Author's Note:

Crimson/Daisuke is an OC I created and he lives in different worlds with different characteristics. Crimson has his own counterparts in different realms that would connect many worlds such as, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Highschool DxD and many more. But of course I don't own any of the said anime/stories hence I just created a fan fiction connecting the worlds of my favorite anime.


Hi everyone. I am Daisuke Valmonte. I'm a regular college student in a regular school. My life was typically normal since I was just an average kid in a normal college. Yeah, my life is just as normal as other people around me until the day I joined this theater organization in our school. My life changed because of that. Becoming a theater actor is one of my dreams since I was a child. I want to perform to entertain the people I loved the most; my family, my mother and father, my younger brother and my kids. Yeah you heard me right, my kids. Their story would be revealed in the later chapters of my life but yeah, before they came into my life, I was raised as an only child.

Enough with my background, as I was saying my life changed when I joined this theater organization in our college. One day, when I arrived too early in our auditorium, a strange circle appeared beneath my feet and suddenly a girl with a crimson hair appeared right in front of my eyes together with another girl with black long hair. They held me in their arms and I lost my consciousness.

When I woke up, a blonde girl was at my side accompanied by a blonde guy. They introduced themselves to me.

"Hi. I'm Asia Argento. And I'm glad that Prez finally found her long lost twin." The blonde girl said.

"Asia! Stop telling him everything. Let Prez herself explain all the details to him." The blonde boy said. "By the way, I'm Yuuto Kiba. Crimson-sama." He added.

"Who is Prez? And why are you addressing me as Crimson? I am Daisuke, Daisuke Valmonte." I said softly.

The crimson haired girl entered the room and rushed beside me. "Oh my gosh. You're awake." She said cheerfully. "So you've met my knight and my bishop." She added.

"Knight? Bishop? What the hell are you talking about? Who are you and why have you abducted me?!" I shouted and demanded an explanation.

"Oh my, oh my. I think your twin brother is not that easy to handle." The black haired girl said upon entering the room.

"So you are Prez' twin brother?" The white haired girl said upon appearing beside Asia. "By the way I am Koneko Toujou." She added.

"Oh, I heard it right. Prez' twin is here and is alive." The brown haired boy said upon entering the room and standing beside the girl who is addressed by Prez.

"Hi. I'm Xenovia Quarta. Please to meet you Crimson-sama." The blue haired girl said upon entering the room.

"Oh, so it is true. The long lost twin is here." The boy in a school girl uniform said while entering the room.

"So since everybody is here, I'll introduce them to you one by one." The crimson haired girl said.

"She is Akeno Himejima. My queen." The crimson haired girl said pointing to the girl with long black hair.

"I believed that she introduced herself to you a while ago." The crimson haired girl said pointing to Asia. "She is Asia Argento, one of my two bishops, the other one is that boy wearing the school girl uniform. He is Gasper Vladi." She continued.

"This is Yuuto Kiba, one of my knights." She said pointing Kiba. "And she is my other knight, Xenovia Quarta." She said pointing to Xenovia.

"She is my Ruke, Koneko Toujou." She said while pointing to Koneko.

"He is my pone, my eight piece pone and my boyfriend. Issei Hyuodou." She said while holding the hand of the brown haired boy beside her.

"And finally, I'm Rias Gremory. Your twin sister and the king of my household." The crimson haired giril finally introduced herself to me.

"Wait? What? I-i have a sister?" I asked her.

Yup. I am your twin sister. Our onii-sama is the reigning devil king this era." Rias continued.

"It is true. Uncle Crimson is back…." The crimson haired boy said in excitement upon entering the room.

"Hello Uncle Crimson. I'm Millicas Gremory." The boy introduced himself.

"Hello there Mill." Rias greeted Millicas.

"This is the only son of our onii-sama." Rias said and looked in my direction.

"So it is right. My youngest returned home." The man with crimson hair said upon entering the room together with another crimson haired man but much younger looking than the man who spoke.

