his head and back were a challenge as he couldn't see them and there were no reflective surfaces in the room. He had to go by touch, meaning it wasn't any easier since his hand could go through other parts of his body.

Mundus: Unknown

He would have been done five days after he started making the body if he didn't look at it and let his creative side kick in. After five days that body had been complete, it had all four limbs, was correctly proportioned in relation to one another and was perfectly symmetrical.

Then he looked at the body as it lay on the ground next to a pile of leftover metal shards and he thought, 'I can make this better.' Thus he began to make it better, he streamlined the body, made it slightly slimmer yet bulkier and compacted the metal to allow more magic to flow.

So instead of be satisfied with a mannequin like body he had shaped in five days he had spent maybe close to two months creating his 'Proto' Body. If Harry was honest with himself, he was most of the time, he knew he had gone overboard with this.

The body was completely out of place in the ruins it lay in, hell it would have looked out of place on Earth when people were still alive. But Harry didn't care about it, he had created the most badass 'Proto' Body for himself and besides, nobody in this world would see it.

He'd based it off some military Robot design he had seen before the Pain and because he only need the shell and no hardware inside to make it work meant that it was easy to build and would be even easier to use, right?

The body was mostly a carbon black colour but some parts had a silvery metallic colour that shone in the dull light coming from the doorway. The legs themselves could be classed and the most simplistic part of the body in appearance with the thighs somewhat large but streamlined while the calves were maybe half the thickness.

The knees connecting the thighs and calves were covered by a somewhat curved plate on the front while the back of it remained exposed. The knee joint itself was a… The joint itself couldn't really be explained other than it was a robotic joint connecting the two parts of the legs together.

The feet he'd designed to use the robotic joints for the ankle while the top of the foot had some raised panels that slanted downwards. The feet didn't have five toes like a human body but instead had a large piece on the inner side that resembled a big toe while the outer side had a large piece, replacing the other four toes in that area.

The bottom of the upper body was angular and had a distinct v shape from the hips to the groin area as the thighs connected the legs to the rest of the body in the middle of either side of the v shape. The chest and shoulders were the areas where there was the most silver colouring, giving a slight impression of armour.

The arms reached down to about mid-thigh, the metal shaped so that the further down the arm a person the deadlier it looked. The joints of the fingers were made possible by Harry using robotic joints for them which, despite forcing him to make the fingers slightly bigger, added its own kind of deadly impression.

Harry thought the head was the best, the greatest part of the Proto Body and the part that seemed the most intimidating. There was a type of mouth but it only partially resembled the mouth of a person with a part of the head going down from the 'body' of the head before curving upwards to form the chin and the lower jaw.

The top part of the jaw merely moved outwards from the main part of the head before curving down and connecting with the lower part. A large hole could be seen between the jaw areas and the main body of the mouth as silver plating gave off a dull reflection as it sat on the forehead and top of the head areas.

On the side of the head, just above where the ears would be, two tiny turbine like fans were embedded and spun in slow circles as they reacted to his magic. These would let him absorb the magic in the air around him much easier than it would have been if he tried to absorb through the surface of the body.

The neck underneath the head was half composed of thick black tubes that went underneath the chest plating while three tubes ran from the back of the head to the spine just below the neck, the vein holes in the body would let his body regulate and circulate his magic through his whole body but these he would use if he needed an extra 'surge' throughout.

A single circular eye sat above the upper jaw, the colourless metal glowing the dull white of his magic as if it were 'awake'. ( . )

Now floating above it Harry lowered himself slightly, still hesitant to enter after all the work he had put into it. His soul and magic would be bound to this body and it bound to him, he could never separate himself from it after he entered.

Sighing Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath before turning around so that he back faced the body as it lay down looking at the ceiling with a single, dead eye. Another deep breath and he tipped himself, commanding his magic to let gravity take hold and make him fall.

When his body entered the Proto Body it let out a bright white flash before the only light coming from it were the micro-lines traversing the body like a circuit-board. Harry himself tried to stay as calm as possible as his soul acclimated itself to the body, magic and soul rushing through the veins of the body and the tubes.

'Keep calm, you'll be able to move soon you know that.' Harry thought to himself as he waited and hoped that the body wouldn't reject his soul. 'The body needs to become used to your magic, the metal held the Elemental Magic before but not yours.'

He lay there, not knowing how long he did so, as he worried and nearly panicked five times before he felt the coolness of metal against his soul. Harry gasped as he felt the first sensation in possibly six months and the sound came from the Proto body's mouth in a metallic distortion.

