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Erza and Gray searched high and low for the key. They checked every place that could possibly have it, but had no such luck in locating it.

"What if it already got sucked into some void?" Gray asked pessimistically. Then we'll never get out of here. He thought.

The scarlet-haired beauty sighed, turning around to look at him. "You can't think like that, Gray. There must have been some spot that we overlooked in our rush to find them." She said, scratching her chin.

"Well where else could it be!? We have to get that key, and fast!" Gray yelled. It was then that Erza took in his full appearance. His skin was much paler, which wasn't that surprising considering where they were, his hair was disheveled in some many ways and he had dark bags under his eyes. Red blood vessels crept along the whites of his eyes towards his pupils and he was breathing heavily, like he was trying to gain his breath.

"What makes you say that?" Erza asked.

Gray crossed his arms in a serious manner. "I just have a feeling that wherever Natsu and Lucy are, there's bound to be trouble I don't want either of those two getting hurt." He admitted. It wasn't common that Gray would express his worry for someone. He has done it for Lucy a couple of times, but almost never Natsu. But Erza could clearly see that he was so scared at the moment. Who wouldn't be? They were stuck on a haunted ship for four days with limited water and food, which had all finished, and they were trying to solve a mystery about some keys to keep the ghosts from killing them. It could change to facade that someone puts up around other people.

And now, Erza could see that Gray was truly scared. He just didn't want to lose another important person in his life.

Erza glared at him, trying to motivate him to keep going. "Well if we don't hurry up, then they are going to get hurt. We have to keep searching. If there is even a sliver of a chance that the keys are still out there, there is no reason to give up."

Gray breathed a deep sigh. "Yeah, let's go." He said as they exited the room they were in and went into another one. This one had large glass windows on almost all of the walls, looking out into the dense gray fog that surrounded them. Near almost all of the windows was a telescope. The floor, what was left of it, was carpeted and had random books lying around in different places.

"It's an observatory." Erza stated as she looked around. She and Gray hopped from places to place, avoiding the deteriorating floor. Gray had to quickly move his foot away to keep it from falling into another crack.

"Damn, this whole ship disappearing thing is really starting to piss me off." Gray mumbled. "I'm surprised there's any floor left from how long it has been vanishing for."

"Well, it only did start vanishing yesterday." Erza stated as she looked out one of the windows. "If the key was here, then where would it be?" Erza asked mainly herself but Gray answered as well.

"Well, obviously it would be in a place that we would least expect it to be." Gray said as he looked at the painting on the wall. It was one of the olden-time portrait paintings, probably of some European guy. His eyes were cold and lifeless, unlike some of the beautiful artwork that he had seen before, but the eyes gave him a sort of feeling that there was something behind them. Not literally, but as in the meaning behind why they were painted like that.

Now that Gray looked around, he noticed that there were plenty European paintings just like that one that all had their eyes painted a certain way, a way that makes them look like they are staring at something.

"Hey Erza? Do you notice something off about these paintings?" Gray asked. Erza looked at the painting he was standing next to and then the other ones that were filling up the places on the walls were the windows were not. She raised a questioning eyebrow at him as a tacit to explain. "Look at the eyes, they all look like they are staring at something."

Erza took one last look, and noticed that all of the eyes were pointing in the same direction, like they were a map of some sorts. However, before Erza could follow where the eyes led, a piercing scream broke through the room, making Erza and Gray cover their ears to try to wane the sound of the horrible wail. They felt as if the gravity in the room increased and was trying to pull them deeper into the Earth.

By the time the sound stopped, Erza and Gray were gasping for breath as if they had just run a marathon. They hesitantly removed their hands from their heads and gently sat up, looking around the room to see if there was anything that they were going to confront. There was no ghost nor supernatural being around them. However, something was obviously there. And it was being blatantly obvious that it didn't want them around.

All of the paintings' faces were scratched up. The eyes of the painting were missing along with the head of each person.

Gray slowly walked over to one of the paintings and held it up, clearly seeing through the rip to the other side. "Now what?" He asked solemnly as he put down the painting and turned to Erza. Erza looked at the wall where the painting used to be.

"The eyes were pointing straight from here, correct?" She asked Gray, referring to the painting he was previously looking at. Gray nodded. She then walked over to where the painting she was looking at was. "And this painting was looking through it's peripheral vision..." she said to herself.

