Gibbs/Allison Series:

Off to the Adirondack

By: MChakotayParis (R. Mason)

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This is another story in the Gibbs/Allison Series, involving Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tobias C. Fornell & Allison Grayson, so it might be a wise idea if you read the other stories first. They are in order "Gibbs' New Girl", "Switching Places", "Now it's My Turn", "Second Daddy", "Choosing Between Old & New", "Let Your Love Shine Through", "Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler", "Year of the Sheep", "Your Green is Showing", "Spring has Sprung", "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail" , "Fiesta de Mayo", Greatest Daddies Ever", "When the Leaves Begin to Fall" , "It's Scary Out There!"& "Deep in the Heart of Winter"

I got the idea for this story while I was playing a big fish computer game called "Campsites".

After they all retire Gibbs and Tobias buy a mountain house in the Adirondacks and take Ali there to show her the wonders of the great outdoors.

Chapter 2: Ali's Surprise

The next day was spent quietly with Ali spending most of her time in the living room between Tobias and Gibbs on the couch so by Monday morning Ali was rested and back to her energetic self.

As Tobias and Gibbs left Ali parked herself on the couch with her computer and several note pads feverishly searching the internet for information about the Adirondack Mountains.

When both men reached their destination Tobias put in a call to his friend while Gibbs made an appointment to see Vance in his office. It was just a little after one when Vance's secretary called down that the director would see him now. As Gibbs got up from his desk and headed upstairs Tony called out.

"Everything okay Boss?"

"Everything's just fine DiNozzo, just going to talk to Leon about our future" replied Gibbs then continued up the stairs and headed towards the Director's office.

"He is going to talk to Vance about retiring, Gibbs and Tobias have been considering it every since Ali's last car accident" said Ziva

The whole team knew that this last accident had been a bad one for Ali and it had been touch and go for a while wither Ali would live. Even after they had gotten the word that Ali would be alright it took months of grueling rehab for Ali to get back to where she was now, and even that wasn't one hundred percent. Hence the reason for Ali's semi retirement, they still needed her in Special Cipher's and Decryptions but knew that with her injuries she couldn't work a full forty hour week. So Ali worked two or three days a week and only on special, high profile classified cases. If both Gibbs and Tobias retired they could take Ali traveling which is something that they all knew she wanted to do.

When Ducky and Jimmy had told them all about Ali's interest in learning about all the fifty states they each started looking for ways they could help her explore that interest in the way they enjoyed spending time with Ali. Ziva had been buying Ali puzzles of landmarks and scenes from each of the fifty states, while Tony was working on buy Ali a collection of travel video's of each of the states. Tim was working on finding Lego sets or coloring books that had different landmarks and interesting tidbits about them, while several people from NCIS had given Ali several sketch books, colored pencils and markers along with a picture book of scenes from each of the states so she could practice her sketching.

"Well I hope he does really, the squirt deserves all the happiness she can get I mean at her age..."

"Tony!" "DiNozzo!" cried Tim and Ziva at the same time then both threw a wad of paper in his direction.

"I'm only kidding, only kidding! Although I do think it's a good idea that Gibbs and Tobias spend more time with the squirt" said Tony with a smile.

Up in the Director's office Gibbs was getting almost the same reaction from Leon, surprise then congratulations and well wishes on spending more time with Ali. After promising to start the necessary paperwork Gibbs left the Director's office with a smile on his face. When he came downstairs he called Tobias and told him what Leon had said and they made plans to tell the family during their weekend get-together.

Tobias had contacted his friend in the governmental seizure department and he had told him that there were several houses and property in the Adirondack that they might be interested in. After promising to get all the information on the houses and properties he'd hung up and tried to concentrate on work until Gibbs called.

He'd already had his talk with the Director of the FBI and his retirement paper work were already in the works. Hopefully by the time they'd chosen, and bought the house all of them would be official retired and they could concentrate on getting the house and property ready for them to spend some time there.

