Ok, so this is going to be a collection of oneshots where Mondler's secret relationship is discovered. I get a lot of ideas for these in my head but don't usually get to write them. So, I thought it might be nice to capture a few and give them a home together. Each will be different styles, lengths, characters etc and updated as and when a random idea pops into my head.

I hope this works and that you enjoy them!

TOW The Rude Awakening

A/N – lighthearted fluff. Set season 5 when only Joey knows about them. Mondler Oneshot.


Chandler groaned at the sudden alarm, burying his head further into the soft pillow trying to muffle the relentless shrill. The horrible sound continued to pierce his eardrum. Why wasn't Monica shutting it off?

He heard her groan beside him and shuffle but the godforsaken noise continued.

Then he felt her hands prodding and pushing at him none too gently. He grunted in protest.

"Chandler, you need to get up," she whispered urgently.

"Hmmm," he mumbled in response. Not likely.

The poking and shoving got harder, almost as painful as the deafening alarm...which was still ringing. Ow.


"5 more minutes," he grumbled, wanting nothing more but to float back into sweet sweet slumber, "And turn that damn alarm off."

"I would, if I could, but I can't," she hissed, scarily sounding like Dr Seuss, "it's not my alarm!" With that she hurriedly left the bed.

His brow furrowed, her words and actions greatly confusing him. Wearily, he peeled back a heavy eye-lid, watching as she ran around desperately throwing on clothes.

"Wh-?" He blinked, suddenly becoming fully aware as he regained consciousness. "Is that the fire alarm?"

"No sh*t Sherlock," she hissed, shoving her feet into her shoes. "You need to get dressed, quickly."

"Dressed into what?" he hissed back, sitting up. "I sneaked over in my new sexy boxers."

Usually, he always wore, at the very least, a t-shirt and regular boxers; he preferred to cover up. Hell, he often wore his robe for the short journey between bedrooms, just in case he was caught mid-act. But not last night. Oh no, last night he'd had the not so great idea to creep over and surprise her with his newly purchased undies. In his excitement he had decided against the rest of the clothing and whilst it had been extremely rewarding last night, he was now regretting it. Big time.

They shared a worried look.

"Well, at least put those on," she whispered.

Panicked, he jumped out of bed, complying when Monica's door flew open.

"Moni-" Rachel froze.

Monica froze.

Chandler froze.

Oh boy.

Rachel closed her eyes, turning her head away, "what the hell is going on?"

"Um," Chandler tried to think of something as he pulled the silky boxers the rest of the way up. Then, as an afterthought he grabbed the bedcover, wrapping it around himself to preserve his modesty.

"Look," Monica sighed, "can we please discuss this later? There might be an actual fire and this is not how I wanna die."

Rachel still looked confused and more than a little uneasy but reluctantly nodded in agreement. Relieved, Chandler took a couple of steps towards the bedroom door.

"Chandler," Monica didn't even look over her shoulder, "if my nice new expensive sheet leaves my bedroom then you know how you're gonna die."

He paused, frowning slightly as he debated his options; alive, embarrassed with a girlfriend or fully covered with his dignity intact but single...hmmm.

It was then that Joey barged in.

"Hey," he greeted, "you guys coming or what?"

"Sure," Rachel agreed.

Just as Chandler placed the sheet back on Monica's bed his bathrobe hit him square on the chest. He looked up questioningly.

"Figured you might need it," Joey smirked, "nice boxers."

"How? When? I mean..."

"When you weren't in your room," he explained, "I figured you'd be over here. Then I saw that your robe was still on your door and thought you might be in a bit of trouble."

"Thanks, man," Chandler had never been more grateful to see anything in his life. He quickly shrugged it on, securing the tatty tie firmly around his waist. Alive, dressed and still very much in a relationship. Thank god for Joey.

"You knew about them?" Rachel asked pissed. "This isn't the first time?"

"Um-" Joey looked wide-eyed.

"Are you in a relationship?" she asked annoyed, turning accusingly to Monica and Chandler. "Are you-?"

"Seriously, people," Monica cut across, her tone almost military. "Fire. Danger. Out. Now."

Reluctantly, Rachel let it drop but she still glared daggers at them as she and Joey finally left the bedroom, leaving them alone.

Chandler walked towards her and leaned in close, whispering in her ear, "is it wrong that voice turned me on?"

Her serious face broke into a grin and she playfully whacked his covered chest, "sush," she admonished, "we're in enough trouble as it is."

Nodding, he grinned cheekily, grabbing her hand, just because he could, and led her out of the apartment. He kept hold of her hand until they emerged outside onto the sidewalk and spotted Rachel and Joey.

