Steve Rogers was once a test subject given Super Soldier Serum. This serum was only given to one person when it was created, it was made to gift the user with increased stamina, speed and strength. Thus Captain America was born. After doing his part in the Second World War Steve had found himself frozen for almost seventy years, he was then rudely woken into the twenty-first century. Whilst all of this had obviously left Steve Rogers out of a loophole in terms of the current technology and ongoings in the world he maintained his noble and honest spirit. He had always been intolerant towards injustice and abuse of power.

Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye was a member of The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. Clint had trained himself to become a master archer with near-perfect accuracy. Clint also possesses keen eyesight, and his accuracy is virtually unerring, it has been known for Clint Barton to be so confident in his abilities that he can hit a target without even looking in its direction. Perhaps due to being a part of S.H.I.E.L.D., Clint is also trained in various styles of fighting and he has been trained in military tactics. Due to unfortunate accidents Clint had lost a large part of his hearing, leaving him to learn sign language and lip reading in order to blend in without a glaringly obvious hearing aid in place whilst on missions. Whilst not on missions, Clint had no problem using hearing aids, especially once new technology made them smaller and less obvious to the human eye.

Natasha Romanoff, The Black Widow, is another former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., she had worked alongside Hawkeye numerous times. Natasha Romanoff is extensively trained in combat, being an expert in the field of martial arts. She is also fluent in multiple languages as well as being more than competent at computers and psychology. Whilst it is known that Natasha is an expert in the field of seduction she is also dangerous as she is trained in espionage, stealth, interrogations, hacking, disguise, infiltration, and demolitions. Much like Clint Barton, Natasha had been trained as a strategist, tactician, and field commander. She is also highly skilled in sharpshooting and knife throwing.

Thor Odinson, the prince of Asgard, the God of Thunder and the self-proclaimed protector of Earth. Thor possesses superhuman physical attributes, namely strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes. Due to his training and experience, he has become extremely skilful with weapons. His weapon of choice is the all-powerful Mjölnir, with which he is able to control lightning and electricity, as well as use it proficiently as a blunt instrument.

Bruce Banner, a genius scientist who, after an unfortunate accident, was exposed to gamma radiation which caused him to transform into the Hulk whenever his heart rate increased to an alarming rate. After this incident, Bruce became obsessed with finding a cure for his mutation. When Bruce transforms, his personality regresses to a more child-like state and he has little recollection of events after he returns to his normal human form. In his earliest transformations, The Hulk appeared as a savage with no real ability to distinguish friend from foe. Because of this, he was responsible for numerous deaths, gradually The Hulk attained a better reasoning capacity over time, becoming able to show demonstrate a capacity to work collaboratively with others.

Tony Stark, the self-proclaimed; genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He is a billionaire industrialist and inventor. He is the former CEO of Stark Industries, originally started by his father Howard Stark. Tony had been hailed as an engineering prodigy from a young age and is now, constantly creating new technology and looking for ways to improve it. After his kidnapping Tony had created an arc reactor, which took the place of a car battery in order to keep the shrapnel from reaching his heart. His escape from the terrorists that kidnapped him was done using strong armour which he called Mark 1. This design was later used to create the armour for Iron Man.


Harry Potter was a man who had almost lost everything. He had fought in a war and came out a broken person. At such a young age so much pressure was placed on him and even after the war he still had so much people expected him to do.

There was one thing that Harry took to without any complaining. After Remus and Tonks' death during the Battle of Hogwarts, Andromeda had not only lost her daughter but her husband was also gone. Teddy Lupin was left in a difficult place. Both his parents were killed and his grandmother was unable to grieve for her child with him around, it was an emotional afternoon when she confessed this fact to Harry.

"I'm sorry to burden you with this but he is so much like Dora was," Andromeda had said, dabbing her eyes with a tissue. "He has her ability you know. Whenever he cries his hair changes colour, any emotion sends it wild. I need time to let her go."

Harry had no other idea of what to do. He had taken the woman's hand and promised to care for Teddy until she felt better. He knew how grief can be overwhelming, he knew the constant reminders didn't help.

It had taken a full day to move Teddy to Grimmauld Place. It was not an ideal place for a child but it would do.

Those first few weeks were trying on the poor hero. He was unsure of how to care for a baby and if it weren't for Kreacher then Harry would not have been able to cope. The old house elf was a godsend for Harry, he had taken time to talk Harry through the way to care for a child.

Time passed quickly as Harry cared for the child, Andromeda continued to stay far from Harry and Teddy and Harry was avoiding his own friends that reminded him of the damage he caused to people. He had, however, stayed on top of the news. It had been a few months after the Voldemort's death that Hogwarts was rebuilt, Harry had declined an invitation to go to the re-opening.

The late start of the school year went quickly, with stories of past students that died in the war appearing to watch over the new ones, some giving advice and others wanting to stop any teachers that were abusing their power. The prophet spent months talking to both past and present students in the castle and they were sympathetic to those still mourning. There were stories of children in higher years that were getting stronger and returning to the school, there were stories of those that had died and how they will never be forgotten. There were also stories questioning the whereabouts of the saviour of the wizarding world.

