Proud-A Dinosaur Train Fanfic

The roar of the Dinosaur train could be heard in the distance.

"Alright, kids. Time to catch the train and go home." Mr. Pteranodon said.

Buddy and his siblings nodded and turned to Mr. Old Spinosaurus.

The Old Spinosaurus smiled. "How about I walk with you to the train station?"

The kids smiled back and nodded.

They all walked back to the train station where the Dinosaur Train was waiting to head to its next destination.

Buddy turned to face Mr. Old Spinosaurus. "Good-bye, sir. Thanks for today, and for teaching me how to fish on my own."

The Old Spinosaurus chuckled a little. "No problem, kid."

The Old Spinosaurus had a great time too and enjoyed teaching Buddy how to fish, which was the first time in a long while that he taught anyone how to fish. He couldn't explain it, but the Old Spinosaurus liked the idea of teaching someone how to fish. Standing there in the water with them, calmly explaining to someone to be patient and keep an eye out.

Buddy was about to walk on board the train when the Old Spinosaurus held his hand out and spoke up.

"Hey, Buddy."

Buddy turned and looked up at the big adult dinosaur. "Yes, sir?"

Mr. Old Spinosaurus smiled a friendly smile. "If you ever want any more fishing lessons, feel free to come and see me. I'd be glad to show you more of my techniques."

"Really, Mr. Spinosaurus?"

Mr. Old Spinosaurus nodded. "Sure, anytime. And you know where to find me."

Buddy grinned. "Thanks, Mr. Spinosaurus. Thank you so much."

Mr. Old Spinosaurus smiled and chuckled. "Least I could do. You made me proud today, Buddy. With some practice, you'll make a great fishing dinosaur."

The Old Spinosaurus smiled and waved at the Pteranodon family as the train moved away. He smiled proudly.

"Yup, Buddy. You sure made me proud."


Saw The Old Spinosaurus and The Sea episode today and decided to write a fic about Old Spinosaurus being proud of Buddy catching a fish. He makes a great teacher.

Hope this'll hold you over until my next fic or chapter update of Couples.


P.S. Am I the only one who thinks that the Old Spinosaurus sounds a little like the actor Ed Asner?