"Erza, what the hell are you talking about?" Gray asked, confused, but Erza just kept mumbling to herself.

"If we position the exact places where all of the eyes were pointing, then they would point to..." she started, turning her head to look at the window at the far end of the room. "...there." She finally said in a strong voice as she made her way over to the window, Gray following her every footstep. It wasn't the window itself that would give her any clues, but it was the telescope that was pressed against it that sparked her interest. "What we are looking for must be here." She said as she examined the telescope. Gray dipped down and looked into the eyepiece, but saw nothing special, just gray mist that had seemed to be a little more colorful.

"How is this thing supposed to lead us to the remaining keys?" Gray asked. Erza shrugged, but continued to examine the telescope. In all honesty, it looked like a newly-made piece of artwork. There were intricate designs of gold and silver among the rims and the body was a sleek, shiny black. There was no way that it had been there for over forty years.

A cold breeze swept through the room and a chilling feeling settled in the marrow of their bones. There was something behind them, and they both knew it. The question was, what was the best approach to it. Erza gripped one of Lucy's keys in her hand, daring herself to spin around. Her eyes then landed on the black figure. Gray examined it for a moment, feeling a surge of familiarity flow through him. He quickly held Erza back before she launched.

"What are you doing!?" Erza yelled at him, and Gray couldn't help but shiver, but he kept his hold strong on her. He then looked towards the figure, who had yet to make a move.

"It's him." He whispered. Erza's eyebrows scrunched in confusion, not contemplating who Gray was referring to.


"The one that helped us out in the engine room." He said. Upon closer inspection, she could see how Gray could have come to that conclusion. The figure had the same shape as it did before, and the most distinctive characteristic would be the three smaller figures following him around. "Maybe he's here to help us again?"

"I wouldn't be so sure. They are our enemy, after all." Erza said, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes dangerously.

"Well, are you going to ask what he want or am I going to have to?" Gray asked, a little apprehensively. Erza just rolled her eyes and took a step forward. The figure did not move.

"What do you want?" Erza asked, straight to the point. The ghost pointed one long, shadowy finger towards the telescope, and then made a turning motion with his hands. Erza looked back at the telescope and motioned to Gray, telling him to copy the action of the ghost. While Gray tried to figure that out, Erza turned back to the ghost. "Why are you helping us? What are you hoping to gin out of this" Erza asked.

The figure shrugged and turned away from her, his three little figures following him. But then, he seemed to look over his shoulder, or what Erza thought was his shoulder.

"Freedom." He whispered in that low demonic voice.

"Freedom. Freedom. Freedom." The little voices copied. He then looked straight again.

"I won't help you again."

And then he vanished.

Erza gazed at the spot the ghost was once in. It was odd that he was the only ghost that had helped them, and it still puzzled her why.

"I think I got it!" Gray yelled from behind her. Erza looked over at him just as he was twisting the eyepiece. The lens came off and he reached two fingers inside, since his whole arm would never fit.

"Can you reach them?" Erza asked.

"I think so." Gray said in a strained voice as he tried to stretch his fingers deeper into the telescope. He finally caught something cold and metal, and immediately knew what it was. He quickly clasped them between his index and middle fingers and pulled them out, revealing the remaining two keys, Libra and Pisces. Not like he would really know that though. "We've got them...we've got them..." Gray trailed off, still finding it hard to believe that they had finally reached their goal after so long. (4 days, but it's a long time if you are them.)

"We don't have any time to waste! We have to get to that flower before anything happens to Natsu or Lucy!" Erza said. Gray nodded before they set out down the hallway, back to where the Magnolia was.

One thing was off, however. There were no ghosts there to stop them this time.

Natsu looked into the eyes of his best friend, now morphed into cold, stony red orbs. Her expression was stoic, however the slight smirk of her lips was evident.

Whoever this was, it was definitely not Lucy.

"L-Lucy?" Natsu whispered in a strained voice. His best friend's facsimile just narrowed her eyes at him, obviously not recognizing who he was. She then raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, is that the girl's name?" Her first words were spoken in a demonic voice. It sounded like Batman's voice but a little less like it had gone through puberty and more like a regular man's. Natsu's eyes widened as he attempted to get off the ground, but as he got up, a force pushed him back down. He looked up to see two of the ghosts holding his arms down, rendering him unable to move. It was then that he regretted not taking one of the keys with him. "Hold them down, my minions." Lucy commanded.

