Sonya was awake when the chaos started.

All she wanted to do was sleep, after so many restless nights in the maze, terrifying nights that had her jumping at every creak in the stone walls, she should have welcomed a safe place to sleep. But as she curled up on the gym floor, listening to her friends snoring quietly around her, she lay awake and stared at the ceiling.

She traced and retraced the cracks in the cement, a habit formed after years in the maze. She found patterns in the ceiling until her eyes grew so tired they all blurred together.

There was only half of their group in the gym. The other fifteen or so girls had been taken to a different room to sleep, and Aris to one alone. No one liked the idea of being separated. Harriet protested for a good twenty minutes, but eventually even she followed the guard into the other room. As she was leaving she looked at Sonya the way she had every time they split up.

You're in charge. Be careful.

Then Sonya and a dozen other girls were herded into a small gym on the other side of the building.

Even with only half of them there, it was crowded with little room to move. The girl sleeping to her right had luckily leaned away enough so Sonya could stretch out, but she still felt trapped in the middle of the floor. She kept running through the events of the past few days in her head. Running, escaping, being rescued. Rachel. Somehow she always came back to Rachel.

Sonya rolled over on to her side to face the girl bundled up in blankets beside her. The room was black as pitch aside from the light shining in through the cracks in the door. She could only see the outline of her friend in the darkness. Kenzie's face was smushed into her pillow with her mess of curls tangled in front of her face.

"Kenz." Sonya whispered. Her voice sounded so much louder in the peaceful silence. Her friend didn't move.

"Kenz are you awake?" She asked.

"No." The other girl responded, her voice muffled by her pillow.

"Do you think it's really over?" Sonya asked. She knew she should just shut up and go to sleep but she couldn't let it go. They thought it was over when they escaped and Rachel ended up dead. "I mean what's going to happen? Are we just going to walk out into the real world tomorrow like everything's normal?"

"We'll find out tomorrow." Kenzie growled."Now shut up and let me sleep."

"But what if the world outside the maze is just as bad as it was in the maze?" Sonya asked. "What if-?"

Kenzie groaned and rolled herself over on to her back.

"Stop with the what ifs." She growled, pressing her hands to her face. She sighed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before propping herself up on her elbows. She looked a mess, her face was scratched and bruised from the maze, but her blue eyes seemed to glow in the dim light.

"There is nothing out here that can be worse than in there." She said, giving a reassuring smile. "Everything's going to be okay."

That's when the alarm started blaring.

Kenzie up jerked in surprise, kicking Sonya as she did so. Sonya instinctively covered her ears and curled her head down. A girl behind her let out a started yelp as she sprang awake.

"What the hell is that?" Someone yelled. Sonya recognized the voice as Christina and lifted her head enough to see the small girl on her feet in the middle of the gym. She was looking around frantically trying to find the source of the noise. Others were waking up as well, all looking as confused and frightened as Sonya was. The small amount of light they had disappeared for a moment before emergency lights flickered on, illuminating the room in a red glare.

Sonya looked at the swarm of girls frantically buzzing around the room. No one knew what to do. It was as if they were all Newbies again, waking up scared and confused.

When Sonya turned back to look at Kenzie she saw her friend was quickly maneuvering through the crowd of frightened girls to the double doors.

"One night." The taller girl was mumbling. "I just wanted one night where I wasn't scared for my life."

"Wait!" Sonya yelled, springing to her feet. But before she could say anything more Kenzie yanked on the handle.

It didn't move. She tried again.

"It's locked." Kenzie said.

"What?" Sonya asked, the alarm still rattling in her ears.

"I said its fu-"

Kenzie stopped short when the alarm was abruptly silenced.

The girls seemed to freeze where they were, waiting for whatever came next. Kenzie's hand was still hovering over the handle, unsure of herself.

That's when Sonya realized they were all looking at her. Fourteen scared girls searching for a leader. They were looking to her for instruction, to tell them what to do. Sonya desperately wished Harriet was there.

But before she could say anything the doors opened from the outside.
Standing in the doorway was a group of about ten boys with shocked looks on their faces.

"Who are these shanks?"

So this is my spin on The Scorch Trials if Group A and B had to work together. I hope you like it.

I don't own The Maze Runner or any of it's characters.