TOW the Missing Condoms

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Rachel bit her lip as her date's very talented lips trailed kisses along her bare shoulder and up her neck.

"You're so hot," he breathed into her ear making her shiver.

She had a feeling this was gonna be a good night.

Feeling one of his hands dance along the back of her thigh, she regretfully pushed him away a little.

"I, uh," she tried to focus for a moment, ignoring all the delicious sensations that were running through her, "Let me go grab some supplies."

"But I-"

Rachel kissed his pouting lips, cutting off his protest before she quickly ran out of her bedroom, across the darkened living room and into the bathroom. Immediately she made a beeline for the condom drawer, smiling as she easily located the condom box. Her smile quickly became a frown though as her fingertips reached into the box and touched nothing but air.

With her frown deepening, she peered inside the box but still no condoms appeared; it was definitely empty. Confused and more than a little miffed, she bent down, rummaging around in the drawer praying they had just fallen out.



What was going on? When she'd last been in this drawer, which admittedly was over a month ago, there had been at least two boxes that had practically been overflowing with different color foil packages.

Wondering if Monica was holding out on her or if Joey had somehow discovered their secret stash, she urgently started searching the other drawers but still came up empty.

Not a single condom in sight.

Chewing her bottom lip for a moment, Rachel debated her limited options before deciding it was worth checking if Monica was still awake incase she had moved them without telling her...or more likely she had told her but Rachel hadn't been listening. Anyhow, she could deal with a pissed roommate in the morning if it meant she got to have the amazing time she was planning tonight.

She tip-toed quietly up to her roommate's door and gently knocked; her knuckles barely made a sound in the quiet apartment. About to knock louder she thought she heard something. Pressing her ear to the door she heard another muffled sound.

Assuming it was Monica's consent, she wasted no more time in opening her friend's door and entering the bedroom.

"Mon-" her hushed greeting died on her lips, turning into a strangled gasp.

Hurriedly she backed out the room and quickly closed the door. Leaning against it she tightly squeezed her eyes shut, desperately trying to erase the image of Chandler's naked buttcheeks bobbing up and down in the moonlight.

Well at least that explained the missing condoms.

Letting out a long breath, Rachel slowly opened her eyes and shook her head, still trying to dispel the unexpected and very much unwanted image. Her shock slowly turned into disappointment as her thoughts moved from her friends love life onto her own love life.


There was no way in hell she was going back into Monica's bedroom in search of condoms. Reluctantly she realized she would have to let the guy know that it wasn't happening tonight…

Hearing a noise she looked up, a smile spreading across her face as she saw her date standing in her bedroom doorway, a foil package held between his fingers.

Practically squealing, she skipped her way over to him, her lips meeting his. They backed into her bedroom, pushing the door shut as they continued from where they left off.

The revelations about Monica, Chandler and the missing condoms could wait until the morning...when she would have strong words with them about condom etiquette and the importance of keeping that drawer fully stocked.

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