Heavenly Clouds A Cowboy Bebop Fanfic By: Aolani

Chapter 1: Getting In

Spike was suddenly in front of a pair of large doors. "I wonder how I got up here. It doesn't look like the Bebop. I wonder where everyone else it, is it very quiet, is Ed sick?" Spike looked around, and saw nothing but white fluffy stuff floating around. "This must be a dream. Might as well enjoy it." He walked to the pair of doors, and pushed. The doors opened and Spike was blinded by a bright flash. When he could see again, he saw clouds, and some old man yelling at a T.V.

"What is wrong with this television? I get the best, and bring it back here, and all I get is static? Is this what the heavenly God wanted? Me to be disappointed? What am I supposed to do here all day, pray?"

Spike walked up to the old man and said, "Umm, hey, can you tell me where I am? This doesn't look like any place I've been to...."

"Ehh? Oh, your at Heaven's Gate my dear son. You would only be here if you died. Yup, I'm pretty sure you are dead, now what's your name.....," he said flipping through the pages of a book on the table, "newcomers, newcomers, there we are. Poofy green hair, mismatched eyes, you must be Spike Spiegel." Spike looked baffled for a minute, than said, "Yeah, that's me. But what am I doing here? Am I dead? If I am I would expect to be in the underworld if you catch my drift. Not in Heaven. "

"Nope, for some reason the Heavenly Father thought it was for you to be here. Let's see.....I got you checked in, and you are in room 140B," The old man said handing Spike a key, "Just walk through those gates, and take a left, when you see the angels singing take a right, and than you will see a tall building. That will be your place. If you need anything else, give the angel living with you a message and it will be sent to me, Pete. Now run along, I have more people checking in and I can't be chatting with you all day," Pete said turning back to the T.V. grumbling about static.

Spike did as Pete said and walked through the gates, past the singing angels, and to the tall building where he would be sharing a household with a angel. "What a weird day I have been having."

He opened the door with his key and stuck his head inside, just to make sure there was not devil waiting to take him away. Inside he found a house that looked quit cozy. On the couch was a man with wings, watching TV with his back to him.

"Well Hello! Come on in! Make yourself at home! I'm Charlie, and this here is your new house. Over there is the kitchen," Charlie pointed standing up, "and over there are the bedrooms. This here is the looking globe," Charlie said pointing to a ball that looked like a beach ball.

"A looking globe? What's that do?"

"It's so you can check up on your loved ones, and see the living world. You can try it out later. First we have to get you settled in." Charlie took off, leaving Spike to follow.

"This is my room," Charlie said pointing to a room that looked like a closet more than a bedroom, "and this is yours."

Spike looked into his room and saw a bed, another looking globe, a closet, and bathroom.

"Okay thanks. Where are my clothes?"

"They are in the closet. But when you earn your wings you will get to wear a white robe like mine!"

Spike looked at Charlie's robe and sighed. "Whoo-hooo. I can't wait. What do I have to do to earn wings?"

"You will have to be someone's guardian angle, and if you help them out, and the people up there," Charlie said pointing up," think you did a good job, than voala! You get wings!"

"How do I know who my Guardian is?"

"You will know tomorrow at the ceremony. But now you can just relax."

"I think I will go into my room and think thing out first."

"Okay, see you in the morning! Remember to get up when the bell rings!!!!"

Spike went into his room and laid down on the bed. "Man I would kill for a cigarette!" All sorts of things were going through his head. He was wondering about the Bebop crew, and Vicious. With all sorts of thoughts going through his head, he fell asleep.