Hello everyone!

I want to thank all of you for supporting this story and share some exciting news. Call Out The Devil has been nominated for two Klaroline Fandom Awards!

Best Crime/Mystery/Thriller fiction


Best Completed fiction

Can you believe that? It was such a surprise, something I wasn't expecting at all but oh so pleasant! The Klaroline Awards honor fanfiction, graphics, blogs, videos, and fandom participation. The awards have been a staple of our fandom on Tumblr for many years. Our fandom has been mistreated, at times maligned and put down but we continue to persevere in the quest of our OTP. Please support these fandom events as much as you can.

Please take some time to check them out and go vote for your favorites. The address for the awards is: Klarolineawards dot tumblr dot com backslash vote

I want to thank you all again for supporting Call Out The Devil. This story was born from a prompt during the Hades/Persephone event and it was just the most fun story to write ever. I am really touched by the messages I get from all of you and to see people follow and favorite. It's heartwarming and I'm so very grateful to you even if I don't always reply due to time constraints and pursuing my life's dream. Please know I appreciate you and I know you made this nomination happen. Thank you!