Gibbs/Allison Series:

Off to the Adirondack

By: MChakotayParis (R. Mason)

A/N: This is another one shot, fluff story containing M/M slash (mild), Adult Infantilism and Age Play. If any of these subjects offend you don't read. Any and all hurtful or flaming reviews will be reported and deleted. Any and all mistakes are mine.

This is another story in the Gibbs/Allison Series, involving Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tobias C. Fornell & Allison Grayson, so it might be a wise idea if you read the other stories first. They are in order "Gibbs' New Girl", "Switching Places", "Now it's My Turn", "Second Daddy", "Choosing Between Old & New", "Let Your Love Shine Through", "Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler", "Year of the Sheep", "Your Green is Showing", "Spring has Sprung", "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail" , "Fiesta de Mayo", Greatest Daddies Ever", "When the Leaves Begin to Fall", "It's Scary Out There!"& "Deep in the Heart of Winter"

I got the idea for this story while I was playing a big fish computer game called "Campsites".

50 States Series: New York

After they all retire Gibbs and Tobias buy a mountain house in the Adirondacks and take Ali there to show her the wonders of the great outdoors.

Chapter 1: Contemplating Retirement

After Ali's 65th birthday and another car accident Ali was forced to semi retire, while Gibbs and Tobias started to consider retiring themselves and spending the rest of their time with Ali. It was during one of their weekend cuddle sessions that Gibbs noticed Ali's interest in researching the fifty states.

Since Ali's accident she'd been working two or three days a week on special classified cases, then spent then spending the rest of her time reading historical novels set in each of the different states or searching the internet to find out information about each of the fifty states.

In all of Ali's years working in special Ciphers and Deception Ali had been to European countries, South American, and most of the Middle East, but to none of the fifty states in the United States. So when Ducky and Jimmy discovered her interest they found her a collection of books about each of the states.

Tobias and Gibbs were cuddling on the couch watching a game while Ali sat between them looking up interesting facts on her lap top computer.

"What you doing princess?" asked Gibbs as he leaned over and kissed the side of her head.

For the past few days Ali had been spending most of her time in the office she had downstairs and had just recently finished a high profile case for the FBI. Her job as official head of Ciphers and Decryptions was now in the capable hands of Alan Greenwood, while she was listed as the unofficial second in command of the office, working only the classified high profile cases.

"I'm looking up camping sites Daddy" said Ali with a smile as she showed her computer to Gibbs.

"Camp sites , Ali aren't you a little old to start thinking about going out in the woods and pitching a tent sweet one?" asked Tobias as he looked at his daughter.

They all were in their late sixties, early seventies and after Ali's second car accident he knew that none of them could take sleeping on the floor much less the hard ground in a tent.

"We're not old Papa!" cried Ali, and then smiled at the look that both Tobias and Gibbs were giving her. "Well alright, maybe we are but that doesn't mean ancient. And I wasn't thinking of camping in a tent any way. I was looking at cabins or houses in the woods where we could have all the creature comforts of home but also enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature."

"Well that sounds really nice princess. Where were you thinking of going?" asked Gibbs as he gave a withering look to his partner, then smiled as he just shrugged his shoulders grinning.

"Well there are all ways the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, but I've found somewhere a lot closer that I think I'd like to explore first. The Adirondack Mountains are just up in New York and they have several lakes and forests where we could go fishing and hiking" said Ali she bounced slightly on the couch between the two men.

"Well I tell you what Princess, how about you do some more research on that and we'll talk about it some more later okay?" said Tobias as he passed the lap top back to Ali then gave her a kiss on the head.

"Oh thanks Papa! How about I start right now, that way…." said Ali excitedly as she started feverishly typing away on her computer.

"How about you start your research tomorrow, that way you will have a clear and fresh mind. You've just spent the last three days working on a major case and I know your exhausted." said Gibbs as he gently closed the laptop then took it from Ali and placed it on the coffee table.

"You're right Daddy, I am a little tired. Can we skip the shower tonight and just go to bed?" asked Ali as she covered a yawn.

"We can do anything you want sweetheart, are you sure you feel alright?" asked Gibbs as looked down at their daughter.

In her last car accident she'd re damaged her hip and lower back which made sitting for long periods of time difficult for her, and since she'd been in her office for the past three days he was pretty sure her back, hip or both were hurting her.

"My backs is hurting a little bit Daddy," said Ali softly as she leaned up against him

"Then how about we fill up the big bathtub and let you soak for a while then give you a quick bath. That way the warm water can help your back and you can sleep a little easier tonight?" suggested Tobias as he looked at Ali leaning against Gibbs' chest.

He could see the small pain lines on her face from the three days of sitting at her computer. Even though they had gotten Ali a very expensive office chair with total lumbar support it still didn't always stop her back or hip from hurting if she sat for long periods of time.

