This storyline is based from a well-known Thai series entitled "The Gifted". I do not own the characters nor the storyline of the said series and the events that would happen in this chapter is purely for fanfiction.


Ten months past after Thang's death but it feels like it just happened yesterday; the pain I felt when I heard all of them crying and whispering encouragements for me to get better; the pain I felt leaving my loved ones behind; my sister, my younger brother and my lover. Ten months past and the anima did not care to bother me and my family. One sunny afternoon we decided to go watch a movie on Netflix.

"What movie do you like to watch?" I asked them.

"I wanna watch Charlie's Angels, papa." Cerulean suggested.

"But I wanna watch a horror movie.." Aqua said pouting.

"Sorry Aqua, but I also want to watch Charlie's Angels." Dale stated.

"Hey here's what we're going to do, we would watch Charlie's Angels first and after that Aqua would have to choose a horror movie to watch. Is it okay?" I suggested.

"Sounds a good plan to us." The three agreed.

And before I could hit the "play button" the anima sucked me away from my family once again.


"And papa vanished again without him taking us." Aqua said.

"Maybe we are not part of the world he's in right now." I replied.

"So what now? Papa is not here."

Cerulean asked.

"Let's wait for his return then we'll continue watching." I said.


I just regained my consciousness after that anima took me again and found myself wandering around a school cafeteria. My heart skipped a beat when I realised that I am wandering inside a shool cafeteria in Thailand. I was so excited and dumbfounded at the same time on how to explain myself if Thee and Tar would see me wandering around the school after ten months living six feet below the ground. I was so excited and anxious at the same time that I did not notice this guy and we bumped with each other.

"Sorry, I was not looking in my way. I'm really sorry." I said.

"That's okay. I am not looking in my way as well." The boy replied.


I was rushing to our meet up place when suddenly a boy that is not familiar to me bumped and knocked me over.

"Sorry, I was not looking in my way. I'm really sorry." The new boy said.

"That's okay. I am not looking in my way as well." I replied.

The boy went to the line and I was surprised on what happened next.

"Hi. I'm new here. Can I cut off the line cause I'm very exhausted." The boy said while tapping the shoulder of the person in front of the line. The person infront then scoot over allowing him to cut in the line.

"Did he just ordered that girl to move over over so that he could cut the line?" I asked myself.

"Maybe I should invite him over to our HQ." I said to myself and approached him.

"Hi. I'm terribly sorry earlier. By the way I'm Pann." The boy said while introducing himself.

"I said it was fine. I was rushing as well and I'm not looking in my way." I replied.

"Are you new here? It's the first time that I'm seeing you here?" I added.

"Yes I'm a transferee. I'm from the sophomore year." Pann replied.

"I'm Pang from the senior class. Since you're new here why not come with me and meet my friends." As I introduced myself and invited him to join me and the gang.

"Thank you for the invitation P'Pang. Just lead the way." He replied.

We started walking and started to get each to know each other better.


"Why am I addressing myself as Pann? As far as I remember, I should be Thang. Unless this is a different time line." I asked myself.

"Are you okay? It seems like you have something in your mind." P'Pang asked.

"No, I'm okay." I replied.

We stopped in front of a huge door nad P'Pang opened it and asked me to come eat with them and to my surprise, I saw two familiar faces.

"N'Pann." A familiar voice called my name and a few seconds later I felt that someone is hugging me tightly.

"I missed you so damn much." The familiar voice added.

"P'Punn. I missed you so damn much too but a cannot breathe." I replied.

"Long time no see N'Pann." As P'Claire greeted me and gave me a soft hug.

"Do you guys know him?" The cute grumpy guy with glasses asked.

"Yes. I know him well."

P'Punn answered.

"He's Punn's younger half brother." P'Claire added.

"But why did you bring him here Pang?" P'Punn asked.

"I just witnessed something he did and I need to verify it with my own eyes." P'Pang answered.

"Wave, can you play the track?" P'Pang added.

"Wait are you saying that my brother has his own potential?" P'Punn asked.

"That's why I brought him here for us to know if he has the genes." P'Pang answered.

"Wait wha-- Aaaahhhh" I was just started questioning when P'Wave played an audio file and I got severe headache as if my brain was responding to the sound file.

I looked at their faces and as if they where all dumbfounded by the event but P'Punn's expression tells me that he is so proud of me at this very moment. The audio file finished playing and the headache went away.

"So the question is, what is your potential?" P'Claire stated in confusion.

"Don't be confused Claire. I saw him ordered a student earlier at the cafetiria to move away from the line." P'Pang stated.

