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It's one thing to call out the devil | Another to see him coming

"My whole career I've done nothing else."

Had she been anywhere different, Caroline Forbes would have winced at the words. It made her sound like a one note loser. In this instance, it's what her superior needed to hear. This meeting had to go perfect. At the end of it, Alaric Saltzman had to believe and understand she was the most qualified, only agent choice, to head this operation.

Saltzman regarded her with an impassive look. Caroline knew better than to fall for that. She had been a DEA agent for a long time. She cut her teeth in the agency. The look was meant to intimidate and make her doubt herself. With any other subject, he may have succeeded but not when it came to her. She had studied this case, worked on it day and night. She neglected her personal life in favor of this investigation, knowledge; it was more than a life goal.

"Agent Forbes, what you're asking is costly and we cannot assign a mission of this caliber to an agent of your rank."

Her chest tightening, Caroline clasped one hand over the other, her control threatening to slip. She had given her heart and soul to the assigned case. She made strides no other agent had and still, they played ranking games, which was another name for sexism. Unfortunately, she couldn't grow a dick overnight but her ovaries were as big if not bigger than any set of balls. She took a discreet breath, careful not to shift her position in anyway.

"Director Saltzman, I understand this mission is costly but what I am asking is more than justified in the rationale. The cost and the amount of agents required is less than Donovan and Lockwood used in The Travelers' case. It is a fraction of Stefan Salvatore's expenditure in the capture of Silas. Both of those were cases of lesser impact that the Mikaelson case is. Unless, you have doubts about my abilities, I don't see why I shouldn't be granted my request on the basis of rank when the officers I mentioned were my classmates in the academy and we stand on equal footing."

Saltzman cleared his throat. "Miss Forbes, your abilities are not in question here. Your work thus far has been brilliant. This is why we are granting your request..."

Her heart skipped a beat before it sank. Her lips tightened. Caroline already knew where this was going. They would assign someone to oversee her. Again, they would go the sexist route. Pretty little Caroline as one particular asshole had called her, needed a babysitter. The good ole boys network would see to that.

"I'm assigning Damon Salvatore to the mission," Alaric said, holding up a hand so she could not say a thing. "He is there in an advisory category, not supervisory unless the mission requires it."

Fury, undiluted, pumped through Caroline's veins itching to blow and tell Saltzman what was really on her mind. She nodded instead. It wouldn't accomplish anything, except give them ammunition. Caroline thanked Alaric, an old friend of her mother's and left her boss' office with her head held high, even managed a tight smile when accepting his happy hunting wishes.

She walked out and went to her cubicle where she finished her work for the day while simmering on low.

When she got home, she put on her running clothes and shoes and headed to the park. She ran for 5 miles at full speed. At home, she pounded on the punching bag in her basement for almost an hour, needing to get the frustration out of her system before she flew out to her mission the next morning. She hated Damon Salvatore with all her being but she wouldn't jeopardize this for the world. All her career she had one goal, to capture Niklaus Mikaelson also known as The Hybrid. She wouldn't let an insignificant thing like Damon get in her way when she was so close.

"Something's wrong. We need to abort," Caroline said into the transmitter built into her wristwatch.

Caroline should've listened to the instincts, the tightness in her stomach when she woke. It was a foreboding of the day to come. She stood in the middle of the small room, surrounded by people drinking champagne and mingling, including undercover agents. They should have never changed plans. She should have stood her ground but she didn't want to give Damon any leverage to remove her. She had no doubt he would. In the week since they left headquarters, he often used his 'advisor' capacity to try and undermine the things she planned.

"Calm down, Forbes. Everything's moving as it should. If you couldn't handle this, you should've said so. We could've gotten someone else to do this. It's too late now. Be a good girl and mingle," Damon replied.

Anger flared and Caroline's hand closed into a fist. How she wished she could smash his face. The man was the biggest douche bag in the story of the world. She was ready to blast him.

"If you tell me who is putting such a frown on that gorgeous face, I promise to kill him."

Caroline whipped around towards the sound and her insides turned to ice. Her lips parted. The man before her smiled warmly, his face beautiful... and familiar. She studied it for years along with everything related to the Mikaelson case. She forced a smile of her own.

"It's nothing. Just boyfriend trouble." She lowered her gaze and tugged at her curls demurely. Her mind racing as she tried to figure out how to alert Damon. Klaus' closest ally was in the room.

"You must forgive me but he is an idiot. A woman like you should be treated like a queen fit only for a king." He picked up her hand and kissed it, his eyes alight. "My name is Marcel."

