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Daisuke POV

*              *              *              *              *

            "You don't really have to do this, you know," the calm voice pointed out, barely heard over the thundering in my ears. I still couldn't quite figure out how I got into this situation in the first place, let alone what to do now that I was in it. My poor muddled mind furiously replayed the night's events, like a slideshow through my brain.


                I remembered coming to Miyako's, expecting the lavender-locked girl to be angry at my tardiness and being surprised as she merely smiled and ushered me in cheerfully, saying something about finally having everyone there.

                Most of the night so far was pretty much a blur to me. Miyako's sister – what was her name? - had mixed up some punch for us and a lot of us drank it while we chatted and munched on the snacks. There was music and hyperactive dejimon, cake and presents for the tall birthday girl, and a series of games that said girl forced everyone to play, willing or not.

                It was the most recent of these games my mind was stuck on just now, though. See, a while ago Miyako got it into her head to play some weird game a cousin from the States supposedly told her about. So, after some whining on our parts and threatening on hers, we all ended up sitting in a circle on the floor with a glass bottle of some sort in the center. I had just kinda stared at the wall morosely as she excitedly explained the rules, such as they were.

                "See, this is a kissing game," Miyako told us.

                "NANI?!" most of us reacted immediately, looking around the circle nervously. Miyako only nodded and continued her explanation, oblivious to the fact that several of her guests were now fidgeting.

                "Yeah, see what you do is spin this bottle and whoever it points to, you have to kiss. Then that person spins it and kisses the next person and so on and so forth. Simple, ne?" When she turned to each of us, we all nodded and muttered half-hearted agreements. Miyako grinned and settled herself in a more comfortable position on the floor, reaching forward to spin first; it was her birthday, after all, and her idea.

                It was obvious by the way her eyes lit up as the bottle neck went near Ken just who she wanted it to stop on. She hid her disappointment rather well as it came to a slow stop facing Takeru, leaning forward across the circle to give him a light peck on the lips. The poor blonde looked nervous and flushed as Hikari giggled next to him and nudged him to spin.

                While the little glass spun on the floor, I stood and retrieved the pitcher of punch from the table, as well as several cups. The bottle was just slowing down when I returned to the circle, pouring out cups for everyone, who downed them quickly and easily; including myself. This time it stopped facing Iori and everyone blinked, facing Miyako questioningly. Were the boys supposed to kiss the other boys too? She merely shrugged and grinned, saying "Yeah, we're all open-minded here, aren't we?"

                The rest of us, of course, voiced our assent. So, rolling his eyes, Takeru set down his cup and leaned towards the younger boy, turning at the last moment to kiss the corner of the panicked kid's mouth.

                Iori tried to worm his way out of playing after that, claiming that he was younger and shouldn't be playing this kind of game yet. I was a little inclined to agree, seeing how much it bothered him, but Miyako wouldn't let anybody out and eventually Iori swore never to help her with anything ever again as he spun the bottle. I downed my cup of punch as he moved to kiss Hikari on the cheek – refusing to do more than that – and filled myself another. I noticed Ken and Hikari were downing a fair amount too. Good, I wasn't the only one uncomfortable with this weird game. Americans are so weird.

                The game continued for a while longer, until everyone had spun at least three times and the pitcher was on its way to being emptied for the second time. Miyako was obviously growing annoyed as she had yet to be able to kiss Ken – or have him kiss her. She eyed Hikari as the girl sat back from lightly kissing the blue-haired boy she wanted. Ken took another drink and leaned forward to spin again when Miyako suddenly spoke up, drawing everyone's attention.

                "You know," she said casually, placing a finger on her chin as she appeared to think. "I think I remember my cousin saying something more about kissing games… like you're supposed to go into a closest for ten minutes or something with the person. I can't remember but I think there was more to it and was something like that." Everybody stared at her, not quite understanding what she meant. She suddenly clapped her hands together cheerfully, eyes bright, and I felt inexplicably more nervous. "So we'll do that from now on, ne? Ken-san, whoever the bottle stops on this time, you two have to go into the closet over there for ten minutes!"

                I blinked, the hell?? Her words were a little hazy to me for some reason, so as I was straightening them out in my head I didn't notice Ken spin the bottle. I finally noticed that the game was going again when the bottle started to slow down, but I ignored it – figuring Miyako had somehow rigged it to land on her now that she added the new rule – and poured myself another cup of punch. Though, I nearly choked on it when I looked back to find the bottle pointing right at me, and the rest of the circle giving us quizzical looks. Ken and I looked at each other for a moment, dumbfounded, then at Miyako, who didn't seem too pleased anymore. Nonetheless, she stood up and walked to the closest, opening the door and motioning us inside with a smirk.

