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Heavenly Clouds A Cowboy Bebop Fanfic By: Aolani

Chapter 10: Ringing

"Man, I'm beat." Spike said, lowering himself carefully onto the battered yellow couch. "You didn't have to bring me down so hard!"

"Yeah, I didn't mean too. But you didn't have to bring me down, after YOU were down! Now we are both bruised and battered, all because of you!"

"All I can say is that it's not my fault." Spike laid down, and closed his eyes, trying to relax his body, hoping, maybe that the pain would go away.

"Spike? Is that tears in your eyes? Are you that badly hurt?"

"No! My eyes are watery because of the light. It is too bright. Can you turn it down a bit?"

"Not unless if I want to turn off the light. Why would you care? You're an angel!"

"So! Angels have feelings too!"

"Stop being a baby, you're an angel, you dead also! Who cares if you're hurt! Look at my broken nail! You ruined it!"

"I thought I thought you better than that. Didn't you learn anything these past few days?"

"Nope. I will continue to be the way I am. There is only one way that I will change, and I know you will never do it."

"What is it?"

"I'm not telling. You will just have to figure it out yourself." "Fine then! Be that way!"

"I will! Now I am going to my room, and resting. I need my beauty sleep, so don't even bother trying to wake me up!" Faye sauntered off to her room, flinging her hair at Spike, she then slammed the door to her room, and started kicking things.

"I thought you needed your beauty sleep!" Spike yelled, after hearing Faye kicking thing.

"Yeah well! URGGG! Don't even try to wake me up! The only way I am going to wake up is if you turn on 100 alarm clocks!" She then threw herself on the bed, and screamed into her pillow.


"Shut up! I'm preparing myself for my nap!" She then flipped back onto her back and stared at the ceiling. After a while Faye fell asleep, and only awoke when a blasting, constant, annoying, sound woke her up. She took the pillow off her face, and slowly looked around her room. There in every place that she could see, were circular things that were ringing. "No! He wouldn't do that!" But the sound kept going on and on.

"Spike! You didn't!" Spike poked his head inside of the room, and causually said, "You said that the only way that you would wake up is to 100 alarm clocks. That's the only way I could think of waking you up.so.that's why there all here."

"You dummy! How could you! Turn them off! Turn THEM OFF!" Faye got up and jumped around the room, throwing clocks against the wall.

"Hey! I borrowed those clocks! Stop breaking them!" Spike ran around the room, following Faye, trying to stop her from ruining anymore clocks.

"Serves you right!" You're the one who decided that it was such a good idea! Just try to save them! YOU CAN"T SAVE THEM!" Faye ran around the room, somehow, finding a baseball bat, she continued to wake all the alarm clocks that she could find. Spike was getting desperate. He borrowed all those clocks from fellow angels. "Their going to kill me. Well, I'm already dead!" Jet ran in, and so did Ed. They were both sleeping, but woke at the sound of the alarm clocks going off.

"What the hell is going on in here!?!?!" (He seems to be saying that a lot lately) He looked around the room, and saw Faye bashing clocks and Spike trying to gather as many as he could.

"Nevermind. I'm too old for this." Jet walked out of the room shaking his head, he headed toward his room, and decided to trim his bonsai. That would relax him. Ed stayed, thinking it was funny that Spike looked like he was going to be sick.

"Faye Faye? What is wrong with Spike-person?" Ed said, following Faye, staying clear of any glass.

"He's mad because I am breaking his clocks! But he deserves it!"

"Faye Faye? Isn't glass bad for Faye Faye's feet? Ed-person staying clear of glass!"

"Oh yeah." She stopped long enough to see that there were some pieces of glass stuck to the bottom of her foot. "OW! WHY DIDN"T I NOTICE THAT!" She hopped to her bed, and sat, trying to get the glass out. "Why does it always have to be me?" Faye thought, about to cry.

"Why does it always have to be me!" Spike said, looking at the measly two clocks he could find that weren't broken or shattered.

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