Fear nibbled at her insides, Caroline pressed her hand to her chest in a move that seemed bashful but really hid her palpitating heart. Marcel was Klaus' executioner. The Hybrid only used him in special situations. She needed to ready everyone to make a move. "I'm Eve."

"Eve, the cause of the original fall. It suits you," he laughed heartily, giving Caroline the impression there was more to his words, some sort of inside joke. "Can I get you a drink, Eve?"

"Yes, please." She leaned in to him. "But, can I use your ladies room first? I need to retouch my makeup."

"Not that you need it, but of course." He leaned in conspiratorially. It's through that door right there." He pointed. "I'll see you in a while, Eve."

The pressure in her chest tightened. Something was definitely wrong. She walked forcefully slow. She didn't want to raise any suspicion. She walked in a bedroom not a bathroom and the door slammed shot. Caroline didn't have time to react when the first shot rang out.

"It's a setup," she whispered loudly into her transmitter. "I just heard shots." She pulled her gun from under her dress and moved towards the door but found it locked. "I can't get out," she yelled trying to shake it open.

"Damon, can you hear me?"

Panic began to take hold. Her breath rushed desperately. She was locked in a room alone while the other agents fought outside. "Damon?"

The wooden floor under her began to shake and a hatch, she didn't notice before, flipped open. A man dressed in black sprang up from the opening, landing across from her. Stunned, Caroline pointed the gun at him.

"Don't move," she ordered. "Identify yourself."

He stood in place. He had a hood and mask over his head and face. He reached up and removed the mask.

The floor almost went out from under Caroline. So often had she gazed into his face and none of the times she saw him in pictures or videos, did justice to Klaus in person. His impossible blue eyes stared at her in both amusement and intensity.

"Hello, you've been looking for me. Here I am."

Her heart beat erratically and Caroline wondered if she would go into cardiac arrest any second. She swallowed. Ready to pull the trigger if necessary, she kept her gun trained in the vicinity of his head. He was her ticket out and she had the upper hand.

"If you move again without my permission, I will put a bullet through your eyes."

He grinned as if she paid him a compliment. "I must say, Caroline, you are far more beautiful in person. That dress fits you to perfection. From now on, I promise you'll wear only the finest," Klaus said.

His words chilled her to the bone. What the hell did he mean? She didn't get to ask him, the door behind her clicked open and she turned around, pointing her gun. Marcel quickly slapped the gun out of her hands and before she could react, she felt an arm go around, and pinning both her arms to her body.

Terror spread quickly. She struggled, knowing she only prolonged the inevitable. They would kill her. She didn't want to die. She kicked her legs at Marcel, catching him in the thigh.

"Relax, sweetheart. No one's going to hurt you. We just need to get out of here, that's all," Klaus said into her ear.

She knew the things he did to those he punished. Her fate in his hands would be nothing but pain. She would rather her life end here than for him to take his time. She jammed her heel on his foot and was able to free one elbow. She swung back but he caught her arm and now pinned her with both his arms. Caroline tried to propel herself back to make him fall back.

"Well, Niklaus?"

Klaus released a labored sigh. "Do it."

Pain exploded in her arm. Before she realized it, Marcel jammed a needle in her arm. "Time for you to nite nite, Eve-Caroline."

Her name on the criminal's lips was the last thought she had before numbness began to set in at her feet and soon her legs gave out. She sagged back against Klaus. Her heart pounded in her ears. Klaus picked her up in his arms and now she had a clear view of his face.

"Worry not, sweetheart. You're with me now."

He jumped into the shoot he came out of and everything went dark.

His fingers softly trailed over her cheek, raking over her jaw, basking in the softness of it. Her skin was without flaw.

She was a minimalist at work, wearing little make up and clothes that did nothing to accentuate the curves Klaus knew lie underneath. It was the greatest tease the way she downplayed her beauty, tried not to bring attention to herself, the body and the skin she worked so hard to cultivate.

She, of course, failed.

Donovan had seen it and Lockwood had as well. Klaus gritted his teeth thinking of the two short-lived dalliances. Both were as much about attraction as they were about convenience. Alliance with Caroline meant possibilities for advancement. Her mother, Liz Forbes, was a high-ranking official in the Department of Justice. Her father was a deputy director for the FBI before his untimely death. Caroline earned her accolades on merit, which was admirable since she had been put on the case to prevent her from seeing field action. Her mother looking to protect her, pulled strings to keep her daughter as safe as she could in a research job.

