Before this story begins I would like to apologize for the literal year it took me to update this story. I was busy with college and then a relationship with a cute boy and then a broken heart and then an eating disorder sort of in that order but who the hell cares. Anyway I am updating my story now and I have one thing to say. I was debating coming back at all because I looked at the comments and got disheartened. I feel like people failed to realize that I am a stereotypical gay guy. This story started off as something for me to right when I was bored, lonely or horny meaning these characters to some extent are meant to be stereotypically gay because I am. I am sorry if you don't like the sexualness or the gayness but that's how I wrote them, if you don't like it then leave. I'm sorry if that was harsh but it was how I felt after reading some of the comments.


I woke up in Percy's bed. I was wearing a sexy wrestling singlet that he bought me for Christmas and I felt a slight pressure at my hole and remembered the butt plug/prostate massager that I had used with it, a mandatory requirement when wearing the outfit according to Percy. I rubbed my face and felt dried cum all over it, I had forgotten what a wild night I had had with Percy and Sammy. It was crazy how close I was getting to both of them. When I joined here my romantic connection had originally just been with Percy and while I had grown very attached to every single member of our wild sex crazed operation, I had not grown a romantic attraction to any of them, until now. Sammy was interesting and I felt a strong attraction to him, very similar to what I felt for Percy. I was scared to address it with them. I was scared to frighten off Sammy and I was scared to break Percy's heart.

I rolled over and gasped a little when the toy inside me shifted uncomfortably and a feature of the toy rubbed against the underside of balls. The toy had a small handle that would extend along the underside to gently massage the user's balls and it had activated with my shifting. Unfortunately with my shifting I had also awoken the men on either side of me. Percy had one arm around my waste and was snoring quietly behind me, clothed in a cutoff football jersey and a pair of footballer lace up underwear on. He shifted slightly and I could feel his dick sticking out through the unlaced top. On the other side of me Sammy wiggled his bubble butt, which was clad in nothing but a jockstrap, against my crotch and reached out for my arm to be around his waist. I grinned and rubbed my hand against his slightly pudgy waist. Sammy wasn't shy about his body and very proud of his pudgy nature, his confidence was amazing to me and it was something I really liked about him.

He chuckled as I tickled him with my hand. He quickly grabbed it and pulled it up to his chest where I snuck my hand into his armpit and tickled him more. He squealed and grabbed my hand instead placing it lower on his body. I pondered for a second what he was gonna do but quickly discovered the truth when my hand was placed on his erection. He moaned out at the contact as I squeezed down on his cock and began lightly stroking. Behind me I hear a chuckle as Percy wrapped a leg around me and began grinding against me. He methodically shifted his dick against my ass until the pressure turned on the toy inside me. I jerked my whole body, shifting my rapidly hardening dick against Sammy's ass and my hand off the side making Sammy's whole body jerk back into me. We both groaned at the sensation, however, he stopped as I continued to moan at the overstimulation. There were too many arousing feelings at once and I was quickly becoming overwhelmed and useless. Percy chuckled and slipped a hand into my singlet to pull the toy out of me. I cried out in pleasure when my ass began squeezing at nothing with its removal.

I bucked forward rubbing my clothed cock against Sammy's exposed hole and moaned out at the feeling. An arm reached around me head and pulled me around for a kiss. I was suddenly straddling Percy's waist with our dicks rubbing against each other and his hands on my thighs. Beside us Sammy whined for attention and attempted to pull me back in between the two of them. I enjoyed being the object of their affections and let them fight for me for a little. Sammy managed to pull me back in between them and he also managed to slide his way town to pull my dick out of the singlet. His lips wrapped around the exposed tip and few inches that could peak out of the sexy clothing. Meanwhile Percy had his hand in my hair as he roughly pulled me in for some kisses. I moaned slightly at the two boys finding my weaknesses and using them against me. Percy managed to get the upper hand again as he pulled me on top of him once more, I moaned out as my dick slipped out of the lips of a needy Sammy. Sammy groaned again and decided to come along behind me and rub his now uncovered cock against my ass. His dick and Percy's both fought for the chance to provide me some stimulation and finally I just growled and roughly grabbed both of their dicks. Both of them whelped slightly as I held their manhood in my hands and could do whatever I wanted and they would be helpless. I giggled to myself for a second, I could operate them both like joysticks. I focused myself once again, there is a time and a place to be silly.