"I better go talk to her," Monica sighed, not looking forward to the inevitable conversation. She had planned to tell her roommate one girly night. Romantic comedies in the background, an empty bottle of wine...or two...it would have all gone in her favor. Now she faced an irritable Rachel who had been rudely awoken at 4 am, against her will, and had walked in on them. Not ideal at all.

"Good luck," Chandler winced, rubbing her arm slightly and offering a supportive smile. Rachel was well known for not being a morning person at the best of times.

She nodded, wrapping her arms around herself, almost protectively, as she approached her friend.

"Hey," Monica offered to which Joey made a swift exit towards Chandler. He didn't want to get caught in the middle of anything.

By mutual agreement the boys kept a safe distance from them, but they stayed close enough to act as referees if needed.

"Hi," Rachel said shortly.

Monica sighed, grimacing.

"I'm sorry we didn't tell you," she started, "I planned to, soon."

Rachel just looked at her unconvinced.

"Really," Monica insisted.

"Why does Joey know?" she asked obviously still pissed. "Chandler told Joey but you didn't tell me? Aren't we as close as them?"

"Of course we are," Monica tried to soothe, "Chandler didn't tell Joey. We were careless and he discovered it by himself...just like you did. Please don't take it personally Rach, we didn't tell anyone. We just needed some time to adapt to it ourselves before everyone found out. Don't you remember how much attention you and Ross had to endure when you guys got together? We just wanted to find our feet first, try to lessen the pressure."

Rachel looked at her thoughtfully and Monica tried for her best pleading face.

"So you guys are actually in a relationship?" she asked, still frowning. "This isn't just sex?"

"It's not just sex," she reassured, smiling as she thought about the best relationship she'd ever been in. "Don't get me wrong, the sex is fantastic but it's a lot lot more than that. We aren't just 'goofing around' or anything. This is so much more and I've hated not being able to share this with you. I really have. As much as we wanted to and needed to keep it secret, I hated not being able to share all the good bits."

"Yeh?" She still looked suspicious but seemed to be relenting slightly.

"Yeh," Monica promised, starting to get a little teary and emotional, "the start of any relationship is always exciting and scary and this was even more exciting and crazy because it was with Chandler. I was gutted that I couldn't share it with you. At times I really needed you but couldn't talk to you. It was hard, and whilst I'm not pleased this is how you found out...I am really glad you know now."

"Really?" she was definitely starting to cave.

"Uh huh," Monica promised, wiping away a tear.

"Oh Monica," Rachel pulled her roommate in to a tight hug. "I would have been there."

"I know," Monica promised, pulling away slightly. "Are we ok?"

"Yeah," Rachel offered her a small grin. "I still want lots of details...it sounds like I've got lots to catch up on."

Monica offered her a watery smile, "you have." She was so relieved that Rachel had forgiven them so quickly.

"So who initiated the first kiss?"

"Me," she laughed at the look of surprise on Rachel's face.

"I didn't even know you liked him!" she protested. "Did you have a crush on him?"

"There was always a little something," Monica shrugged slightly, "but no I didn't have a huge pining crush on him or anything. I was depressed, feeling really down and was drunk one night. He was there for me, just comforting me but he was being so sweet and cute that something clicked; I threw myself at him." She blushed a little, realizing she wasn't painting this in the best light.

"I don't remember you being that depressed recently," Rachel's forehead creased as she tried to remember, "When exactly was this?"


"London," she admitted with a wince.

"London?" Rachel asked shocked. "Ross' wedding? I was there. Why the hell didn't you tell me?"

"Technically it was the night before you arrived," Monica pointed out. "It was just meant to be a one night thing and no big deal….besides you had enough on your plate if I remember. Then you went to Greece."

"Urgh, don't remind me," Rachel rolled her eyes before looking back at her friend.

She continued to stare and her gaze was starting to make Monica uncomfortable.

"What?" she finally asked.

"I just…" Rachel shook her head. "I just can't believe you've been together like this since London. It's a lot to take in at this time in the morning."

"I know," Monica smiled, rubbing Rachel's shoulder.

"Just answer me one thing?" she asked, her eyes shooting over to the boys who were still on the sidewalk.

"Of course."

"Are you happy?"

The blinding smile that lit her face was answer enough as Monica's eyes fell on Chandler.

"Very happy," she promised. "I honestly can't remember feeling this way with anyone before."

"It shows," Rachel commented softly.

They hugged again and cautiously the boys approached.

"Everything ok?" Chandler asked, eager to see how Rachel was taking it all.

"You're not completely off the hook, Mister," Rachel mock-glared at him, "but its ok...at the moment. By the morning though, I may have changed my mind."

"Ok," he offered her his best cheeky 'please don't be mad at me' smile which had always worked better on Monica. Still it was worth a shot.

