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Chapter 4: Possession.


Mai's wobbly knees barely got her to the bathroom that day. It was that time of year when some weird heat wave decided to cloud Japan and trap everyone in it like an incubator to a baby. Aromas of dandelions crept through cracked windows and the heat soaked her clothes until she couldn't smell the sweet smells anymore, but only herself.

It was like she was in a daze, walking around like a body without a soul. Her eyes were half lidded, her mouth slightly open, and her mind careless.

She didn't even mind the fact that Naru was absent from his own home. Mai remembers taking a nap at some point in time, but there was just too many instances where she woke up and fell back asleep. For all she knew, the last time she fell asleep, it could have been twenty minutes ago. Or even ten years.

The girl didn't bother to find out if he was in his office somewhere in the huge apartment. Or even in the living room. She just didn't care.

Mai found clothes somewhere on the floor that looked like a t-shirt and gym shorts, and she decided it was better than what she was wearing. She drove herself into the bathroom, and turned the faucet blasting.

The teen stripped of everything and dove into the blistering water where the heat calmed her aching muscles.

Dear god, it was like she had ran a marathon. And the heat was making her drowsy and tired – but oh, she enjoyed it very much so.

She basked in the nauseating heat, thankful for the fatigue, somehow. Mai felt like she was supposed to remember something.

Was she?

Oh she didn't know.

The heat was just so nice.

And everything was just… Calm.

At some point in time, she doused herself in shampoo that smelled of ocean seashells and these peculiar pink soaps that smelled of Camilla flowers.

She smelled like a garden section you would go to at stores. She enjoyed it.

But Mai dunked her head deep below the surface where it was even quieter.

Perhaps it was…too quiet.

The silence often makes a person think. And when Mai started thinking too much, she began to remember things.

The girl surfaced and quickly gasped in cold air that led her to cough up a storm.

She shouldn't have started to think.

Because suddenly, everything that happened came clear into view. She remembered the torrential downpour. She remembered the tapping at her door. She remembered blood and gore and awful awful things –

She remembered she was a murderer.

Mai rubbed her eyes wearily and unplugged the tub, gathering herself until she came into view of the mirror.

How was she going to live with herself?

She wasn't sure if it was apathy. She wasn't sure if her memories weren't really clear or not, but Mai had this odd sensation in her mind that it wasn't she who did it.

But that couldn't be right… Could it? She was the only person there.

And even if she was to lie to herself, her reflection bore the truth.

There was marks up and down her body. Water color bruises painted her neck and shoulders like an ugly canvas. She was a wreck. A complete mess of a girl.

But that wasn't what caught her attention.

Her eyes were no longer brown.

She distinctly remembers her iris's being an almond color but they were the complete opposite.

…They were…


It wasn't all green, of course. When Mai took a closer look, she noticed the stormy color was only rimmed around her pupil.

So part of her eyes were brown… And the other part was emerald.


It would have been less shocking if they were mixed, but it was as if they were fighting a battle to see which color could conquer the other.

It was complete madness and yet Mai was staring right at it.

She shrugged it off after long while of staring into her own reflection. Mai hoped no one would notice the abnormality and just figure she just got some bizarre contacts. She promised herself she would look online for more information. Maybe it was her change in appetite that caused it?

~ Naru POV ~

It was odd to see the 21 year old in such a distressed state. A heat wave soaked his suit as he sat in his office within his apartment. He was picking at the access dirt underneath each fingernail while staring at the wall as if it was his worst enemy.

The blinds were closed. But it still wasn't dark enough. Beams managed to sneak in through the cracks and highlight his pale face.

This whole ordeal with Mai was beginning to infuriate him. He had many conversations with authorities about the incident.

He remembered the smell of coffee and cigarettes permeating from their breaths, saying one simple thing: Mai had done them a favor.

The man Mai killed was thieving since late January of last year. And to most recent discoveries, he was a convicted sex offender. He attempted three different teenagers twenty years back between the ages of 14 and 18.

As far as Oliver knew, Mai could have been the next victim.

And for some reason, that made the 21 year old clench his jaw and tighten his fists harder.

She should have stabbed him more than once. She should have strangled him until his eyes popped out.