It was almost summer and the Adirondack Mountains would be a perfect place to be during the hot summer months. Oh Ali loved the house at Chesapeake Beach but most of the time she had to stay indoors because of the heat and if they were in the mountains there would be plenty of shade and much cooler air then down at the beach.

So with a smile on his face Tobias hung up the phone then went back to work trying to concentrate until he could get home and tell Gibbs his news. At six o' clock Tobias was able to leave so he closed down his computer then called out "Have a good night" as he left the office. Traffic was light for rush hour so he made it home by six forty five and found Ali still on the couch were they had left her that morning.

"Ali, I'm home little one" called Tobias as he dropped his keys in the basket on the foyer table then loosened his tie as he entered the living room.

"Papa!" squealed Ali as she jumped off the couch and ran throwing her arms around Tobias's neck.

"Ali be careful!" called Mrs. McDonald as she came out of the kitchen.

After Ali's second accident she was now exclusively in diapers and had trouble changing them herself so Gibbs and Tobias had worked it out where one of the neighborhood ladies would come and spend the day with Ali until they got home. That way they both knew that her needs would be taken care of and she would eat and rest like she was supposed to, which she still could forget to do even if she wasn't working on a case.

"Sorry Papa, sorry Mrs. McDonald" said Ali as she dropped her arms and stepped back from Tobias.

"It's alright little one, just remember not to launch yourself so hard when you hug someone" reminded Tobias as he pulled Ali back into his arms. It took her only a few minutes to melt into his chest and sigh as his arms encircled her.

"How was she today Mrs. McDonald?" asked Tobias as he lead Ali to the couch and they both sat down.

He knew that Ali still had good and bad days but luckily the good ones were out numbering the bad recently. As he looked down at the woman laying on his chest he could see the slight pain lines around her eyes and wondered what was hurting her.

"Today was a good day, only a little bit of pain after her pt this morning. She'll probably need a soaking in the bath this evening and her therapist said that she wanted to talk to you both about getting Ali a pool or something so she could start doing water aerobics. They would be less strain on her back and hip then what she's doing now" said Mrs. McDonald as she looked at the pair.

It pained her to have to watch Ali going through her pt but she knew that if she wanted to keep her mobility that it was a necessary evil, and one that she hoped the pool would help elevate some of the strain on Ali's back and hip.

"Sounds like a good idea, we'll call her tonight after dinner and see what we can arrange" said Tobias as he gently started rubbing Ali's shoulders and back.

"Good, now you two stay right there and I'll finish up dinner then be on my way. Will Jethro be home soon?" asked Mrs. McDonald as she headed towards the kitchen.

"I'm here now" said Gibbs as he dropped his keys in the basket and came into the living room

"Daddy!" cried Ali then slowly got up and went into Gibbs' arms.

As Gibbs' arms closed around Ali he looked over her head at his partner sitting on the couch with a worried look in his eyes.

"Don't worry Jethro, only a slightly bad day today. Her physical therapist wants to talk to us about getting Ali a pool or something to help elevate some of the strain on her back and hip"

"Sounds good, we can call her after dinner. Now why don't you rest on the couch with Tobias while I go change then you can tell us all about your day" said Gibbs as he gently kissed her on the side of the head then headed upstairs.

"Yes Daddy, but don't take to long. Mrs. McDonald's cooking a pot roast and I know how much you like that" called Ali as she went back into Tobias' arms and they sat on the couch.

"Promise baby girl, now you rest with Papa and I'll be right back" called Gibbs as he closed their bedroom door.

Thirty minutes later both Gibbs and Tobias had changed into comfortable clothes and all three were cuddling on the couch waiting for the timer to go off for dinner. Mrs. Mc Donald had left while Gibbs was showering leaving detailed instructions on what needed to be done for dinner. Now they were just waiting for the roast to finish cooking then they could eat.

When the timer went off all three of them went into the kitchen and together they got dinner on the table. After Ali's pt she had taken one of her pain pills so couldn't take another one until bedtime so Tobias gave her some Aleve and it was beginning to help. After dinner the trio returned to the couch where Ali spent the night telling them all about what she'd found on the internet while they watched a baseball game.

