Title: An Unkind Fate

Rating: PG (T)

Pairings: Ultimately Bella & Edward but first we have to show what happens with Jacob.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any of the Twilight series. They are the property of Stephenie Meyer and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Set: Alternative Universe to New Moon. Edward doesn't think Bella died. Edward doesn't go to the Volturi nor does he come back to Bella. Bella gives Jacob a chance and at first it is as easy as breathing. However, an imprint can't be escaped. Bella has to restart again, this time at college in Portland. She runs across her first love, Edward, on the first day of classes. Can she forgive him so she can have her HEA? Will he love the young woman she has become or pine for the naive girl he left behind?

A/N 1: This story is in two parts. I know it can be a bit polarizing if you hate Jacob but only the first 15 chapters are Bella and Jacob's story and they are not long chapters. In this story, Bella truly believes that Edward won't be back. Jake starts as a really good friend and eventually Bella gives him a chance for something more. The problem is that Jake hasn't imprinted on Bella. So for a while, they are happy but Bella has this feeling of dread that it won't last and their relationship won't end well. The second part of the story is Bella running across Edward when she tries to rebuild her life at a new college. He tries to explain why he left her and wants a second chance. His actions set into motion some tragic events that have changed Bella. Bella isn't sure she wants to risk letting him back into her life. She isn't sure if he will love the young woman she has become because of those events that have changed her from the naive and idealistic girl that fell in love with Edward in Forks. If you are a Jake hater, give it a chance, I think you'll like it when Edward gets back into the story.

Chapter 1

Happy Anniversary

"What is this?" I asked as I looked down at the wrapped box Jacob placed in my hand. Jacob had stopped by to pick me up for a bonfire at the beach with the pack. I hadn't expected him to come bearing presents.

"Open it and see," Jacob urged with a grin on his face.

"But why are you giving me a present? My birthday isn't for another six months." I asked perplexed.

"Gees Bells, you suck at graciously accepting gifts." His smile took some of the bite out of his words. "Can't a guy just get his girl a present?"

I gave him the stink eye.

"Fine. Fine. It has been exactly two years since the night you let me kiss you after I fished you out of the water when you felt the need to go cliff diving."

I couldn't believe two years had gone by already. Two years since I stopped chasing the adrenalin rushes that let me hear His voice. Jacob had saved my life that day and that night I finally listened to Edward's voice when he told me to just be happy. For the first time since Edward left me in the woods I let myself try to be happy.

Who knew happiness would be Jacob. It was Jacob sitting by Charlie at graduation inappropriately whistling and cheering as if I received the Nobel Prize for Medicine instead of my high school diploma. It was Jake shaking with laughter as I threw myself into his arms in embarrassment after catching my not so old father making out with Sue Clearwater on our living room couch. It was the day he kissed me within an inch of my life when I told him I would go to Peninsula College to stay local and give our relationship a chance.

These last two years with Jake had been marked by some sorrow with the loss of Harry Clearwater but more often than not with laughter and joy as I spent time with Jake, his family and the pack.

I looked up at his dear face and could see the changes that two years had wrought. He had long since lost the softness of youth and now had the chiseled look and body of a man. Two years of responsibility had taken their toll and an intimidating warrior now stood where a carefree teenager should be.

"Come on Bells, no stalling."

I looked at the box in my hand and grinned at the haphazard wrap job. "I think you used a whole roll of tape on this little box."

He rolled his eyes, "Stop judging my gift wrapping skills and open the damn present already."

I laughed at his impatience and ran my finger under the wrapping paper too fast. "Ouch." I stared at the tiny bead of blood that welled up from a paper cut on my finger. Like a montage from a movie I was back to my eighteenth birthday and the domino effect that one small cut had caused that night.

In a heartbeat all the feelings of loss and despair came back to me. I touched my thumb to the drop of blood and smeared it. Such a little thing to cause such abject misery, I mused. For so much time after They left I thought the hole in my chest would grow until there was nothing left of me. Just like then, Jake's voice brought me back.

"Don't think shedding a little blood is going to get you out of opening the present."

I laughed at him, ever thankful for his ability to lighten a mood. I ripped through the rest of the wrapping paper without further mishap and could see a small velvet jewelry box. My stomach dropped. I stared at it for a second afraid of opening it.

"Bells," Jake whined with some impatience. I hesitated but finally opened the velvet box. To my relief it was a small wolf pendant carved out of wood. It was beautiful. I smiled and quickly kissed Jacob on the lips.

