An entire minute of chaos passed and was almost forgotten by the five children in a matter of seconds. They were utterly shocked at the events that unfolded in front of them and had no idea how to react under the circumstances. The children were in awe of what they just experienced. This led them to wonder about the possible outcomes and how horrible those outcomes were. The very idea that they were nearly killed left a horrid feeling in their stomachs, Griamore even threw up. After being saved by Escanor, they still felt the same uneasy feeling that their lives were about to end, this was what terrified them the most. The danger had not been avoided, but merely replaced. They're dreaming was interrupted when they suddenly heard a familiar voice.

Escanor: "Are you all OK? The monkeys didn't hurt you right? I'll get in trouble if they did…" he said, rubbing the back of his neck as if to indicate he didn't want to cause any trouble. He walked towards them; the children stared at him with terrified expressions and began doubting their possibility of survival. The distance between both parties grew shorter until an unexpected event happened. The Lion's sin of Pride suddenly tripped on a protruding root. A sudden look of panic appeared on Escanor's face, until he eventually fell to the ground.

Escanor: "Ouch! That hurt…" he said, showing no signs of hiding his injuries. He noticed a couple of bruises on his arms and looked towards the children, who were still panicking. He let out a sincere and embarrassed smile, which snapped them out of their dream like trance. The relief they felt was clearly displayed on their faces when they saw his smile. They looked at him when suddenly a warm feeling surrounded them as they realized that, although he had become an entirely different person, his intentions were pure. He got to his feet and noticed the group had stopped trembling. He approached them, this time walking slightly faster and noticing the current condition of some of the children. Veronica's leg appeared to have been sprained; however she was walking around, which confused Escanor. Elizabeth had no injuries and seemed relatively tired. Griamore had an upset stomach, but, was no in a critical state. Gil and Hauser had both been hurt by the monkeys at some stage and this is where Escanor's "talent" came in handy.

Escanor: "Hauser, Gil, could you come over here please. When I said earlier than you would need the other me later… this is what I meant." He said, grabbing a couple of herbs from a nearby bush and gathering a bucket of water from e decrepit well. The two boys sat down and suddenly felt an incredible surge of pain. Escanor had cleaned the wounds and mixed in some herbs with the water, turning it into a medicinal mush that he smeared over their cuts and gashes. It stung the two misfits for quite some time, until they began to feel more at ease. Upon looking at their wounds, they realized they had disappeared… or to be more precise had closed up and appeared to no longer exist.

Gil: "Thank you, Sir Escanor!" he exclaimed, making an effort to stand up. He was a well versed child, being the son of the Great Holy Knight, and was always required to use formalities and manners, thus this was no problem for him. Hauser on the other hand…

Hauser: "Yeah, thanks…" he said. He had not had much practice with civilized manners given that he was the son of a renown blacksmith, but, he had still be disciplined by Lord Dreyfus about it.

Escanor: "You're both welcome. I suppose you can impress Margaret, right Gil? He said, chuckling to himself as he revealed Gil's secret crush.

Gil: "What! How did you know?" he yelled in front of the others, who were shocked to hear it.

Escanor: "Well, it's mostly the way you act around her. Almost all of the adults in Liones Castle know you like her… I'm no exception. Who knows… maybe she likes you to." He said, hinting at the possibility that she may like him, which made him blush. He then proceeded to stare at Griamore, who instantly got chills running down his spine. The sin of Pride stopped his revelations and turned to look at Elizabeth, who was pulling on his pants. He crouched down to her level and began talking to her.

Escanor: "What's wrong, Princess?" he asked, smiling at her in a comforting manner. He then began to notice she was rubbing her eyes and yawning. He understood what the problem was without her saying anything, but, she did anyway.

Elizabeth: "I'm sweepy." She said, with her usual mispronunciation. She then gestured to Escanor that she wanted to be carried. This led to the sin of pride, although uncomfortable with the situation, picking up the young princess and watching her fall asleep in his arms.

Escanor: "There, there, you can sleep here if you'd like. I'll carry you back to Liones and keep you safe." he said. Escanor then realized that they might be attacked if they remained in the abandoned village and quickly suggested that they leave, not looking forward to having a fight with more monkeys.

Escanor: "I know that you are all relieved to be alive, but, I must insist we leave before we get into any trouble. Not to mention those monkeys might come back." He said, which reminded the children of what had just happened and immediately sent sirens through their heads.

Gil: "Yeah, I suppose we shouldn't keep the king waiting." he said, laughing nervously as he picked Hauser off the ground. They both walked towards Escanor as they waited for the remaining kids.

Veronica: "Oh, right, my dad is probably looking for us… yeah, we'd better hurry." She stated, agreeing with Escanor's statement to leave and quickly hurried towards Griamore, demanding he move of which he did. They both joined the party and walked off towards Liones.

Liones Eastern Gate

The group eventually reached the eastern gate of the kingdom and, as it was opened, were greeted by the king. To his surprise the group consisted of the most unlikely individuals, as they were children, and he thanked each of the misfits individually. Veronica pushed passed the boys and hugged her father. He hugged her rather tightly, to which she commented on and he loosened his grip. He then wondered where Elizabeth was, until he noticed Escanor standing to the side of him. Thoughts raced through his mind, similar to what happened earlier with the misfits.