At bedtime Tobias and Gibbs took Ali upstair and while Gibbs helped Ali undress Tobias filled the Jacuzzi. This time the bath was a little better and Ali was able to take the pills that Tobias offered her after diapering and dressing her. With a smile Ali took the bottle that Gibbs offered her and turned over and greedily sucked on it until she fell asleep. When they were sure that Ali was asleep Gibbs and Tobias retired to their room.

They had called Ali's physical therapist while they were watching they game and after she explained what Ali was now doing during her pt sessions they agreed that a pool and water aerobics would be the best way for her to do. That way she could continue her therapy but there would be less strain on her back and hip.

So as they lay in bed they both thought of ways they could get Ali a pool. There backyard was just to small to have a in ground pool installed unless they wanted to give up Ali's play set and there work shed, so they settled for an above ground pool. One big enough and deep enough that Ali could do her water aerobics and maybe even have the whole family over for a pool party.

They also agreed that their new house in the Adirondack would have to be big enough for a indoor pool, not really wanting to go through all the expense and hassle of putting in a ground pool. With those happy thoughts running through their minds both Gibbs and Tobias slipped into a peacefully sleep dreaming of all the fun they and the family could have in their new pool.

The rest of the week was better for Ali since she only had her pt sessions twice a week and by Friday she was her normally bubbly self. Gibbs and Tobias had ordered the largest above ground pool they could and it was to be delivered by the end of the week. Tobias had gotten the information of several houses and properties that the government had seized and they planned on telling Ali about the house this weekend. So they invited everyone over for the weekend telling them to bring their swimsuit and a change of clothes. They weather had been warmer than usual for the late spring in D.C. So Gibbs and Tobias got out their grill a little bit earlier this year and planned on having a barbecue after their new pool was set up.


Saturday had dawned warm and sunny and the day looked to be promising as both Gibbs and Tobias woke up and dressed for the weekend. They'd ordered an 18'x40'x54" Contempra oval above ground pool with everything they would need to install and maintain it and while the company didn't install the pool they did recommend a company that would come to the house, lay the foundation and set up the pool while they were at Gibbs' house doing their weekend chores.

So as they entered Ali's room they stood by her bedside for a minute before gently reaching down to wake their sleeping daughter. She had been so excited all week that they'd end up threatening to cancel the pool if she didn't calm down and behave. After that Ali had been a model daughter and the rest of the week had gone smoothly.

Now as they stood watching her sleep they were excited for her because they knew she would be getting something she'd always wanted. A backyard pool, oh she loved her play set and the attic play room but once they took Ali down to the beach they discovered that Ali was a water baby. She loved to play in water, wither is was the shower, bath, ocean or a pool Ali took to the water like a fish and if you let her would spend all day long if the water.

Gibbs reached down and gently stroked the hair on her forehead until Ali's eyes slowly opened and she turned over looking into the smiling faces of her daddies.

"Morning Princess, ready for the big day?" asked Tobias as he reached down and pulled her pacifier out of her mouth.

"Really Papa, Daddy? There coming to install the pool today?" asked Ali excitedly as she smiled at both her father's.

"Yep, they should be here by eight o' clock so I suggest that you let us get you changed and then get a move on so we can be out of the way before they get here" said Tobias as he leaned down and quickly changed Ali's wet diaper.

As he went to throw away the wet diaper and wash his hands Gibbs helped Ali out of bed and walked with her to her closet. Sometimes, first thing in the morning Ali's back and hip act up and she had trouble walking so they both made it a habit of one of them walking with her to her closet just to make sure she doesn't fall. She'd fallen once just after she'd gotten home from the hospital and it had scared both of them to death to find her laying on the floor crying unable to get up because of the pain.

Now one of them always stayed with her while she dressed while the other went to start the coffee and start breakfast. This morning there was a change of plans though, they'd made arrangements with the installation company and Mrs. Travis to have her there at the house while they installed the pool so both Tobias and Gibbs could be with Ali at Gibbs house. So this morning they all three dressed in their grungy work clothes but then left for their favorite dinner to eat breakfast and then meet everyone over at Gibbs' house.

