This little piece of fluff takes place at the end of Chamber of Secrets. This first part is a bit of a teaser but I promise the rest will be up in a week or so!

Candid Camera (PG)
By Melanie Matthews

The midday sun streamed through the windows of the Gryffindor fourth year boys' domitory, setting the room aglow and causing the red hair of the boy by the window to shine like burnished copper. For a moment Fred Weasley watched the tiny specks of dust dancing merrily in the golden beam before turning his attention back to the view and sighing impatiently.
"Hurry up, George, they'll be back soon!"
"I'm going as fast as I can!"
George Weasley shot an angry glare at his twin brother and then returned his attention to the trunk he was rummaging through.
"I know it's here somewhere," he muttered, "it's got to be."
The trunk in question belonged to their younger brother Ron and was already packed full to the brim with his belongings, ready for the long trip back to London. At least, it had been packed before George had started on it. Now most of the contents lay strewn across the floor: robes, books, pyjamas and chess set all piled in an untidy heap. But still George continued to search.
"Maybe he gave it to Harry," Fred said helpfully from the window. From his vantage point high in the Gryffindor tower he could see right across the grounds, over to Hagrid's hut on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Ron, Harry and Hermione had left half an hour ago to say goodbye to Hagrid and Fred was watching for their return.
"Hang on, there's a load of magazines in the bottom here!" George said excitedly. He tossed the pile of magazines onto the floor and started leafing through them, tossing aside back issues of "Martin the Muggle" and a thick, glossy "Which Broomstick?". It had to be here somewhere...
"Here it is!"
George waved their stolen copy of "Spellbinding Sorceresses" above his head triumphantly. Quickly he started to pile the rest of Ron's possessions back into his trunk. Thank goodness they'd found it. Ron had been threatening to blackmail the pair of them after he'd accidentally stumbled across George flicking through it in his dormitory. The magazine had been ordered by the twins and their friend Lee Jordan from a company that specialised in the supply of top-shelf magazines for the magical community, and which promised discretion at all times. With the delivery charge it had cost them almost two galleons, but one glance at it's pages had reassured them not only that it was worth the cost, but also that Mum and Dad would kill the pair of them instantly if they found out about it. Delighted to be on show again, the girl on the cover danced provocatively, her robes slipping down off her shoulders revealing a tantalising amount of bare skin. George swallowed hard and forced his eyes back onto the trunk. Finally everything had been squashed back in and he snapped the lid shut.
Over by the window, Fred was strangely quiet.
"Can you see them yet?"
There was no reply. Shielding his eyes against the bright sunlight, George saw that his brother's attention was occupied by something square and white that he held in his hand.
"Fred, what is it?"
"It fell out of one of those magazines," Fred said in strangled tones. He passed the object to George, then grabbed the magazine from where it lay on Ron's bed and hurried out of the dormitory.
It was too late. Alone and slightly stunned, George glanced down to see what it was that had upset Fred so much. In his hand he held a photograph, a photograph that had apparently been taken in the same room where he stood now. He could see Ron's bed with his familiar striped pyjamas folded on top of the trunk next to it. But on the bed lay a most unfamiliar sight: a woman he had never seen before wrapped only in a white sheet. Her dark hair cascaded over her shoulders in soft waves, her green eyes sparkled with mischief as she smiled teasingly at the camera. The sheet left little to the imagination: beneath it George could make out the curve of a slim but womanly body that matched anything he had seen in "Spellbinding Sorceresses". And then he realised who he was looking out and his jaw dropped in horror.

The woman in the photograph was Professor McGonagall.

To be continued...

Shocked? ;) There is an innocent explanation, I promise. Well, reasonably innocent anyway...