Harry was sat in his cupboard looking for some sign of the time of day. He had not eaten in almost a week nor had anything to drink in 3 days but he was still managing to be reasonably alert. His back stung from where his uncle had slashed it with the cane. He had tried to sleep but was unable to find any comfortable position on his ragged mattress which had been too small for him since he was 8 and he was now 10.

Whilst he didn't want to have to face his family he wanted to know how long until he could be free of this prison of a room however even the idea of being able to stretch out was not nearly enough of an award for facing Dudley or Vernon.

Harry had been considering for the last few days the idea of just getting up and leaving. One day whilst he was at school or weeding the front garden he could just get up and run for it. He had no idea how he would survive but surely anything was better than this measly existence. After all what was his life worth, if he was to die now no one would miss him, the Dursleys would only notice that they had lost their slave.

Just as he was considering all this he heard the tell-tale thuds above his head letting him know that Vernon was up and would want his breakfast. Harry could only hope that he would have some sense of patience but he knew deep down that this was impossible.

'Boy, where is my breakfast?' His Uncle's voice screeched as the cupboard door was almost pulled off the hinges, after his Uncle had undone all the locks.

'I'm just getting it for you now Uncle' He murmured in reply, looking down at his feet hoping not to anger his Uncle.

'Well, you should have had it ready 5 minutes ago freak.'

'I'm sorry Uncle.' He whispered but he knew it wasn't good enough as his uncle slapped him across the face sending his glasses hurtling towards the ground. Harry could only hope that they had not been damaged or else he had no idea how he would manage, they were already held together by little bits of tape and a few weird bits and bobs: some string, a few staples and a bit of clay.

Harry grabbed them off the floor, relieved to see that the lenses had not shattered and stuck them back on his face as he scurried to the fridge, grabbing the eggs, bacon and sausages. He quickly grabbed a frying pan and started to make work of his Uncle's breakfast as quickly as he could.

As soon as his Uncle was served, he started work on his cousin's breakfast in hopes of having it ready for the exact moment that his cousin got down stairs so he wasn't punished for being late or for the breakfast getting cold, if he was ready before his cousin.

For some reasons the fates had decided to be in his favour that morning because he had just served it up the moment his cousin entered the room. His cousin dug into his fried breakfast, while Harry grabbed the small bowl of leftovers which was his food for he wasn't sure how long, it could be a day it could be another week. Trying to savour each mouthful in hopes of making them go just that bit further, whilst he tried to ignore the disgusting taste which he received by having foods that should never be mixed together mixed.

'Freak, here is your list of jobs for today, if you don't get them done you will receive no food tomorrow, got that boy.' His Aunt told him after he had finished his breakfast.

'Yes, Aunt Petunia, I understand.' He replied back automatically not looking her in the eye, in case she should take offence that the freak looked at his betters.

Harry scanned the list of jobs and spotted that one of them was to walk to the supermarket and buy food for the week. This made Harry smile, because it gave him his chance and better yet it meant that he would be able to have £100 or so to get him started in his new life, even though it wasn't much it was better than nothing at all, and it gave him at least 2 hours to disappear before anyone would even start to wonder where he was.

Before heading out 'shopping' Harry grabbed the few useful things he had managed to gain over the years: a torch (which Dudley had thrown away without checking to see if it was actually broken), A Swiss-army knife (which he had found one day whilst walking home from school) and his blanket and pillow which he hid under his to large shirt, before grabbing the set of bags from the kitchen which the Dursleys kept because the local supermarket had started charging for them.

As soon as Harry exited Privet Drive he stuffed his stuff into the bags and started to run towards the train station. Where he snuck past the guard and got onto a train heading for London Victoria. Once on the train Harry wasn't sure if he could relax yet because whilst he was now away from the Dursleys he may still get caught by a train conductor, checking tickets, or get caught in Victoria trying to get through the barrier. Whilst his eyes were hurtling around the apartment, he saw a ticket sticking out of the seat next to him. When he looked at it he thanked the fates because it was a day travel pass for that very day. Meaning that not only would he not be caught in Victoria he could also use the tube for the day, in his bid to find a new place to live.

When Harry arrived at Victoria he made his way down to the underground and got onto the first train which happened to be a Victoria line heading north bound. When he got to Green Park he swapped to the Piccadilly line in hopes that this would add some confusion and make it harder for anyone to track him. When he then reached Leicester Square he decided to head up to the ground to have a look around.


Whilst walking down Charring Cross road, Harry was sure he could see a pub which seemed very out of place. The sign above the pub read 'Leaky Cauldron', the odd thing about the place was in the windows Harry could see some very strangely dressed people, some had very pointy hats, whilst the men all seemed to be wearing long dresses. Occasionally someone would walk out the door then suddenly disappear with a pop. However the thing that really stood out in Harrys mind was that not one person on the street was noticing the people or even looking at the pub, it was as if the pub was invisible to them.

