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Circus Initiation

Chapter 29

I somehow managed to make my feet work..shuffling slowly and climbed my balcony. When I got up there I took a look around at the overview of the lit up city, the tallest buildings and busy streets with constant honking. I suddenly wondered how the transition of middle of nowhere to big city wasn't too bad of a change for me. I made the mistake of looking down and seeing crimson I almost jerked my head over the railing to puke. Better get used to it. He said there'd be more. I made my way to my bathroom feeling dirty and disgusting I wanted nothing more than to fill up that jacuzzi tub and soak forever.

Walking into the warmth of the house was a blessing and I wasted no time turning on the hot water. I locked my bathroom door behind me impulsively and my sore thigh was brought back to my immediate attention. Feeling a little woozy about seeing his latest project I yanked off my shoes and pants standing in my shirt and underwear in front of my full length mirror. I paused for a moment because my reflection was...awful. All the color was drained from my complexion I didn't just look pale..those shadows under my eyes looked almost like actual bruises now. My cheeks were more on the hollow side than the healthy I couldn't remember my collarbones being so visible either. The purplish bruises dotted my neck, striking in color against my skin.

A sob escaped my throat. What had he done to me? What was I doing to myself? To the few people I cared about? More importantly what was I going to do about it? I peeled back the bandage and slowly looked at the angry red letters..like I was some toy to scratch your name into. I swayed, suddenly seeing spots in front of my vision. Managing to lean against the countertop in time I took deep breaths and splashed some cold water on my face. I faced my bathtub with a grim expression and waited for it to fill.

The water was heavenly and I scrubbed every inch of myself before thoroughly washing my hair. I had leaned back to try to relax for the first time in a long time..if only for a few minutes before I called my dad to tell him I was home and about Alfred. A sudden mysterious ding rang out through the bathroom and my eyes searched every inch of the spacious room before they landed on Joker's discarded coat.


That definitely came from the purple fabric. I unplugged the drain and stood stepping out walking naked and dripping to the source of the sound. All of the pockets were empty but one..it held that little flip phone from earlier. Did he mean to leave it? I quickly flipped it open and read the message.

'Package. 20 seconds -M

The second message said.. 'Open the door or I'll have it broken down'

Was he serious? I suddenly heard a loud quick thump from downstairs and I jerked into motion. He was serious! Relax time was fun while it lasted. I forgot to bring clothes a towel, robe anything. Ugh, whatever. A second thump told me the door was holding so far and I snatched up Joker's coat shoving my arms in and tossed all of my wet hair behind my shoulders before taking off running down the stairs. I had one hand on the railing and one hand furiously gripping the front of the coat closed around my middle. I made it to the bottom of the stairs when beeping reached my ears. That was strange..

Before I could take another step the sound of a blast echoed out. The front doorknob exploded in a rain of twited metal and splintered wood. What the fuck was wrong with these people? I stared with my jaw dropped as the door swung open and a mountain stepped through followed by little Maroni in a suit holding a cane and a wrapped package. I got the sudden suspicion that it was another bomb and that gave me the urge to run before I was spotted. They were looking around the living room not quite seeing me peeking around the corner past the long darkened hallway but I saw a gun in the huge mans hand and decided this wasn't the time to be reckless. A split second after I moved out of sight Maroni's voice rang out.

"Come on, Miss Wayne. I just want to talk and give you a package." Just talk with a gun? With a huge monster of a man that could snap my bones in a heartbeat..maybe tie me up to blow up the house with inside it. Wouldn't that be a poetic end? My heart felt like it faltered for a moment but I squeezed the jacket tighter around my body and raced silently down the few steps behind the stairs to the den. I had spotted Alfred cleaning bloody knives here once..maybe they were still here. I looked around the dust free bookshelves and computer system in the corner. There were no knives in obvious sight but I wouldn't have been able to get to the kitchen without being spotted. Shit! Couldn't I catch a break just this once?

Echoing footsteps that were way too close had me cursing and running to the wardrobe. I yanked the doors open and squeezed in the corner with neatly hung up suit jackets next to me. With the doors closed all was dark except for a single strip of light pouring through the small gap in the doors. I peeked one eye through it as they both entered looking around. The other man was still holding a gun which gave me the shakes I couldn't seem to stop.

"I'll check upstairs. You look in his office." Maroni ordered almost lazily and shuffled off leaning on his cane every few steps until he was out of sight. I rested my sights on wrestler over here or maybe he was a trained bodyguard. Whatever his story the muscles and hard cut lines of him were intimidating. He turned slowly sweeping his eyes silently across the room. I caught sight of dark hair just past his ears with equally dark eyes. I figured I could remember some details to Gordon if I needed to. He wouldn't be hard to pick out of a line up. I kept my eyes on him the entire time until he seemed to think this room was empty. He exited through the door to my dad's office. I heard the door close behind him and I inwardly sighed in relief. If mountain was in the office and Maroni upstairs I could either run my way out of the front door into the city or I could run to the kitchen, grab a knife, and call my dad while I was running..we could meet somewhere and he could pick me up. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I still hadn't heard a noise so I stood on bare feet feeling extremely vulnerable with just this coat on. After taking a deep breath I counted one...two..three! I opened the door and all but leapt out of the wardrobe. A sudden dizzy fatigue hit me as I realized just how weak I was but I hit the ground running for the doorway with one thing on my mind..front door. Get to the door..