"Who the hell are you!? What have you done to Lucy!?" Natsu yelled as he struggled against the hold that was put on him.

"My name is Ivan, and I'm sorry to say this, but your little girlfriend is dead." She said in a venomous voice. She then looked at the two black figures. "Throw him into the void." They did as they were told, dragging a limp Natsu towards one of the crevices. That one word repeated over and over in Natsu's mind.





F*ck no!

"You bastard! Lucy isn't dead!" Natsu yelled hysterically as he began to struggle once again.

Ivan laughed. "This girl is just a vessel for me. Just an empty shell. Darkness will always overpower people." He said as he started to get farther and farther away due to the ghosts dragging him.

It was then that something clicked in his mind. Those words that were written on the walls.

The opposite of darkness is love.

That was it.

Natsu was finally able to struggle out of the grip of both of the ghosts and reach Lucy, where he held her face in between is hands. He felt the ghosts come back and try to pull him off, but he held on strong, forcing himself and Lucy onto the ground.

"What are you doing, you fool!?" Lucy snarled with narrowed red eyes. However, Natsu did not flinch, but just looked for any sign that his Lucy was still inside.

"Come on, Luce. I know you're still in there. Come back to me." He said in a gentle voice. The ghosts stopped tugging at him, knowing that if they continued, Ivan would be dragged down with him as well.

Lucy smirked. "You really don't know how to take a clue, do you?" She said as she yanked her face away from him, only to have his hands catch her upper arms. He was now kneeling in front of her, his eyes determined and strong.

"Lucy wouldn't be beaten like this. She's so strong and kind and loving, so her heart would never be out ruled by darkness!" Natsu yelled.

"Well it was! She's dead now! There's nothing more you can do about it!" She retorted in that demonic voice. He could feel a dark energy surround them now and the air was getting thicker by the minute.

No, Lucy is still in there somewhere. I can just feel it. Natsu thought.

"Lucy isn't gone...I refuse to believe so." He then did something that he never thought he would do in his life.

He kissed her.

He put all of the love he felt for her into the kiss, and for a second, she went limp, and stopped resisting, and that was all the proof he needed. She was still in there somewhere, but she was being oppressed. She then started to struggle against him once again. Finally pushing away, she sent out some sort of dark pulse that sent him straight through the two ghosts. They then solidified again and started to drag him away.

"You must be very stupid if you thought that would work." Lucy said, walking after the dragged boy. He glared daggers at her as he felt hot tears sting his eyes. "This girl here is mine, and there ain't nothing you can do about it." She said. When the two ghosts finally reached the gaping gray abyss, she said, "Throw this pest away."

And they did so, but not before Natsu caught Lucy's ankle, forcing her down with him. Somehow, he managed to grab the edge of the floor so that he wouldn't fall in while hanging on to Lucy's left wrist. He managed to force himself up, but his hand was still holding Lucy.

"You fool, pull me up!" She ordered.

"No! Not until you return Lucy to me!" Natsu yelled. His voice then softened. "Lucy please come back to me. I love you more than anyone in the world, and I want to just bash my head into a wall for not telling you sooner. Please, just please come back to me." Those warm tears were now streaming down his face, with a few droplets landing on her face.

Her eyes then started to widen, and she clutched her head with her right hand and let out an agonizing scream, making Natsu grip her with his unoccupied hand as well. She then looked up once again, and he saw one malicious eye glaring at him, but also one beautiful chocolate brown eye that had a streak of salt water flowing out of it. It looked like her face was split in half, with one side angel and the other a devil. If there wasn't such gravity on this situation, he would have told her how weird she looked.

"Natsu." Her voice was sweet again, and he knew that his Lucy was fighting through the darkness that had overpowered her. "You have to let me go." She finally said, and Natsu's eyes widened.

"N-no way! There's no way I'm just going to drop you." He then felt her grip on him tighten.

"You stupid boy! Just pull me up!" The voice of Ivan broke through, and Natsu responded by gripping her hand tighter. She then shook her head once again. "Please Natsu, I-I'm too dangerous. Get that crank and get out of here!"