Harry sat their watching the pub for some time, trying to decide whether or not to sneak in or just leave the place well alone. When someone left the place but put their pointy hat on the step along with their outer coat thingy, and then walked off in normal clothes. Harry looked in both directions before walking across and outing them on and entering the pub.

Once harry was inside the pub he tried to keep his head down but his eyes darted around taking it all in, the people inside now seemed just as if not even more oddly dressed, even those who were dressed somewhat normally seemed to be in historical clothes from the 18th or 19th century. The room was covered with pictures and photos on the wall which appeared to Harry to be moving, but he knew it must be a trick of the light because that was not possible. The room also seemed to be too large because he was sure that the pub wasn't that big when he looked at it from the outside.

No one had seemed to notice him, so he chose to follow someone who was heading towards a brick wall because he was curious what they were doing. Suddenly the man he was following got a stick out and started tapping a pattern of bricks. Before his eyes the brick wall opened up and a street appeared. He scuttled onto the street ahead of him amazed by all the sites.


Harry wondered into a shop called 'Flourish and Blotts' and started having a look at the books. He picked up a few interesting ones, one on healing and another on the uses of potions. He went up to the counter to pay.

'My dear, Im afraid we don't accept muggle money, you need to go and change it at Gringotts.' The kind old lady behind the desk told him. 'How about you go and change it and I'll leave these here so that you can get them when you return' she said as she placed the books behind the counter, out of sight.

Harry nodded, and headed towards the door, he headed towards the building which stated upon itself that it was 'Gringotts Wizarding Bank'. On the doors Harry read

'Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.'

The words made him shudder and worry that they would realize that the money he had was not his but taken from his Aunt and Uncle.


He headed up towards a desk which had some sort of creature sat behind it.

'Excuse me sir, I was wondering if I could please exchange my muggle money' He asked the creature, getting the words from what the lady in 'Flourish and Blotts' had said.

'Certainly sir but may I have your name before we begin' The creature replied.

'ummm Harry Potter, sir'

The creature looked up at him in surprise.

'Mr Potter can you please follow me to one of the back rooms where we can check your identity.' The creature asked him.

Harry followed the creature meekly behind.

Once they arrived at the room another Goblin arrived with a piece of parchment in his hands and a dagger. Harry flinched at the sight of the dagger.

'Hello Mr Potter, I am Ragnok, Head Goblin here at Gringotts, can you please use the dagger to place a drop of blood on the parchment so that we may ascertain you are who you say you are.'

Harry followed the instructions unsure of what was going on, but thinking it was better to comply. As soon as his blood hit the parchment, he saw his name begin to appear followed by more names surrounding his in what looked to be a family tree.

'It appears Mr Potter that you are who you say you are.' The goblin told him. 'Now we have been trying to contact you for several years in regards to your accounts and inheritance, however we have been regularly blocked by Albus Dumbledore who seems to think himself as more important than the law.'

'My what, sir, I don't even know where I am, how can you seem to know me.'

'What do you mean by Mr Potter, you didn't know you were in Diagon Alley in Wizarding London?'

'No well, you see, I ran away from my Aunt and Uncle because they kept me locked in a cupboard and I couldn't last there any longer and then found myself in this alley after stumbling upon this strange pub that no one else seemed to be able to see.'

Harry was shocked that he had said so much he was not sure what had come over him. The Goblin was looking at him shocked.

'You mean to tell me Mr Potter, that you did not know that you were a wizard, or that you were Heir Potter, Heir Black, Heir Peverell, Heir Gryffindor, Heir Slytherin, Heir Ravenclaw?'

'No sir, I mean I'm just Harry who lives with my Aunt and Uncle after my parents were killed in a car crash.'

'What do you mean Mr Potter, your parents were murdered by Thomas Marvolo Riddle or as he called himself Lord Voldemort, who also tried to kill you but gave you your scar.' The Goblin told him. 'We must also tell you that he has tried to claim your inheritance as Lord Peverell and Lord Slytherin through being related by a bastard line.'

'Is there any books sir I can read about the Wizarding world and how can I claim my inheritance?' Harry asked the goblin.

'Of course there is Mr Potter we will give you a list once we have sorted out your inheritance. Now first you need to place on each of these rings on your finger and they will combine with each other as you go, then we will get your parents wills read, before we give you a list of what you own and check your abilities and health. Then finally we will give you a list of books to read to help you get caught up on the Wizarding world '

Harry was feeling rather out of his depth and very confused but he thought it was best to go along with what these Goblins were telling him; after all they were being kind to him. One by one he added the rings onto his right ring finger which was the finger he was told they belong. The rings each glowed in turn combining into one making into this majestic ring which held a rainbow of gems.

'Now Mr Potter let me go and collect your parents wills, and everything else I need.'