" Will we ever meet again?"

" Yes, we will." Haku replied and gave Chihiro a reassuring smile.

" It's a promise?" Chihiro looked at Haku longingly and searched his eyes for an answer.

" It's a promise. Now go, and don't look back." Haku turned her around and gave her a gentle push on the shoulder.

As Chihiro walked down the steps, Haku slowly let go of her hand from his tight grip, and looked at her diminishing form as she walked farther and farther away from him, as if they are going to be apart forever...


Chihiro opened up her eyes, and stared blankly at the ceiling.

[Not that dream again.] She groaned as she cast a glance at her clock. 4.a.m.

[I've woke 2 hours earlier.] Chihiro thought as she lied on the bed, trying to get back to sleep, but no matter how comfortable she gets and how sleepy she was, she couldn't sleep.

She tossed and turned; still, Haku's form remained in her mind, as if it was stuck there using a very sticky super glue.

Finally, she got frustrated and decided to take a walk in the nearby forest to cool down.

She didn't even bother to get change, for she was already on with a pair of shorts and a T-shirt before she slept. She walked quietly out of the house, being careful not to make any noise to wake her parents up. She didn't want them to be a nuisance early in the morning, especially when now she is very vexed.


As she walked in the forest, she breathes in fresh air and listens to the chirping of the birds absently while she thinks about her life for the past six years.

Ever since she came back from the spiritual world, she had been so looking forward for Haku's arrival. She looked up into the sky whenever she thought Haku had just fly past in his dragon form. Instead of him, what she always saw was just birds, and sometimes luckier, she gets to see planes, which rarely fly by such a small and remote town.

Whenever the doorbell rings, she would rush to the door, expecting to see Haku at the door, giving her a warm smile and telling her that he's there for her forever. When she opens the door, her excitement to see him vanish, as it was either a postman or a salesman there at the door.

Every time a new male student is introduced to her school, she would pray that he would be Haku. Time after time, she was disappointed when she realized that the new student is not he, not even resemble to him at all.

Now she waits along for his arrival with forlorn hope as she grows up.

She does not think that the adventure at the spiritual world was a dream. She still held on to the pink, glistering rubber band that Zeniba had given her. She still remembered Rin, Boa and Kamaji. She still remembered how much help they had given her in the bathhouse. The memories with them were all so vividly clear. Especially the memories with Haku around.

[Do you still remember me, Haku? Do you miss me?]

To be continue....