Wow I knew he'd be big but my God he's stretching me to the max Penny said as she continued to rock back and forth on the tall Texan, she hoped Leonard hears.

God his hands are so big as he massaged her breasts as she rocked him, oh god I'm going to climax soon and I can tell he isn't close, oh well haven't had two orgasms in forever, definitely not with Leonard. Hell I'd be lucky to get one done nights.

As she climbed off of Sheldon she instructed him to do her doggy style as she place her head on the pillow and her ass up in the air, Sheldon was mesmerized, he always had a crush on Penny just because he didn't act on it like the others didn't mean he didn't, he was a male after all and Penny is a very beautiful woman with ample cleavage and wide hips and round buttocks, what guy wouldn't be interested? He just figured she wouldn't be back, so the fact he's about to soggy style Penny causes him an excitement he never experienced, as he she's the sweat glisten off her bare round backside, Penny's voice broken him from his thought as he entered her slowly until she was ready for his size.

He thrusts her faster and harder until both are barely out of breath Sheldon can't believe this is happening.

God I'm going to be sore in the morning, hell a week maybe a month, forget whack a doodle, how about King Kong or even Horse Cock?

As her moans become louder as she feels her climax coming and finally she feels Sheldon's as well, good for a guy that I've never seen him with a woman I can't believe he lasted so long, good I thought five minutes and that's it. Just as she says this Sheldon unleashed in her, causing her to climax.

Oh god that felt so good Sheldon thought, I hope she's not made that I climaxed in her womb, I know she's on the pill but those are hardly 100 percent, but then a Sheldon 2.0 wouldn't be so bad, of course Leonard would have to move out and eventually me and Penny would have to find a house eventually.

Oh my God I had the best sex and it was with Sheldon, it's official I'm losing my mind, but my God it wasn't even close and it twice.

Sheldon pulls out and Penny tells him to lay next to her as she falls asleep with her head on his chest, he didn't care that the shears were sweaty or that body fluids were on them and he didn't even care if someone was in his room or he didn't have his pj's on, all he cared about was the beautiful blonde women wrapped in his arms.