Hey guys! It's me here, bringing you another story. This one is all about fights between characters in the world of Steven Universe. It can be crazy fights like Jasper vs. Mayor Dewey, or Onion vs. Rose Quartz. It's a crazy battle to the death, and best of all? The fights are chosen by you! Vote for who you want to fight in the reviews. Since I can't leave emptyhanded, I'm going to give you a fight right now.

Greg was playing with Lion. He would throw the frisbee, and Lion would bring it back.

But one time, Lion bit his hand when he was trying to grab the frisbee back.

"OH DEAR GOD!" Greg screamed. He grabbed a newspaper and started smacking Lion on the head with it.

"Bad Lion! Bad Lion!" The interdimensional animal did not take kindly to this, and with one swift bite, he tore Greg's arm off.

Greg died from loss of blood, and the pink creature walked away, purring.

Not all the fights are going to be this short. I just wanted to make the first fight to give you a taste of what it was like. Anyway, vote who you want to see next in the reviews!