"Does that mean you like it?"

"Like it? I love it! It looks just like, uh, you, if you know what I mean," Jake laughed at my reference to his furry alter ego. "Where did you find it?" I asked as admired the craftsmanship and intricate details of the small carving.

"I made it."

I looked up in surprise, "Shut up!"

Jacob seemed a little embarrassed, "Billy taught me. It took me a while to get it right which is why it took me so long to give it to you. There were a few earlier attempts that looked more like Shetland ponies than a ferocious wolf."

I laughed at his look of chagrin. "Even the color is spot on," I said as my thumb caressed the carving. The russet color of the carving exactly matched the color of his coat when he was phased.

Jake laughed and said, "Well that may be less of the wood and more of my spilled blood as I nicked myself carving it."

I caressed the wolf again. "Aw, Jake, it's beautiful." I kissed him on the cheek. "I will treasure it always." I took the charm out of the box and noticed that it was attached to a slim leather cord. I turned my back to him and lifted my hair and asked, "Will you put it on me?"

Jacob took the necklace from my hands and tied the cords. I shivered as I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck. He gave the cord a final tug and caught my hair as I let it drop. He moved the strands to the side and placed a gentle kiss on the nape of my neck by the knot of the cord. Tingles went down my back. I couldn't resist his warmth. I snuggled back against his strong chest. His lips moved to the side of my neck and I tilted my head to give him better access.

"Beck sent a ticket to my Dad so he can spend Easter with her and her husband," he said between small kisses up the side of my neck. "Rachel put away enough to go with him." He whispered in my ear. "The house will be empty that weekend," he continued and then nipped my ear. A shiver went down my spine. I knew what he was hinting at.

Jake had been pretty patient with me these last two years; accepting the boundaries that I imposed. One of which was an age issue. I don't know if it was being a daughter of a cop, I felt weird being almost twenty and thinking of sleeping with someone seventeen even if the guy looked like he was older than me, .

Our current living arrangements also did not allow for much privacy. Now that he had turned eighteen, he had been pushing a bit more aggressively for us to take the next step.

Part of me, and I knew which part that was, was yelling yes please. Another part of me was scared and holding back. Jake spun me around and took my lips in a breath stealing kiss.

With the uncanny timing of protective fathers through the ages, Charlie came through the front door just when things were getting interesting. I jumped guiltily away from Jake. I learned early that Jake's super wolf hearing was useless when he was romantically occupied. Charlie didn't enjoy the experience of walking in on us any more than we did. "Bells, I'm home," Charlie warned as he hung up his jacket.

"Hey, Dad," I said escaping Jake's attempts to pull me back into his arm and quickly walked into the living room. "How was work?"

"Slow," he said as he locked his gun in the gun safe underneath the stairs. "I won another twenty dollars off of Deputy Bob".

I could tell that Charlie was doing a visual inventory of the state of our clothes and appearance. He looked satisfied that he hadn't interrupted anything too wild. I was twenty years old for goodness sake, yet he still made me feel like a guilty teenager.

"Charlie, you do realize that gambling is illegal in Washington State."

Charlie smiled slyly at Jake, "Only if they catch you."

Jake snickered at Charlie's interpretation of law enforcement.

"You staying for dinner, Jake?"

"I was actually planning on stealing Bella, if you don't mind. The guys are doing a bonfire on the beach tonight."

"Isn't it too cold for a bonfire?"

"Uh, we bring heaters with us."

I laughed. Yeah, one hundred and seven degree wolf heaters.

"Well, dress warm Bells."

"I will. I left you a plate of fried chicken and some vegetables warming in the oven." Charlie thanked me and told us to have a good time. I followed him into the kitchen to grab the Tupperware containers of food for the bonfire. Charlie took his dinner from the warming trey and carried it over to the coffee table in front of the television.

Jake went out to warm the car but I hesitated after grabbing my coat. "Dad." Charlie looked up from the sports show for half a second. "Don't forget to eat the vegetables or you're getting nothing but vegetarian dishes next week," I threatened.

Charlie grumbled but took a bite of the broccoli on his plate. I knew he secretly liked that I cared enough to make sure he ate healthy. "I'll give you a call if I'm going to be late coming home." Charlie nodded but he was already entranced by the sports recaps and highlights on ESPN. I put on my coat and I ran for the truck.

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