Chapter 42

A New Life

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Harry and Hermione felt happier than ever, they were ecstatic when the news in the Wizarding newspaper reported that the case of the fire that burnt down a house in Velico Drive had been resolved. The Dark wizards who had set the fires were captured, and interrogated, and they were sentenced to eight years imprisonment. They were caught by the Aurors when they tried to burn down another house in another street.

As a member of the Council of Magical Law, Hermione knew that this sort of behaviour was not to be tolerated, and she had passed a verdict on this case.

"Hopefully this sort of incident will be reduced," Harry said after he and Hermione went home from the Ministry on Wednesday evening.

"I certainly hope so," Hermione said.

Harry decided to cook Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner, and Hermione agreed to help him out.

As Harry boiled the water in a pot and placed some Spaghetti into the water, Hermione was busy frying the mince.

It didn't take too long for the dinner to be ready, and as they poured the Spaghetti out into separate bowls, and placing some mince on top, they took them to the dining table.

After dinner, Harry washed the dishes while Hermione cleared the dining table.

They sat down in silence, and Harry just received a letter from Sirius, saying that they want to have some time together.

Not knowing what had really happened in Britain, Harry only hoped that the Death Eaters were being held under control. He knew that no one in Britain would know that he was in Canada, but he was sure that it would do no good if the Death Eaters had started to attack other countries.

As soon as he fell asleep that night, James and Lily appeared again.

"Be rest assured Harry, Voldemort has gone now, although your clones had died in Bathilda's house," James said.

"Who?" Harry asked.

"Bathilda Bagshot, who was actually Voldemort's snake, had managed to lure you both into her house," James said. "As soon as she turned into Voldemort's snake, your clones tried to find a way to escape, but we used an inescapable barrier to block your clones from escaping, and Voldemort killed your clones."

"The cloned Vernon and Petunia had been taken away by us while they were sleeping in the same room as Dudley, after they fled from Britain and arrived in Singapore along with Dedalus and Hestia," Lily said. "Dudley, of course, had no idea what happened to his parents after he had realised that they had disappeared when he woke up in the morning."

"Some students in Hogwarts had died during the war, but there would be no need for me to tell you who they are, none of them were in Slytherin, though," James said.

/Scene Break/

Hogwarts that year was peaceful, although several students knew that Christmas Eve would be the anniversary of Harry and Hermione's death, and this made a lot of students feel sorrowful, especially Ginny.

She didn't know if she should actually mourn during Christmas Eve. The previous Christmas Eve had been quite uneventful. Harry Potter, the boy who had saved her from Tom Riddle during her first year, had now left this world.

Additionally, Ron had died some time later in the hand of Voldemort, and she could not put up with such a thing.

Thinking back, she had been going out with Michael Corner, and then they split up, and she gone out with Dean Thomas, and then she split up with him, and gone out with Harry, but Harry had died.

She had to find someone else.

She didn't know who she would end up with, so she wrote to her parents, asking them for advice.

Seamus seemed to be quite alone, and she thought she would give him a try.

However, even though she had spent some time with Seamus, her heart began to sank when Seamus decided to go out with Romilda Vane.

Colin Creevey had seen Ginny's sorrows, and he decided to go out with her.

When he asked her out, she immediately agreed, since she didn't have anyone else to go out with as of yet, and therefore not want to miss a single opportunity.

No one had objected those two gotten together within the month.

/Scene Break/

Harry and Hermione arrived home from the Ministry of Magic on Friday afternoon, and they sat down, and rested.

"How's your day, love?" Harry asked.

"Quite good," Hermione replied.

There was a short silence, and suddenly the weather changed. Rain began to fall from the sky.

Hermione volunteered to cook for the evening, and Harry agreed.

"Do you need any help, love?" he asked.

"Thanks Harry, but I don't need help, because it won't take too long for me to manage it," Hermione replied, smiling.

Harry switched on the TV, and he watched a football game while Hermione was cooking.

"Dinner's ready, love," she said.

Harry sat down on a chair by the dining table, and Hermione sat down next to him, and they began to eat.

After eating, Harry cleared the dining table, and he washed the dishes. After he had finished, he went back to the living room, and saw Hermione relaxing on the sofa.

He went and sat beside her. She looked at him, and she smiled.

On the following day, they went shopping, and then they bought themselves some new clothes to wear.

Once they arrived back home, they put the groceries away, and they began to cook Calzones for lunch.

The lunch was ready at quarter to one, and Harry and Hermione began to eat it.

"At least we didn't do too bad," Hermione said, "we just learnt this recipe not too long ago."

After lunch, Hermione went and placed the clothes in the washing machine whereas Harry cleared the dining table and washed the dishes.

After Harry washed the dishes, it had started to rain, and Hermione knew that she would have to hang the clothes inside.

"We could use the Hot Air Charm on the clothes," Harry said. "This way, the clothes would dry quicker."

Hermione laughed.

"We will hang them anyway even if you are going to do that," she said.

She took the clothes out, and placed them inside a basin.