Spending close to half a year in a metaphysical form with no need to breath prepared Harry quite well for the suffocating sensation of attempting to breath and no oxygen entering his body. After three breaths he stopped himself from trying to breathe and lay there on the ground, his single eye glowing his signature White.

Harry began to laugh, a small throat chuckle that echoed across the room with a metallic edge that his magic quickly filtered out. His voice, his own voice that he hadn't heard in so long filled the empty room that had been silent for all the time he was in it.

After a few minutes he calmed down enough to stop laughing and began to try and moved his body and when tried to lift his arm it did but…well…the arm moved upwards but it bent at the joint and the fingers were all curled all clenched in different ways.

Clearly he made to work on fine motor control first if he wanted to move properly, as evidence by the sporadic twitching of his fingers as he tried to move his thumb. There wasn't any pattern to the way his fingers twitched when he moved his thumb meaning that he himself needed to acclimate himself to the body.

So he lay on the ground, slowly moving his thumbs until it alone moved and all the others finger on the hand stopped twitching. That alone took a week and Harry sighed as he tilted his head upwards to look at his lower body and saw his right foot jerk to the right.

'This is going to take a long time.' Harry thought as his head made a loud metallic clang when he dropped it to the floor. 'At least I don't feel pain.'

Mundus: Unknown

Nearly two years he had wasted, spent efficiently, mastering his Proto body and now he could move just as good, hell a fuck ton better than a human could. His body didn't have the restraints of muscles or bones as the metal shifted, merged or separated subconsciously as he moved to allow him to do his amazing feats.

His Proto Body could be viewed as a contortionists body the way he could bend and twist it while it could also be seen as a the military Stealth Robot it was designed to be, the way he could all the metal change colour to pitch black, letting him hide in the shadows, and with his fingers clawing into the walls he could climb them and the ceiling.

He didn't know how fast he could run as the room wasn't big enough to test it but now he was ready to leave. 'A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view.' Harry sung softly as he walked towards the doorway, his feet making little noise. 'No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming.'

And so for the first time Harry stepped over the threshold of the doorway and into the hallway beyond it. The hallway was short and the light coming from the end was brighter than what shone through the doorway he just came through.

When he exited the hallway he looked around at the kind of circular atrium he had just entered and saw it was brightly lit but not by sunlight. In the centre of the ceiling of the Atrium a ball of white light hung half in a type of upside down tiny well and half out.

After noticing the light-well Harry looked down to see a type of Stair Bridge leading down to the main floor area that was floating on a large body of frozen water. The frozen water was perfectly white as if there was a layer of snow on top while reflecting light onto the stone around it while a large tree grew in the middle of the main floor.

The tree wasn't overly large that it took up far too much space in the roof but the trunk was quite thick and the branches were filled sparely with white leaves that created a canopy all around the ceiling, letting enough light filter through to light up the ground and water.

He slowly walked down the stairs, his feet making soft tapping sounds on the stone, while looking at the circular wall of the room. There were another three doors, equally spaced apart and leading to, according to Harry, parts unknown in the ruin.

When Harry reached the bottom of the stairs he continued onwards towards the tree, being careful not to step on any of the roots. Placing his palm against the tree he touched it with his magic and felt the tree return the touch with it's own.

'Plants have magic in this world?' It was a surprising fact but not too surprising to the man…Robot…but after a few seconds of contemplation he turned his attention to the rest of the room once more.

He clearly hadn't looked closely enough to the stone between the doorways as now he saw mountainous regions carved into them with depictions of snow storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fierce thunderstorms, torrents of flooding waters and even a swirling inferno of fire.

He also noticed that two of the doors were sealed shut by a slab of stone while only the one he came through and the one opposite it were open. So without hesitation Harry walked around the tree and through the doorway into the hallway beyond.

This hallway was much longer than the one from before so Harry spent the time he had walking down it to turn his magical senses outwards and he fell to one knee as he was nearly overwhelmed. The walls, the ground and the very air were saturated with so much magic it was nearly choking him.

He clenched his fists and sent his magic surging through his body, the black tubing being stressed tested as he used them to surge extra magic through the body even fast. The black metal of the body gained an ethereal cyan blue sheen to it and glowed slightly, giving extra light to the hallway he was in.

The pressure of the magic lessened enough that he could stand up once more but he needed to use the wall to support himself. The magic was bearing down on him like tonnes of water but he could divert his attention slightly to try and relieve it or ignore it.