"You're really stupid aren't you?" Natsu asked, and Lucy could just muster one mock glare. "How could I ever let go of you? I love you too much." He gave an embarrassing voice crack at the end, but he didn't care. Lucy, however, still didn't look convinced. Natsu decided that it was a good time to pull Lucy up, for a few reasons.

1. His arm was getting tired. He may have really strong muscles but they were starting to cramp.

2. He just wanted to hold Lucy once again.

3. If he didn't pull her up, who knows if the ghosts would push him and then they both would fall into the gaping abyss.

Lucy started to resist his hold. She then stopped, only to focus her energy to make her body an incredibly hot temperature. It was starting to burn Natsu's skin, but he didn't care, he kept his grip firm. He then looked into her eyes, which were now both red.

"Come on, Lucy. I know you can fight him." He said as he cupped her face, immediately moving away when she almost bit him.

"She won't be able to for long, and there isn't anything you can do about it." The low demonic voice said as she pushed out of Natsu's hold and grabbed his neck, holding him to the ground. Natsu gasped for breath, and Lucy had a mad serial killer look in her eyes. She was so focused on killing Natsu, that she didn't notice that there weren't any ghosts around to assist her.

"Isn't there?" Another voice intervened. Lucy's head snapped towards the sound of the woman's voice, making her grip loosen a little bit on Natsu. Natsu looked towards his friend, holding in one hand a silver metal piece. Next to her was the stripper himself holding the music box in one hand and staying close to Erza, making sure that she was there in case the music box took control over him.

Lucy's eyes grew wide with terror as she finally let go of Natsu, making him cough and wheeze to get air in his lungs. She then made her way over to his two companions. "Put that down you brats!" She yelled in her demonic voice. Erza quickly took the box from Gray and took out the crank that was already in there.

"Why? Are you afraid we'll do this." She said as she inserted the crank and turned it with all of her might, just as Lucy tackled her to the ground. A blinding light shot out of the box, and all around them you could hear agonizing screams, but none of them compared to Lucy's. She sounded as if she was being burned alive. She clutched her head in sheer agony, but because the room was so bright, none of her friends could rush to her aid, as much as they, mainly Natsu, wanted to. The light then started to fade, signaling that it was okay to open their eyes now. Natsu opened is first, just to see Lucy drop to the ground, limp, and not moving.

Natsu pushed his body up and rushed over to her. "Lucy?" He called once, shaking her softly. He knew she was alive, since she was breathing, but it would calm his heart down a lot if she was awake right now. "Luce, come on, get up." He said slapping her face lightly. He then poked her. Over and over again, and he saw her face scrunch up.

"If that's Natsu...I'm going to kill you." She said drowsily, her eyes still closed. Her voice was back to normal, and as she opened her eyelids, he saw two beautiful chocolate orbs staring back at him. He shook his head and chuckled as he felt tears fall down his face.

"Well? You gonna kill me now?" Natsu asked jokingly. Lucy rolled her eyes as she sat up.

"Not yet. Wait until we get home." Lucy said as Erza knelt down next to her and helped her up, giving her a hug.

"Yeah, home...we're finally going home..." Natsu trailed off as Gray yanked him off the ground, eliciting a middle finger from the pink-haired boy. Gray rolled his eyes as he went to hug Lucy as well.

"I'd hate to break up this touchy moment," Gray started as he crossed his arms. "but I just want to get out of here before something else happens and we're stuck here again."

"Agreed." The three of them said in unison, starting towards the main entrance.

"Wait guys, look!" Lucy said as she pointed to the wall. The rest of the teens stared at it in shock.

"The's repairing itself." Gray said, staring at the wall that looked, well... more like a wall than just random bits of plasterboard. Natsu then ran over to a window that was at the end of the hall.

"There's no fog outside anymore!" He screamed in glee, doing a little leprechaun jump when making his way back to them.

"That's a relief, now we can go." Erza said as she nodded her head. The four teens smiled as they thought about going home. Erza and Gray walked ahead of both Natsu and Lucy, and the atmosphere was a little awkward around them. Natsu didn't know to how bring up how he felt about her and Lucy was just trying to shake the fact that she just remembered that he kissed her. Lucy blushed beet red at the realization. However, they both decided that they were going to have to break the silence at some point.

