Musa pov: Today's the big day and I'm really nervous but Sara and Teryx got me to calm down I'm wearing a really beautiful wedding dress that's white and pink this is gonna be perfect I just know it since I've always thought of Allo as a father figure he's going to give me away the music starts and I'm officially ready Sara and Teryx being my bride maid's go first then Allo leads me down the aisle I see Tricero he looks so good in his tuxedo when I get to the alter the ceremony starts "This is it!I thought" "We are gathered here today to unite this lovely couple in holy matrimony! said the Dinosorceress"

"If anyone has any reason as for why these two should not be together speak now or forever hold you tongue! said the Dinosorcerer"

"If no has anything to say then do Tricero take Musa to be your lawful wedded wife? The Dinosorcerer asked" "I do, said Tricero"

"And do you Musa take Tricero to be your lawful wedded husband? The Dinosorceress asked" "I do, I said" "Then by the power vested in us you may kiss the bride! The rulers of Reptilon said" So Tricero and I kissed and the wedding bells went off then it was time for the reception Tricero and I did the first dance this is most definitely a night I'll never forget I'm glad I was brought to this world because if hadn't been then I would have never met the best family/friends a girl could ever ask for and I'd never would have gotten to be with my true love I'm really gonna love this new life for sure!

Tricero pov: Musa looks so beautiful in her wedding gown I'm really happy she was brought to this world because if hadn't been brought here I would've been alone forever I know I have my friends but Musa is just the person I need to be there for me when I'm lonely this truly is the most magical night I have ever had I then walk over to Musa and hug her.

"I'm really happy you're here, I said" "I'm really happy to be here with you, She said" Musa looked at me and we kissed again just then fireworks start going off I have a feeling I know who started to shoot them off we look at our friends they all had smiles on their faces we went over to them and start to dance to the song that Ryan picked out it's called Voulez Vous from Mama Mia I remember watching the movie with Musa and it was the best second date we ever had then the song take a chance on me from Mamma Mia came on it was funny seeing the others react to the song soon Musa, Sara, Ryan, David and Paul started to sing the song and then everybody joined in on the singing this is most definitely a night I'll never forget! The end!