'I need a shield or a barrier.' The thought ran through his head over and over again as he tried to figure out a way to block off his senses or at least shield himself from the magic. Deep within the Proto body he felt coldness spreading from his abdomen to the rest of his body.

Harry looked and saw an impossibly thin layer of clear ice forming on his upper body before forming along his other limbs. The ice acted as a barrier, blocking off his senses to some of the magic while the cold numbed his senses as well, making it bearable.

Now instead of overwhelming the magic tickled his senses in a strange annoying/pleasant kind of way that could easily be ignored. But he didn't ignore it, he felt the magic as much as he could with his numbed senses and felt familiar, if barely.

It wasn't exactly the same as his Elemental Magic but more of the same reality changing magic that he could feel saturating the air, six different kinds of Magic actually. This time he walked down the hallway at a slightly sedated pace with maybe a bit of caution as he continued to feel the magic around him.

Two types of Elemental Magic were the strongest, coming from the left and right of him, while the other four were coming from different angles in front of him. Two came from directly in front of him, the other four came at maybe ninety and forty five degree angles towards him.

Now after a minute of walking Harry was convinced that he would never reach the end of this hallway, yes he had been walking at a slow and steady pace but he'd already walked over a hundred and fifty meters, something that didn't inspire any sort of confidence in him as he continued walking.

After another few seconds he could see the doorway with a sort of black light coming through it from whatever was beyond. The black light Harry couldn't see as he could normal light, it was more like he could see the void of light that it created.

He stopped just shy of entering the doorway, his Ice covering cracking a bit as his senses became more accustomed to the magic all around him causing his Elemental Magic to recede. He could feel right in front of him the most powerful concentration of magic within the entire underground ruin.

It was pulsing and beating like a human heart, feeding the other five in the ruin and with a startling realization he deduced it was…feeding him as well. He could feel the heart of magic feeding magic to him, gently giving him a steady and constant stream of this world's magic.

At that moment Harry didn't know what to feel, should he feel disturbed and violated because this unknown entity was pumping him with magic? Or should he feel safe and thankful as the magic took care of him and he felt it protecting him like a caring mother?

The part of him that was disgusted also reminded him of once being Voldemort's Horcrux, very nearly making him severe the connection he had with this entity but the comforted part stopped him, if only just, as it brought to the forefront of his mind the knowledge that he didn't know what would happen if he did that and his life could be dependent on this magical stream.

So he stood there for a while, looking at the doorway that flooded the hallway near it with black light and contemplated everything that had happened in this world. He knew he'd spent at least a year in this ruin, a single room actually, and it could've been so much longer but it seemed to move too fast for him.

When he was in his own world he could take the hits as they came, take anything head on and come out better and stronger, but here… Here he knew nothing about the world, he knew nothing of what he could do and what the things inhabiting this world could do and it made Harry feel, for the first time in a very long time, quite vulnerable.

So he stood there for a time, contemplating how small and weak he felt at that precise moment before letting it go. He was here, nothing he could do about that, he felt weak and vulnerable, he would get stronger and better himself like before, he was lost and confused, he would learn and become knowledgeable about the new world.

With that he began walking forwards once more and stepped through the doorway, tense as he prepared in case anything might attack him. His eye adjusted quickly enough to the black light the magic heart let off and he could look around the room.

The room was similar to the Elemental Atrium room he was in earlier with the circular shape the room possessed as well as the main floor area floating on a liquid. He couldn't see what liquid it was as the black light in the room making it pitch black in colour and it was perfectly still, he couldn't make out a single ripple or movement on its surface.

The circular walls had inscriptions all over them in place of the carvings the Elemental Atrium and from the quick glance at a nearby inscription confirmed what Harry thought, the runic writing was the same as the writing that was on the sphere he was trapped in.

That meant the writing was of no use to him at the moment and couldn't help him until he either learned the language or found someone who did. He put the writing at the back of his mind as he turned his attention to the rest of the room.

The room was massive in scope, at least five times bigger than the Elemental Atrium, with maybe forty meters between each door and the room itself possible a hundred and fifty feet in diameter. The size of the Atrium surprised him greatly, all the time and work it would've taken, but he had his breath taken away when he looked specifically at the floating platform.

Floating high above the platform was a giant metal sphere that looked identical to the one he'd absorbed and made into a body except it was three times the size. The metal was black, blacker than his body, as if it was darkness itself while the writing was pure white that let off a bright light.