Caroline excelled in the position, making progress in the investigation that no one expected, earning more freedom and leverage. More than once her efforts thwarted the Mikaelson's plans, one time coming very close to capturing Klaus. It was the first time he saw her, from afar. Her hair in a tight bun, she tried convincing her superior to continue the search. She received a severe reprimand when she argued and had been mocked as a desk jockey with limited field experience.

"I've studied Klaus and I know him like I know my right hand. I know he is here."

Those words stuck with Klaus and he made it a point to learn everything about the daring agent. At first, it was just good manners to get to know someone who had taken such steps in learning so much about him. Soon he realized he couldn't forget her face. So he bribed, stole, hacked his way into her life. Possessed, he studied everything, watched her moves, who she talked to and related with.

Yes, he knew everything about her, now. His Caroline.

The catalyst came the night that β€” while she was in a drunken sleeping stupor β€” he broke into her house, to finally touch her. From that day, he made it his mission to capture her. He needed to have her with him. His days were plagued by thoughts of her and his nights tormented with dreams, waking up to urges that couldn't be satiated with the other women he bedded. She was his.

Now, he finally had her.

"You know, it would be easier to believe you're asleep if your heart wasn't pounding so temptingly against your chest," Klaus said. "It's like a siren song calling out to my hands."

Thumping like a grenade detonated inside her, her pulse picked up the arrhythmic pace until Caroline cursed herself. She couldn't control her body. His words made it impossibly so. Since he walked in the room, he watched her. She felt his eyes roaming over her. It took all her will power not to move.

"Maybe I should wake you with my kisses, like a princess in a fairytale. Though you're a queen in this one."

Fear trickled down Caroline's spine. His warm breath tickled breezed over her lips. He was close. She could feel the warmth of his face hovering over hers. It was a miracle how she remained still.

His lips pressed against hers.

The softness rattled Caroline. Her eyes flew open. She didn't think he would actually do it. Now she needed to capitalize on the moment. Ready to strike him, she lifted her hand and swung at his side. His hand shot out and flipped them both around. In the blink of an eye, Caroline found herself pinned under Klaus.

His amused gaze was too close for her comfort. Their eyes locked on each other's, Caroline was well aware of his body, tightly pressed, perfectly aligned against hers.

"Get off me," she spat.

"No," he said, blinking several times and then openly staring at her. "What is it about you, Caroline Forbes?" He dipped his head, his nose near her neck. "I've waited for so long to have you like this."

The sound of her heart thrashing in her ear was all she could hear. Caroline closed her eyes for a few seconds. The walls were closing in; his weight was more than she could bear. "Please, I can't breathe," she pleaded, her voice, choked with emotion.

He frowned before moving back. "Of course, I'm sorry."

Air rushed through her lungs and she greedily inhaled making herself dizzy. She needed to reason with him. He moved aside to sit on the bed facing her; an emotion she couldn't explain crossed his face. He seemed concerned. Maybe it was possible to get to him. "Kidnapping a DEA agent is a federal offense. Don't make things worse for yourself, please let me go."

"You're smart, Caroline. I'm sure you realize that had I taken you because of your profession, I would have killed you where I trapped you."

A cruel smirk hung from his lips, transfixing her and Caroline couldn't look away. She swallowed. It was more worrisome to wonder why she was here if he didn't bring her because she was DEA and wanted revenge. He said he trapped her. Did he want to hold her for ransom? Maybe he looked to force her mother's hand in the investigation.

"Why am I here then?" she asked.

His gaze softened and he touched her cheek softly before saying, "For me."

When Liz Forbes strolled through Alaric Saltzman's office, shoulders squared and serious faced, she was all business. No one around her could tell she spent an hour in a corner crying desperately while fear chewed at her insides. She had given herself time to react alone but time was the one thing she couldn't afford to waste when she needed to get Caroline back.

Damon was already in the room. Both men stood up, when she walked through the door. They had clearly been expecting her. Damon immediately approached her with opened arms. Liz knew the rumors he spread about her daughter and how he treated Caroline. She knew a lot of things about Agent Salvatore. It was easy to allow herself this moment.

She lifted her arm and swung it back before cracking her palm on Damon's cheek. "I'm not here for your bullshit sympathy. I need you both to explain how in your watch and under your protection, someone took a DEA agent."

"Liz, you have to understand..." Alaric began.