"And you," Rachel turned to Joey whose eyes widened in surprise. "You still have some explaining to do too!"

"Me?" he protested, "they're the ones sleeping together. Why am I in trouble?"

"Secrets, Joey," she warned him, "I don't like secrets if I'm not the one who knows them."

"I wasn't allowed to tell," he whined with a slight pout, "they wouldn't let me! Don't be mad at me."

"I'll think about it," she informed him leaving him with a confused frown.

"So..." Chandler interrupted the staring contest, "if you both know about us then I can do this..."

He slid his arm around Monica's shoulders, pulling her close against him. It was a little cold given the time of the morning and she looked up at him gratefully as she slipped her arms around his waist.

"You guys did that anyway," Rachel grouched.

"True," he shrugged, "but we didn't do this."

He pressed his lips to Monica's in a sweet kiss, smiling down endearingly at her as they separated. She looked so cute all cold and smiley that he kissed her again.

"No, you didn't," Rachel mused watching, trying to get it into her head that they were a couple now. It kinda fit, in a weird way, but her brain was too tired to contemplate it fully.

"They do that a lot," Joey interjected, pulling a face, "you'll have to get used to it. It's not pretty to walk in on."

"It's prettier than what I walked in on earlier," Rachel pointed out as Chandler blushed.

The alarm had stopped and people were slowly being herded back into the apartment building.

"Any idea what is was?" Monica asked.

"Some guy on second fell asleep and burnt dinner."

"Dinner?" Rachel protested sounding pissed again, "who the hell eats dinner at 4am?"

"The guy on second?" Chandler suggested, wishing he hadn't when the full force of her glare landed on him.


"So this was a false alarm?" Rachel asked angrily, "Oooh that guy is gonna get it in the morning," she vowed vengeance as they started heading back into the building.

"Think we should put a note through his door to give him a head start?" Chandler whispered to Monica, only half-joking. He really didn't want to spend tomorrow in a police station giving witness statements.

Monica just chuckled though and that beautiful smile had him instantly smiling back, forgetting all about possible assaults on neighbors. He paused on the stairway to press a quick kiss to her lips.

"Urgh, get a room," Rachel protested, giving them a helpful shove to get them moving again. "I have to be up for work in like two and a half hours."

They reached their floor and the four came to stand in-between the apartments. Joey and Rachel started to unlock their respective doors, leaving the couple standing in the middle holding hands.

"Can I come back with you?" Chandler asked, "or are you and Rachel going to talk some more?"

"Talk?" Rachel butted in, "I am sleeping. You can stay over as long as you are quiet and you bring that damn robe. I am not walking in on that again."

With that she walked into apartment 20 and left the door open. A moment later they heard her bedroom door shut firmly.

"She's really not a morning person is she?" Chandler grinned and Monica shook her head grinning back.

"Right, I'm heading to bed," Joey announced, "see you guys in a few hours."

"Night Joe," Chandler smiled, "and thanks again for the robe rescue."

"No worries, man," he promised before disappearing.

"So..." Chandler turned to face his girlfriend who he was now completely alone with.

"So..." Monica continued, smiling up at him. "Back to mine?"

"Yeah," he grinned, his eyes crinkling as he quickly stole a kiss before moving. "At least I can stay a little longer now that Rachel knows."

"Yeah," Monica agreed, locking the door and leading him into her bedroom. "I know it wasn't intended but I'm really pleased she knows."

"Me too," he promised.

In truth, it wouldn't make too much difference to him. Sure he wouldn't have to sneak over in the middle of the night anymore which would be cool. Plus he'd get a bit more of a lie in as Phoebe and Ross weren't ever over too early. He'd have one less person that he'd need to come up with terrible excuses and lies for. But the main reason he was glad that Rachel knew, was that it meant Monica would have someone she could have girly time with. She could confide in her girly best friend about their relationship and although she kept insisting she was ok hiding it from her, he knew deep down she'd hated it.

Sure, he didn't know what the future held. He wasn't sure what mood Rachel would wake up in tomorrow. He wasn't sure if Rachel or Joey would be able to keep their secret a secret. To be honest, he didn't know if it should still even be a secret given that 4 out of the 6 of them now knew. They'd have to tell the others soon and he had no idea how they'd react. Especially, Ross.

For now though, none of it mattered. He slipped off the robe to reveal the sexy underwear again and did a little shimmy. As Monica let out a rich laugh and Rachel threw something at the wall in protest, he knew right then, in that moment nothing mattered apart from her. Making her happy made him happy. Together they were simply amazing. Perfect. As she giggled, pulling him down onto the bed, he knew as long as they had this, then all was right in their world.


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