Years earlier when they'd remodeled Ali's bathroom they also did the master bathroom and had a three person Jacuzzi installed. Mostly it was only used by Gibbs and Tobias but occasionally they would give Ali a bath in it or let her soak in the hot water when her arthritis acted up.

"Sounds nice Papa, can I bring Toby with me?" asked Ali as she slightly raised her head to look over at Tobias.

After they had installed the Jacuzzi, Abby had found a water proof cloth frog which Ali promptly named Toby and he was her favorite toy to take when they gave her a bath. In the water she could lay against Tobias or Gibbs and hold her frog while she soaked in the warm water.

"Of course sweetheart, how about I go get the tub ready while you and Jethro clean up down here?"

"Okay Papa, thanks" said Ali as she climbed out of Gibbs' arms and started taking their cups and popcorn bowls in to the kitchen.

"Tobias?" said Gibbs as she watched Ali enter the kitchen

"Don't worry Jethro; we can give her her medicine after she's had her bath. You know how much a bath in the Jacuzzi relaxes her, she won't even noticed, besides if she does we can always give her the medicine the other way" said Tobias with a smile as he headed upstairs.

During Ali's recovery from her last care accident she'd gotten so fussy about taking her pain medicine that they'd ended up asking Doctor Evanson if there was another way to give it to her instead of as a pill. He'd ended up prescribing her medicine in suppository form and for a few days they had given it to her that way until the pain subsided and she could take the pills again. Ever since then they always made sure that they had both forms of her pain medicine in the house just encase they were needed.

As Gibbs entered the kitchen he saw Ali putting the last of their glasses in the dishwasher then close the door.

"All ready princess?" asked Gibbs as he came over to her and gently pulled her into his arms.

"All ready Daddy, and thank you for considering letting me go camping" said Ali as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"You're welcome sweetheart, but remember it's not really camping if were in a house or cabin"

"I know Daddy, but I still get to do all the camping stuff like hiking and fishing right?" asked Ali as she bounced slightly in his arms then stopped abruptly and hissed as her back spasmed.

"Of course sweetheart, now let's get you upstairs and into a hot bath so you're back will feel better" answered Gibbs as he lead Ali out of the kitchen and upstairs to the master bedroom.

Normally Ali rarely went into their room and never into the master bathroom but since her last car accident they'd started giving her more baths. As always Tobias had the Jacuzzi filled just enough for them to soak in the warm water but not splash over, with Toby and Ali's pacifier sitting on the edge.

As Gibbs helped Ali undress Tobias stripped down to his boxers then got in sitting on the seat and waited for Ali. A few minutes later Gibbs helped Ali into the Jacuzzi and Tobias held out his arms gently pulling her onto his lap. As Gibbs climbed in and settled beside them Ali sighed and laid her head on Tobias' chest as Gibbs gently began to rub her back working out all the kinks and knots in Ali's muscles.

As always it only took about five minutes before Ali's eyes were closing and Gibbs gently slipped the pacifier into her mouth. After another ten minutes they began washing Ali and soon had her clean and wrapped in a large fluffy towel as Gibbs carried her back to her room while Tobias drained the Jacuzzi.

Ali was so relaxed and out of it that Gibbs ended up giving Ali her pain medicine in suppository form, then diapered and dressed her for bed. As Tobias entered Ali's room Gibbs was just finishing the last tab on Ali's diaper, and moved behind his partner to see Ali was already asleep.

"Don't suppose she needs this then tonight does she?" said Tobias smiling as Ali automatically turned over and grabbed her Puffalump from the corner of her bed.

"Probably not but leave it anyway, she might get thirsty during the night and need it" said Gibbs with a smile as he gently rubbed her back

"Did she take her pills?"

"Didn't even try, she was so out of it that I just gave her the suppository then diapered her. I don't think she even noticed"

"Lucky you, last time I tried to give her one she threw a hissy fit and I ended up swatting her" said Tobias, as he remembered the encounter.

Ali had just been home from the hospital only a few days when her pain had suddenly gotten worse, they'd ended up calling Doctor Evanson and he'd prescribed the other pain medication. By the time Doctor Evanson had called it in and Gibbs had picked it up Ali was in excruciating pain and fought Tobias as he tried to give her the medication. He end up swatting her once on the opposite upper thigh, stunning her just enough so he could give her the medicine. Since then Tobias had never really liked giving Ali the suppositories, because even though he knew he'd had to swat her he still felt bad about it so from then on if they used the suppositories Gibbs always gave them to her.

"You know she was in severe pain then Tobias, she would have fought anyone trying to touch her" said Gibbs as he turned around and pulled his partner into his arms.