Every bowed down and greeted the last guests. "Welcome home Father. Welcome home Onii-sama." Rias said and hugged them both. Millicas ran towards the younger man and hugged him also. "I missed you so much Otou-sama." Millicas said.

"Hello little brother. I'm Sirzechs Gremory, also known as Sirzechs Lucifer the head of all the devils here in the underworld." The younger man said. "And this is or father, Lord Gremory. The head of the Gremory clan." He continued.

"Thank goodness your safe! We are all looking for you for all these years.." the lady with brown hair rushed towards me and placed me in her arms while tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I'm Venelana Gremory. Your mother." She said while tears continue falling down her cheeks.

"Now that you knew your family, can we just talk about what happened that night?" Lord Gremory stated.

"You're right sweetie. He must know why he was in the human realms that long not to know his true identity." Venelana said to Lord Gremory.

Venelana wiped her tears and started to tell the story of her giving birth to a twin sibling.


"Sweetie, I think I would labor these two kids now. My tummy feels so numb right now." I said warily to my husband.

"Sirzechs! We need your help here! Quickly!" Lord Gremory shouted demanding the presence of his eldest.

Sirzechs rushed to the master's bedroom and assisted me and Lord Gremory.

"Sirzechs, fetch some warm water and three clean towels." Lord Gremory said to Sirzechs.

Sirzechs rushed to the kitchen to prepare a basin-full of warm water and fetched three clean white towels. After a while he returned to the room and gave the warm water to his father when a baby went out of Venelana. Lord Gremory instantly took the baby girl and wrapped it in a clean towel and gave her to Sirzechs.

"Take care of her first, Sirzechs. There's another baby we are waiting for." Lord Gremory said while handling over the baby girl to Sirzechs.

Three minutes later, another baby popped out and Lord Gremory instantly wrapped the baby boy with a clean white towel and handed him over to Sirzechs. Lord Gremory now wipes all the blood stains with the last clean towel, while I lost my consciousness.

The next morning, I woke up and noticed two cribs beside our bed. I instantly rose from the bed and went to both of the cribs. I carried first my only daughter and named her Rias. Then I carried my youngest and named him Crimson. Four years have passed and my twin children played together until one day, a huge anima sucked Crimson away from us. I tried to pull him back but the anima was too strong that made the hands of Crimson slip to my very hands. When the anima closed, I didn't know what to do so I just hugged Rias tight and tears fell down my eyes. "Mom, when I grow up, I will search for my brother and I will not stop until he's back in our home." The little Rias said hugging her weeping mother.


"Many years have passed and Rias grew. She started looking for her brother and now she have succeeded." Venelana said ending her story.

"Sorry I'm late Prez." The girl with long silver hair said upon entering the room.

"This is Rossweisse, my other ruke." Rias said to me pointing to the silver haired girl.

Lord Gremory went closer to me and handed me over a set of chess pieces. I accepted it with so many questions inside my head.

"I'll help you with coping up." Lord Gremory said to me and demanded that all of them should leave the room instantly. All of them followed and I am left inside the room with Lord Gremory.

"I know that you have so many questions running in that head of yours. And I also know that everything we've said is hard to believe. But— "

"I'm willing to learn. I want to explore this new world of mine. So can you help me with that? Otou-sama?" I said while hugging him.

He was so shocked with my reaction but when he gathered back all his senses, "Ok. I'll help you with that. I'll explain to you everything." He said.

He explained to me all the things I need to know and he told me I could go back to my life before I knew I was the heir of the Gremory Clan. After spending a week in the underworld, I decided to go back to my earth parents cause I know they are dead worried about me cause I never went home for the past week. But Rias said that a week in the underworld is just like seven hours in earth.