"So you and Pann has the same potential?" Another girl asked.

"It's better to test it rather to assume Mon." P'Punn answered putting a big smirk on his face.

"I'll tell you what to do." P'Punn added as he whispers me his instructions.

"Sorry P'Wave." I stated as I walked towards him, I placed my hand on his shoulders and focused on his heartbeat.

"Kiss me." I ordered P'Wave and he started pulling me close to him and at first I thought he would punch me but he really did what I commanded.

Five minutes later, P'Wave is still inyo kissing me when he snapped out and pushed me slightly.

"Wha--what the hell happened? Why are you so close to me Pann?" P'Wave asked as his face turned red cause he has an idea on what had happen.

I stepped away and saw a purple color surrounding P'Wave.

"What made you so confuse P'Wave?" I asked curiously.

"What are you talking about?" P'Wave replied.

"Well I'm seeing purple light around you and if I'm not mistaken, that color represents confusion." I stated.

Everyone was shocked when they heard what I said especially P'Claire.

"Not only that you've got Pang's potential you also have mine." P'Claire stated in excitement.

"From what I'm seeing he has the abilities of the people he had physical interactions with. For instance, I noticed that he could order people after he assisted me when I fell when we bumped with each other earlier. Then he acquired Claire's potential after they've hugged each other. So if my theory is right, he should be able to make this laptop work after what happened between him and Wave. " P'Pang explained.

" Wait, what happened between us earlier? Why would I not be aware of what happened within the last five mins? " P'Wave asked in confusion.

" Why not watch the footage that was captured on the CCTV that you guys installed. Let me play it for you P'Wave." I was just teasing him with those words but without touching a single key on his laptop, the scene five minutes ago played back and placed everyone on shock especially P'Wave because he sees himself passionately kissing a guy he just met.

" So Pang's theory is correct. He could acquire the potential of each gifted he touches." One of the twins stated.

"Enough with all of the questions. I'm going to introduce my brother to you guys." P'Punn said while he hugged me again.

"So first of, and I believe that you've met already, the pretty lady here is name Claire." As he walked towards P'Claire.

"Yes. I've met her before mom and I left the Manor and as I recall, the both of you are dating right? " I stated.

"Yup that's right. Then let's move to the next one. This is Ohm and he can let anything or anyone vanish. Next is Mon, she has exemptionary strength. Followed by her best friend Korn, that has a very unique potential which is he could stay awake forever. Next are the telepathic twins Joe and Jack. Then I believe he'd introduced himself earlier when you bumped with each other but anyways he's name is Pang and he can control people. And lastly, we'll I'm gonna let him introduce himself. " P'Punn said while introducing his friends.

" We--Well I-I'm - - - - " P'Wave stutters while he tries to introduce himself

" You are P'Wave right? And your potential is that you are good in kissing? " I tried pulling a joke to ease his shyness while the rest of them tried to hold their laughter.

"Kidding aside, you are P'Wave right? And your potential is you're good at computers." I stated. "And kissing. Damn those lips are soft." I added.


" We--Well I-I'm - - - - " I stuttered while I tried to introduce myself

" You are P'Wave right? And your potential is that you are good in kissing? " He tried pulling a joke to ease my shyness while the rest of them tried to hold their laughter.

"Kidding aside, you are P'Wave right? And your potential is you're good at computers." He stated. "And kissing. Damn those lips are soft." He added.

I can feel that my cheeks are red and I needed to go out of the room to get some space away from them so I did run outside not knowing that I pulled Pann with me.

"P'Wave. P'Wave stop pulling me. You're grabbing my wrist too hard it hurts." I heard a familiar voice calling my name.

"P'Wave. Can you please stop dragging me around the campus!" He shouted and now I know who that voice is.

"Why are you following me Pann?" I asked with full confusion.

"No I did not. You just drafted me around." He answered while lifting his wrist that I am holding tightly.

I released his hand and once more I felt that my cheeks went red when he suddenly hugged me tight and whispered something that left me frozen at that moment.


P'Wave released my hand and again he's face turned red. That gave me the strength to hug him.

"You're so cute and iresistable when you're blushing P'Wave." I whispered and left him frozen in the middle of the field.

The following day was the judgement day or should I say, the placement exams and that would tell us if we can be part of the gifted program which I know I would be. The exams finished and after a few days the results came and I have been part of the gifted program.

A week after the placement exams all the new gifted students were assembled in the gifted classroom and was introduced to each other. While we are on the process of knowing each of our potentials, two familiar faces entered the room.

