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Galactica watched as the man approached. She almost instinctively knew that this man was at least some sort of officer from…..well she couldn't describe it, perhaps its was his age or the amount of adornment on his uniform. The stormy look on his face was slightly imposing and from a quick glance over at the other at the women she had been fighting with told her that she was uncomfortable with his presence and his apparent attitude.

"What is going on here Nagato?" the officer said as he looked around a the scene.

"Umm…." Nagato said trying to keep her voice level while she tried to come up with way to explain what had gone on.

"Well?" He pushed.

"She hit me" Galactica spoke up figuring. Nagato gave galactica a look that could cause a lesser mortal to burst into flames.


"Well did you?" the officer asked with a disappointed frown.

"Yes" Nagato responded grudgingly.

"And what possessed you to make you think you could do that"


"No" He bluntly cut her off ."don't go blaming others for your issues Nagato….and why are you wearing that hospital gown" He said finally noticing the pea green hospital gown she had put on.

"Umm…" She looked down as she realized that she really didn't want to talk about what had happened out loud.

"Spit it out" He growled losing his patience with his secretary but before she got a chance to respond he looked over at Galactia and really acknowledged her existence for the first time, "And who might you be?" asked noting this this women was at first glance looked to be taller than Yamato or Musashi.

"I'm Galactica…and who might you be?" Galactica asked bluntly

The officer was a bit taken aback by the bluntness of the quest but he quickly recovered "I am Admiral Hashimoto, the commander of my base….and i can see you have met my secretary" he said giving Nagato a bit of a glare.

"Oh...she's your secretary" Galactica muttered while she tried to figure out how she should deal with this...admiral as he call himself "She got a bit of a temper"

"NO I DO NOT" Nagato all but yelled at Galactica hearing this.

"Nagato, you're going to to walk out of here and back to your quarters and you're going to sit there and think about your behavior until i decided you have calmed down" the Admiral said glaring icily at Nagato

"'re putting me in time out?" Nagato sputtered out.

"If you want to view it that way, then yes" he said coldly "Now get out of my sight"

Not saying anything but giving a glare to Galactica for this women had caused her nothing but problems she walked down the hallway and disappeared around a corner.

Watching her leave the admiral turned back to Kongou and the other women who had identified herself as Galactica.

"So Galactica, that's what you called yourself isn't it" Galactica gave a nod so he continued "Why don't you tell me who you are and what your are doing on my base"

"I don't really know where to start" She answered simply because in truth she didn't.

Before the general could explode on her Kongou spoke up "When we found her she was unconscious so why not start with the first thing your remember"

"Yes start there" the admiral gave Kongou a glare but she just returned it with a sweet smile.

"Well i guess it began when i woke up…" She started telling them everything that had happened after the moment she woke up on that beach.