Harry waved his wand at the basin, and muttered the incantation of the Hot Air Charm.

The rain continued to fall from the sky until about half past five in the evening, so Harry decided to hang them out the next day.

They began to cook, and the dinner was ready in half past six.

After they had eaten, Harry cleared the dining table and washed the dishes, while he was doing the dishes, he heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

He took it as if nothing had happened, and he continued to do the dishes, after he finished washing the dishes, he went into the living room and sat down.

A moment later, Hermione came around, and sat down beside him.

"You must have just vacuumed the floor," Harry said.

"I did," Hermione said.

Then they switched on the TV, and watched it for quite some time.

/Scene Break/

Meanwhile, in Hogwarts, Lavender had seen Ginny snogging Colin quite frequently.

"It seems that they are dating," Lavender said to Parvati quietly.

"Yeah," Parvati said. "Now that Harry had gone..."

But before she could finish speaking, Ginny turned and stared at her angrily.

"Don't you dare bring this up when I am around," she said firmly. "Several students were killed, Harry and Hermione died while fighting the war, and Ron left Harry and Hermione before he got captured by the Death Eaters."

"Of course you care about Ron, he's your brother!" Lavender snapped back at her, "and you also cared about Harry because he dated you over one year ago!"

"Maybe you don't have a sibling, or else you would know how it feels when you lose one," Ginny retorted.

"I have a sibling, so I know how it feels if I lose Dennis," Colin added.

Lavender didn't know what she should say, and she whispered something to Parvati, and they walked their way back to the girls dormitory.

Just then, Neville arrived at the scene.

"What's going on?" he asked.

As soon as Ginny told Neville about Parvati and Lavender's conversation, Neville frowned.

"I don't think I have anything to say about this," he said.

Then Ginny saw Parvati came out of her dormitory, and walked to Seamus, then she tried to snog him, but he pushed her away.

"Are you with someone else already, Seamus?" Parvati asked.

"Yes," Seamus said.

After breakfast on the following morning, most of the students went out to the school grounds to play.

Seamus met Ernie, Hannah and Susan, and he decided to talk to them for a moment.

"Are you all right, Seamus?" Ernie asked.

"I am all right," Seamus said.

"We have been fighting for our lives last year, it was so hard for us," Ernie said.

"At least Snape is not a biased teacher any longer," Seamus said.

"Yeah," Ernie said.

A moment later, Tracey Davis and Daphne Greengrass arrived, along with Draco Malfoy.

Seamus looked at Draco with disdain, but Tracey assured him that Draco would not be of any harm.

"How can I trust the Slytherins?" Seamus questioned Tracey.

"So you rather think that I am a total outcast to most of the school except for the Slytherins?" asked Draco.

"I see, you want Harry dead," Seamus said. "He had already died, happy?"

Draco didn't know what to say, so he turned away.

He was now facing the biggest difficulty in Hogwarts, everyone in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw had been keeping themselves away from him. He didn't know if he should talk to Crabbe and Goyle about this.

Just then, Snape arrived.

"What is going on here?" he asked.

"They treated me like a total outcast, Professor," Draco said. "I only have the Slytherins to hang out with."

Snape sighed.

"Let's not worry about them for the time being, Draco," he said simply. "I have no reason to do anything to any of them yet."

Draco nodded, and he started to hang out with the Slytherins again.

Tracey and Daphne had no idea what they should do to resolve the problem between the Slytherins and the other houses.

They had talked with Malcolm Baddock, as well as Graham Pritchard, and Astoria Greengrass, but they said that they could not guarantee anything.

"I'll try and get along with one Hufflepuff student, and see if that will make a difference," Astoria said.

/Scene Break/

Some of the Hufflepuff students did not totally agree with the statement that no Slytherins were to be trusted, so Owen Cauldwell started to get along with a few Slytherins.

Malcolm took this chance, and he began to get along with Owen.

The students from the other houses looked at the pair of them in disdain when they are talking together.

Snape frequently saw the pair of them together, he didn't know if he should be worried whether those two might be causing trouble with each other or not.

Susan Bones, however, didn't seem to be having a problem with Owen and Malcolm getting together.

One fortnight passed, some of the younger Ravenclaw students had started to get along with the Slytherins as well. Orla Quirke had decided to speak to Daphne Greengrass, and Padma joined in with her.

Orla found that she had no problems with the Slytherins, and Stewart Ackerley joined in with her to befriend the Slytherins.

Natalie MacDonald joined in with the Slytherins at the end of October, although Jimmy Peakes was somehow a bit reluctant to join in with them.

Ginny Weasley was a bit frustrated, so she wrote a letter to her parents, explaining the situation.

She received the reply two days later, and she found that her parents did not care too much about the fact that Gryffindors had started to get along with the Slytherins. They had suggested, however, that in the likely event that something violent occurs, she could always disassociate from them, but they also stated that she must not look at the Slytherins with total contempt.

She decided to get some reports from her fellow Gryffindor students about the Slytherins before she join in with them.