They were going to work all morning and then eat lunch and put Ali down for her nap at Gibbs' old house so by the time she awoke from her nap the pool would be finished and filling or hopefully full. They wanted to let Ali have an afternoon swim in her new pool before they started the grill then told everyone about them retiring and the house.

By eight o' clock everyone was at Gibbs' house working to clean up the house, yard and attic, with Ali helping as much as she could. By lunch time they were all hot and sweaty and while Tony, Tim and Jimmy went for lunch Tobias gave Ali a quick shower, then changed her into one of her summer play sets that she could sleep in for her nap.

After lunch Tobias changed Ali then put her down for her nap while Gibbs and the rest of the family showered then went home to rest promising to meet back at their house sometime between four and four thirty. While Tobias was giving Ali her shower Mrs. Travis called and said that the pool was almost finished and it looked beautiful so they knew that there shouldn't be a problem with Ali getting her afternoon swim when she woke up. As Gibbs laid down on the bed beside Tobias he sighed then turned to face his lover and soul mate.

"Do you think were doing the right thing Tobias?" asked Gibbs as he looked into the face of the man he hoped to spend the rest of his golden years with.

"You're having doubts now Jethro?" asked Tobias as he raised up and looked at the man beside him.

Their retirement paperwork was almost through, giving them only a few more weeks to work until they could spend all day long with Ali. If Gibbs had changed his mind on retiring there would be hell to pay to try and stop the paperwork now.

"Not doubts Tobias, just concerns. I mean what are we going to do with ourselves all day long, watch Ali while she works on her cases and you flit around the house in a lace apron" said Gibbs with a smile on his face.

It was one of his and Ali's favorite things to tease Tobias about when he wore an apron while he cooked or cleaned. Ziva had bought Ali several aprons for when they got together and cooked and she'd put lace or eyelet on everyone of them.

"Very funny Jethro! I'll show you flitting around in a lacy apron" said Tobias with a growl as he flipped them over and soon had Gibbs gasping for air as he kissed him long and hard, slowly grinding their crotches together.

When they broke apart Gibbs was gasping for breath and Tobias lay beside him with a goofy grin on his face. They had both come in their pants from just rubbing against each other, something that hadn't happened to either man since they'd first gotten together. As expected Tobias soon got up and went to the bathroom to retrieve two wet washcloths, not so gently throwing the second one at Gibbs.

"Now look what you've done, and neither of us have clean clothes in the house" replied Tobias as he tried but failed to clean up their mess.

"But we do have a washer and dryer, and since we're alone in the house except for Ali why don't we just strip and wash the clothes. They should be washed and dried by the time Ali wakes up" said Gibbs as he got up and went into the bathroom to retrieve two towels.

After stripping, Gibbs went to put their clothes in the washer while Tobias made sure that their noise hadn't woken Ali. Gibbs' house wasn't as sound proof as Ali's and they'd discovered the hard way that you could hear noises and sounds from their room in Ali's.

Gibbs returned upstairs just as Tobias was coming out of Ali's room and smiled when he gave him the thumbs up that Ali was still asleep. As they entered Gibbs old room they both dropped their towels then crawled into the bed falling fast asleep in each other's arms.

By three forty five Ali was awake and their clothes were dry so Tobias and Gibbs redressed then went to change Ali and tell her of their afternoon plans. She knew that someone was coming over to the house to install the pool but she didn't know about the afternoon swim party or the barbecue cook out they'd planned for afterwards.

As they entered her room Ali turned over and smiled at the two men, wither they knew it or not she'd heard them in their room earlier but wasn't going to say anything because she knew it was a sore spot for both men.

"Morning Princess, did you sleep well?" asked Gibbs as he came over and started changing her diaper.

"Yes I did Daddy, and I can't wait to get home and see our new pool. Do you think we could go swimming in it before Angela comes back for my pt?" asked Ali as Gibbs finished changing her and she reached for Tobias' hand to help her sit up.