"I want you two to get along and I think we need to have a discussion later but for now I want you both inside of me. Not taking turns or spit roasting me but both of you at the same time in my ass fucking me til I can't walk. Think you two cannot kill each other for five minutes to put me in a wheelchair?"

The two of them looked at each other and frowned slightly then looked at me and their mouth perked up slightly"

"Fine," they said in unison. I let go of their dicks and straddled Percy once more. They continued to rub against my hole, this time at the same time. Percy's hands ventured up my entire chest and played with my nipples. Sammy's meanwhile spread my cheeks apart while his lips peppered my neck and nibbled at my ear lobes. I moaned out like crazy and rubbed my cock along percy's abs. Finally I got sick of this fooling around and flipped myself around giving Percy access to my hole. He quickly spread my cheeks apart with his hands and went to town. Sammy for a second whined at the misfortune of not getting to eat me out. I leaned my head down and began to suck on their tips. He quickly changed his whimpering into moaning. I grinned around his dick. I switched back and forth between the two them enjoying the sensations of Percy's moans against my hole and the feeling of Sammy clenching down on my hair with every moan. I heard a squelch behind me and the sensation of cold liquid, my guess was Percy had begun using favored lube and was hoping to stretch me out more. I pushed myself farther onto Percy's face and felt him moan and probe deeper. Meanwhile both of my hands cradled their balls while my tongue traced baths up and down the veins of their dicks. Behind me Percy begging pressing fingers into my hole alongside his tongue causing more moans from me and as a result from them both.

Eventually I couldn't handle the wait any longer and sat up and flipped around once more. Both groaned at the removal of the mouth that was pleasuring them. I sat up slightly and carefully eased onto Percy's dick which had been slicked up by my saliva. It slightly easily into my expertly stretched out hole, nonetheless it was a tight fit and we both held back grunts and moans. After a few moments of adjusting I moaned out Sammy's name and he got the hint and moved into my hole carefully. One of my hands grabbed Percy's hip and the other was clutching Sammy's hand that wrapped around my waist as his body pressed against mine. My groans had practically turned into screams of pleasure as the two of them thrust at different paces inside of me. I leaned forward pressing my chest into Percy's and felt Sammy's hands placed on my shoulder and hip as he took control of most of the thrusting. Percy wrapped his arms around me and began to passionately kiss me to distract me from cumming. It worked too, I quickly became distracted by the tongue down my throat rather than the two dicks plowing me.

After a few more minutes I began to feel close and, judging by Sammy's irregular thrusts and Percy's rough gripping of my hair, they were too. I sat up and placed my back against Sammy once more and grabbed his hair pulling him in for a passionate kiss. I began stroking myself to completion as I roughly shoved my tongue down his throat. With a moan I came splattering all over Percy's chest, out of the corner of my eye I could see him sit up and stick his tongue out catching a splash of it. My ass clenched around the two of them and it wasn't long before they both moaned out and my ass was filled with their cum. They both continued thrusting into me through their orgasm. Sammy pulled out but ordered us both to stay where we were, he walked over to a drawer and found a small remote control butt plug and shoved it inside of me. I grabbed my prostate massager and told percy to put it inside of him. Sammy grinned and went back to the drawer and found a cock ring butt plug combo that he promptly put on making a small moan as the plug part slipped inside.

"Ok you two get dressed and freshened up. We are going on a date." Both looked at me in surprise. "Did I stutter?" I said sarcastically before smacking them both on the ass. We all got ready and met downstairs in our nicest outfits. I could see Sammy struggling to walk comfortably with a throbbing erection being set on by the cock ring. I grinned and gave him a teasing stroke as I passed by him to walk out the door. I got in the driver's seat and I told the two of them to sit next to each other in the back. The two of them indignantly sat next to one another. I clicked the button on the two remotes in my hand and both of them moaned out in shock.

