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Chapter 1: Sometimes it's the storm that keeps me awake at night. Sometimes it's you.


Mai touched her cold fingertips to the window covered in raindrops. She watched as the condensation fogged up the glass, observing how even from inside, the young girl was dealing with her own cataclysm.

Just prior to the storm that beat down on the rooftop of her apartment, she'd been reading outside. Reading had been the 19 year olds new obsession for a long time. Though she'd never admit why, it was all because of the raven haired man. How his cold stare left her bones shaking before he left. How she wanted to have more of those cold stares look at her.

The torrential downpour was the only thing that could gather a plethora of syllables to explain how she felt. Words were never enough to tell the people around her why she spent most of her days inside. Sometimes Mai would purposely turn down the heat so she'd have an excuse to curl up on her bed and never see light for the rest of the day.

But she was getting better. After four years of SPR leaving, she was expected to figure her life out for her own. Friends began to leave because Mai would cancel plans.

She would say she was busy with working at the library.

Or she would say she was ill.

Both were lies. Perhaps the last one wasn't as much. Mai was ill in a way. A way in her brain which in fact – wouldn't allow her heart to be happy.

It wasn't like she didn't like her friends. Just the anxiety got to her sometimes. Seeing people laugh around her began to annoy Mai. So she blocked out everyone.

But working at the library was her safe haven. A personal sort of purgatory. There was nothing terrible about it – yet there was nothing extraordinary neither. Mai lost herself in literature. The way the beautiful words formed in her mouth was her muse.

Mai forgot about her life when she read a story. She forgot about how everyone left her.

Her parents and SPR.

The only people she's ever cared about.

And they were gone. And Mai didn't know why.

But that wasn't the only thing Mai was missing. She was missing the rush she felt of ghost hunting. She missed the dangerous escapades throughout their cases and missions to fight off paranormal activity. But she also missed the sort of… tranquility she felt when the spirit and or ghost, would be released.

Mai missed a lot of things about her old life. She just had a hard time accepting she was abandoned.

Sighing, the young girl rose from her seat by the window. She popped into the kitchen to grab a mug to fill it with tea.

She plopped in honey drops and took a whiff of it. It smelled like Naru so much.

And Mai knew it was a bad idea to have his favorite kind of tea just before heading to bed. But she couldn't much help it. It reminded her of heart ache – but it also got her a chance to reminisce about the happy times.

It also got her to dream a lot. A day where they would finally come knocking on her door.

But Mai didn't know whether her heart could take it. In a way, she was sort of sick. Time has done nothing but damage her walls. Her once crystalline, cinnamon eyes have become decrepit and worn. The ivy that began to crawl up her skinny arms and legs have prevented her to move. Her foundation started rotting.

She was a house that's on the verge of crumbling into ashes. And it was all because of them. Because Mai was living in a dream. A dream where she would hear their knock on her door – where they awaited with smiling faces.

Mai laughed at the thought. As if that would happen.

So the 19 year old cupped her hot mug tight and headed into her bedroom. She read a few chapters of a book she borrowed from the library. She wasn't really supposed to take books without checking them out herself first..

Not like anybody will notice anyway, Mai thought, getting comfortable on her bed.

When the clock struck 2:30 a.m, that's when the lights went out.

Mai could have spilled her tea all over her book if she hadn't reminded herself right away it was probably because of the storm.

Mai felt around for the night stand and set her cup down. She grabbed her curtains and swung them open. Even the street lights outside had been out.

The only source of light she had was a candle and the millisecond lightning that came every minute.

Mai huffed in irritation. She never liked the dark when she couldn't control it.

But she couldn't quite do anything about it, so she just curled back into her bed and decided it was time to fall asleep.

Her eyelids only had enough time to rest until it hit 3:00 on her phone.

That was when Mai heard the knocking.

Tap..tap.. Tap.

The girl barely shifted as she heard the knocking in her mid sleep.

Tap..tap.. Tap.

This time, she groaned and let her limbs stretch. Mai sighed through her nose – still half asleep and still non-coherent.

Tap.. Tap.. Tap.

The third knock is what finally drove Mai out of bed.

"Yeah yeah!" She complained, scratching her head as she headed to the door. "I'm coming I'm coming!"

But just she reached the door, she checked her phone for the time.

It read 3:30 a.m… So who the heck would be here at 3 in the morning?

Mai looked up from her phone and stared at the door.

"W-who is it?"

When Mai received no answer, she convinced herself she must have been hearing things. But just as she turned away, it happened again.

Tap.. Tap.. Tap.

Mai's nerves were racing. She flashed around in a heart beat and continued to stare at her front door.

Tap.. Tap.. Tap.

"I said who the hell is it?!" Mai commanded, angry that someone at this hour had her so unsettled. "Answer me or go away!"

Tap.. Tap.. Tap.

Mai had enough after the billionth knock. She felt for the doorknob and swung it open, ready to face who the hell was on the other side of the door.

But the thing was;

Nobody was there.

Mai's fingers twitched as she stared at the darkness beyond her door. The hallway in front of the girl was seemingly empty.

So she inched herself out of her doorway and in attempts of searching for who might have been there, she used her cellphone as a guide. But as Mai walked farther from her apartment room, the more she felt an odd familiar sense.

As if somebody was watching her.

She could feel the hair rising on her neck. Goosebumps covered her arms. Beneath her chest, she felt her heart beat faster with every second.

As Mai took another step – she felt something this time.

She felt hot on her neck. Somebody.. Was breathing heavily in her ear.

The girl turned around, squinting as she tried to make out just who had been there.

But the hallway was the same as before. Empty.

She had enough of this. Mai quickly made it back to her door and locked it behind her. She never noticed her hands were shaking until she switched the three locks into place.

It wasn't the first time something like this had happened to the young woman. It was a stormy night like this one – where the rainwater drained into the gutters consistently for hours. The unyielding lightning struck the sky repeatedly. The thunder had beat on Mai's ear drums just like tonight.

Before when this happened, she was outside. She was walking home from the library when she felt the same eyes on her. How they bore into her. How they never stopped looking her way.

She got into her apartment quickly, and forgotten about it the rest of the day.

But now, she was inside her apartment.

But she still felt the same eyes on her.

Mai squinted her eyes against the darkness. She could only feel her heart beating beneath her ribs as she felt her way back to her room.

She locked her door behind her and carefully made her way back into her bed.

As the night dragged on, the storm grew quieter. But the Lightning flashed endlessly across the black sky. The clouds lit up every time Mai heard the thunder roll across the hills. She was curled up comfortably in her blankets, trying to ignore the nagging feeling of that certain presence.

Although the time came where she could no longer stay awake.

Sleep was upon her within little time. But as Mai slipped into a peaceful slumber, her consciousness gave way. She felt herself slowly unthreading and breaking apart from reality. She convinced herself that nothing else mattered but sinking into her bed and sleeping for the rest of the night.

That was of course, until she felt a hand cover her mouth.