It was these stories in particular that hurt Harry. The stories that showed the world coping were manageable, the world had to mend. Those searching for Harry were more difficult. It was Harry that didn't feel able to walk through Diagon Alley, or even see pictures of Hogwarts. Yes, Harry was happy the world was dealing with the aftermath of the war but he wanted to stay away from them.


The first time Teddy spoke filled Harry with pride. He shared the news with Kreacher, who was growing old, and he sent a letter to Andromeda, as he had previously with the major milestones.

When Teddy continued to grow his vocabulary Harry decided to continue with his ventures into the muggle world, having cast a spell on Teddy's hair to stop him confusing the poor people. Teddy got to interact with other children his age, not really making friends but getting some social stimulation.

It was one night when Harry was bathing Teddy that he got a shock. Having shampooed the boy's hair Harry helped him tip his head back so he could rise off the shampoo. Having done that Harry sat back on his feet to retrieve the towel and dried his hands as the young boy played with his bath toys in the water.

"Dada up!" Teddy had said lifting his arms in Harry's direction.

Harry froze, just staring at Teddy with a mixture of fear and horror growing in his chest.


Numbly Harry moved forward, picking Teddy out of the bath and wrapping the towel around him. As if sensing the trouble, an elderly Kreacher appeared and took Teddy from Harry's arms and disappeared with him.

Harry had stayed knelt on the floor, sitting back on his feet for a while before Kreacher came back into the room and helped move the man.

After moving Harry into his room and changing his clothing into a dry set, Kreacher moved to leave again.

"Kreacher?" Harry asked before the elf disappeared again.

"Yes Master Harry?" Kreacher asked in his raspy voice.

"Am I replacing Remus?"

Kreacher's expression softened as he looked up to his Master who was currently sat on the bed looking distraught.

"Perhaps this is something to talk about with Miss. Hermione and Mr. Weasley?" Kreacher suggested before disappearing to, more than likely, check on Teddy.

Harry sighed to himself. He hadn't spoken to Hermione and Ron in over a year, not since their fruitful attempt to get him to go out into the magical world.

He waited until Teddy was settled for bed before making Kreacher promise to get him if Teddy woke. Harry walked to the fire with worry building in his chest as he shouted "The Burrow" into the Floo. He walked through and was greeted with Arthur and Molly sat together talking.

"Harry dear! It's been so long!" Molly cried as she jumped up and pulled him into a hug. The worry in Harry's heart lessened slightly. At least he wasn't kicked out as soon as he arrived.

"Hi Molly," he whispered, returning the hug.

"Harry," Arthur said with a smile.

"Arthur," Harry smiled. "How has everyone been?"

"Well, we've been well," Arthur admitted with a small sigh. "Everyone will be pleased to see you, their all going to be on their way back soon."

"I can't stay long," Harry said softly, not wanting to ruin the moment. "I will need to get back to Teddy."

"Oh dear!" Molly gasped. "You're raising him?"

"Yeah, Andromeda needed to grieve," Harry said.

"Poor dear. You could have brought him here. I bet you had trouble. I could have helped you know."

"I know Molly but I needed time as well," Harry said. "Ron and Hermione knew this."

"It would still have been nice to see you," Arthur said.

"I couldn't come here," Harry admitted. "Not after…" the air grew tight as the unspoken 'Fred' was thought.

"It doesn't matter, you're here now," Arthur said firmly, placing a hand on his wife's shoulder as her eyes watered. "What brings you here tonight?"

"I wanted to talk to Hermione and Ron, something happened with Teddy and I don't –"

"We can help if you'd like. We've raised our fair share of kids," Molly said softly.

"It's… Teddy called me dad," Harry said, bracing himself for the onslaught of horror.

"Oh my," Molly pulled Harry closer to her and sat him down. "It's ok dear."

"How is it ok?" Harry asked, tears falling. "I feel like I'm betraying Remus!"

"Harry," Arthur said softly. "Teddy is still young. Yes he called you dad but to him you are doing everything that a father does. It doesn't mean you are betraying Remus. The fact you are feeling the way you do says everything about it."

"I don't know what to do," Harry admitted.

"Dear, at the moment you can either tell him to call you something else when he does this or you can leave him calling you dad," Molly said as she brushed his hair out of his eyes. "When he is old enough to understand you can tell him about Remus and Tonks and there will be no betrayal."

Harry thought for a moment. "What is the right choice?"

"There is no right choice. If you contradict him when he calls you that it can confuse him and if you tell him later it might upset him. It's a difficult choice but neither if a wrong one," Arthur said calmly.

"So I'm not a bad person for letting him call me dad?" Harry whispered.

"Of course not," Molly said as she hugged him tightly.

"Thank you," Harry said thickly after a while. "I – I needed that."

"It's no problem," Arthur said with a small smile.

"I should head back," Harry said.

"Aren't you going to stay?" Molly asked.

"No, tell Ron and Hermione that I would love to see them though," he said with a smile.