Mmm Bernadette moans God Raj tastes so good Bernadette thinks as he's stuffed in her mouth, and quite the girth as well, as she continues to deep throat him his moans become more strained so she pulls out.

He instructs her to lay down on the bed, he lifts up the skirt of her negligee and pulls her thong off and starts to go down on her, causing Bernadette to moan rather loudly, she felt her muscles tighten and the way Raj's tongue is working wonders on her she knows she won't last long, just as she about to Raj stops and stands up, he sits up on the bed and instructs her to get on top as she pulls off her negligee.

She stands up and lowers herself on him causing a hitch in her breath, God I had no idea he'd be so big, she begins to rock back and forth as Raj plays with her breasts before taking one in his mouth, causing her to get wetter and making her grind harder for her release, just as Raj meets her with his thrusts causing her to lose control before she arches her back backwards and tilts her head back and closes her eyes as a wave of her orgasm hits her as she screams out Raj's name just then Raj can't hold it in and unleashes a tidal wave of his sperm into her womb, as she catches her breath she rolls off before laying down next to her man and placing her head on his chest before falling asleep.