Hmm I can't believe this is happening as Penny is going down on me, that woman has some skill, Leonard was not kidding, and wow Bernadette tastes so good, as Penny is sucking off Raj and Bernadette is standing over Raj letting him eat her out while gripping the head post for dear life. As Raj comes in Penny's mouth and Bernadette comes on Raj.

So Raj what else do you have in mind the two gorgeous blonde women ask.

I have so many.

Well let's go with just the one.

I want to bang one of you while the other eats the other.

Ohh that sounds fun.

How bout you bang Bernadette and she eats me as that's just something that Bernadette would never consider.

She's right. So the girls stripped off their clothes and got into position, wow you're so smooth Bernadette commented to Penny just as Raj begins to slid in Bernadette as he soon speeds up his movement causing Bernadette to moan but she continues her tongue movement on Penny's womanhood causing Penny's moans to increase. Raj was about to hit a release point just as he did Penny's walls came undone as she came on Bernadette's face just as Raj exploded into Bernadette.

So you want to reverse our positions or something else? The girls asked.

Penny in missionary position while you play with Bernadette's tits.

I can't believe this is happening Raj thinks, as Penny gets in position and Raj slides in Bernadette takes Penny's hand and places it on her breast just as Raj starts to trust in Penny causing Penny to moan rather loudly, a few minutes of this Penny is tightening up and can feel Raj doing the same, all she knows is she loves this game, just then she orgasms just as Raj cums in her womb.

They all lay there breathless before they fall a sleep.

As Raj wakes up what a dream he thinks. But looks to his left and there's Bernadette wrapped in sheets and to his right Penny the same way he looks under the sheets and notice she's naked and the same for the girls, what a night he says.