"What are you two doing here?" Kru Prom asked.

"We're just here to congratulate my little brother for making in the gifted program." P'Punn replied.

"Brother?" Kru Prom asked.

"Let me just give this to him since he loves Kitkat." P'Punn said as he walks towards my seat with P'Claire.

"Actually it's not just us that wants to congratulate and welcome you to the gifted program, Pann. We'll leave you two alone. Okay we're leaving you can come in now." P'Claire stated as they walk to the door.

Another person went in and walked to my seat.

" Congratulations f--for getting i--in the gifted program. Here, to help you think properly, drink this. " P'Wave said while handing me over the Ovaltine chocolate drink and while blushing.

"Thank you P'Wave." I stated as I took the chocolate drink.

But to my surprise, P'Wave pulled me out of my seat and dragged me out of the room.

"Kru Prom I'll just talk to him privately for a moment okay." P'Wave said while he pulls me out of the room.

"Alaiwa P'? Do you really like dragging and pulling me anywhere you want?" Pann asked me furiously.

"Sorry for dragging you around but I needed to talk to you privately about something personal." I explained.

"So what's very important that you drag me out of my class?"

He asked furiously.

"About the ki--" I was just starting to explain myself but he kissed me and all I could just do is kiss him back.


"Sorry for dragging you around but I needed to talk to you privately about something personal." p'Wave explained.

"So what's very important that you drag me out of my class?"

I asked furiously.

"About the ki--" I did not let him finish what he was saying by pressing my lips to him. He stop talking and returned the kisses.

"What is happening here?!?"

A familiar voice shouted then a few seconds later a punch landed on P'Wave's face.

"Are you taking advantage on my brother?!?!" P'Punn questioned P'Wave furiously.

"You've got it all wrong P'Punn. I'm the one who kissed P'Wave." I stated.

"I will talk to you about this later Punn. I just want Pann to know first. I have no intention to hide it from you. I was about to ask permission to hit on your brother later." P'Wave explained.

"Just don't hurt my brother or else you'll receive more than a punch from me."

P'Punn said.

"So thus this mean you're okay with me hitting on your brother?" P'Wave asked.

"Chai. But I'm gonna keep an eye on you. So watch your back." P'Punn answered.

After that scene, decided to go the their HQ and grabbed some food.


Punn, Pann, Claire and Wave arrived at the HQ together and Wave said that he ordered food because there is something that he wanted to celebrate with his friends. Whatever that something is, as long as my best friend is happy, I'm happy too. But there is one question stucked in my mind the moment we knew that Punn and Pann are siblings.

"I can't help but to be curious, how did you became brothers Punn?" I asked with curiosity.

"Since you've brought that up, let me tell you the story behind it." Punn replied.

"Back when I was like a year old, mom and dad wants to have a second child for me to have a playmate. They've tried very hard but mom can't bear anymore children their doctor advised." Punn started to tell their story.

"Since mom can't bear a child and dad wants another baby, they've decided to get another woman to bear the second child they've always wanted." Punn continued.

"Auntie then saught help to her best friend which is my mom and told mom what is happening. Auntie also told mom that they would cover all the expenses mom needs from the monthly checkups, medications and everything. On top of that, they would also take care of the rest mom's expenses including uncle's University and grandmom's hospitalization." Pann added.

" Mom asked her best friend the reason behind her asking my mom to the favor and Auntie said that she trusts mom the most that's why she is asking mom to this favor. " Pann continued.

" Since there are so many dues on her plate, Auntie agreed with mom's offer and stayed with us at the Manor ever since. Few months passed and Pann was born and everybody in the house were so happy until one day when auntie received a call from her brother that their mom died. Auntie wants to take Pann to their hometown to visit his late grandmom but dad did not agree with it. Dad had a fight with Auntie and mom sided with Auntie and everything was bad. I remembered everything since I was nine that time and Pann was 7." Punn added.

" Mom helped Auntie and Pann return to their hometown to visit Auntie's late mom for two days and when they arrived back at the Manor dad was so angry and asked me to take Pann in our room. We heard shouting, plates crashing, and that moment we realised that what was happening is so bad. "

Punn continued.

" Flash forward to the last month of me and my mom staying at the Manor. I was in seventh grade and P'Punn was in nineth. That's when I met P'Claire. They were besties turned to lovers. The conflict between mom and dad when mom took me out to celebrate her birthday. Dad was really mad that mom took me out without his permission so that night, mom decided to leave the Manor dragging me with her and lived our lives where they could not find us. " Pann added.

