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Commander Mallory walked down the hallway totally flabbergasted. What he had seen was, well impossible, but that shipgirl, Galactica, was her name, had told him it was all true. He'd heard that sometimes, when a person came in physical contact with a shipgirl they would see her past, but it had only ever happened one or two times that he had ever heard of. It still didn't mean that he was having trouble accepting what he had seen. It didn't sit well with him, the sheer otherness of it almost made him queasy. But he guessed everything that had happened over the last five years could be considered insane. The abyssals had appeared out of nowhere and had effectively stopped all maritime activity and there was little the combined navies of the could do to stop them. It took almost the entire British and French fleets to keep the english strait clear. For almost an entire year the world watched in horror as the world fell apart, the military heavyweights of the world blundering along trying to come with some wonder weapon that would beat the abyssals. A japanese scientist had approached the military with an, admittedly, insane idea. They resurrect the souls of warships to fight the abyssals. He was laughed out. Mallory remembered when a buddy of his had told him what the scientists had proposed. He'd laughed his ass off. Then the mad bastard went and did it. He summoned the first Shipgirl and with that, something that had be laughed off as insane one day was being given billions of dollars of funding the next. When word of what the military was going, well people were, well confused would probably be the best word. There were those who screamed about how it was heresy and the work of satan but no one really listens to those types, but for the majority, they were entirely flabbergasted by the very concept that ships, well warships at least, had souls.

Now it almost seemed normal. He'd had a lot of contact with ship girls and he'd almost gotten used to it, but there are also moments of unreality that hit him. He shook his head and walked into his office and sat down at his deck and booted up his computer and began writing his report to his superiors.

Nagato was angry. The admiral had decided to have her read and fill out a five thousand report and then he had the gall to ask her to go down and check in on the mystery ship girl who had be brought back by patrol unit. She had to listen to Kongou, Akagi, and Fubuki all tell their version of event, write it down, and then send the reports. She, one of the Big Seven, and she had been reduced to a damned secretary and she hated it.

She reached the hospital room where the girl was staying and through open the door, and she beheld the girl who was laying in bed with a tray on her lap with assorted food on her lap and a cup of pudding in one hand with the spoon in her mouth staring at her with a look of surprise on her face.

The girl slowly pulled the spoon from her mouth, "Um hello, how can i help you", she asked in a soft voice.

Nagato was silent for a long moment before she spoke "Yes you can, starting with who you are, and what your doing on MY base", she said putting extra emphasis on my.

"I'm Galaaa…", she said as she put down her utensil and gave the women her complete stammering stop when she took in her appearance.

"What?", Nagato as her anger flared anew her tone angry,

"Your….your...your clothes", Galactica managed sputter out as her face blushed.

"Whaaaaat….", Nagato blurted out in shock.

"Your...", she paused trying not to say something rude"your clothes...how can you go about dressed with so little on", Galactica managed to get out as her blush intensified the longer she looked at the women.

Nagato was completely taken aback this and looked at the women and then down at herself looking at her clothing and then back up at the women. "What wrong with my clothes", She grated out.

"It's", again she paused trying to come up with something that wouldn't be insulting "indecent" she finally settled on thinking it would be the least inflammatory.

Nagato's eyes almost bulged and she stormed right up into the woman's face, "My clothes are WHAT?", She gritted out, her anger becoming an almost physical thing.

"Their inde.." She didn't finish because Nagato slapped her. The sting of it left Galactica speechless until she realized that this women just slapped her and well... she did not like that one bit at all, not one bit. "You bitch", Galactica said with her voice full indignant fury.

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