When I got back home I taught that I would be fine being the heir of the Gremory Clan and nobody would dare to fight me. But I was wrong. One day after my true identity was revealed to me, I spoke with my best friend Jan and we had a walk in our favorite park down town. We had fun and Jan said that I may be just dreaming or fantasizing the idea when a fallen angel attacked me and my best friend. In my instinct, I jumped away from the light spear she threw cause Otou-sama said that the light spear from angels and fallen can kill us. When she was finished attacking, I recalled all the things father taught me. I raised my hand and suddenly a huge purple circle was summoned behind the fallen and a huge amount of crimson flames poured out to her. She was in pain but if I released her I'm the one who will suffer. Before she banished, another fallen attacked me from behind but Jan covered me and he received all the light spears the fallen had thrown. It pierced him and he was left unconscious behind me. When I noticed it, I summoned many circles around the bastard and the crimson flames burned him into ashes. I knelt down and check if my friend is still alive. He is but he's unconscious. A crimson circle appeared in front of me and father came out of it.

"He is still alive. We can bring him to the hospital if you want." Otou-san said to me.

"But what will we say if the doctors asked of why is he that injured?" I asked Otou-sama.

"There's another option. You can save him by making him one of your pieces." Outo-sama stated.

"Do you trust him?" He added.

"Yes, I trust him. He is my best friend." I replied.

"Do you want him to continue living?" Otou-sama asked me again.

"Of course! I want him to live!" I shouted.

"Make him your piece then." Otou-sama said.

"But what would he be?" I asked.

"You could make him your queen if you want to." Otou-sama replied.

After the conversation, Otou-sama vanished and I have left with no choice so I got the queen piece in my pocket and placed it in Jan's chest. I performed a ritual Otou-sama taught me and after that, Jan rose as if he was not pierced by many spears.

"What the hell happened?!" He demanded an explanation.

I have left with no choice but to tell my best friend the truth. "He deserved to hear the truth." I said to myself and told everything that happened.

"Really? You are a devil, and you are the heir of your clan?" He asked hesitantly. "And you made me your queen just to make me alive again?" He continued.

I checked if there are people near us and the moment that I was certain that we are alone in the park, I summoned my wings and started to fly. Then I told him that he can also summon his wings but he just laughed at me. I summoned his wings and he started to fly. His reactions were priceless. After flying above the par, I've decided to bring him to the underworld and let Akeno train Jan and I would train with Otou-sama. Upon discussing this mater to Jan, he agreed and I summoned the purple magic circle and teleported both of us to the Gremory palace.

Many fights with the fallen arise and Jan and I conquered it all, thus completing my set of chess pieces. As you all know, Jan became my queen, Marionne and Robert became my bishops, Aziel and Bino became my knights, Lynn and Luis became my rukes and lastly, Joey became my 8 piece pone like Issei.

Upon completing my pieces, Rias invited my household to do a friendly match. We fought with all our might but we lost the battle. All of them were so down because they failed and we lost.

"Come on guys. This is just our first battle. We don't know how it works and how it is played. But now we experienced it first hand and we can learn from that." I said cheering them up.

"Yeah, he's right. We must not pity ourselves for our loss but we need to train and to make our king proud next time." Robert said.

Everyone agreed and they focused themselves into training. We continued battling several fallen and many stray devils who cause trouble in our place. My team became much stronger and when the decision match came between Rias and Raiser, my household was invited to watch. I saw how the team of Rias lost but we learned some new tactics and learned how to play the game. I challenged Raiser to a battle to stop him from marrying my sister and he accepted the battle. We fought with all our might and gained our first victory but Raiser didn't comply with the terms. He still pushed his marriage with my sister and her household objected it hence saving her from Raiser, and of course with the help of my household.

Every time that there are stray devils who cause trouble in our place, my household teaches the stray devil a lecture he wouldn't forget.

I thought that being a devil is the only thing that was hidden inside me, but I was wrong. One night, an anima opened just right in front of me and sucked me to another realm. I saw many new faces and I have noticed a purple mark behind my neck that is shaped like a fire.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Just wait for the next one. Fairy Tail here comes Crimson. :D