Cold fired roared through her veins watching his fidgety behavior. His gaze kept darting back forth between herself and Damon, who held a hand to his face. Liz held her hand up. She was past small talk and just needed answers.

"I don't have to understand anything. Spare your manipulative tactics, Saltzman. Explain why Caroline was out there playing bait to The Hybrid. I need to know why you ignored orders and protocol and put a desk agent with minimal field duty, in an undercover mission for the first time."

"Caroline offered to do it. We didn't have another female agent available and she didn't want to wait and risk not getting the opportunity again," Damon said. Liz noticed the way his gaze shifted whenever he actually referred to Caroline either by name or pronoun.

She regarded Alaric, who looked at her with somber eyes. The small voice screamed in her head and the only thing holding her together was the information she needed to formulate a plan. "Why was she undercover Alaric?"

Alaric sat down on his chair. "Caroline came to see me. You and I had spoken of allowing her more on hands action on the field just last week. Here she is an agent first, not just the boss' daughter."

Rage unlike she ever known tainted Liz's vision until she saw everything in flashes of red. She clamped her lips together. She wanted nothing more than to leap at him like a feral animal and shred him with her claws.

"Speak to me again like that again and I will have you shoveling shit for the rest of your worthless career. Both you and this idiot," she said pointing at Damon before continuing, "You know very well what I'm asking. I agree Caroline had to go on the field some time but why the fuck are there so many discrepancies? Why on her first assignment was she placed undercover? Where was the seasoned undercover agent? I strongly suggest you start talking, from the beginning because if I lose my agent and daughter, heads are going to roll." She waited a beat before she added, "Not just any heads, your heads."

"Why won't you eat, sweetheart?" Klaus sat facing her on the bed, his knuckles caressed her cheek. "I don't want to force feed you or tie you to the bed and put you on an IV but I will if I have to. Neither of us wants that. Things would be easier if you cooperated."

Scorned filled her and Caroline scoffed, recoiling from his touch. "That shows how little you actually know about me."

Klaus picked up her hand and kissed the back of it. "On the contrary, I know you very well. As a matter of fact, I know you better than anyone else in your life." His voice dropped in the end as if he were confiding in her.

Caroline's stomach churned but she scoffed nevertheless. She needed to figure out his angle if she was to survive this situation. She needed to get to know him. That included asking questions she didn't want to hear the answers to. "What is it that you think you know about me, Klaus?"

His eyes darkened, his hands suddenly shot to her face. "I do so love the sound of my name on your lips."

Shocked Caroline tried to remove his hands from her face to no avail. Instead, Klaus shifted forward and straddled her thighs with his on either side, effectively trapping her in place. Her breath rushed out desperately.

"You want to know what I know about you, sweetheart?" he asked in a soft, indulgent voice, as if he offered candy to a small child.

Panic scratched the surface threatening to send her into hysteria. Her breath rushed out desperately but Caroline managed to nod.

"You're Caroline Forbes of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Daughter of law enforcement royalty whose mother goes out of her way to protect you so she pulls strings to keep you chained to a desk job. You try to prove yourself every single day against the word of those who think you are there on the basis of nepotism. You found out more about my family and I than anyone in the history of the DEA and yet, your agency can't catch us. Ever wonder why that is?"

Stunned, Caroline tried to shake her head. She no longer wanted to hear him but he was relentless.

"Your boyfriends tried to use you for advancement. You go home every night after a jog and drink a glass Pinot. You work extra hours, which you don't claim, and some nights you cry yourself to sleep. You love fashion and jewelry and that gives people ammunition to think that you're nothing but a pretty face. So you minimalize the adornments to prevent people from fixating on them."

His face moved even closer to hers. "How am I doing?"

Her chest was nearly exploding, a cry building deep in her belly. She wanted to beg him to stop.

He didn't wait for her response. "You run four miles a day, on top of the exercise you get at work where you concentrate on weights and strength training. You're a very good shot but don't get to use your field skills because you're not allowed to. You have two best friends, Bonnie and Elena. You would give your life for them and yet their loyalty is more to each other than to you. When you were going through the breakup with Donovan, Bonnie at times acted like she barely tolerated you. Elena is too busy flirting with the two other agents to really pay attention to you. You hold all that in and hide behind a smile, still doing more and more for them because that's who you are. Every time you go to bed with a man is because you fancy there's more to that relationship than there actually is. You get hurt every time."

He moved off her and sat in his original position. His eyes remained on her, smugly staring at her for a few seconds. Then it changed, his gaze softened and she knew he pitied her.