"Hey-" They both started at the same time. "No please, you start-" They said in unison once again. "No, I insist!" This was getting absolutely nowhere, so Natsu decided to wrap his arm around her shoulder and cover her mouth while also pulling her towards him. "Alright then, if you insist!" He said with a boyish grin. Lucy shot him a half-hearted glare, removing his hand from her mouth. Natsu coughed nervously, forgetting what he wanted to say. There was just no good way to tell her his feelings. He only sighed. "I'm happy that you're back with me, Lucy. I almost thought I had lost you there."

Lucy smiled as she averted her eyes. "The only reason that I'm still here right now is because you refused to let go of me." She stated.

"Yeah, what was that crap you were saying, anyway?" Natsu asked, raising an eyebrow. Lucy blushed and didn't answer. "It doesn't matter how many times you'll tell me to let go, I never will. I promise."

Lucy nudged him. "Don't make promises you don't know that you can keep."

"Nah, I know that I'll keep this one." He said confidently.

Lucy let a small smile cross her face, and leaned over to place a kiss on his cheek. However, it just so happened that Natsu turned his head at that moment.

So she ended up kissing him on the lips.


Both teens eyes were widened with shock, but neither of them pulled away immediately. Natsu pointed out to himself that despite being on a floating hell for four days without a moisturizer, her lips were just so soft. He felt his eyes close as he cupped her cheek and deepened the kiss. Lucy's eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of their sockets. However, she also started to respond shyly, not knowing what to do in that kind of situation. But just as she started to, Natsu broke it off. It wasn't like he didn't like it, quite the opposite actually, but it didn't look like the right setting for that sort of thing.

"Come on Lucy, Erza and Gray are probably already off the ship by now." He said as he picked her up and placed her on his back before running after his two other friends. Lucy just hung her arms loosely around his neck, still and a daze and blushing a tomato red.

They had all just slid off the rope and landed on the concrete before they literally fell too the ground, breathing in the scent of fresh air. It was evening as far as they could tell, considering the sun was setting and the sky was illuminated beautiful reds and yellows, and it painted the clouds a peaceful pink color.

"Come on guys, we have to get up." Gray said as he forced his tired muscles to stand.

"Very well, let us go." She said, stealing one last glance at the ship before they made their way to the exit. That was before a white light surrounded the area in front of them. When the light vanished, there stood a little man, one not above the height of two feet: Captain Makarov Dreyar. He was transparent and had a glowing white aura around him, but he still had on a friendly smile, one that made him look alive.

"Captain Makarov?" Lucy asked in a whispered tone. The small ghost nodded and his grin grew brighter.

"Yes, my dear. Thank you so much for freeing us. We are forever in your debt." He said, bowing. Erza knelt to his height to look him straight in the eye.

"We're just glad that you can leave now." She said.

Another white light flashed in front of them, and then came a large figure with blonde hair and a large lightning blot-like scar, at least five feet taller than the first spirit. In his arms was a little girl with dark green hair and wide eyes, a face that all four teens were familiar with. The man said nothing as he gave a quick bow, letting the little girl run out of his arms. She immediately made her way to Lucy, motioning for her to come down to her height.

"Thank you, Ms. Lucy and friends! I can go to the place where there are lots of those people with wings now!" The little girl chirped happily. Lucy had to brush a stray tear out of her eye as she looked at the little girl who was now freed from the horrible place. Lucy assumed that the place she was referring to was heaven, and the 'people with wings' are angels.

"You sure can, honey." Lucy replied. Lucy then hesitantly brought up her hand to touch Asuka's head, but her hand just went right through it, so Lucy retracted her hand immediately.

Asuka just laughed. "You're really funny, miss!" She said.

"Are you guys free to go now?" Natsu asked Makarov. The old man nodded at the boy.

"Yes, my son, we are finally free from that prison that my son had encased us in. We are so sorry for all trouble we have caused. The whole reason any of us are here is because of the four of you. I give you my sincerest thanks." Makarov said as he bowed once again. Natsu smiled, immediately forgiving the formerly-possessed spirits.

"We all give our thanks." A woman with green hair said as she and three other ghosts made their way to the group.