Another week passed, and there were no incidents from some of the Slytherins. Draco Malfoy did cause some problems but they were not severe, and Snape had taken appropriate action against him so that he would not do it again.

Draco was not too used to Snape's action against him at first, consider that Snape had been 'overprotecting' him for the past six years, although he did hear about Snape's announcement.

As November passed, Draco began to change, and just before Christmas holidays began, Draco was no longer an outcast to the students in other houses.

Pansy was not too impressed with the fact that Draco had changed, but seeing that Snape approved Draco, she could not do anything.

Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were not happy about Draco, and they decided it was time to get away from him. When they snipped him, Tracey and Daphne argued back on them, and told them to leave Draco alone. Blaise Zabini also supported Draco, except that he almost hexed Crabbe and Goyle as they simply ran away.

Ultimately, most of the Slytherin students got along better with the students in the other houses.

/Scene Break/

Epilogue in Britain

14 Years Later

"Ready?" Ginny asked.

"I am ready," Ronald Creevey said.

"What about you, Amy?" Ginny asked.

"I am ready as well," Amy said.

They were at the Kings Cross, and they had crossed the barrier of Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

"I am wondering what house I will be sorted into," Amy said. "I know Ronald was sorted into Hufflepuff, I am wondering if I will be in the same house as him."

"Me and all of my siblings were in Gryffindor," Ginny said. "Only Ronald was being sorted into Hufflepuff this time. It really depends on your character of where you will be sorted into."

"I was in Gryffindor as well," Colin said.

They met a few of their friends from Hogwarts, Susan Longbottom was there to get her first child, Amelia, to Hogwarts. Susan stated that her husband, Neville Longbottom, had excused himself and went to Hogwarts due to the fact that he was a Professor. Seamus and Romilda Finnegan were sending their first and only child, Jack, to Hogwarts.

"You will write to me, won't you?" Amy asked.

"We will," Colin said.

After they had their conversation, Ginny checked her watch.

"There's only five minutes left, you two better get on the train," she said to Ronald and Amy.

Ronald and Amy hopped onto the train, and then Ginny and Colin helped to lift Ronald and Amy's trunk onto the train.

As the train left, Ginny and Colin went to their workplace.

/Scene Break/

Epilogue in Canada

"What does it mean when they say to hold the screw and say 'Saint Acute', Mum?" James asked.

Hermione looked at the letter from Saint Acute.

"The screw is a portkey, James," she said. "Saint Acute is basically the activation word of it, which will get you straight to the school entrance."

Then she proceeded and explained about what is a portkey and how to use it.

"I have never experienced using a portkey before," James said.

"I'll do it with you for the first time round," Hermione said.

"What about me?" Lily asked. "Are you going to do it with me for the first time round when I get to go to Saint Acute too?"

"Now, now, Lily," Harry said. "You will be doing it along with your brother as you get to Saint Acute, so there will be no need for one of us to accompany you."

"This isn't fair," Lily said.

Hermione laughed.

"James is the only one who will attend Saint Acute tomorrow," she said. "I don't think he will get used to it at first, since he had never used a portkey before, and he is going by himself. When you get to go to Saint Acute, you will be going with him, and he will guide you."

Lily fell silent, and then she nodded.

Soon enough, the starting day of Saint Acute arrived, in the afternoon, James held his trunk in one hand, and in his other hand he held the portkey, and Hermione grabbed it as well.

"You say the activation word, James," Hermione said.

"Saint Acute," James said.

A moment later, they both saw themselves at the entrance of Saint Acute.

"Here it is," Hermione said. "You get in, I am going back home. Keep this portkey since you will need it when you come back home. See you in Easter."

"See you Mum," James said, and then he dragged his trunk, and entered the school.

Hermione walked away from the school, and as she reached the apparition point, she apparated back home.

"Is James all right?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Hermione responded.

Then she sat down on the sofa, and Lily looked at her.

"Why didn't you say the activation word, mum?" she asked.

"It was him who was supposed to attend school, not me," Hermione answered.

"There is a possibility that the portkey in the envelope will not function if Hermione said the activation word. This portkey may be only tied to the person who was being addressed to in the letter," Harry explained.

Hermione gasped.

"How did you come up with that explanation, Harry?" she asked.

"What if there is a Squib living in a Wizard's home, and if they took the portkey and transported to Saint Acute?" Harry asked.

"Your explanation seemed to be quite reasonable," Hermione said. "Which is why that the portkey must be enchanted to not transport anyone other than the person who had been addressed to."

On the following day, Harry and Hermione went to the Ministry of Magic. Before they went back home that afternoon, they asked one of the Magical school governor, Mike Moore, about the questions of using portkeys to transfer students to Saint Acute, and they discovered that the statements that they came up with turned out to be right.

On Saturday evening, they received a letter from James.

Dear Mum and Dad

I had a great time in Saint Acute, and I had made several friends.


James Potter

"Is my brother all right, Dad?" Lily asked.

"Yes, he is all right," Harry replied.

From that time onwards, all was well.


So this is the end of the story.