There are things that you do in everyday life that you don't think twice about; you go to work, maybe the bank, the grocery store, or a nice restaurant. These are normal, simple, and sometimes boring things to do and they have little to no impact on your life. Every adult experiences these things, but not many have their lives change completely while doing them.

24 year old Emma Swan was having a shitty day. Her alarm clock broke, causing her to arrive 45 minutes late to work, which normally wouldn't be that big of a deal except that today was the day that her boss David, the Sheriff of the small town she lived in called Storybrooke, had to take his mother to the hospital for her cancer treatment leaving her in charge for the morning. This meant that when Emma ran into the Sheriff's station, the deputy was faced with a phone that wouldn't stop ringing and a stack of paperwork that would last through the day and even through her lunch hour- which didn't really matter since she left her packed lunch at home, on the counter, next to her cell phone which she also forgot.

Finally at around 2pm David arrived. One look at her frazzled appearance, David knew that Emma had been having an off day.

"Everything ok, Emma?" David asked with a worried expression crossing his face. David was like a big brother to Emma, knowing her ever since she stumbled into town 5 years ago, 19 years old and broken from the horrific tragedies that faced her the year prior. David and his then girlfriend- now wife Mary Margaret took her in and helped her get back on her feet, starting with a job. Emma was brought in to work as a clerk in the Storybrooke Sheriff's station and worked her way up to Deputy, spending her days working alongside David and the other deputies of Storybrooke; Graham and August. All three men of the law were fiercely protective of Emma and became the family that she never had.

"I'm fine, David, just a bad day. My alarm clock broke this morning so I was a bit late and that just made my whole day crazy. Will Scarlett was caught breaking into the library again this morning, still drunk from last night, and started harassing Belleā€¦ again! And Leroy was found passed outside of the Rabbit Hole, Graham and August went to retrieve him and he is still sleeping it off in one of the cells. Graham and August left for a late lunch about an hour ago and should be back any minute, and the phone has been ringing off the hook since 9:30 this morning! Oh yeah, I also left my cell and my lunch at my home this morning so I am starving and phone-less!" Emma huffed the last part of the sentence before slamming her head onto her arms which lay across her desk.

Laughing under his breath, David moved across the room to pat the top of her head.

"Em, why don't you take off a bit early today, hmm? Seems like you could use it after the day you just had!"

Emma contemplated his words before standing up and moving next to David.

"Thanks! I'm going to run to the grocery store before heading home, ok? Just in case you need me, since I don't have my phone on me."

"Alright, talk to you later."

Emma walked out of the front door of the station and into the heat of the day. It was a record setting day in Storybrooke; the temperature was well into the 90s which is unusual for the area.

Emma climbed into her bug and quickly rolled down her windows after starting the car and turning on the AC. Once the hot air was out of the car she rolled the windows and made her way to the only grocery store in the city.

Her trip was short, only needing to pick up a few items, and she was in and out of the store in just under 10 minutes. She was walking towards her car, which was parked towards the back of the parking lot, when she heard a noise coming from a small, beat up looking car, just a few spots down from hers.

Curiosity getting the best of her, Emma walked past her bug and closer to the car with the sound and as she got closer she was able to determine what was making that sound; a baby.

"Oh my god!"

Dropping her bags on the ground without a second thought, Emma ran to the door closest to the baby and tried to open the door; locked! Emma ran around the car and tried all of the doors with no luck. Inside the car, the babies cries grew louder and the baby became covered in sweat; the car was not running, which meant no air conditioning and the windows were rolled all the way up.

Emma started to look around at the other shoppers who were returning to their cars and entering the store and shouted in panic. "Somebody HELP! Please! There is a baby locked in this car!"

People stopped in their tracks and hurried towards Emma and the car. Immediately Emma and a few bystanders started hitting at the widow of the driver's side, trying to break in and unlock the doors but were having no luck there as well.

"Someone call the Sheriff's station and tell them that Emma Swan is here and they need to get their asses here ASAP!" Emma yelled to the large group that was now surrounding the car. Mother's stood holding their own children, tears of fear running down their faces. Someone asked if anyone had any tools to try to break the window.

"Wait! I have a crow bar in my trunk!" Emma threw her keys to one of the ladies standing closest to her. A minute later the woman returned with the crow bar and Emma started swinging at the cars window.

For a rundown old car, the windows were pretty strong. Minutes passed as Emma and the others attempted to break the window when two cops' cars arrived, sirens blaring, signaling the arrival of David and the others.

"Emma! Is everything alright?" David, Graham, and August ran over to her to catch up on the situation.

"No! I was coming out of the store when I noticed this baby in the back of the car! David, it can't be more than a few weeks old and it has to be over 100 degrees in there! We have to break this window now!" Emma was frantic with worry. She knew that if they couldn't get into the car within a few minutes, that baby will die.

"Wait, I think I got it!" cried a man on the passage side door, a small man by the name Leroy. He managed to create a small crack in the window and after a few more powerful swings of the crowbar by David, the window was broken and Emma quickly removed the baby from the back seat.

The baby was small, hysterical, and completely covered in sweat. Emma quickly moved to her car, turned the AC on and tried to comfort the child.

"Has anyone attempted to locate the parents?" asked Graham.

The manager of the store came forward to inform them that they had announced the situation over the loud speaker of the store and had no one to come forward to claim the child or the car.

"David, we need to get the baby to the hospital. We need to make sure it's ok." Emma couldn't take her eyes off the child, who she couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl due to its gender neutral onesie.

"You're right. Ok, you and August take the squad car and have the baby looked at by Whale. I will call it into the hospital now that way he is available when you get there. Graham and I will get started here, we will run the plates and interview the witnesses to see if we can locate the parents." David moved quickly away and Emma watched as August removed the sweat covered car seat and moved it to one of the squad cars.

Looking back down at the baby in her arms, who had thankfully quieted and was now close to sleep, Emma smiled. "Alright little one, let's get you looked at and feeling better, and then we can find out who you are! Does that sound good, sweetie? Alright, let's go."

Emma turned her car off and quickly made her way to the squad car where August was waiting. As soon as the baby was buckled into the carrier, Emma crawled in the backseat and the car was headed off towards the hospital.

Authors Note: Ok, so this is a story that popped into my head and just flew out of my fingers and into my computer! LOL Please feel free to leave me ideas for what to do with future chapters! I am going along with whatever comes to me but I also have a general idea as to where the story will go. PLEASE REVIEW! And please forgive any errors, I kind of wrote this fast and dirty and I am not the best of writers! Thank you soooooooo much!