He knew Tobias felt bad about having to swat Ali when she was hurting but it had been the only way to give her the medicine without hurting her more.

"I know, but I still feel bed" said Tobias as he laid his head on Gibbs chest.

"Well don't, Ali doesn't even remember it and I don't mind giving her the medicine that way when she needs it. Now let's let our little girl sleep, I have an idea I want to talk to you about" said Gibbs as he gently kissed Tobias then lead him towards their bedroom, turn on Ali's sleep music and her lights off as they left.

When they entered their bed room Gibbs noticed that Tobias had turned down the bed and lit a few candles around the room.

"Someone thinks they might get lucky tonight huh?" said Gibbs with a smile as he pulled Tobias towards him and then walked them both back towards the bed until his legs hit the bed.

"Well I was hoping, and I know how much you enjoy a long hot soak in the Jacuzzi" said Tobias as he leaned in and captured Gibbs lips.

As Tobias leaned into the kiss they both fell onto the bed and were soon engaged in a tangle of arms and legs as both men tried to almost devour the other. It was almost two hours later before either man remembered Gibbs' question. Tobias was lying in the bed still trying to catch his breath while Gibbs was in the bathroom getting a couple of warm washcloths.

As Gibbs returned to bed Tobias brought up the question.

"You said you had an idea you wanted to talk to me about? Does it have anything to do with taking Ali camping?" asked Tobias as he felt the mattress dip, and then hissed as Gibbs gently clean him up.

"Sorry Tobias" said Gibbs as he finished cleaning himself up then threw both washcloths towards the bathroom.

"It's alright babe, now what's your idea?" said Tobias as he pulled Gibbs into his arms.

"Do you still have that friend in the governmental seizure department?" asked Gibbs as he laid his head on Tobias' chest.

"Sure, why?" asked Tobias as he looked down at the man laying on his chest

"Well I was just thinking that the government seizes a lot of property and houses right?"

"Yeah I guess so, Jethro just where exactly are you going with this?" asked Tobias

"Ali wants to go to the Adirondack Mountains and stay in a cabin or house right?"


"So I was thinking that maybe we could look into buying a house and property that was seized. That way we wouldn't have to plan and build a house, most of those houses are luxury houses anyway seized from drug dealers or very rich people who didn't pay their taxes right?"

"You know that's not really a bad idea Jethro, at least that way we could move right in and wouldn't have to make that many modification or additions."

"Right and anything that Ali doesn't want we could always sell or give back to the government to auction off. What do you think? As a retirement present from us to her?" said Gibbs as he sat up and looked at the man beside him.

"Well you know Jethro, we are old enough to retire ourselves and if Ali wants to visit all fifty states that's going to take a lot of time and planning. Something we can't do if we're both still working" said Tobias

"Are you sure Tobias, you know Ali would understand if we just bought the house and maybe spent a few weeks a year there like the beach house" said Gibbs.

Ever since Ali's accident he'd been considering retiring, even though Ali was healthy again he really didn't like the idea of her being home by herself. They were all getting up there in age and you never knew when something could happen to one of them. In the years since he and then Tobias had become Ali's Daddy and Papa Ali had had a wonderful second childhood, but with them all retired they could travel and do so much more that their jobs just hadn't allowed them to do while they were working.

As for the team, he felt Tony was more than ready to take over as leader especially since Jimmy had already taken over from Ducky. Both Ducky and Augustine were always reminding them that they needed to spend as much time as possible with Ali while they still had her. They had lost Jack the previous year and his death had made them both realize just how precious their time with Ali was.

"I know she would Jethro but I think this is something that we ought to do. Ali's second childhood has been wonderful, don't get me wrong but now I think we can make it better. We're all old enough to retire and financially stable enough to be able to travel if that's what we want and why not. The team will understand, and even when were gone it's not like Ali won't communicate with them, I actually think she talks to them more when were at the beach house than when were here in D.C."

"You're right about that, remember when we had to increase our cellular plan so we wouldn't get charged for all those extra minutes Ali used. So I'll talk to Leon Monday morning and you can check with your friend in the governmental seizure department to see if they have any houses that we might want to buy"

"Sounds like a plan to me, now what else do you think we should do?" asked Tobias as he once again pulled Gibbs into his arms.

"Sleep, Tobias. I don't know about you but this old man, despite what Ali thinks, is tired" said Gibbs with a smile as he once again lay down on Tobias' chest.

"Well actually that's what I was hoping for too, I love cuddling with Ali but I like you even more" said Tobias with as smile as his eyes begin to close.

"Me to Tobias, me to" said Gibbs softly then followed his lover into the peaceful realm of sleep where both men dreaming of all the new and wonderful things they could do with Ali in their new Adirondack Mountain home.