The white light however was swallowed up by the darkness before it got even a foot away but a dull glow persisted around the sphere itself. This was the beating heart he could feel, the magic that he might be dependent on and it was so large, so powerful, that he might not even compare with his magic.

He looked below the sphere to see if there was a way to get closer, the floating platform was completely flat with nothing but six…people? On it. He walked down the steps, cautiously of course, as he watched the six 'people' that stood in a circle beneath the sphere.

They wore black robes that were frayed and torn around the bottom and the sleeves meaning he couldn't see much of their body but he wouldn't be terrified by what he could see if he had been a lesser man.

They might as well have been skeletal the way they appeared, skin stretched taught across the bald head, gaunt cheeks that seemed like they were being sucked into the mouth and hand that had the skin so tight on them you could make out the individual bones and joints.

He stopped as he reached the bottom of the stairs while still looking t the figures, one foot on the platform the other still on the bottom step. They hadn't moved an inch and the air in the room hadn't been disturbed in the slightest despite his movement.

There was something wrong in the air, he could feel his limbs met the slightest of resistance as he walked and there was nary a sound to be heard. In the hallway before this room he could at least hear his footsteps but in here they were silenced and this set his nerves on edge.

'Glacies.' Harry never heard the word he tried to say but his magic responded nonetheless and as he held his right hand out a small mist formed around it with tiny shards of ice floating above the palm of his hand.

He took slow cautious steps forwards as he held his other arm straight out in front of him and the further he went the more the feeling that something was wrong grew stronger. He took one more step and the world fell to pieces all around him, whatever illusion or spell that had been present before had disappeared.

He was thrown back by a wall of magic that swirled around the orb, twenty five meters away on all sides, from the floor to the ceiling. He bounced along the floor twice before he came to a stop and quickly climbed to his feet, analysing the situation as quick as he could.

The swirling wall of magic was a havoc inducing blend of translucent white and black that obscured his vision of the figures and the orb. He tried to find the orb within the swirling mass and saw it spinning at extreme speeds in every direction, lightning skittering along the surface.

His analysis ended for a moment as that lightning leapt from the orb and tried to strike him, he could feel the heat it generated as he dived out the way and it curved, following his body because it was made completely of metal.

He quickly transitioned from his jump into a roll before he turned his eyes to the figures as he stayed in a crouched position. He obviously shouldn't have focused all his attention on them as another lightning bolt shot at him and it passed by his body far closer than the last one had.

After another five lightning strikes he became reasonably safe as he was near the edge of the platform and he always kept half an eye on the orb. The figures themselves though remained unmoved, only their black robes disturbed by the winds the swirling magic created.

Harry thought he saw their mouths moving slightly but he couldn't be sure as the swirling magic wall distorted his view. His attention was pulled away when he heard the tell-tale sound of a lightning bolt about to shout, it was almost light the 'bang' announcing the 'boom'.

Harry's right foot moved back slightly before it slipped off the edge of the platform and he hesitated then. Crouching on his left leg with his right leg dangling in the air Harry saw the lightning bolt coming towards him too late and with him being in such a bad position his attempt to dodge was only half-successful.

As he flew through the air the magical lightning surged through and across his entire body as he wasn't touching the ground and therefore couldn't discharge the lightning from his body. It was painful but The Pain from before he had woken up had been worse.

He was distracted though when another kind of pain hit him, causing him to falter as his feet hit the floor and he crumpled to the ground in an undignified heap. His body went skidding across the ground from the momentum it had gained in air before stopping.

Harry released a groan and he tried to get up as fast as possible but clearly that lightning did some damage as it was slow going and his limbs jerked at times. This time he didn't even hear the warning sound of lightning and so this bolt struck his body directly and yet, despite being on the ground the lightning surged through his body instead of discharging to the ground.

"Long have we toiled." His hands clamped down on the sides of his head as if to block out the noise and the words that were being spoken. "Long have we persevered, Long have we suffered. Long have we remained entombed, protecting the balance of Mundus."

The voices that spoke in his head caused him pain and confused him but that didn't mean he could just lay there. The lightning was still shooting from the sphere and his body protested greatly as he dodged a bolt that shot towards him.

"Our time is at its end, the power is yours to command and protect." The bolts were coming a lot faster now, nearly one after the other, so it was understandable how Harry focused on dodging rather than listening to the voices. "Retrieve the others as you have done the first them return to us."

