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"He offered me a home at the bathhouse, taught me magic and helped me to stay in this world without vanishing." Sango's mood lifted as she talked, her gaze into the air softens.

" He is my savior as well as my brother, whom I've hold dearest to me."

This is when they heard the loud slapping sound that have them turned their heads.

Upon seeing the red handprint on her brother's face, Sango was livid and rushed over to his side, cupping his face in her hands.

" What do you think you are doing?!"

"What has that got to do with you, this is between us!" Chihiro fumed and walked away, when Haku took quick steps forward and catch her arm.

" Please stay with me." He pleaded with Chihiro.

Chihiro looked red in the face and was ready to give him another slap when Sango pulled him back.

"Why would you want her to stay? Look at what she had done to you!"

Haku took a few steps away from Sango when he saw that Chihiro's mood was getting worse from seeing how close Sango is to him.

"Please, the least you can do is to tell me why you are so against Sango?" Haku appealed to her.

Chihiro was ready to retort when Rin pulled her aside hastily.

"Erm, Sen...I've got something to tell you...It's regarding Sango."

And so, Rin explained to her what Sango had told them.

"So you mean..." Chihiro widen her eyes.

"Yeah, that basically summarise their relationship." Rin said cheerfully.

" She is your sister!" Chihiro turned to Haku. " Why didn't you say so!"

{Did he ever get the chance?} The same thoughts appeared in Zeniba, Kaonashi and Rin's mind while they appeared passive on their faces.

" She is not my sister." Haku paused, but quickly clarifies when Chihiro's mood darken at his words, " at least not biologically. The rivers are all interlinked with each other, thereby making us brothers and sisters. A new river created equals to a new sibling, a river dried up means one of us had disappeared."

"So..." Chihiro drew in a deep breath. " What is she to you?"

"She's my sister. Dearest to me as most of the others had disappeared." Haku said sadly.

Trying hard to hold back the urge of consoling him, Chihiro asked again.

" Do you love her? I mean...just as you to me?" Chihiro blushed but manage to look at Haku straight into his eyes.

"I...I..." Haku looked around and was embarrassed to see Zeniba, Kaonashi and Rin were standing aside looking sideways. He failed to note that Rin was wrapping her palm firming over Sango's mouth and she was struggling to get out of Rin's iron grip.

"...I do..."

Chihiro widen her eyes and looked ready to cry again.

" Huh?" Haku thought back to what he had said that had induced her to tearing up.

"Oh...oh! I mean I love you, I don't love Sango!" Haku panicked.

"I mean I love Sango only as a brother would to his sister, it's unlike the feelings I have for you!" Haku stepped forward to wipe off the tears on Chihiro's face. He leaned forward, putting his mouth near her ears. " I've already reserved a place for you in my heart, of which there is none that can take your place."

Chihiro looked ready to faint. All of a sudden, she felt hot and giddy. Is this the Haku she knew? With a grin like a Cheshire cat? Where has the gentlemanly-like Haku gone to?

Haku gently holds her in his arms and whispered again, but this time, with uncertainty. " Chihiro, will you stay by my side?"

"I..." Chihiro replied weakly, but before she can say anymore, her sentence was cut off by a loud shout.

" Chihiro Minamino! Chihiro Minamino! There you are! Hurry, it's your turn for reincarnation!"