Her back was a little bit sore from sleeping on her old mattress, since her accident they had gotten her a new extra firm mattress with more lumbar support and she was used to sleeping on it. Her old mattress wasn't bad but it did make her back hurt a little.

"That's what we wanted to talk to you about before we go back home. How would you like to have a swimming party with the family, then a pool side barbecue to break in our new pool?" asked Gibbs.

"Really Daddy! Everyone's coming back over to swim in the pool?" squealed Ali as she bounced slightly on her knees

"Yep, they're all going to meet us at the house between four and four thirty so you had better get cracking" said Tobias with a smile.

"But Papa, what about my swimsuit? I certainly can't go swimming in a diaper and you know I can't go without one anymore" asked Ali shyly.

She was still slightly embraced that since her accident she'd been having to wear diapers all the time, but it worked out well since she was home almost all the time and had Tobias, Gibbs or one of the neighborhood ladies to change her. But now it was different, if she was going to be able to spend any time in their new pool they had to find something for her to wear to protect her but wouldn't clog up the filter like a wet diaper would.

After Angela had suggested getting Ali a pool so she could do her exercises in the water they'd talked to her and found a company that sold adult sized swimming diapers which would protect the water incase she had an accident and not clog up the pools filters. Gibbs and Tobias had ordered Ali a case along with a new swimming suit which they had waiting in her room for her at home.

"Don't worry Princess, we talked to Angela and found a company that sells adult sized swimming diapers. We have them along with a new swimsuit waiting for you in your room at home" said Gibbs as he looked at her.

"Oh Daddy, Papa! Thank you, thank you so very much! I love you both!" cried Ali as she threw her arms around both men

"We love you too sweetheart, now I suggest we get going or everyone's going to beat us to the party" said Tobias as he looked down at his watch.

It was already four ten and even though traffic usually wasn't bad on the weekends it still usually took them about thirty minutes or so to get from their house to Gibbs'.

"Oh right Daddy, lets go!" cried Ali as she carefully climbed off the bed and Gibbs helped her finish dressing.

When Ali was all dressed the three of them locked up Gibbs' house and got in Tobias' car and headed back towards their house so Ali could see their new pool. As it turned out Augustina and Ducky were already at the house waiting for them when the trio arrived and after lots of hugs and kisses they lead Ali into the kitchen for her snack. While Ali ate her snack the rest of the family arrived along with Leon, Jackie, Kayla and Jared Vance, plus Tobias' daughter Emily. Over the years Kayla, Jared and Emily had come to accept Allison as Ali and now felt comfortable enough to be around her for most of their family get togethers.

After Ali had finished her snack Tobias took Ali upstairs to change while Jared used Tim's and Abby's room and Emily and Kayla used Ziva's and Tony's. Soon the pitter patter of bare feet were heard on the stairs and the four youngest members of the Gibbs-Fornell extended family were heading towards the backyard.

As the sliding doors from the kitchen was opened everyone stopped and stared at the beautiful pool that sat in Ali, Tobias and Gibbs backyard. There sat a 18'x40'x54" Contempra above ground oval pool with 1.5-HP opti-flo pump filtration system and a grand entrance steps with outside ladder.

"Wow, Ali! It's beautiful!" said Kayla, Jared and Emily all at once.

The only thing Ali could do was to run to both men and bury her face in their shirts, after a few minutes she raised her head and smiled at both men.

"You're welcome sweetheart, now go have fun but be careful!" cried Tobias as he watched his daughter and the other three younger members of his extended family run to the pool and climb in.

"Don't worry Tobias, Tim and I will watch out for them" said Tony as he headed towards the pool.

"That's what I'm afraid of DiNutzo!" said Tobias then smiled as he knew in his heart that all of Gibbs' team would do anything to keep Ali safe.

"You think we did good Tobias?" asked Gibbs as he came over and stood beside his lover and partner watching their daughter and kids splash around in the pool. They'd even gotten Leon and Jackie in the pool and were now trying to see who could splash the director more.

