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Chapter 1

Dean Winchester was born on January 24, 1979. Exactly one year later he died for the first time.


January 24th, 1980

For what had to be the hundredth time since Dean was born, Mary wondered what she had done to end up with the most difficult child ever born. He came screaming into this world and from the looks of things, that was all he was going to do. If Mary was lucky she and John were able to get him to sleep for a few hours at night, but he would always wake up screaming. They had tried everything the doctors and the baby books suggested to get him to stop crying, but nothing seemed to work.

The only times he wasn't crying was when he was sleeping or when he had exhausted himself and Mary or John were holding him.

After what felt like hours that night, she had finally got him to fall asleep. All she wanted to do was go to bed and sleep for a week, but knowing Dean she would get an hour, maybe two if she was lucky. When Mary checked on Dean four hours later he was still sound asleep, so she decided to start dinner before John came home from work.

Mary heard the front door open just as she was about to take the dinner out of the oven. A few seconds later she felt John's arm slip around her and "Honey, I'm home," was whispered in her ear.

"Great. Dinner is almost ready. Why don't you wash up while I go and check on Dean?"

The fact that Mary had been able to get a few hours of sleep and cook dinner without hearing Dean wake up should have been enough warning that something was wrong.

Mary was halfway up the stairs when the smell of sulfur hit her and all she could think about was protecting Dean. But when Mary finally got to the nursery everything was the way she left it; the window was closed, the toys were in the boxes, and Dean was lying in his crib.

Mary was just about to leave, to check on the rest of the house, when she noticed it.

Dean wasn't moving! Dean had always been a restless sleeper, so why wasn't her baby moving?

Time stopped. She must have screamed or something, and she had to have moved, because the next thing she knew John was there, asking what was wrong and taking Dean from her. She watched as John placed Dean on the floor and started CPR, repeating cycle after cycle, but nothing happened.

"Mary, it's not working. Call 911! NOW Mary!"

"No, No, Dean! Please wake up!" She bent down and took Dean from John. All she could do was look down at her baby boy laying in her arms, not moving, not breathing. She heard John get up and run out of the room.

This can't be happening, I got out, why did they come after my son? She closed her eyes as hard as she could and prayed that this was all a nightmare.

"Mary, the ambulance is on-" But John stopped mid-sentence, right as he came back to the room.

Mary's eyes sprang open and she saw the most beautiful thing ever.

She watched as Dean blinked a few times, look up to meet her eyes, and a smile broke out on his face. Then he said his first word.



November 2nd, 1982

Mary watched as Dean played by himself at the daycare. Well, if you asked Dean, he was not playing by himself. Sometimes he would say he was playing with 'Tom', 'Mike', or 'Chris'. Most of the time he was playing with his best friend, 'Cas'.

Every time Mary heard that name, she couldn't help but think about that horrible day. The day her son had died.

No one had been able to tell them what had happened that day, how Dean died or how he'd come back. The doctors could not find anything wrong and the people from Mary's past found nothing when she asked them for help.

All Mary knew was that her baby had been dead one minute and then he wasn't the next. Also, he was suddenly the easiest and happiest baby in the world.

"Mommy, Mommy! Cas says I am going to be the best big brother ever," shouted Dean when he noticed Mary.

"Really? You have to tell your dad that you need a baby brother or sister then," Mary said smiling. She and John have been talking about having more kids so that Dean would get used to other children, especially since starting him in daycare hadn't helped. He didn't talk to the other kids, only his imaginary friends.

"Casti-Castiel, uhh Cas, says I have to wait to see him, but that I could talk to him so he will know me when he comes!" Dean said with the biggest smile on his face while Mary helped him put his shoes on. There must have been some discussion about siblings at daycare today for Dean to be so determined about getting one. He looked so excited about getting a sibling or a least a brother. Mary didn't know how she would break it to her son if she didn't get pregnant soon. He was a little too young for the birds and the bees talk. It would also be weird to explain to people why Dean was suddenly talking to his non-existing sibling.

When Mary went to stand up and get his jacket, Dean jumped up and put his hands on Mary's stomach.

"Cas said you can be my new best friend Sammy! And we can play football together because Cas won't touch anything and we can…" Mary's smile slipped away as she looked down at her son's small hands on her stomach. She couldn't help but wonder if there was something going on with her son. There had been times in the past where Dean had said something that turned out to be true, but Mary had just always looked past it since, at the time, it hadn't been something important. Until now. Come to think of it, almost everything Dean said that Castiel had told him turned out to be true. As she looked back at the smile on Dean's face, she tried to put on a convincing smile before taking his hands off her stomach and leading him out of the building.

Later that night, after Dean had been put to bed, Mary found herself looking at a bright blue plus sign on a pregnancy test. It was then that she swore she would find out everything that she could on 'Castiel'.

It was weeks later that she kissed her son on the top of the head and told Dean that angels were watching over him for the first time.


November 2nd, 1983

Dean knew he was smart, Mommy was always telling him that.

He knew that if you touched the fire, you'd get hurt. He knew that he could not go back into the house because of the fire. He knew that Sammy wanted Mommy when he cried like that. He knew that when people go to heaven they don't come back.

Dean knew a lot of things.

But what he didn't understand was why everybody was saying that Mommy was in heaven when she was standing right there.

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