He gripped the bridge of his nose. That was extremely morbid to think of such things. She was making him into a fool, thinking the rotten should deserve more than death. Death was enough.

But Oliver a hard time agreeing with his own advice. Because imagining him doing that to an innocent girl and no less – Mai, made his chest swirl with anger.

It's been a while since he felt something as strongly as this. It's just that Oliver had no patience with vermin like him.

So he decided to gather himself and head out of his office to make himself a cup of tea. Mai was no doubt still sleeping, so he couldn't very well ask her to do the task.

But just as he rounded the corner towards the kitchen, something very slight hit his chest. To be honest, Oliver wouldn't have noticed if the girl hadn't said anything.

"N-Naru! I'm so sorry! I-I wasn't looking where I was going!" She said, jumping a yard back where she grabbed her chest from the shock.

Oliver just gave her a pointed look, and then almost addressed her attire, but decided to remain silent. Mai was wearing his clothes, a t-shirt and gym shorts that she must have absentmindedly grabbed from the floor of his room.

And by the looks of it, she had just taken a shower. She was drowning in his clothes.

Oliver would have thought this amusing if he wasn't desperately wishing for tea.

"Oh yeah! Your going to make some tea right?" She questioned, a slight smile shaping her face that quickly turned witty. "I've already prepared some. You're too predictable, Naru."

How had she managed to be so quiet? Was he really that deep into his own thoughts within his office?

Oliver made a mental note to pay attention more to the girls quiet feet. Snoops are prohibited.

He said nothing and continued to the kitchen where his earl grey sat, swirling in heat and deliciousness.

Ahh, Mai's tea. How could he forget it?

He quietly sat down, grabbing the newspaper as he calmly sipped his tea.

Mmmh. Just as he remembered it.

"Soooo Naru," Mai played, sitting across from him. Oliver had forgotten she was still here.

He payed her no attention and continued reading.

"Any word from the authorities?"

Naru blinked, but kept his eyes on the paper nevertheless. "We already discussed this. They deemed it self defense."

"Yes yes," she said, batting at the air as if the memory of her latching onto him could disappear. "But I meant if they mentioned anything about the man?"

Naru took a sip of his tea. "The man you killed?"

He had said it so bluntly that her words bunched up in one. But she gave up quickly and ended up waiting for him to speak.

"Are you concerned for him?" He questioned.

Her eyes fluttered and she turned her attention to her feet. "W-well yeah. I just wanted to know what kind of person he was."

Mai was doing a poor job of hiding her hurt. Sympathy, however, was something Oliver lacked.

But he couldn't bring himself to mention the little fact of the man being a bad person. No matter how you looked at it, instances like this don't go away with the snap of your fingers. Lessening Mai's guilt won't change the fact of what happened that night was real.

"If I told you what kind of man he was, would that make you sleep better, Mai?" He questioned tactically. "Or maybe you can manage to look at yourself in the mirror again if you knew how much of a terrible man he was?"

His words cut through her skin and it seemed as if he guessed right.

"N-no it's just that I-"

"You what?" He bartered. "Listen to my words of advice Mai, because they don't come very often."

He put his newspaper and tea down on the table, and causally clasped his hands together. Oliver had a knack for giving glares to those he disliked. But this time, he made an exception.

His eyebrows softened.

"Forgive yourself."

Mai's expression turned all kinds of colors of emotions. Anger, hurt and then finally ended impassive with a simple sigh escaping her mouth.

"It's not as easy as you think," she mumbled.

"Of course it's not," Oliver continued, picking his tea back up.

She made him ramble when he didn't even want to. It bothered him more than he would imagined.

But honestly, he just wanted to get over the touchy feely emotions. People who lack to common knowledge to not control their own happiness tends to irritate the young man. They exploited mental illness like it was incurable.

But happiness is just in their reach. It just takes the right person to help them realize it.

Mai was very much persuadable. But there was still this emptiness in her eyes that not even his words could fill.

"Oh Naru! Are you out of tea? I'll make you more!"

She went to swipe his cup, but somehow missed the handle completely and it flew out of her hands, shattering against the cupboards.

He fixed her a glare.

She gasped. "Ah! Naru I'm so sorry! I was just –"

He raised a hand for her to stop.