Harry didn't know what the voices meant exactly but he knew it had something to do with the with the way he had made the Cold Magic his own and the metal of the sphere that once held it a Proto Body for him to inhabit and use.

The thoughts were banished from the forefront of his mind as he heard stone grinding against stone and looked around, still being very mindful of the lightning. The doorway he had come through had closed while the other five doorways which had been closed before were wide open.

Harry didn't care why or how they had opened, all he cared about was getting out of this shit storm and making his way to relative safety. With that intent fuelling his body he charged towards the nearest open door and dive through it in time for another bolt of lightning to strike him.

It merely hit one of his legs but the enclosed space of the hallway caused the concussive force of the bolt to send him flying ten feet through the air. He managed to land on all fours instead of tumbling into a wall or across the floor again but his Proto body was hot enough to have a tiny red glow around it and smoke wafted up from his entire body.

'Glacies.' He guided his magic along the outside of his body and soon he was covered in a dense layer of frost. With his body no longer close to combusting Harry stood up only to back up against a wall and slide down it until he was sitting on the ground.

He could stay and think as long as he needed or wanted to since the hallway was a relatively safe place, he would be safe until he went through either doorway. So there he lay and rest, trying to comprehend what had just happened in the previous room and what sort of magic was at play and who those six beings were.

All he came up with were either useless answers or no answers at all and even more questions that began plaguing his mind. The magic was different, the beings were not human and he was so far out of his depth in this place that it wasn't even remotely funny.

The body hadn't come close to failing or being 'damaged' but it hadn't come close to melting, something which would've hindered him quite a bit. 'Glacis.' The Ice Elemental Magic appeared in his right hand and Harry watched it as he guided the magic up his arm and slowly towards the rest of his body.

Well, he tried to do that but the Ice Elemental Magic sputtered out when it reached his shoulder and the net three tries yielded the same result. 'The lightning must've damaged my magic or something, the flux wasn't this bad before I went into that stupid atrium.'

Standing up Harry looked towards the doorway at the end of the corridor, there was a pale flickering light that shone through it, like the light was moving around at high speed in a jagged pattern of some sort.

He looked at for another minute before it clicked in his mind, the flashing light and jagged pattern, it was like nothing he had ever seen. It was similar to muggle lights when you rapidly flicked them on and off but it was too different to be anything like that.

A minute of pondering what to do had Harry gather his magic and walk towards the end of the hallway. The previous Atrium was deadly and he couldn't combat it effectively but the room in front of him, it was possible he wouldn't be attacked, just like he wasn't attacked in the Elemental Tree Atrium.

'Glaciem Nemorosus.' Ice and an icy vapour swirled around his body like a blizzard, just because he 'might' not get attacked didn't mean Harry would be stupid enough to go in unprepared. And he was right, this Atrium was quite similar to the previous one and the Elemental Atrium.

There was a tree in the middle of the floating platform, which floated on what seemed to be solid 'light', while several small balls of light danced around the ceiling, disappearing and reappearing somewhere else, while the branches made of 'light' swayed slightly.

As he took a few cautious steps closer Harry saw that indeed that the tree was made from a light, but it wasn't bright and actually looked solid. He was halfway to the tree when he released the blizzard as he hadn't been attacked yet and he didn't want to give it any reason to by accidentally harming the tree.

Placing a hand on it trunk of the tree Harry could feel the magic flowing through the tree, the life existing within it just the Elemental Tree. Keeping his hand on the tree Harry looked around the room, the similarities and differences between this room and the Elemental Atrium were quite distinct.

This Atrium's murals depicted something puzzling, it looked to be depicting different era's or time periods but they were vague and parts had turned to dust or crumbled slightly. He could make out what he thought were mages and warriors, some animals maybe?

It was quite obvious what the next magic sphere would be in the next atrium, it might even provide him some degree of protection against the other spheres lightning if he was lucky. His thoughts on that matter were rather doubtful though as he wouldn't be able to train, it would be dumb luck if he managed to absorb or even deflect the other sphere lightning once he entered that atrium again.

'The balance of Mundus, they either keep the balance of a world or realm in check.' Harry thought as he walked past the tree towards the only other open door in the room. 'The amount of magic that thing has and the way these other spheres are aligned to tether that magic I would say a realm.'

The shorter hallway led to the sphere atrium and he saw it, floating in the centre of the room just like, he assumed, the Elementa Magic Sphere had done. The light that shone from the letters and lines on the sphere were a light grey and there was a small glow ethereal glow surrounding the sphere.