                "Wait, you were serious?!" I blurted out, but Miyako only nodded and tapped her foot. Next to me, Hikari gave me a forceful push, giggling as I tumbled slightly. Reluctantly, I stood up but didn't move forward. Ken, I noticed, didn't go towards the door either. Suddenly Miyako grinned and I felt something grab me from behind and push me forward. I heard an identical yelp of surprise to my own and saw that Ken was being dragged forward by Takeru, and when I turned a bit more I was shocked to see Hikari pushing me.

                Before I knew what was happening, both of us were shoved inside the small room and the door closed firmly behind us. When we tried to tug it open, the door was firmly shut and giggles sounded from the other side. After a long, uncomfortable minute Ken and I turned to face each other, struggling to see in the dark. I couldn't figure out why, but my heart was racing and I was nervous as all hell.


                Which is where I stand now, the little replay having done nothing but to make me even more nervous. Belatedly, I realized Ken had spoken and stuttered out a hoarse "Nani?"

                Ken crossed his arms over his chest and shifted his weight. "I said, you don't really have to do this, you know." His voice was quiet, probably because the others were likely eavesdropping on the other side of the door.

                I was silent a moment, taking a moment to process the words. I don't know why it was so hard to think, but it was. You, I thought idly, noticing the phrasing of Ken's statement, You, not We. I don't know why that seemed significant, but somehow it made me feel a little better.

                Yeesh, there wasn't even enough room to fidget comfortably. I settled instead for straightening my shirt and staring anywhere but at the other boy. "Yeah, neither do you, you know," I remarked back equally as quiet, and was pleased with how normal my voice sounded. Okei, silence is awkward; at least right now it is. I started talking again just to fill it. "It could be a whole lot worse though. For me, at least."

                Ken made a little noise of confusion, "E?"

                "I coulda been stuck in here with Miyako or Iori, or even Takeru! You're one of the only two people here I wouldn't mind being stuck in here with." I paused for a moment, realizing what I just said. Why the hell did I just say that?! I demanded of myself, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I basically just blurted out that I wouldn't mind kissing my best friend. It was suddenly awkward again and I tried to think of something else to say. "Anou… at least Miyako's probably sitting out there dieing from a jealousy attack, na?"

                "What do you mean?"

                I grinned, just thinking about it. "C'mon! You didn't see how much she was practically drooling all over you every time either of you spun the bottle? Or the look she shot me when you landed on me for this new addition instead of her? I think she would have strangled me if she weren't trying to impress you."

                Ken snorted lightly, "I wish she'd just give up and realize that I don't like her and I'm not going to date her. Serves her right for trying to ambush me like this."

                I couldn't help but chuckle at the obvious annoyance in his voice. "Hai!"

                "I… wouldn't mind teaching her a lesson," the blue-haired boy remarked hesitantly after a moment. I paused, first trying to figure out why he was nervous again all of a sudden, then trying to figure out just what he meant. He couldn't mean…

                "Heh, yeah. Me too." I agreed cheerfully.

                Ken seemed surprised by my reply, "H-honto ni?" he asked, shifting again and subsequently coming a bit closer in the confined space.


                "Would you… mind helping me then?"

                "Oh yeah!" I chirped immediately. Somehow, the thought of revenge on Miyako was appealing and entertaining. I giggled slightly, then covered my mouth in an attempt to stop myself. I couldn't figure out why I was so giddy, but I was rapidly reaching the point where I didn't care anymore. Belatedly, I realized that Ken was a bit closer to me than before. And I could feel his breath on my cheek.

                "Daisuke…" the other boy whispered quietly. I could almost taste my name, he was so close now.

                "Hm?" I murmured back. Before my fogged mind could think of anything else to say, he closed the distance and suddenly – we were kissing. We stayed like that for several moments at least – but then, my perception is a bit off, I think – until even I became aware of how awkward it was for us to just stand there like statues with our lips pressed together.

                Never one for tense moments, I tried to at least shift my weight and stand up a bit better. Bad move. Next thing I know, I'm stumbling over something at my feet and inexorably falling. Luckily for me, though, the closet's small and I didn't have far to go, so instead I collapsed against the closed door. There was something odd against my back, and it took me a long moment to realize it was Ken's arm; he must have tried to catch me, go figure.

