A/N: Hey everyone! I am breaking (slowly) out of my hiatus with these tiny little three hundred word snippets.
I hope you'll let me know what you think of them.

The hem of her dress has come loose. She could feel it fall as she ascended the stairs to Lady Grantham's bedroom. For a moment she thought: would it matter if I walked around like this all day? Would there be anyone to notice? But the thought vanished like smoke.

Sitting on the stool in front of Lady Grantham's vanity, she takes the scissors from her chatelaine and cuts away the long thread that is unravelling her dress. The air is cool even though it is a hot summer's day. She looks up and through the windows. The park is bursting with the lushness of summer; the lawn is brilliantly green and the leaves of the birch trees glitter in the afternoon sun.

She retrieves a small sewing kit from her pocket and pulls out needle and thread. She snips the black cotton sharply and reminds herself that after her wedding she'll not be required to wear black. She can put on whatever she pleases. For a moment she drifts away on dreams of green and blue and tweed. Anna is making her a special gift that she's been very tight-lipped about, but Elsie's figured it out nonetheless.

You don't succeed at being housekeeper at a great estate like Downton if you don't notice everything.

She can hear a bell being rung in the Library and she quickly fixes her dress. The green baize door opens and closes. Quick feet hurry up the stairs (but never run.) Elsie pricks her finger and she watches a droplet of blood appear upon the ridges of her fingerprint. It doesn't hurt. It stings a bit.

Like leaving Downton will sting a bit; after all it has been her home for decades. Having Mr Carson by her side will soothe that, she hopes.

Her dress is ready. She gets up from the stool, pushes it back under the vanity.

It's time to go back to work.