Humphrey was on his way to Eve's house to talk to her about her drinking problem. Ever since Kate and Winston were killed in a car crash four months ago in Winston's 69' Dodge charger when a Chevrolet Kodiak c8500 t-boned them, Eve has been drinking heavily and bringing home a different guy every night to try to cope with their death.

Humphrey was heartbroken about Kate's passing but she made him promise to move on. So he kept his promise to her and was trying to move on. But he had to talk some sense into Eve before she brought home the wrong guy.

As Humphrey pulled up to Eve's house he saw a guy walking out of the house with a stupid smile on his face. When Humphrey pulled up and knocked on the door Eve opened it and said "Humphrey come on in."

As Humphrey walked in he was hit with a heavy scent of sex in the air. When he turned back to Eve he said "Eve I need to talk to you. It's about your addictions." Eve replied "What addictions? I don't have a drug problem. I have only gotten high once and that was when I was 16." Humphrey could smell the alcohol on her breath. He then said "I wasn't talking about drugs. I was talking about your drinking problem." Eve had an offended look on her face as she said with authority in her voice "I don't have a drinking problem. Alright I admit I have a glass of wine or two with dinner, but that doesn't make me an alcoholic!" Humphrey was losing his patience and he nearly shouted at her "I can smell a lot more than one or two glasses of wine on your breath! It smells like you have been drinking a mixture of Jack Daniels, Fire Ball, SCREECH, beer, and wine!"

Eve was just about ready to slap him. She went to go speak but Humphrey cut her off and asked her "When's the last time you were sober?" Eve didn't reply. Humphrey then said more calmly "Exactly. You can't remember the last time you were sober. I understand that you miss Winston and Kate. I miss them too believe me. I loved Kate like I had never loved anyone before. Winston was like a father to me, and you were like a mother to me. But since you started drinking and bringing home a different guy every night it feels like I have no parents. You are the only family I have left. Please don't spend the rest of your life in a bottle or getting it on with strange guys at a bar."

Eve was about ready to cry. "Humphrey I didn't know that I was that important to you. Please forgive me." Humphrey then said "Only if you promise to stop drinking and screwing random guys from a bar." "Deal."

Eve then suddenly got an idea "Humphrey follow me." She then stood up and started walking up the stairs. Humphrey followed her into her room where she then told Humphrey to sit on the bed. Eve then handed Humphrey a blind fold and told him to put it on. Humphrey was confused but listed and put it on.

Unknown to him Eve was stripping naked in front of him. When she was fully naked she grabbed a bottle of wine and held her massive tits together as she poured some into her breasts. She then told Humphrey to open his mouth. He listened and she slowly put her breasts closer to his mouth and when they made contact with his lips she started to slowly pour the wine in between her breasts into Humphrey's mouth. As Humphrey drank the wine Eve couldn't help but feel aroused as Humphrey was licking her bust.

When Humphrey had finished the wine that was in between her tits, Eve then told Humphrey to lay down. Humphrey listened and laid down on the bed. Eve then positioned herself so Humphrey's head was in between her legs. When she lowered herself down to his muzzle he started licking her cunt, trying to get as much sweet honey that her cunt produced. As Eve felt her orgasm approaching she was desperately trying to hold in her moans of pleasure after three minutes of holding back her orgasm she couldn't hold it back any longer as she released her orgasm. When Humphrey was sprayed with her orgasmic juices he tried to sit up to breathe but was greeted with a face full of orgasming pussy (So jelous) as her orgasm ended Humphrey took off his blind fold and was shocked to see eve baisically sitting on his face buck nekkid, looking at him over her massive round tits, so only her eyes were showing, and they were full of lust.

When he saw this he started pitching a tent in his pants really quick and Eve noticed this and said "your pants look too tight. Let me fix that for you." Before Humphrey could argue Eve pulled off his pants and boxers and when she saw his two foot prick that was four inches wide and over ten inches at his knot, she nearly orgasmed at the sight of it. But somehow she managed to control herself and repositioned herself so she could see Humphrey's face while she blew him.

Humphrey opened his mouth to argue but he couldn't find his words as Eve deep throated him in one go. As Eve continued to blow him, she wrapped her tongue around his dick as her lips kissed his knot each time she went down on him. (Ladies, men love it when you do that) Finally Eve couldn't take it any more as she reached under her to in between her legs and began to furiously finger herself as she blew Humphrey. Eve then pulled off him and took a big deep breath of air before she started licking the head of his cock. (Ladies men also love that)

Suddenly Humphrey grabbed her head and forced her down on his dick and said with authority "Don't stop sucking my dick" Eve was surprised that Humphrey did that but she did as she was told as Humphrey kept pushing her head back down while he was holding her hair.

Humphrey could feel his orgasm brewing and at the last minute he rolled them over, pulled his dick out of her mouth and fired his load all over her face, hair, and tits, and Eve being the cum slut she was opened her mouth to try to catch some in her mouth. When his orgasm was over Eve's face and tits were covered in cum. Humphrey then grabbed her head and shoved his dick back into her mouth and said with authority in his voice "Suck my cock dry bitch." Eve was surprised by this dominant side in Humphrey but listened because if there was anything that Eve loved more than sex, it was rough sex.

When Humphrey pulled his cock out of her mouth he then said with forcefulness in his voice "Get on your knees and bend over and get ready to be fucked!" Eve then grabbed two sets of handcuffs and did as she was told and then cuffed herself to the bed. Humphrey then lined himself up with her cunt and slammed into her as hard as he could and started fucking her fast, hard, and deep. As Humphrey was fucking Eve's brains out, he suddenly gave her round jiggling ass a slap. Eve then cried out in pleasure "YES SPANK ME! I'VE BEEN A BAD GIRL!" Humphrey then slapped her ass as hard as he could, and with him being a bouncer, that was a pretty hard slap. He then stopped his wild thrusting and said with forcefulness and authority in his voice "From now on you are to call me Master!"

