Hi my name is Musa Summers and I'm just a normal 15 year old girl...alright so that's a lie I am normal but not in the eyes of people around me I lost my family due to a plane crash that happened so now I live in a foster home I'm the oldest so I pretty much help my younger siblings out when they need me and when I'm not busy doing my chores as for why people think I'm weird it's because I long black hair that's kept in pigtails and pink eyes like Iwasawa from my favorite anime Angel Beats not to mention I love old cartoons like Dinosaucers that's the best cartoon I've watched next to Scooby Doo of course now for my outfit I'm wearing a red one shoulder tank top shirt with light blue jeans that have side pockets on them and red running shoes I also have a thin purple arm band on my right arm. So you maybe wondering how I wound up in my favorite cartoon well lets start at the beginning shall we?

Musa pov: So today was like any other day I did the basic things I do in the morning and went to school as I sat through history my teacher decided to teach us about dinosaurs everyone was surprised but I smiled since I love dinosaurs they we're amazing animals I really loved the Triceratops dinosaur that one is my favorite even in Dinosaucers my favorite cartoon Tricero is my favorite character he's really cool and gentle his voice is so smooth I may have a crush on him anyways after school let out for the day I went to the park to hang out since I didn't have homework I was just reading my book when I saw a little girl playing in the street when out of nowhere a car was coming down the street and heading straight for the girl I got up and ran to her before the car could hit her I pushed the kid out of the way but I wasn't so lucky I got hit and fell to the ground soon I felt dizzy like I was gonna get sick but I realized I was dying so I just closed my eyes and faded into an abyss of darkness just when I thought this was the end for me but what I didn't know was that iswas only the beginning for me!

Tricero pov: I was out for a walk near our base trying to clear my head because lately I was feeling lonely like I needed someone to be there for me not just my friends but like a girlfriend but who would on Reptilon would ever want to be with someone like me? I shook my head and continued on with my walk just then out of nowhere a light appeared from the sky so I followed the path that led me right to it a figure came down and landed on the ground when the light disappeared I went over the figure and saw a human girl "She's beautiful, I thought" Just then I saw that girl was bleeding so I picked her up bridle style and took her to base.

"Teryx I need your help, I said" "What is it Tricero um who is that? Teryx asked" "I don't know her name but she's hurt please help! I said" So Teryx took the girl to the med bay and bandaged her right arm soon the others came asked me what was going on so I told them about the girl I found I thought Allo would be upset about what I did but he said I did the right thing by bringing her here and getting her some help so that's good soon Teryx came out and told us that the girl is going to be okay I went into the med bay to see her I saw the girls backpack was next to the bed she was on I wonder who is this girl and what happened to her soon we all left the room so the girl could rest but I would check on her later.

Musa pov: "Oh man my head hurts, I said" I put my hand on my head and woke up I saw that I was in weird room that looked like a hospital room but somehow it was also looked different from a hospital room I looked and my right arm and saw it was bandage "Now who could've done that? I thought" I didn't want to find out in case it was a dangerous person so I grabbed my bag and sneaked out of the room I was in I knew I had to be very careful not to get caught soon I heard two voices coming my way so I ducked down behind a plant that was next to me these voices we're familiar to me it was like I've heard them before but where?

"So do you think the girl Tricero found is nice Stego? a nasally voice said" " I sure hope she is Bonehead, said a scared voice" Tricero, Stego, Bonehead now I know why these voices we're familiar and the names to I realized that I was in the Dinosaucers base and their world this is unbelievable! I have to get out of here and hope no one sees that I'm gone yet maybe the secret scouts can help me but then again they might take me to Allo and I'm not ready to meet the dinosaucers in person no matter how much I dreamed of that happening after Bonehead and Stego left I came out of my hiding spot and quietly ran so I can find an exit but once again luck was not on my side as I had a run in with Sara and Bronto Thunder this is not good!

"Hey Bronto Thunder is this the girl you we're telling me about? Sara asked" "Yep this is her Sara oh since she's awake we should take her to see the others, Bronto Thunder said" My eyes widen at what he said before Sara could touch me I ran past them and went down the hall I heard Sara yell at me to stop but I didn't not until I was out their base I saw a door when I turned and went inside only thing is I bumped right into Teryx and Ichy they we're surprised to see me awake already before I could get past them Sara and Bronto Thunder came up behind me and both of them took hold of my arms I started to struggle so I get them to let me go but they wouldn't.

"What's wrong you guys why we're chasing this girl? Ichy asked" "She ran away from us before we could take her to meet everyone, Sara said"

"She's just scared, Teryx said" She was right I was scared out of my mind I need to escape before the others show up as if on cue the others came into the room and saw that I was awake I stopped struggling when I heard the voice of my crush "What's going on here? Tricero asked" This was to much for me so I passed out man why does this have to happen to me and right in front of my crush to?