                Not that I was really paying much attention to that, seeing as how the taller boy's body was now pressed flush against my own. I don't know who started it – I think it was me, though – but the next instant we were kissing again. With no light to go by I must've gotten a bit off, because I only had one of his lips under my own. Oh well, easily fixed, I thought to myself, and moved to get the other one, like how I had seen people kissing in movies before.

                In all honesty, I wasn't thinking at this point anymore. Might as well just go with the flow, right? Something I had heard Jun say a while back floated up through the haze and, unthinkingly, I moved test the statement.

                Briefly, on my next passing I flicked my tongue over Ken's lower lip. He gasped slightly, so I figured that was a bad thing, so I was rather surprised to find him returning the favor. I didn't know it felt that good to have someone's tongue on my lip. Huh, wonder what more would feel like…

                This time, I don't think either of us initiated the next move, or maybe we both did since our tongues met halfway between our now-open mouths. Seeing as how my pitiful excuse for a brain had shut down some time ago, I couldn't even begin to describe what it felt like when our tongues meshed together. All I knew was that the feeling sent a shiver down my spine and made my skin pebble, despite how overheated I felt. And he tasted like fruit, with an exotic musky tang that I don't think I could place, even if I was able to think straight.

                After a moment, Ken's tongue retreated and I didn't think of anything except that I still wanted more. So, of course, I followed. Kami-sama, it just kept getting better, I felt like I was going into sensory overload or something. My knees began to buckle beneath me, no longer able to support my weight under the onslaught, and I reflexively reached out to grasp at Ken, my hands fisting in the fabric at his sides. At the same time I dimly felt the arm behind my back tighten and the slender body press even closer, keeping me pinned between him and the door. That was all right because then I could still kiss him, which was the point I was more focused on, frankly.

                We continued to kiss, tongues sparring, for a too-short eternity before I began to feel a bit more bold and equally restless. My mind was wrapped in a delicious fog, too focused on the feeling to even think of what it meant to think. I squirmed, moaning and tightening my hold on his shirt, silently asking for more, yet not really sure what I wanted more of. Never had I even imagined I could feel this good, like I was flying and drowning at the same time, shivering even though my skin felt like raging fire.

                All at once, I felt the world drop out from under me.

                "All right guys!" a voice called out, seeming to come from far away as the door was yanked from behind my back, stealing that bit of security that was holding me upright. "Time's up!" Thrown off-balance, a yelp squeaked past my freed lips as I fell inexorably down. I tried to catch myself, but there were things tangled around my feet and I could only grunt as I impacted hard on the ground. An instant later I felt something else crash down on top of me, and I was rather pleased to find it was the warm body of Ken now straddling my hips with his arms on either side of my head, propping him up.

                I was still recovering from the initial shock of the fall and of the sudden extra weight on me when I found Ken's lips once more pressed firmly against my own, courtesy of wonderful momentum and gravity. Immediately, we continued where we have left off, now fighting for dominance inside my own mouth. My hands once again found their way to the blue-haired boy's side, resting on his hips. Ken shifted his weight on top of me and I moaned at the shiver of pure bliss of the combination of sensations.

                In the next instant, I was deprived of those wonderful feelings and left cold as the warm body disappeared from my grasp. Slowly, I became aware of voices around me as I blinked my eyes to clear them. "Ara?" I asked intelligently, trying desperately to focus on someone. Loud laughter answered all around me, completely unhelpful.

                Miyako's heated face came sharply into focus, "What do you guys think you were just doing?" she demanded, but the question came out more like a screech and I winced reflexively.

                "What you told us to," I muttered, rolling onto my side to try and lever myself up off the floor.

                "I didn't tell you to do that!" the older girl yelled, and I could just imagine her flailing her arms madly with anger. I was almost tempted to turn around and see if she was; maybe after I got up.

                "You said it was a kissing game," I heard Ken point out calmly a little behind me. Miyako sputtered indignantly and tried to come up with more denials, but the others were all laughing too loudly and I was too busy crawling on my hands and knees away from all the noise, desperately seeking some dark – blissfully silent – corner to fall into until the world stopped tipping around.

                I finally found said corner after crawling mindlessly across the desert of crème carpet, collapsing against the wall and striving to tune out the hazy white noise that constituted the rest of the group. My eyelids began to droop, suddenly feeling tired. After a moment, I heard a grunt as something fell heavily beside me. I pried my eyes open wearily and was surprised to see Ken sitting beside me with a wry smile. I smirked back and then lifted a hand to cover my yawn. My eyelids began to fall again, feeling weighed down by giant weights, and I gave in and just closed them. I was sick of seeing the room tilt anyway.

*              *              *              *              *

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