"I think you two did a wonderful job in picking out a pool, and congratulations on choosing such a high quality and well constructed pool for our little one" said Ducky

"Oh that's just the beginning of the surprises we have in store for our little one Ducky" said Gibbs as he and Tobias sat down in one of the patio chairs and watched their extended family play in the pool.

Gibbs and Tobias let Ali play in the pool until nearly six o' clock then called her out saying that it was time to get ready for the cook out. Ali protested a little until she discovered that they would be barbecuing on the grill then she couldn't get out fast enough. She loved using the grill, even if she didn't always get to help with the meat. A cookout meant that her whole extended family would be over and she loved spending time with them, which now included another sister and two cousins.

While Tobias took Ali upstairs to change into dry clothes Ducky and Augustina tried to get Gibbs to tell them the other secrets that he had in store for Ali, but he remained tight lipped telling them that they would just have to wait like everyone else. By seven o' clock the food was ready and everyone sat around in the patio chairs talking and laughing about how much fun they'd had in Ali's new pool. After everyone had eaten their fill and the dishes were washed and the kitchen cleaned they all went into the living room where Gibbs sat Ali on the couch between Ducky and Augustina then went to stand in the middle of the room with Tobias.

"As all of you know because of Ali's recent accident she's been forced into semi retirement. Which means that she still technically works for the Special Ciphers and Decryptions department but only takes their high profile classified cases, working only two or three days a week. The rest of the time she enjoys her retirement"

"As it should be Jethro" said Ducky

"The squirts earned it Boss" said Tony

"Your right about that Tony, but what most of you don't know is that since her accident both Tobias and I have been considering retiring ourselves. Ali wants to travel and we can't do that if one or both of us is working, so I've put in my official request for retirement from NCIS" said Gibbs.

There were a few gasps, and even an "awww" at his announcement but the most poignant reaction was Ali's as she suddenly launched herself at the two men. Knocking all three of the backwards slightly so that Tony and Tim had to jump up to catch them before they hit the floor.

"Oh Daddy, Papa! Thank you, thank you so much! I love you both for doing this for me!" said Ali as he looked at both men.

"You're welcome sweetheart, we thought it was time we spent a lot more time with our baby girl" said Gibbs as he pulled Ali into his arms.

"Is it true Uncle Leon?" asked Ali as she looked over at the man she now considered her uncle.

"The paper work was filed last week Ali, Jethro will have to work for a few more weeks until everything clears but after that he will be officially retired from NCIS" said Leon.

"Oh thank you Uncle Leon, thank you!" said Ali as she threw herself at the man

"Ali!" cried both Gibbs and Tobias at the same time.

"Well I really didn't do much little one, besides I think it's about time there was some new blood on the MCRT team" said Leon with a smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

"Leon" growled Gibbs

Over the years Gibbs and Leon's relationship had been a tenuous one but since he'd met Ali, and then Tobias he'd come to realize that there was more to life than just work. And both men had come to an understanding when their two families merged into one. Now they knew that no matter what happen either man would take care of the others family, since in reality they were all one big extended family.

"It's alright Daddy, I'm sure Uncle Leon was just teasing. And I know he has the right person in mind to take your place. Right Uncle Leon!" said Ali with her best don't mess with my Daddy look.

"Of course I do sweetheart, don't worry Jethro. The MCRT team will be in good hands when you retire." said Leon with a smile.

"So where are we going to go first Papa, I was thinking that maybe we could..." started Ali but was stopped when Jared's voice broke in.

"Why do you want to travel Ali? Didn't you're job take you all over the world?" asked Jared

"Yes it did Jared, I have been to Europe, South America and most of the Middle East but I have never been to any of the fifty states. Only D.C. When I moved here and it wasn't until I meet Daddy and then his team that I even saw any of that. Tim's taken me around D.C. And shown me most of the sights but I still would like to visit the other forty nine states"

"Oh, sounds cool" said Jared with a smile.