"Mommy!" Asuka yelled as she left Lucy's side to join her mother. Bisca picked her up by the waist and held her against her hip. Asuka's father came up behind them and pet his daughter's hair.

"You are-by far-the most incredible teens I have ever met. Thank you for freeing us. Millions of lifetimes cannot make up for the debt that we owe you." Alzack said.

"Ah...don't sweat it. I mean, we're happy you're free and stuff." Natsu said, scratching the back of his head.

"Hang on, weren't there eight ghosts?" Gray asked, only counting seven.

Makarov nodded. "There were eight spirits that were possessed, but one of them was already dead. If I am not mistaken, he has helped you out on two occasions." He said.

"Hah!? He's the one that helped us!?" Natsu exclaimed. "Does being dead somehow break the music box's control?"

"That I cannot answer for you, my son. However, I know now that he has already passed on, for he hasn't in many years." Makarov explained.

"But that doesn't make sense, there were eight pictures, and that man that had his tongue sticking out was in one of them. Ghosts can't be in photos, right?" Erza asked.

The tall blonde man spoke for the first time, letting out a 'tch'."Don't believe everything you hear about the supernatural. We can make ourselves seen if we so wish. That is, if we are still in this world." He explained.

Captain Makarov started to change his white aura to a glowing gold one. "Well, would you look at that, our time is almost up. We must be on our way." He said with a friendly grin. "We are sincerely grateful for all that you have done. Now, if you'll excuse us, there is one thing that we must take care of." He said.

"Yes, of course. It was a pleasure to meet you. Take care." Erza said as she stepped back as the glow grew bigger and brighter.

"Bye-bye!" Asuka screamed happily from her father's shoulder. Then, all of the spirits leaped into the air and soared across the sky like comets, back into the old ship. The four teens watched them, wondering why they would want to go back there.

The ship then caught on fire.

Seven bright streaks of light exited the ship and shot into the sky, leaving no evidence of their presence in their wake. The smoke from the ship rose up into the atmosphere, making the seemingly pink clouds turn a dark purple color. The four teens could smell the smoke emitting from the ship, and knew that it was dangerous to stay there.

"Come, let us go." Erza ordered. Lucy got on Natsu's back since she couldn't run with her hurt foot and they all made their way to the barbed wire fence, carrying their packs with them. Lucy got off of Natsu's back to jump the fence herself, landing on her hands instead of her feet. Because they were a good distance away from the ship, she decided that it was okay of she just limped the rest of the way. Natsu protested profusely, but Lucy wouldn't hear any of it.

"Well, what now?" Gray asked. "I mean, we just found out that ghosts actually exist!"

"I think that it is best to keep this in the dark. Just be happy that those poor souls are not trapped here anymore." Erza said.

Gray sighed. "Alright." He said before he and Erza made their way to the main road.

"Hey Natsu?" Lucy asked. Natsu hummed, letting her know that she had his attention. "There were a couple of good things that came out of this." She said.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Natsu asked.

Lucy turned his head to face her and then put her lips to his, wrapping her arms around his neck. Natsu responded almost immediately, tipping her backwards to deepen the kiss. Lucy finally broke the kiss to breathe. "I love you too." She said with a grin.

Natsu couldn't have been happier.

"Ugh, I'm gonna be sick." Gray scowled in the background, looking at them.

Never mind, yes he could.

"Shut the hell up Stripper!" Natsu yelled at him. He was about to march over to him and give him a good hook to the jaw, but Lucy stopped him by intertwining her fingers with his. She then held on to his arm and rested her head on it. Natsu didn't have the heart to focus on Gray anymore.

"Come on, let's go home." Erza said.

Natsu looked down at his and Lucy's intertwined hands and smiled softly before kissing her softly on the head and squeezing her hand. "Yeah, let's go."








"Hey, before we go, can we stop off by the hospital to get my foot checked out?"

"Sure, but let's get some pizza first, I'm starving!"

"Nah Stripper, let's go for Chinese."





"Let's get something nutritious, like strawberry shortcake."

"Since when has strawberry shortcake been nutritious?"

"Are you hating on shortcake, Natsu!?"

"N-no ma'am!"

All the while, the cursed ship dilapidated to nothingness.

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