"You two need to get along or this dinner is going to be very agonizing for the both of you. We are going to go to this dinner and we are going to be nice to one another because I have important things to tell both of you. For every time you guys cause problems with one another I will slightly turn the settings up. I don't think either one of you wants that." Both of them stared at me with shock that I would torture them like this. We got to the destination and we all got out. The two of them winced slightly when getting out. Even I shuddered for a second when the toy inside of me prodded that special place when I moved.

We were seated and they both were shifting slightly trying to stay focused on the menus. I noticed Sammy getting extremely uncomfortable and even wincing at one point.

"Sammy go to the bathroom and take the cockring part off of the toy but keep the other part." He left and returned smiling.

"You better not have jerked off in there or I swear…" I whispered angrily.

"Oh calm down I'm just smiling because this feels better and yet still torturous." I grinned and we looked back at our menus. Finally after ordering our food I began to speak.

"I am in a difficult situation with you two. When I joined our site it was only because I really loved Percy and I had grown fond of him and everyone there. While we did fool around freely for the site we stayed loyal to one another and only had romantic feelings for each other. Until now…" Both of them looked at me in shock. "I have started developing feelings for you Sammy and it scares me… It scares me a lot." I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I tried to breathe calmly.

"What do you mean Nico." Said Percy quietly.

"I mean I still have just as strong feelings for you and love you so much, but also I am developing those same feelings for Sammy and I'm scared." Tears streams down my face.

"Why are you scared Nico." Said Sammy whipping away one of my tears. "Who said you had to be limited to just one romantic partner, thrupples happen all the time." He put his hand on my shoulder and I felt comforted. He gave me a little peck on the cheek and it was a sweet moment. Then Percy ruined it.

"What the hell is a thrupple?!" I reached in my pocket and pressed one of the buttons. Unfortunately it was the one that turned up the speed on Sammy's toy and he yelped out. I clicked the other one and Percy shifted uncomfortably and scowled at me.

"It was an honest question!"

"A couple of three," said Sammy with a sigh, "Usually all three like each other though."

Percy looked at him indignantly, "Whats that supposed to mean!" he whispered angrily. I sighed again and clicked his button once more and Sammy's. I glared at both of them.

"I'm saying you don't like me."

"That is not true!" I sat there and listened to them continue back and forth stating that both of them have treated the other poorly. Until finally they realized that neither one actually had a reason to dislike the other.

"The only reason you two have behaved the way you have was because you were jealous of the other had with me so will you both shut up. You guys are making me question this whole thing." That really shut them both up. They both looked at me a little ashamed.

"I like you both and I really want to have you both be my boyfriends and more importantly I want the two of you to begin liking each other. There is no way in hell this will work out unless you two like each other. I have to go away next week for three days on a trip to New York with my History of New England class. While I'm gone I want the two of you to go on dates, sleep in the same bed, fuck and suck and blow the whole shebang while I'm gone. I want you to get to know each other and if I come back and you two are still behaving like children well I'm afraid anything personal between us is over. We'll become nothing more than colleagues. Mainly because you two will have broken my heart." They both looked at me a little surprised.

"We will make it happen." Said Sammy finally.

"Yes." Percy had a very hurt look in his eye. "I wanted to say I was sorry but I was only speaking honestly and I wasn't going to apologize for that." Our food came to cut the tension and we began talking and eating casually. Finally we made it to the car and I drove it to the edge of town to a small little cove around the nearby lake. I set up a blanket and a small lantern and pulled them both over to the set up. We cuddled for a little while before things started getting heavy. I pressed the buttons until the speed was up all the way and they both arched their backs. I pulled their clothes off and got on my hands and knees and began to blow both of them. It wasn't very long until the two unraveled completely and came all over my face. I grinned as the two of them moaned into kisses with one another. I had a good feeling about how the three days will go.

(To be Continued.)