"And that brings me to our second surprise, I've got a friend in the department of governmental seizures and he says that they have a lot of seized houses and properties. Some of which are in the Adirondack Mountains, now some of them they can use as safe houses but most they just auction or selloff. So Jethro and I were thinking about buying one and using it as a second vacation home"

"Hey way to go Boss, that way if anything happened between you and Tobias you each could have a house" said Tony

"DiNozzo!" cried almost everyone in the room, then watched as Tony had to duck the head slaps and pillows that were thrown his way.

"Just kidding Boss, just kidding!" said Tony as he tried to decide wither to rubbed the back of his head or his arm from the head slap and arm punch he'd received from Ziva and Abby.

"You'd better be Tony. So what do you think Ali, would you mind if we bought a seized house from the government?" asked Gibbs as he came to stand in front of her.

This time she hadn't launched herself at either man but sat almost stunned on the couch between Ducky and Augustina.

"Can we see the house before we buy it Daddy, I know most of the governmental house were probably seized from drug dealers or criminals and I wouldn't want to live in a house if it's..."

"Oh don't worry about that little one" said Tobias quickly as he moved to pull Ali into his arms.

"We can look at the information about each of the houses before we make a decision and then go see it and make any changes we want before we buy it" said Tobias as he gently rubbed her back.

"That's right baby girl and if you prefer we can just buy some property and build our own house on it just the way we want, of course it will take longer before we could move in but if that's what you want we'll do that" said Gibbs

"No, it's okay Daddy. I think I'd like to look at the seized house and buy one of them, that way we could go maybe this year instead of having to build the house and wait until next year."

" Sounds good to me, why don't you look over the information on the houses while Augustina and I get desert ready" said Gibbs as he moved to stand up.

"Okay Daddy, what are we having?" asked Ali as she took the folder Tobias handed her.

"Ice cream sundae's with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, hows that sound?" asked Tobias

"Wonderful Papa, thank you!" said Ali as she opened the folder and her started looking through the information on the houses.

"I tell you what my sweet, why don't you look at these with Ziva and Abby while I go and get some more tea" said Ducky as he stood up and move out of the way so Ziva could take his place. Before he left, he patted Ali's arms then leaned down and kissed her head.

In the kitchen he found a very subdued Gibbs, Tobias and Augustina dishing out the ice cream and making a fresh pot of coffee.

"Anyone care to explain Ali's reaction to buying a governmental seized house?" asked Ducky as he came over to the three.

It took a few minutes before anyone responded and Ducky was afraid he might have to press the issue when Augustina finally spoke.

"When Ali was twelve years old the government seized the house next door to her, the people inside were making and selling drugs. Not only for their purpose but for a drug dealer so they were very well armed. When the FBI and DEA went in there was a gun fight and several people were shot and killed inside the house. They closed up the house with tape and everything but you now how kids are and Douglas snuck into the house and hid. When they discovered where he was they tried to get him out but he wouldn't come so the Admiral made Ali go in and get him"

"They hadn't bothered to clean up the blood, guts and brain matter that was all over the house so Ali had to search through all of that until she found Douglas hiding in a closet in one of the back rooms. Ever since then she's been absolutely terrified of going into a seized house, she still has nightmares about ever once in a while. And when I mentioned buying a seized house she..." said Gibbs

"Oh my dear, I am so sorry. Ali always seemed to be alright the few times I saw her at a crime scene" said Ducky as he came to stand beside Gibbs and Tobias

"That was because always with one of us, and we never actually let her see the body. The sketches that she made for us were from photos that Ziva took, she seems to be alright with pictures of dead bodies or even a cleaned up body in autopsy. I think it's just bodies covered in blood in a house that bother her"

"Well the information you got on the house tells you what each house was seized for doesn't it?" asked Ducky

"Well yes, along with a list of all the items in the house. That way we can decided if we want to keep the belongings in the house or return them to be auctioned off by the government" said Tobias

"Then might I suggest that you only let her look at houses that were seized because of tax evasion or something like that and nothing that had anything to do with drugs"

"Already done Ducky, the list she's looking at now are all seizures because of tax evasion, fraud, or money laundering. I've also asked them to take off all the personal items, leaving only the basic and household items in the house. That way Ali won't have to worry about using something personal from someone else" said Tobias

"Good job my dear fellow, now how about I help you finish up those sundaes' so we can get back to see what our little one has chosen" said Ducky with a smile as he started helping Augustina with her try of sundaes' and drinks.