It broke then, something deep within her. Tears tickled their way down her cheeks. She hated him more than ever in that moment. He watched her every move, stalked her. He had seen too much...more than she wanted anyone to see. Caroline began to sob.

His arms closed around her. She was too powerless to fight his forced comfort. Warmth, what she most needed, emanated from his chest. He secured her against him tender yet protectively, rubbing soft circles on her back.

"I got you now, Love."

She cried until there was nothing inside her, no anger, sadness or any other emotion. Sagging against him like a rag doll, Caroline could feel nothing. Klaus moved her to prop her against the headboard of the bed before walking to the table.

He came back holding a glass. He pressed it against her lips. She pushed it away.

"Drink it!" he ordered.

Maybe it was because her world was shattered β€”She didn't care about that either β€” but for the first time in three days Caroline took a sip of something other than water.

Klaus smiled.

"What is that?" she asked.

"It's a pomegranate smoothie. Delicious, isn't it?"

"I want to go outside," Caroline announced the minute Klaus walked in the room.

Excitement spread through Klaus at the sight of her; his mouth slack. Caroline got out of bed, took the time to carefully dress. She wore one of the dresses he bought for her. Her hair, hung softly on her shoulders. She looked a little pale from the days she didn't eat but Klaus thought her beautiful.

"I'm not going to run. It's just I've been cooped up in this room for a few days."

Klaus blinked a few times until he finally understood. He held up his hand when she looked like she was going to explain again.

"You don't have to explain, Caroline. I was just taken with you...We can go outside. I already asked that breakfast be served outside today," he said, heading to the other side of the room and opening a door. It led to a sunroom full of windows. There were a few easels with covered canvases spread around the room. On the far end, there was a set of French double doors. He went and opened them.

"Shall we?" He didn't dare offer his arm for her, unsure if she would accept.

He guided her to the table, set in the yard under a white canopy. It was already set for two with an assorted basket of French breads, juices, and beignets.

"Where are we?" she asked, eying the foods.

Klaus's mind raced wondering how much he should tell her. He pulled the chair for her to sit while he pondered the change in her.

"New Orleans, my family has owned a house here for a very long time. It's like a second home."

"I know," she said, avoiding his gaze. She ran her fingers through her hair.

Apprehension settling in his stomach, Klaus' narrowed eyes fixed on Caroline. His mind running though the situation at hand, unsure of what this conversation or day would bring. Patience wasn't in his arsenal.

"Oh that's right. You know me like you do your right hand." His tone more forceful than he meant it, caused her to flinch, her gaze snapping to his. He noticed the color that suddenly tainted her cheeks. "And just like that, the color is back in your face."

Before she could look down again, he grasped her hand. "What are you up to Caroline?"

Raising her chin, revealing her neck, she looked directly into his eyes. "I've been wondering all these days, how is it that you could take me so easily? Why didn't my transmitter work? How Marcel got me into a bedroom when our reports clearly said it was a bathroom? It all keeps coming full circle for me. I just need you to confirm who betrayed me."

Klaus struggled to contain his breath. The grin he couldn't contain bloomed brightly on his lips. At last, Caroline. She was herself, again.

She frowned at him and he rushed to explain. "Pardon me, love. This is one of the things I truly love about you. You're so much more than a pretty face. It is always a pleasure to watch when you figure things out."

Her frown deepened. "You're so weird. I'm trying to get past the fact that you stalked me for God knows how long, and you bring it up like it's something to be proud of."

Klaus chuckled, picking up her hand and kissing her knuckles. "Is that really fair to say? From my understanding you stalked me first. I was only paying in kind."

Rolling her eyes at him, Caroline yanked her hand back. "Tell me who it was."

"It was a multi-level operation. Agent Salvatore and director Saltzman were the ones I paid," Klaus said, noticing she didn't flinch. He poured her juice before doing the same for himself.

Caroline picked up bread and put it on her plate. Breaking a piece she put a piece in her mouth. She grabbed her knife, methodically lathering the rest of her bread with the honey almond spread and did the same for his. They ate in silence. When they were done, she got up and offered him her hand.

Astonished, Klaus stared at it for a few seconds before he reached to grasp it. Though he was suspicious about her intentions, he relished the idea of constantly touching her. The wry smile on her lips was indication she knew that as well.

They got about 15 feet from the table when she turned to look at him. Her eyes a shade of blue so dark, they froze part of his soul, but her next words completed the job.

"I want them dead."

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