*Gryffindor Manor*

Sirius awoke with a start, he had been having nightmares about Azkaban, dreaming that he was still there, that he had not been saved, that the dementors had decided to end it for him and suck out his soul. When he peered around the room he realised that it was not the same place he had fallen asleep. Remus had carried him up to their room and was passed out next to him on the bed. However, in his sleep Remus, whilst still holding onto Sirius tightly was searching for something else. Someone else. Severus had never come up to join them and Remus was now sleeping very restlessly.

As much as Sirius feared what Severus would do to him and Remus, he knew that by him being difficult about the new relationship and uncooperative, it would make things far more difficult. During his time at Azkaban, he had done a lot of growing up. After all, there wasn't a lot that you could do in a cell, accept reflect on life.

When Sirius checked the time, he saw that it was just after two a.m. He decided that he would do Moony a favour and go and fetch Severus. Sirius was still needy and needed to recover from his experience sometimes he could be responsible and do the right thing.

As Sirius walked down the steps to the lab, he could hear Severus busy working, the bubbling of the cauldron on the heat, the sound of the knife as it cut through the ingredients. Sirius took a minute just to watch the sight, as Severus worked away, the smile evident on his face that he was doing something he enjoyed.

Sirius could see why Remus might find Severus attractive, when he was working with potions he was so calm and relaxed. Severus looked open with the world instead of closed off, he looked almost vulnerable.

To be an auror you had to study potions at newt level so Sirius wasn't totally clueless to what Severus was doing. So, he knew that at this point the potion was stable and could be put under a stasis spell, so he knew it was safe to interrupt.

'Severus' Sirius called out gently because even though the potion was stable a startled Severus could make a mistake which would change that.

Severus looked up and stared at Sirius. His open calmed relaxed manner disappeared and he again returned to his closed off typical self. However, when Sirius looked Severus in the eye, he saw fear, fear he was responsible for.

'Severus, it's time you come to bed. It is past 2, you need to get some sleep.' Sirius said again in a calm gentle manner. 'You can put the potion into stasis and come back to it tomorrow. Once you have had a good night's sleep.'

Severus stared at Sirius like he had gone completely mad. Then again if this had been ten years ago, Severus would have been right and Sirius would have lost the plot. However, now Sirius had been through Azkaban, each time the dementor passed he relived his childhood and saw all the bullying he did. The more he watched what happened to Severus the more he regretted his actions and saw the similarities between himself and Severus. He saw things he had not noticed before about Severus and understood now that their childhoods were remarkably similar.

'I don't have anywhere to sleep. My stuff was put in your and Remus' room but I can't share with you.' Severus replied to Sirius showing some off his vulnerability again.

'Why can't you share with us? You are just as much Remus' mate as I am.' Sirius replied. 'Severus, I know that we never got on during school, but I want to change that. I want to be your friend and then maybe one day we can be lovers and we can be a proper triad but first, we need to put to rest what happened between us during school.'

Severus just stared at Sirius like he had grown a second head. His mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. Normally Sirius would laugh but he knew this wasn't the moment.

'Severus I need you to cast the stasis spell, my magic is still not stable enough to manage it.' Sirius said.

Severus just followed the instruction still staring at Sirius like he was completely mad. As soon as the potion has been put into stasis, Sirius grabbed Severus by the arm and dragged him up the stairs to the bedroom. He found some of Severus' pyjamas and placed them in his hands telling him to get changed in either the bedroom or the bathroom if he wanted privacy.

Severus went to the bathroom he was not ready for that stage of their relationship yet. He exited the bathroom and saw that Sirius was still not back in bed but rather waiting for him.

'In the morning, we need to talk.' Severus said.

'We do, but that can wait till later, for now, we need to sleep.' Sirius replied he led Severus round to the far side of the bed and indicated for him to get in. Whilst he walked back around and got in the other side. Remus immediately calmed as soon as both men were in the bed and pulled them close to him so that they were both being cuddled.