His fingers twitched and his entire body tensed when he heard the stone door sliding closed behind him and the glow surrounding the sphere seemed to become threatening. The sphere separated into individual shards that began floating in random patterns around the magic core.

There was a blast of sound next to him and Harry threw himself to the side before turning to look, making sure to keep the sphere in his line of sight. The wall area next to the door seemed to be newer, stronger than that surrounding it as if time…

His thoughts were confirmed when he was forced to jump away again and looked back at the floor area he had been standing on. There was now a dome like indentation in the floor filled with stone dust, Harry now believed he would've been a lot safer attacking the other sphere rather than on that controlled space and time.

A fight for his life was the most dangerous game of cat and mouse in the world, he had maybe a split second warning before the sphere attacked with a beam of grey light. Keeping his eyes on the sphere was no help at all as it could make the beam come from anywhere and it manipulated the dust it created to obscure his vision.

Harry heard the blast and jumped out of the way before landing in a crouch and looking at the sphere once he raised his head. He would've screamed if he wasn't so controlled when he saw a beam racing towards him and he stood up as fast as he could.

The beam was so close now, three feet away and he couldn't move, the knowledge of his certain death rooted him to the spot. The beam travelled a foot closer when time fractured around him, paths laid themselves bare before him for him to choose but he couldn't, one thought continuously raced through his mind.

'I'm going to see Luna, I'm going to see…Luna.' His mind locked up as he thought that thought while several paths collapsed, no longer available. His Luna was dead but that wasn't right, he would know if she was dead, he would know if she had died.

As he stood there, maybe four seconds from death a locked memory came to the forefront of his mind and demanded his complete attention. The night his Luna had died, the night she had been murdered in cold blood and the night he insured the demise of the Wizarding World.

He stood there, now oblivious to his oncoming doom, as he watched snippets of that night, the night his love had been killed. That night that a part of him had died with his precious Luna and when he released his fury, when destroyed any of had been a part of the murder and all who tried to protect them or stop him.

He could feel the raw untainted anger and fury coursing through his soul now, the memory previously blocked to him poured into his mind unbidden. The metal of his Proto body protested as his magic, fuelled by cold fury and hate, coursed through his body with purpose, with cause.

Red magic shot through the cracks that had formed all over his body and his single eye shone blood red as it watched the energy beam. Black smoke drifted to the ground as it left his body and his hands moved in front of his body, cupping together as if to catch something.

Catch something they did as the energy beam was stopped…not stopped but when it reached his hands the energy at the end dissipated as he absorbed it into his body. The magic filled cracks glowed bright as time went on, as he continued to absorb the magic from the sphere time beam.

'I will never forget, I will never break the oath that I made Luna!' Harry shouted to himself as the energy beam collapsed and he absorbed the final dregs of the spheres magic while the metal sphere pieces fell to the ground. 'Nobody can ever make me forget, I WILL NEVER FORGET!'

Lightning crackled along his body in between the magic filled cracks as it suppressed his newly acquired magic before he screamed at the empty room, the horrifying metal scream echoing off the walls. As he screamed the lightning burst from his body in a sphere shape like an EMP blast that cracked the walls and sent metal shards flying to every part of the room.

Mundus: Unknown

Speed, energy crackled all around him at high speed while his magic sped through his body. Harry lay there as his mind tried to comprehend the memory he had rediscovered, trying to accept or deny it in any way possible.

But he knew it had to be real, there was nobody in this ruin that could have implanted a fake memory into his mind and his mental defensive had been impenetrable when he was in the Wizarding World.

His fingers scraped against the stone floor as he clenched his hands into fists, the hollow pain resonating within him. Her magic that he held within in was hollow, he knew it was a hollow sentiment of him trying to hold onto Luna.

So he lay there on the ground with energy speeding around him and no outlet for the grief, anger and sadness that raged within him. He could not cry for his body was metal, he could not scream for he knew it would only make him feel worse and he could not hit anything for he knew it would not help.

His head shot up a minute later when he heard a loud bang and he looked to the left to see a metal shard tilting slightly as it lay on the floor. Harry's head dropped to look at the floor but that brought his hands into his vision and he saw his darkness manifesting on his body.

Harry happily accepted the distraction from his rediscovered lose and he slowly sat up until he was kneeling on the floor. Before when he'd created his Proto body it was black but not this black, the black that now layered his body along with the black smoke that slowly floated down to the floor from his body was pure darkness.

