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There are many mysteries in life,

Things that we would never know.

Some times we ask ourselves why.


Did the woman I love die?

Why should he kill her,

Just because I loved her?


Did my mother have to live in shame,

Just because I'm the cursed boy.

Why should I be the cursed boy,

You people have no right to judge.


Did I have to find my brother,

Only to fight him in the end.

Why make us fight each other,

He's my only brother.


Did I have meet that bastard,

It was he who taught me evil.

Why deprive me of happiness,

By making him by father.


Did I have to find another mother,

A woman who loves me like I was her own son,

Even though I'm not her flesh and blood.

But only to have her live in fear,

That every breath that she take,

Might be her last.

Why do I have to meet her,

Because if she had never met me,

She would not be afraid

That she might die any day.


Do I have so many friends,

Who would lay down their lives for me.

Why did they call me sama,

Don't they know that,

They would have no happiness if they followed me.

I can offer them nothing.

There are many questions in life,

That one might ask.

But there are no answers to this questions,

The mysteries in life will remain.

Unfair to those who asked the questions,

But who ever said that life was fair?



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