It has been more than two weeks now, all filled with restless nights and blurry days. Your feelings didn't change much, but you finally found the courage to visit her. You have been nervous all morning and you almost dropped your purse multiple times as you did some shopping. Now you stand there, one hand clenched around a plastic bag and the other was deep into your pocket, not sure where else to leave it. Nervously you look around, to notice that there is no one around. It makes you a bit more at ease since you at least can't embarrass yourself in front of others, but also gives you no clue what to do. Full time during the walk towards here you had been thinking of what all to say, but now, now you were all empty again.

"Hey... uhh, yeah, it has been some time, hasn't it, like two weeks, 3 day and 7 hours or so... If ...If that was even correct..." You swallow and glance around you awkwardly for a bit to find something to talk about. "Ow, yeah... look, I also bought frozen yoghurt, since you know, you said you kind of liked it and I happen to walk right past it on my way here." You hold up the plastic back and take a cup with frozen yoghurt out of it. You place it in front of you and just blankly stare at it for some time.

"I... I know, it is a stupid gift...I should have brought something else. Of all frozen things even a snowflake would have been better. They all have different shapes... Like people have, but not literally, or more like both literally and figurally... But some snowflakes are shaped nice and kind, and others are shaped ...Cheesy... And when it heats up a bit, it was the kind one that melted first. And it not fair, but..."

You are at loss for words and you look at the grave in front of you, which includes all your hope and love and other feelings you had, which are now gone, just like Penny.

"...But I hope you also like the frozen yoghurt."