This Is My First Fan Fic So… IT WILL BE BAD!

Now I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the video game characters in this story. Self-Insert .

It was just a normal day at the Fairy Tail Guild until… CRASH! Two figures crashed through the ceiling and onto a table. Sitting at that table was Natsu and Lucy. One of the figures smacked their heads together resulting in a kiss. (I'm So EVIL!) All of the Fairy Tail members stared in shock as this kiss lasted about two minutes. Then both of the figures' visions faded to black.

"What the fudge!" yelled Natsu.

"That's a lot of blood," Stated Wendy.

"So kawaii!" Mirajane said still dazed by the kiss.

"What are you guys sitting around for bring them to the infirmary!" yelled Erza.

TIME SKIP! 3 Hours Later

"Nikki are we in Hyrule yet?"


"Who are you people?" Wendy questioned while healing the one named Nikki.

"OMG WENDY!" Taylor screamed.

"Calm Down Taylor," Nikki stated.

"Explain yourselves," Erza said calmly.

"Yeah Taylor!" Nikki said "We are supposed to be in Hyrule!"

"Yeah, About That," Taylor stated "I may have changed the destination because the I wanted to come here first."

"Let me guess you stole Link?" Nikki questioned.

"Maybe," Taylor stated sheepishly "I just wanted, to meet,"

That's it for now!