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Cheerfully humming a of nonsensical tune she had just made up, Kongou walked down the hallway holding a tray that had her personal tea set along with assorted pastries. She had heard that the new girl was finally awake and she had decided, that she Kongou would be the first to greet her, and give her some good old fashion English hospitality. She smiled as she was but a few steps from the door the the room where the girl was but she stopped and frowned when she heard a crash and bangs coming from inside the room.

"BLOODY HELL" she yelled as she dropped the tray as she jumped backwards to avoid the the door as it and parts of the wall exploded outwards and crashed into the opposing wall with a loud crash. Stunned she looked from the crater in the wall to the pile of rubble laying at the base of the wall. It was then she saw Nagato who looked worse for wear partially covered by the door and very clearly unconscious.

"She started it," a sheepish voice from inside the room spoke out. Turning slowly she saw the very person she had been coming to see standing in the middle of a ruined hospital rubbing the back of her head with a very embarrassed look on her face. "She slapped me."

"Uh huh…." Kongou mumbled out as she looked back to the roughed up Nagato who was starting to stir. Leaning down she shook Nagato's shoulder.

"Wake up Nagato" she said as she shook her shoulder. She did this for a few seconds until Nagato's dark red eyes opened slowly and looked into her dark brown eyes.

"Uggghhhhhh" Nagato moaned as she pushed the steel door off of herself and sat up.

"Did you start a fight with our guest?" she asked.

"Wha…." she got out as she shook her head a bit, "What?" Nagato asked her more clear than it was a few seconds before.

"Did you start a fight with our guest" Kongou asked again, her voice usually pleasant containing clear irritation over the whole situation and her destroyed tea set in particular, it had been a gift from the people of Barrow-in-Furness on the, the city she had been built, on the anniversary of her being original hull being launched, so she was well within her rights to be a bit angry over it loss.

"She insulted me.." Nagato said quickly noticing the the usually pleasant and cheerful Kongou was not her normal self at that moment.

"How did she insult you?" She asked looking back to the girl in ruined room who was looking quiet embarrassed at the moment.

"She said i was dressed like a whore" Nagato said defensively.

"I did not." Galactica said from the hole in the wall which she was now standing just inside of.

"Yes you did." Nagato said back.

"No I didn't" the Galactica said starting to raise her voice.

"Yes you did" Nagato said starting to rise from the rubble.

"No i di…"

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP" Kongou yelled at the both of them. The shut both of the up rather quickly but for entirely different reasons. Galactica at the sheer forcefulness of the voice and Nagato because well, she had never heard Kongou raise her voice before and it stunned her. "You," she said pointing at Galactica, "what did you say" her voice, while not being as loud, still held the steel of a few seconds earlier.

"I said she was dressed indecently" Galactica said quickly, responding instinctively to forcefully, commanding voice of those new girl.

Hearing this, Kongou slowly turned her head to look a Nagato. After a few seconds of taking in the now ruined state of her clothing she began to loudly laugh.

"What are you laughing atttttt…" Nagato said as she looked down at what Kongou was laughing at, her face turning a deep red when she realized that her cloths had not survived smashing through a wall and door intact. She was infact, to her horrified minds realization a few fibers away from being nude. Covering herself quickly with her hands and arms.

Galactica seeing the state of girl who was apparently named Nagato, she looked about quickly to find something to cover the girl with. Pulling open a cabinet she found some neatly stacked spare medical gowns. Grabbing one she rushed over Nagato and tossed it at her. "Cover yourself quickly, your indecent."

Looking up her face still blushed Nagato grabbed the gown and quickly covered herself. She turned pale when she spotted a very angry looking Admiral followed by a pair of MPs marching down the hallway.

"Looks like you two are in trouble" Kongou said with a chuckle as stood up and dusted herself off so that she, at least would be presentable in the presence of a very clearly pissed off admiral.

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