" Several years past but we could not find them and dad lost hope on seeing his youngest again. Then this moment came. I've met my brother again and I'm so happy. " Punn ended the story with a bitter sweet smile.


After telling them the story behind our family tree, we've heard that some anti gifted students are causing trouble in the school. P'Punn and his friends went to stop them and I tried convincing them to let me join them but they don't want me to get in trouble so the next thing I did is I accessed P'Wave's computer to help them locate those students via CCTV and it was a big help. After they've captured the anti gifted gang, they've decided to get back to the dorms and since I am staying in P'Punn's room, I asked him if P'Pang and I can switch so that I could sleep with P'Wave. P'Punn and P'Pang agreed with the setup and I used this time to tell P'Wave everything about me. I brought him to my real world by opening a portal, introduced him to Dale, Aqua and Cerulean. P'Wave had a hard time digesting all the information he just knew and when we headed back to our dorm, P'Wave just moved his bed away and slept. I tried keeping my tears from falling but it welled down and I tried keeping my cries low but I know he can hear it.


Everything that Pann said is true. He brought me to his world and a could not accept the fact that in each world he lives in, there would always be someone kissing him aside from me. When we arrived back to our room I quickly moved my bed away from his since we made sure that our beds would be connected before we left. After moving my bed, I changed into my pajamas and pretended to be asleep. A few minutes later, I him subbing and I know he's trying to tone it down for me no to hear it. I tried shrugging it off but I cannot. I then quietly went to his bed, gently laid beside him and hugged him tight.

"Just give me this night to process everything okay? And I promise that everything would be better when we wake up." I said to him while giving him a warm hug.

"C--can we st--stay like th--this for tonight?" Pann asked me trying to hold his tears back as he was facing me.

"Sure. We can stay like this forever." I said.

"I love you." I whispered softly hoping he did not hear it.


C--can we st--stay like th--this for tonight?" I asked P'Wave while trying to hold my tears back as I was facing him.

"Sure. We can stay like this forever." P'Wave said.

"I love you." He whispered softly but I heard it clearly.

We've woke up the following morning hugging each other and when I tried getting up he just pulled me back in his arms.

"P'Wave we're going to be late in our classes." I said while trying to escape from his arms.

"I just want to hug you for a little bit longer. I just wanted to make the most out of the time I have with you. We don't know when would you be taken away from me, from us." P'Wave said.

"Here's what we're going to do. I'll give you my line ID on my real world so that we can still chat and call each other." I don't know if it would work but I'm giving it a shot. I scanned my code on his line account.

"Who's Daisuke?" He asked while checking my account.

"That's my name on my real world." I replied.

"We'll keep in touch. As long as I'm alive in this timeline I could visit you anytime once the anima takes me back." I added.

"If the anima takes me when we are together just tell them there would be an emergency at home and I need to take a leave for them not to worry about my absence, okay?" I requested and hugged him tightly. And before P'Wave could say a word the anima took me away.


"We'll keep in touch. As long as I'm alive in this timeline I could visit you anytime once the anima takes me back." Pann added.

"If the anima takes me when we are together just tell them there would be an emergency at home and I need to take a leave for them not to worry about my absence, okay?" He requested and hugged me tightly. And before I could say a word, a bright light took him away from my arms.

I then tried contacting his Line Account.

" Safe travels. "I chatted.

" Thanks. I'll see you soon P'Wave. " Daisuke replied.

" OMG!! It worked. " He added.

" So you mean, you're not really sure if giving me your line would work? " I asked.

"To tell you honestly I really don't know if that would work, but it did." He replied.

"Please tell them that needed to go home cause mom needs me." He added.

"Yes, I will. But promise me that you'll be back soon okay." I replied.

"I promise.". He answered.

"I'll talk to you later. I'm heading to my class." I chatted.

"I'm heading to class to. Enjoy your day. I miss you already P'Wave." He replied.

"Keep safe okay. Good luck with your studies. I love you." I answered.


"I'll talk to you later. I'm heading to my class." Wave chatted.

"I'm heading to class to. Enjoy your day. I miss you already P'Wave." Daisuke replied.

"Keep safe okay. Good luck with your studies. I love you." Wave answered.

Giving Daisuke's Line ID did work. Where would this relationship going? Would it continue with Daisuke's real world? What about Yuuto Kiba that can also visit Daisuke's real world? Would Wave and Kiba have a conflict or would Daisuke choose between the two of them?

Let's just wait for the next chapters to unfold and see the conflicts that would arise since Daisuke is trying to patch all of his worlds together.