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This is my first story and was created on a whim so please take that into account when you read it. All criticism is welcome because that is needed to improve. Rated M just to be safe because war turns out to be really violent.

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The thing about battlestars is that they are tough, very tough. This is the thought that passed through Galactica's mind as she came ever closer to the star of her people's new home. They were her people, and she had guarded them during the exodus from the colonies after the cylons had burned them. She, in the end had defeated them at their colony. She had done so much in her nearly 55 years of service, fought many battles, and now after so long, she was finally going to be able to rest. She would finally be able to sleep. All of the other ships that had made it this far had already broken up in the intense heat and radiation as the fleet. She remarked that after so much damage, her meters think armor still protected her now, even if it was being stripped away at an ever increasing rate. Once it failed, her death, along with that of her sole passenger. Her flight pods had already been gutted and…. well there it went, along her port ventral thruster, the weakened armor melted through and detonated the entire engine, causing a massive cascading explosion that ripped through her entire engineering section causing ever greater damage and ever greater exposure to the suns heat. A mere 3.5 seconds after the breach of the hull, her fusion reactor went super critical, causing a new sun to be briefly born and with that, Galactica's existence became nothing but light and silence.

"AHHHHHHHRRRRRR AHHHHHHHRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRR" A pair of eyes shot open when the annoying sound wouldn't and beheld a rather insistent little sea bird that was much too close for comfort and a hand shot out to shoo the bird away. As the annoying pest flew off shock was the only thing that Galactica felt

"hand…", more shock was felt when words expressed the shock. The hand came up to and felt the mouth that had spoken the word

"Mouth", a few moments passed

"Mout… ph ph", she spits out several strands of long brown hair that had ended up in her mouth.

"I have a mouth…..frak…. I have a mouth…how is this possible", she says from her position lying on her side she looked around.

"Where am I", she pondered as she pushed herself up into a sitting position and began looking around.

"well this is a pretty little spot of paradise", she said while looking around at the tropical beach she was resting upon. After looking around she turned her attention to her body. The flight suit that covered her body was instantly recognizable. It was a colonial flight suit with the top portion tied around her waist. Combat boots were on her feet and on her top was covered by a green t-shirt that accentuated her breasts.

"this is certainly new", she chuckled out.

"well I guess I am girl…I think Starbuck would be envious of these….hells I think even Adama would have paused for a second to look", she chuckled this last part.

After several seconds of laughing she noticed something odd. On her back was a bulky back pack. On both sides of it were what looked a lot like her old flight pods. There were also several heavy turrets on the mini-flight pods and around her shoulder area. "Odd", was all she said as she craned her head around to look at the contraption. "Battlestar back pack…. he he, that's witty", she laughed at her own wit

"Looks like it's in its retracted mode", after a slight pause while she felt around trying to activate it she gave up. Pouting she looked around more at the surroundings while thinking of what to do.

"I wonder how to get this to work", she says starting to get a bit annoyed by its lack of activity. After several minutes on thinking about what to do an idea pops into her head

"Maybe if I just think about deploying it will", She starts concentrating hard on making the rig deploy

"Deploy Deploy Deploy Deploy Deploy Deploy Deploy Deploy Deploy Deploy come on just deploy De…", her insistent thought is cut off by the sound of the flight pod deploying and coming down to rest at around 90 degrees of the original positon.

"I could use them as arm rests if it wasn't for the turrets", she thinks out loud while examining the pods. She fiddles with one of the turrets causing it to shift.

"Well, I wonder if these can fire", she stands up and walks a bit closer to the shore. "well only one way to find out…..that…rock looks like it's giving me a funny look" she says while grinning.

"Fire…..turret A…", she says a bit unsure of how to get the weapons to work. Almost automatically after the order is given turret A orientates towards the rock and fires a salvo right into it causing it to explode into tiny bits showering everything for about a hundred feet with dirt and rock fragments.

"Frak….that was a bit explosive", she says as bits of rock pelt and dirt bounce off of her. She walks over to the edge of the small crater that was created as result of her fire. "I won't be shooting that at anyone any time soon…if I ever run into anyone", she walks off down the beach a bit further coming to a small tide pool.

"Well I guess I can use that as a mirror" she says as she leans over the calm water and looks at her reflection. The face looking back is that of a nineteen or twenty year old girl. Long light brown hair that came down to her mid back framed her face and a pair of dark red eyes stared back from her reflection. A head band like array sits the top of her head.

"Everything looks normal expect for those eyes because I know they don't usually come in the shade but I guess that's just how they are and the array thing look like a DRADIS array, odd, I wonder why that's on my head", she says as another thought pops into her head "I sure have been talking to myself a lot, I wonder if this is normal….probably not, but there is no one around to call me insane so who cares" she starts to walk off down the beach to see how big the island is when she looks down at the flight pods "I should retract those so I don't accidental pop off a shot", she thinks about the pods retracting and much quicker than the first time she tried to deploy them. "Well I guess will go this way and see what's over there", She starts whistling the colonial navy theme as she walks down the beach.

"Doctor, where is the ship girl", an angry voice barked.

"I don't know admiral, all the reading show that it should have worked, the machine is working perfectly fine….but I don't know where she is", a panicking voice says.

"Well you better damn well find out or I will have you kicked out of this program, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME", the final bit coming out as a roar.

"Yes sir, I understand sir, I'll find out what happened", the scientist squeaks out.

"You better" the Admiral says with venom in his voice.

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