"But I-

His glare intensified.

She snapped her mouth shut, but nevertheless, tip toed over to the mess she made. Carefully, she gathered glass shards into a palm and seemed to fix her eyes hard on them, changing her train of thought.

"S-sorry about the cup Naru. Really, I-I'm sorry about everything lately. I know it has taken a toll on you, taking care of me for free and all. I-I really…" She stopped and a small smile ticked at her lip. " I just really... appreciate it."

Oliver considered her appreciation for a moment, but it disappeared as quickly as it came. His plastic eyes set hard and doubtful on her face. Oliver was indeed not a giving man. Charity for the needy – he could do. But charity for the uneedy? Well, that just didn't suit his style.

He tried to play back his smirk, but it ended up in a scowl.

"Who said it was for free?"

Silence filled the gap between the two and it hovered over Mai's confused expression for what almost seemed like a century.

Her eyebrows furrowed, and opened her mouth to question the meaning, but her words were immediately drowned out by a new appearance within the building.

Lin and Eugene burst threw the door, causing them to jump at the sudden disruption. Though mostly the abnoxious noise was on Eugene because he couldn't stop barking at the new presence among Oliver's apartment.

Mai quickly dusted off her hands and the glass fell from her palms like they were porcelain. But as the brunette noticed Lin's arrival, she screamed him a hello, and dug her fingers into the inky colored dog beside him.

"Lin! Is this your dog?!" She gaped, scratching her fingers behind the dogs ear excitedly. But she payed Lin no mind, because her eyes caught the collar underneath the animals fur.

Mai's thumb traced the graved marking like it was the most terrifying thing you could hold.

"Naru… You named your dog after your brother?"

He had a hard time not rolling his eyes. As if he was that pathetic. He quickly exchanged a conversation between Lin about tomorrow's morning schedule and turned his attention back to Mai.

"No, Mai. I didn't."

She just gave him this empty stare. The kind of stare that always let the narcissist know that she was in a stage of complete and utter confusion.

Oliver sighed and signaled for Lin to explain. And that's exactly what he did.

"Mai, this dog was sent by Noll's father. He has been used on many experiments involving paranormal… One of them is possession."

"Possession!?" She gasped.

"Yes…" He cleared his throat. "Eugene and Oliver had exchanged many conversations. Noll's brother asked him for a favor and this happened to be one of them."

Mai blinked. "So you're telling me that…" she mumbled, cocking her head one way. "That Eugene possesses this dog?"

He nodded. "Precisely. Though he only possesses them on cases. Right now, it is just a normal dog.."

"But why would he do such a thing as… Possessing?"

Naru decided to intervene. "That is personal information that you needn't involve yourself in," he said, voice like thread and needle cutting into her skin.

It seemed Mai got the memo and kept her mouth shut tight. Though as she tangled her fingers into the dogs fur, her silence didn't last long. Mai got this curious expression on her face that Oliver couldn't determine whether it was absolute wonderment, or absolute terror.

"N-Naru?" She mumbled, but didn't wait for an answer. "Do you start…"

"Start what, Mai?" He probed.

She gulped. "Do you start looking like the person who possesses you?"

She must have noticed the dogs eye color.

"Yes," Naru said, voice impassive. "When Gene started possessing this dog, it began to change features in the dog. Such as eye color and the fur. This only happens when it's possessed by a stronger source. My brother being far from the average ghost, has been able to change the dogs features unwillingly."

There was little breaths exchanged as Mai stared deep into the sapphire eyes of the dog named Eugene.

"So your… Eye color starts to change?" She whispered meekly.

He had a hard time not rolling his eyes. Didn't he just explain that?

But instead his eyes narrowed and he fixed her with a curious stare. "Is there something concerning you with the dog, Mai?"

But the girl said nothing. He stared at her profile and noticed her eyes were wider than usual. Was she afraid of something?

But if she was, the girl never said anything.

Mai gathered on her feet, mumbled something that sounded like an excuse to go to the bathroom, and faded along the shadows of his apartment.

She left him there, curiosity churning his mind while sunset ascended on the building, morphing his skin into orange and purple hues.

What was she hiding?