AN: To those of you who are reading my story right now, welcome and thank you. To those of you who aren't reading my story, well I can't really say anything to you, but you are missing out on something. I hope. This is my very first fanfiction. Ever. Not just on this site, but the first time I have written anything at all about a franchise. This story was born when I was watching PoC: Dead Man's Chest and thought to myself, 'Wolverine would be awesome in this.' And then I thought, well why not, and came here to find just the thing. Only it wasn't there. So I decided that if I can't read it, I'll just write it.

Well that's enough of me. I'll just give you the premise of the story and then we can all get on with it.

Instead of being born in the 1880's, James Howlett was born a hundred years and then some ago, a few decades before Jack Sparrow. Having sailed the world, he ends up in the dungeons of Port Royal, where he meets our favorite pirate.

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Chapter 1- Jack

Looking out at the harbour of Port Royal from his dark and dank prison cell Captain Jack Sparrow decided he was not having a good day. Oh, the day had started out just fine. He had managed to make port in Port Royal – though making port was a generous term considering the fact his boat was now on the bottom of the harbour – and had spent a rather fun time entertaining himself with some of the Navy's not so best and brightest.

While regaling the Navy men with some of his exploits, both true and false, he was trying to find a way to steal, sorry, sorry, commandeer one of the fine ships that were floating majestically at the edge of the harbour. He was interrupted in his tale by a young woman who fell into the waters, and the Navy's incapability to swim – the irony of which did not escape Jack – prompted him to jump after her into the waters himself. After that he had managed to save the pretty lady from drowning – or choking, depending on what your view is on corsets- which, if past experience was anything to go on, meant that this good day would turn in an even better night.

Then everything went belly up when he saw her medallion. He would recognize the golden piece of jewellery anywhere. He knew what it was, what its curse would call from the seas. And he had no idea how he felt about that.

Before he could really comprehend the meaning of the medallion, he was faced with about a dozen rifle-bearing Navy men –including aforementioned not so best and brightest, the traitors!-, a rather excessively irate Commodore, and a father who apparently was unable to decide whether he wanted to hang him or shoot him.

Of course he escaped; he was Captain Jack Sparrow after all, even managing to free himself from his shackles in a nearby smithy, only to run afoul of an employee of said smithy. A fierce young blacksmith, who was also a surprisingly good swordsman.

"Five hours a day, eh?" Jack murmured to himself, letting out a grin which showed a couple of golden teeth.

After getting somehow knocked out, Jack found himself chained once more and dragged to the prisons of the keep, which stood overlooking the harbor of Port Royal, leading him to his current position of dwelling on his definitely not good day.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Jack took stock of his surroundings. His cell was not that large, but not cramped and as far as prison cells went, rather clean. Many of the cells were empty, except for the one next to him, which held several men.

Looking around once more, Jack saw that his initial assessment had been wrong. His own cell was already occupied before he was thrown in. In the corner of the cell, leaning against the wall, was a man dressed in a red duster and high boots. The man had a brawny look about him from what Jack could see, but he had a hat pulled low over his face. The only thing Jack could make out was a couple of heavy sideburns.

The man pretended to be sleeping, and if it were not for the fact that Jack had perfected the surprisingly useful skill himself, he would have been fooled by the man's performance. Deciding to take the initiative, Jack swaggered to the man's side, noting from the corner of his eye that the men in the next cell were giving him fearful looks.

"You know, it's rather rude to bein' pretendin' to be sleepin' when one receives company, eh mate?" Jack said with a grin, showing of his golden teeth again.

His only reply was an amused snort from the man in the corner. The man tilted his head a bit, and Jack found himself looking in a single eye, that assessed him from under the rim of the brawny man's hat. Despite feeling suddenly rather uncomfortable, or perhaps because of it, Jack pushed on.

"Since it appears we are to be sharing these magnificent rooms before our impending and tragic death arrives, may I have your name, eh?" Jack asked, trying to keep his grin up, though at this point it began to feel more as a grimace.

The single eye that was trained on Jack had not blinked even once during Jack's question, still staring at him, as if it was searching for something. After a few tense seconds it apparently found what it was looking for, because the man let out another amused snort and the eye closed as the hat tipped down again, obscuring the man's face once more. Dimly Jack realized he heard a few relieved sighs from the prisoners in the next cell.

"Sure, 'suppose you've got a point there, bub.", the man growled out.

Jack found the voice to be oddly... feral. The man's hat tilted back fully, showing his entire face for the first time. The first thing Jack noted was that the face was rather fierce, with it being surrounded by the heavy sideburns and a mane of wild black hair. Fiery eyes, not what one would expect in a prison cell, looked out at the world in defiance.

"The name's James", the man growled.

"James Howlett".

Fun fact: Hugh Jackman, known for portraying the Wolverine in film, was originally considered for the role of Jack Sparrow but at the time was still rather unknown, so the role went to Depp.