Her clothes were torn. Simple tan shorts ripped in at least three critical areas and a brown t-shirt, jagged around the edges of the bottom and sleeves with a few central holes. Luckily, nothing terribly private was exposed, but they were far from red-carpet worthy. No shoes attached themselves to her feet and the only accessory she had was a well-worn Claddagh ring, the heart facing outwards.

As her limp body hung in the waves, her mostly brown hair and bright red, long bangs floated around her face. Her arms were at her sides as her back took the surface of the water. Slowly but surely, the girl drifted toward the shore. But it wasn't a public shore.

She lay in the sun, stranded on the sandy beach for who knew how long. Until he came to her rescue.

Short, I know. This is just a teaser and is supposed to be short! More shall come!