Eve then said in a submissive, naughty voice "Okay master, I submit to you master. I am your sex slave, master. I exist only for your pleasure, master. You may do whatever you want to me master." (Ladies, men love it when you call us master) Humphrey then continued his ruthless fucking while he spanked her.

Humphrey then yanked on her hair gently and said powerfully "BARK FOR ME BITCH!" Eve then started barking loudly. Suddenly Humphrey pulled out of her and leaned close to her ear and said in a taunting voice "Beg for it" Eve then put on the world's most naughty face ever and said in a begging voice "Master, please fuck me like the sexy, naughty, bitchy, slutty, drunken whore I am and don't stop fucking me until I've came and you've cummed in me and I am leaking my master's cum out of my pussy, master" Humphrey then put on a rightfully earned smile as he speared her back onto his cock and knotted with her and started slamming her so hard that the bed was rocking with each thrust. Suddenly Eve let out a howl of pleasure and exstacy as she had the biggest orgasm she had ever had in her life.

Humphrey then force fully pulled his knot out of her pussy along with the rest of his dick in one swift pull. He then slapped her ass as hard as he could before he said in a punishing voice "I didn't give you permission to speak or to cum!" he then pushed himself back in with his knot and started fucking her with all his strength pulling and pushing his knot in and out of her with each thrust he then said "This is your punishment for dis obeying me slut!" He then pulled out of her and fired his big, thick load of hot cum all over the back of her head and back and all over her ass and pussy.

He then said "that big load could have been inside you… but you dis obeyed me. Now let me hear your apology." After a second of silence Eve said in a submissive, sad voice "I am sorry master for dis obeying you master. Please forgive me master. I won't dis obey you again master, I promise."

Humphrey then said "Well just so you remember who is Master here, I will have to punish you even more." He then put on an evil smile as he grabbed Eve's thong off the floor and stuffed it in her mouth and lined himself up with her puckered asshole, he said "I will teach you to dis obey me bitch!"

He then speared her asshole with his entire dick in one swift thrust, taking the last of her innocence from her. Eve tried to scream out in pain but with her mouth filled with her underwear, all that came out was a muffled cry.

Humphrey decided to show some mercy and just sat there for a few minutes to give her some time to adjust. When Eve pushed her hips back at him, Humphrey placed one hand on each side of her ass and spread it open wider and started thrusting away like a madwolf.

He then suddenly pulled out of her ass and undid her handcuffs and picked her up in his arms with one leg in each hand and spun her around so she was facing him and pulled out her thong and then slowly sank his massive throbbing meat into her pussy and pulled her into a kiss and she wrapped her arms and legs around him as he laid her back down on the bed and started gently thrusting into her while massaging her breasts and nibbling on her ear.

He then said "You may speak freely as you wish and cum when you want to" she then started moaning loudly and felt something she hasn't felt since Winston did her… passion, love and happiness. Eve then leaned in close to his ear and whispered "I love you Humphrey, I love you so much." Humphrey then replied "I Love you to." He then started thrusting into her with passion and love in his thrusting.

After ten minutes of this Humphrey moaned out "Eve I'm gonna cum" eve tightened her grip on Humphrey as he pushed his knot into her and released his massive load into her womb, filling her up so much that her womb started expanding from his massive load. Eve let out a long, loud moan of pleasure as her orgasm took over and her pussy clamped down on him and her juices sprayed out around his knot.

When their orgasms ended Eve to started licking his face rapidly and when she stopped she pulled his head in between her breasts and he started sucking on her massive breasts greedily sucking back her delicious milk. When he was finished sucking on her tits, he pulled her into another kiss and started dancing his tongue around in her mouth and Eve did the same to him.

Humphrey then pulled out of her with a 'pop' sound and he then asked her "would you like to go for some more?" Eve looked at him and rolled them over and told him to put the blind fold back on he listened to her and then said in a teasing voice "Now don't peek you naughty boy!" Humphrey smiled before eve grabbed a bottle of 'Black Forest' beer and opened it and said "Something to drink for my new big hunky wolf"

She then put the bottle to his lips and he started chugging it down but about three quarters of the way done Eve accidentaly spilled some of the beer on Humphrey's chest. She then set down the bottle and said "Let me clean you up. A beer this good shouldn't be wasted." She then started licking his chest and when the beer was gone she pushed Humphrey on his back and grabbed his still hard cock and lined it up with her asshole and dropped down on it and let out a loud gasp of pleasure as two feet of massive, thick, throbbing, hot, red wolf meat was stuffed into her back door.

When she bottomed out she grabbed Humphreys blindfold and pulled that off and she sat up and rode him cowgirl style. She then reached down and spread her pussy lips with two fingers and started furiously rubbing her clit. Humphrey then grabbed her tits and started kneading them rather roughly and she seemed to be loving every second of it. After twenty minutes of this Humphrey blew his wad into her asshole as he slammed his knot into her backdoor, stretching it to the limits and earning him an extremely loud scream of pleasure from Eve.

When their orgasms were over Humphrey pulled his knot out of her ass with a loud 'POP' and he rolled them over so Eve was laying down. He then stood up and said "from now on you are my bitch and I will be the only one to be fucking you from now on!" he then pissed on her, marking her as his.

He then got dressed and headed home to get some sleep.

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