A few minutes later the four of them returned to the living room to find Ziva, Abby, Tim, Tony, Jimmy, Breena, Jackie, Leon, Jared, Kayla and Emily all surrounding Ali as she read off the list of items listed in one of the houses.

"Listen to this guys, this house has three covered decks, along with a huge master bedroom suite and a guest suite on the same floor. It also has a room I could turn into a play room and huge three car garage where we could put an indoor swimming pool if we wanted to. It also has a basement guest room plus a loft where you guys could come and stay if you visited. Oh please, please Daddy, Papa can we possible look at this one!" said Ali as she looked up and saw the two men coming into the room

"Well it looks like our little one has found you a house Jethro" said Ducky with a smile as he placed his tray on the coffee table in front of Ali

"It's a really nice sounding property to Daddy, with lots of trees and its not that far from a lake where we could go fishing. I don't know about swimming in a lake through" said Ali as she picked up her ice cream sundae

"Might not be a wise idea Ktantonet" said Ziva with a smile

"Yeah, you never know what's swimming around in a lake. Might be one of those monsters or a mini shark just waiting to bite your leg or arm off" said Tony with a mock growl as he leaned forward and tried to take a bite out of Ali's sundae but before he could get close to her ice cream Ali gave him a not so gentle head slap and pulled her ice cream away from him.

"Hey, squirt!" cried Tony as he rubbed the back of his head.

"She just beat everyone to it DiNozzo" said Gibbs with a smile as he watched his daughter happily eating her ice cream.

"Yeah well I think she picked up a few of your bad habits Boss" said Tony as grabbed a sundae from a tray then moved away from Ali to eat his ice cream in peace.

After the sundae's and coffee was finished the rest of the evening was spent looking over and taking about the house that Ali had picked out. Tobias had promised that he would call his friend first thing Monday morning and start the paper work so they could buy the house. By the time Ali's bed time rolled around she was laying on the couch with her head in Gibbs' lap barely able to keep her eyes open to watch the game on the television.

Jackie, Leon, Kayla and Jared had gone home just after the ice cream sundae's saying that they would drop Emily off at Diana's house. At little bit later Jimmy and Breena had to leave also because it was getting close to the time for their babysitter to leave. They hadn't brought Victoria along with them this time, not wanting to get her to close to the pool or out in the sun to long.

So that left only Tony, Ziva, Tim, Abby Ducky and Augustina still here and by the time Ali's bed time rolled around even the older generation was getting tired. So as Tobias gently moved out from under Ali's legs and pick her up in his arms, both Ducky and Augustina stood as well and excused themselves heading towards their rooms upstairs.

"Good night my sweet Ali" whispered Ducky as he gently kissed Ali's head

"Night love" said Augustina quietly

"Night Grandma, Grandpa. Love you both" said Ali as Tobias head upstairs with her.

"You guys are welcome to use the pool again but remember, it's clean now and I want it that way when you get out" said Gibbs then smiled at the slight blushed and down turned faces from his other kids.

As Gibbs followed Tobias and Ali up the stairs he couldn't help but shake his head and smile at the wonderful and crazy life that was his, Tobias' and Ali's. They'd all made it to retirement age which considering their jobs wasn't always a given, and now they had the rest of their time to spend together just making each other happy.

As Gibbs meet Tobias coming out of Ali's room he once again marveled that Tobias could fall in love with a man like him, then so readily except Ali as part of the deal. But as he'd come to learn in his troubled life don't dwell in the past and never, ever take anything or anyone for granted something he planned on showing Tobias as often as possible.

So as he took Tobias by the hand gently leading him into their bedroom Gibbs slowly and methodically began to make love to him showing him in every way he knew how just how much he loved and cherished the man.