I was suddenly jerked backwards by the back of the jacket with such strength that I flew airborne for a moment longer than possible. I landed hard on the wood floor and gasped at the jolt of electric pain burning up and down my back. I also knocked the bump on the back of my head from when Joker pushed me and it gave me a migraine. The pain was so intense I had to squeeze my eyes closed for a moment. A low drawn out whistle reached my ears then not helping my headache but I snapped my tearing eyes open and looked up at six feet whatever inches of terror. His eyes studied all over me for a moment before I realized the coat had fallen open during my fall. The whistle had been because he was looking over my bruised and naked body. A split second before I jerked the jacket closed over me and blushed furiously in embarassment his eyes had wandered to the freshly cut letters in my skin.

"Did a number on you, didn't he?" He asked me a little softly.

I didn't answer instead I studied his facial expression which didn't seem to be mocking me nor his tone of voice. He didn't move from standing over me and I fixed the jacket the rest of the way buttoning over my breasts, stomach, and thighs. I was extremely embarassed and it showed in my body language. He suddenly moved too fast for me and I was on my feet in an instant already reaching for my dads office door. I flung the door open only for it to be slammed closed again. I tried to push him away but he just grabbed my elbow and had me caught in a vice grip.

"I'm going to let go of you and sit you on the couch." His voice was baritoned and flat but full of authority he had a slight Russian accent it seemed to me. More spots were dancing in front of my vision when he stopped leaning his weight against me and let go of my hands. I stood up straight trying to keep my dignity but as soon as I turned around facing him I felt my eyes roll back and I saw darkness for a few moments. I would have dropped to the floor like dead weight but after a few seconds I came to when the mountain was gripping my arm and let me fall to the couch. When did it get so cold in here? Or was that because my wet hair and jacket?

"What did you do to her?" Maroni asked more out of curiosity than a care for me.

"What did the clown do to her you mean? You should see the bruises, the cuts on her thigh and it doesn't look like she's eaten enough of anything for awhile. It's affecting her body." He said confidently and my eyes allowed themselves to open fully again.

"You're the expert." Maroni replied. "Is she comprehending what we're saying?"

"I'm not stupid!" I snapped. "Just weak and tired."

"She needs hydration, nutrition, rest." Mountain said to Maroni.

"Does this mean the box isn't a bomb?" I almost whispered and they both looked at me as though I were crazy.

"I've got half a mind to take you with me." Maroni shook his head. "You must be around my daughters age..or would've been her age."

"What happened to her?" I found myself asking.

"A story for another time." He walked over and plopped the large brown package on my lap before making himself comfortable in the lounge chair. The mountain backed off as well and sat on the couch opposite me his eyes studying me so closely I was borderline uncomfortable.

"Before you open that on your own time, I'd like to mention that it is a gift from me out of good faith." Maroni started.

"Good faith?" I questioned.

"To not tell your father about my involvement with your..lover..," as he jokingly said the word the mountain shifted on the couch and my eyes snapped to watch his every movement. He half smiled at me for looking but I returned it with a hard stare. Once I shifted my eyes back to Maroni I found him chuckling.

"A little paranoid are we? Let me start over. This," He gestured to mountain man. "Is Kane. He's going to keep an eye on you..protecting you. You have nothing to fear from him, Alexandria."

I glared at him.

"It's Miss Wayne." His words did nothing to soothe the fiery jolts of panic shooting from my chest to the rest of my body. "And why exactly do I need..Kane?" I glared at him next.

"Harvey had a partner."


"I think separating you and your sweetheart will bring whoever it is closer to you."

"So you and Joker can attempt to catch him but why? What does any of this have to do with me? I just want to be left alone!" I hissed.

"What did Harvey want to accomplish?"

"He wanted to use me to get back at my father..so this other person also wants revenge on my father too?" How childish.

"Yes and of course you're his only weakness now assuming the dead old man out back was something to him also." I swallowed back sudden tears and jerked my head in a fast nod.

"He was."

"My condolences." Maroni shrugged and looked at least half sympathetic. I remained upright and businesslike.

"Thank you. So you and Joker are working together to find the person who's partners with Harvey and is probably planning to finish whatever job Harvey started?" I snapped.

"Correct. The clown and I have been working against Harvey since before you got that scar." I opened my mouth to ask what was his reasoning to work with Joker was before my accident but he interrupted me.

"That's enough chatting. I want you to eat and rest. Enjoy the package. It's not quite a bomb." He chuckled. "Kane will keep a lookout for you." I smirked knowing he proabaly wouldn't get past my dad. I would enjoy that moment. I didn't move or even say goodbye as they filed out of the den and down the hallway to the front door. I looked down at the brown package and tore the paper off. A small stack of books? I picked up the first one with a plain black front and realized they weren't..books. On the inside of the flap there was one word written on the left side...Rachel. These were Rachel's journals..her diaries. Why did Maroni have my mothers diaries?