His turned his attention to the cracks that ran along his body that were filled with blood red magic, magic fuelled by anger and rage. It wasn't as bright earlier and he could feel his anger ebbing away only to be replaced by his depression and emptiness.

The colour of the magic that filled the cracks slowly changed from blood red to a deep ocean blue along with the smoke that fell from that magic. He looked away from his body as it quickly began to remind him about Luna and he looked to the ceiling, noticing large cracks in it.

His eye followed the cracks to the wall and down the mural that they had destroyed before he gazed at the cracks surrounding his body. It was clear he was the epicentre of what had caused this damage to the room and the lightning circling his body told him what he had used to do the damage.

His magic slowly calmed down a few minutes later as his emotions levelled out and his body returned to normal with no evidence of what it had looked like before. But he still knelt there on the floor, trying to get himself to accept that she was dead and move past it.

He'd clearly done it before but when it actually happened he could hunt down those responsible and he had time to accept it. Now all he had was no knowledge of where he really was, no time to accept the fact that his wife was murdered and sentient magical spheres that wanted to kill him.

Despite being close to overwhelmed with grief and sadness Harry managed to push himself to his feet, swaying slightly from side to side as he stood there. He looked around the room again as the lightning slowly stopped circling his body before disappearing completely.

He gazed at the shards that once made the sphere as they either lay scattered around the room or were stuck in the wall or the ceiling. They were as black as the walls they were embedded in and his eye could barely make out the script or the lines that etched into the surface.

Harry could feel the time/space magic within his newest magical core yearning to reach out and touched the sphere shards. He felt this and let the magic reach out, slowly levitating the shards on the ground towards his body and they began circulating his body as they floated in the air once they reached him.

His mind filled with some curiosity that banished part of his grief and depression while he looked at the shards. Harry felt the Time and Space magic wanting to reach out further, to engulf the shards in itself and draw it into his Proto Body.

Harry gently clamped down on the magic as he looked down at his body, it was intricately made and very complex in how the metal was shaped and the tubes that ran through the body so he didn't know if he could risk allowing the magic to merge the shards with his body.

One particular metal shard twisted to show it's other side and he could see the difference in the black colour between it and his body. The small amount of light coming into the room reflected off the metal and he became aware that all the others looked exactly the same.

His mind concentration slipped slightly when he saw Luna's face in one of the reflective shards and they slowly moved towards him. Seeing her face so clearly and so soon after reliving the memory of her death had caught him off guard, not enough to send grief through his system again but enough for him to allow the shards to be combined with his Proto Body.

It was quite a strange feeling, having liquid metal slowly enter your body before moving to assimilate with it. When he was one earth someone had been forced to stick their hand in his chest to remove a piece of a shattered dagger but that didn't compare to this.

The liquid metal slithered throughout his body, shifting and contorting itself and his body to accommodate it. Overall his Proto Body bulked up slightly, most areas gaining a sort of 'muscle definition' to help accommodate the new metal and miniscule features that it made to the rest of his body.

With the extra weight added and balanced throughout his body Harry knew it would be harder to move around for a while as he got accustomed to the shift in his centre of gravity but his attacks against foes, of which he had none, would be so much more devastating.

He could feel new micro tubes forming across his body, his magic much more concentrated through them and moving much faster than the magic moving throughout the larger tubes that made up part of his body.

His magic surged to places it could not reach before and he felt slightly light headed as he stood there, feeling how fast it moved through the micro tubes while the final changes were made to his Proto Body.

He could now feel multiple layers forming an outer layer of his body, giving extra protection to the 'inner' body. The layers themselves weren't that impressive, twenty layers with a width of two centimetre's had been compressed to a strong and durable layer that had a width of two millimetre's.

Most of the metal had been redirected to the inner body, being thoroughly compressed to make it as strong as possible at the moment. The main tubing and micro tubing that was now present throughout his central body and the outer layers that now protected it.

Despite the changes his body went through Harry felt more powerful and secure than he did before entering the room but he also felt hollow, the innocence he had somehow attained when he had awoken was no gone, ripped away when he relived the death of his wife.

"ENOUGH!" His yell shook some dust loose from the walls as he dropped to his knees and punched the ground. "SHE'S DEAD, GROW UP POTTER. SHE'S BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS, IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON! TIME TO…Time to…"

His metallic edged voice tapered off as he knelt there, looking uncomprehendingly at the ground he had just punch a crater into. "It is better to take a part of the dead than to leave yourself with them." The sound of heavy, unneeded, breathing was joined by the scrapping of metal as he slowly stood back up. "Remember the past but don't wish to join it."

