Author's Note:

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She loved the night. It was quiet and peaceful, with a clear view of the moon and stars above her. The wind rustled through the trees and played with the curtains of her window. She shivered a little in her nightgown but refused to wear something warm on top of it. She loved the cold too. This was her favourite time, when she had all the time to herself.

A tiny wail broke through her peaceful reverie.

Galadriel sighed and turned to look back into the room. Celeborn slept deeply, not even stirring when their daughter's cries grew louder. Galadriel went to the cradle and peered inside. Celebrían was in an angry fit, kicking the blankets with small feet and turning her face red with screaming. Galadriel laughed softly and picked her.

"Shush, my dear silver," Galadriel crooned, rocking her gently. She ran a single finger along her daughter's cheek and smiled tenderly. "It would seem that I am to share my precious time with my precious daughter."