Bartras: "Take Sir Escanor to his room immediately and make sure he doesn't leave this time." He said, scared that the most dangerous man alive was standing in the vicinity of himself and his daughters. Which then reminded him that Elizabeth had not ran up and hugged him yet.

Escanor: "I will go back to my room without force, but, before that you may wish to take your daughter. She fell asleep in my arms." He said, walking in front of the king and gesturing for him to take Elizabeth. He did so quickly and the sin of pride was removed from the gate towards his jail cell.

Bartras: "What were you thinking bringing him along? What if he killed you all?" he yelled, scolding the three misfits.

Gil: "We're sorry your highness… but, that was the only way we could go save the princesses. Nobody else would come and help us. Not to mention if we hadn't had him with us we'd all be dead anyway." He declared, showing his regret, but also standing up to the king's judgment of the sin of pride. The king looked displeased with the situation regardless of Gilthunder's explanation. However, he became convinced that the children were right when Elizabeth woke up.

Elizabeth: "Escwanor? Oh, daddy! Where is Escwanor? I wanted to sway thank you." she asked. The king looked shocked that Elizabeth would take a liking to Escanor, given his usual personality. He knew that Elizabeth was fond of those with pure hearts, and seeing how in such a short amount of time she had grown to like Escanor, gave the king a different perspective of how to envision the Lion's sin of Pride. He was thankful that his daughters returned safely and decided to organize a banquet and party for the misfits.

The Party

The others all went back to the castle to receive a more substantial reward. They were all given a slight promotion, in which they be classified as future holy knights, as a pose to knights in-training. After the award ceremony, Hauser returned home with his father, Griamore fell asleep and Dreyfus left with him and Gilthunder stayed up and was looking for Margaret. The sweet princess was waiting for him outside on a small bannister and had dressed to please for this special occasion. She had promised him something before he left and was reluctant on giving it to him.

Gil: "Princess Margaret, I've been looking for you…" he said, running up towards her.

Margaret: "Gilthunder, I've been expecting you." She stated, blushing and turning to face the sky.

Gil: "I wanted to talk about something with you… it's kind of private, do you want to go somewhere else?" he asked, looking around and noticing her unwillingness to move. Suddenly they both heard a large thud, as the door behind them was shut. This gave them their moment of privacy. Walking away from the door was Meliodas, who quickly noticed the future couple to be.

Meliodas: "You owe me one, lil'Gil." He said, laughing to himself and grabbing another beer. He, Ban, Diane, King and Zaratras then prepared for a drinking game.

Gil: "I just wanted to confess that… I lo-" he stammered, but, was cut off by a sudden kiss on the lips. His face went bright red as he processed what was happening and grabbed Margaret's arms and returned her advances. They kissed for a solid minute before they both retracted to breath. As the stepped back Gilthunder heard Margaret say something that would change his life forever.

Margaret: "I love you too, Gil." She said, blushing and covering her face with her hands.

Gil: "You really know your stuff, sir Escanor…" he whispered. Realizing that the sin of Pride knew this would happen all along. The two embraced each other with a passionate hug and continued to spend the night together as they stared at the starry night. The only thing keeping them awake being their heart-warming feelings for one another and the bright glow of moonlight.

Escanor's cell

Below Liones Castle, where the three misfits found him, the sin of pride had been reunited with his isolated cell. The moon was shining through a crack in the wall and the sin of pride was reading a book. He was startled when someone opened his cell and began talking to him though. It was Merlin and she wanted to know a few things before the end of the night.

Merlin: "How are you doing Escanor?" she asked.

Escanor: "I'm doing fine, this book is quite a good read." He stated.

Merlin: "We passed by an incredibly large mess when we were returning from our mission. You were clearly involved in that mess, but, who did you kill?" she asked, wanting to know more about what happened earlier.

Escanor: "I killed three giants, one being the eastern warrior chief and 200 bandits, including their leader." He responded as he turned the page of his book.

Merlin: "What type of magic did the warrior chief use to make such a large mountain like structure?" she asked. She needed to know this for her magical studies and was more than happy to hear about it.

Escanor: "Gaia's wrath, a type of creation magic that evolved, I think." He said, marking the page of his book, placing it on the table and giving Merlin his full attention.

Merlin: "Last question, why did you leave?" she asked, this was clearly the real reason she was here. Escanor smiled at her, looked her dead in the eyes and said

Escanor: "I just wanted some fresh air is all." He said, reaching for his book and watching, with one eye, as Merlin left the confines of his cell and cast another 'perfect cube'. He lay there until she left his sight… and began chuckling to himself.

Escanor: "I also wanted to help the kids… after all, I'm not a bad guy, I'm just incredibly picky about who I like." He said, laughing to himself as he returned to his story.

The End

Thank you for reading my second story. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i did writing it... i hope this will be a small step towards me writing larger projects and perhaps even more complicated ones.