Harry turned around and walked through the doorway towards the tree atrium he had left not so long ago. He marvelled at the sight of the tree once again as he walked around it but once he entered the second hallway it had already left his mind.

He strode through the doorway into the main Atrium, is magic ready to be unleashed upon the Magical Sphere that resided in the middle of it. That was why Harry nearly stumbled over his own feet when he entered the atrium and saw what awaited him there.

Nothing happened, the sphere was floating in the middle of the room with the six skeletal like figures standing around it arms raised. No lightning trying to kill him, no great chanting that threatened to rend his eardrums nor the aura of murderous intent he'd felt from the sphere before.

Summoning Ice magic above the palm of his right-hand Harry moved it around in front of him and saw that the cold mist hung in the air, frozen in time. Deciding not to test his luck or question why time had frozen within the Atrium once more he moved towards the next doorway.

Over the next few hours? Days? Harry went from doorway to doorway, traversed the hallways and fought the spheres before taking their magic for himself and adding the metal shards that once formed their protective covering to his body adding to his Proto bodies strength, power and durability.

He didn't rush through it all, instead taking his time and examining the murals that decorated the tree Atrium's, even returning to the first to Atrium's. As he went through the underground…haven? Collecting the remaining spheres he studied them as he defended himself from their attacks.

He clearly would have no one to teach him, unless those skeletal beings decided to, so learning from watching how the spheres attacked him was the best way to learn how to wield the magic he was about to take.

It wasn't easy by any definition, the sphere of reality magic nearly took his head off when it shifted the atrium it resided in. He'd decided, after he took the magic, that it would definitely be his favourite if he could wield it like the sphere had.

Now, however much time later, Harry rested in the final Atrium after he'd taken the last magic, the magic of the Arcane. Before he had come here he had never experimented with drugs or any mind-altering substances but Harry knew for sure that he was on a magical high.

The amount of magic flowing through his body, the way it tickled his senses and made him feel content with the position he was in now. Although very wonderful Harry tried not to get attached to the feeling as he was well aware that it would end very soon since it was merely a by-product of his magic melding together and attuning itself with his soul.

He had taken more magic than he had ever imagined, some magic that he had researched back on Earth and couldn't replicate. Magic that was beyond his understanding before he came here was now at his fingertips, awaiting to be unleashed however he saw fit.

The Power of the Arcane, magic that accessed a different Realm of Pure Magic that he could twist and mould to fit his purposes when he needed to. It was the kind of magic he so wished he could use before, that he could study and manipulate.

The power of the Elements, true power over all the elements that he could manipulate using his will alone and not infusing the elements with his own magic. Elemental Magic was the easiest for him to practice now since he had studied and used it before but it was by no stretch of imagination actually easy.

The Magic to bend time and space was infuriatingly difficult to use, he knew of time and space enough to affect or change small areas and objects. It was very difficult, knowing how space and time worked allowed him to change it on a basic level but he needed to understand them to be able to master them.

He couldn't bend reality or matter in the slightest, couldn't change the law or physics of a tiny area that he had chosen to practice on. From what he had seen the sphere do in their fight once he became a master or at least adept he would be able to reshape the world around him, enforce his own laws.

He had studied Necromancy and Blood Magic extensively during and after the war with the Necromancer on earth. He had a solid base in the understanding of both but since the magical knowledge was learned instinctively after the foundation he could progress no further as he had nothing dead or alive to practice on at the moment, even after watching how the sphere attacked him using both magics.

Some Mental Magic's he could practice easily, moving objects with his mind, projecting his spirit and other such magic's fuelled by a person will and power. His Occlumency had reinforced itself and his focus was much sharper while the rest of his memories had returned, he had of course carefully put them in the correct places.

His body shot forwards slightly as he sat there when the euphoric feeling abruptly left him and he understood why junkies went so far to get their next high. The feeling of the high was so great that to face reality again seemed that bad, almost like dying he supposed.

Shaking his head Harry looked down at his open hands as the rested on his crossed legs, they looked so different and yet still the same. He knew and could feel how much they actually weighed and yet they looked barely bigger than how his hands were when he was human? Alive?

The surge of magic beneath the surface of his metal body was so much more than it ever had been before, more concentrated and powerful than before. So now he sat there with his new almighty, magical supercharged all powerful Proto body holding his soul and magic inside of it as if he were a prisoner.