Gibbs/Allison Series:

Off to the Adirondack

By: MChakotayParis (R. Mason)

Chapter 5: Hiking, Fishing and all that fun stuff

The next morning Ali, Tobias and Gibbs woke late but soon were raring to go. As ordered by both Director Vance and Tobias' boss they'd made a list of the things they wanted added to the house and with them spending that extra week in D.C they were sure that everything that they'd asked had been done. As Ali, Tobias and Gibbs fixed breakfast they noticed that indeed the kitchen towels that Ali had chosen were bought along with several aprons and other little knick knacks that personalized the kitchen for them and Ali. It was almost like their kitchen in D. C had been replicated with a few newer thing thrown in.

After the pancakes with fruit and whipped cream were made, eaten, and the kitchen cleaned up they went to explore the house once again. Ali started in her room and noticed that the bedrail, baby monitor along with a small refrigerator now finished off her room. She unpacked the rest of her clothes, having left all the clothes she'd previously brought so now her drawers and closet were filled with all of her summer and spring play sets and sundresses.

When she finished her room she meet Gibbs and Tobias outside their master bedroom and together they showed her their new jacuzzi which was on the covered deck outside their bathroom. It was just like the one they had at home except it had a deck around one side where they could hold or store things while they were in the jacuzzi. Tobias and Gibbs had ordered the jacuzzi but the family had confiscated the delivery and installation. They had also added subdued lights around the railing of the deck and some deck lounges so if they wanted to they could use it after dark while Ali was asleep.

On the two decks that went off Ali's room they'd added a simple table and chair on the front covered deck, with a full patio table with umbrella on the back. That way she could read, listen to her music or sketch but still be comfortable and protected from the sun.

They'd kept the office pretty much the same except for installing a new computer, printer, fax/scanner and web cam so that Ali could talk to her family and friends. The cyber tech guys installed all the latest and most up to date software so Ali would be able to work even while she was retired if she wanted to.

The family room, dinning room and entry way weren't changed that much with the exception of adding a small table and coat rack by the door. A high end security system had been installed all over the house with camera's monitoring all sides of the house, and a screen showing who was at the front door. A large grill and extra chairs were added to the covered patio off the family room, as well as a small umbrella table and chairs just off the dinning room.

The big additions to were the garage and the extra room just off the garage. Abby, Ziva, Jackie, Breena and Emily had turned that room into a high tech play room for Ali. With lots of book shelves and a table so Ali could read, draw or do her puzzles or lego's. They'd also added another large screen television with a Sony PlayStation 4, because while visiting the guys in Cyber Crimes one day Ali got hooked on video games. Mostly she played the non violent sports games along with a few of the older arcade type games.

In the main part of garage sat two new cars, a dark plum Cadillac Escalade Platinum 4x4 for Tobias, and a dark green Chevrolet High Country pick up truck for Gibbs. In the last area of the garage sat another 18'x40'x54" Contempra above ground oval pool with 1.5-HP opti-flo pump filtration system and grand entrance steps with outside ladder.

At this Ali squealed and ran to the pool while both Gibbs and Tobias looked over their cars. Tobias' boss had told them that the Bureau would take care of getting them vehicles but they'd both assumed that they would be worn out pieces of junk that they'd have to rebuild. But both of these car's were brand new with very little milage on then and all the added bells and whistles. As they both opened the doors to check them out Ali came running up to both of them.

"Wow Papa! You're director wasn't lying when he said he'd get you both cars that you could drive year around up here if you wanted to. These are nice!" said Ali as she climbed into Tobias' car and looked around.

"Yes they are sweetheart, and with this one I think you have more room on the second bench than my other car" said Tobias

"I sure do Papa, I can almost spread out totally on my back on this bench" said Ali as she laid down.

"How's you're truck Jethro?" called Tobias as he looked at his husband with the hood raised leaning over the engine.

"Sweet Tobias, real sweet. We are definitely going to have to send everyone thank you cards for everything they've done for us" said Gibbs as he gently dropped the hood of his new truck.

"I've got something better in mind Daddy, how about we take pictures of us enjoying all our new additions then e-mail them as a Thank you presentation for everyone. That way everyone can see what everyone else did and how much we're enjoy it"

"Sounds like a wonderful plan sweetheart, can you take care of the presentation for us?" asked Tobias as he came over to his daughter.

Ali had just climbed out of the back door of his SUV and was walking over to meet Gibbs who was headed towards him.

"Of course Papa, If you and Daddy will help with the pictures I'll do the rest" said Ali with a smile.

After that they headed towards the storage area to find both it's walls lined with floor to ceiling shelves with different sizes of plastic storage bins on each of the selves. Outside on the deck their were several different sized raised gardens, and container planters each of them all ready planted, some already with medium sized plants. They had installed a irrigation system that would water the gardens on a timer so all Ali really had to do was weed them and harvest the vegetables when they were ready.

Each garden had at least two rows of vegetables in them, most of the same ones that Ali always planted in her gardens at home. They had tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and zucchini in large container planters, with two rows potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, squash and corn in the raised beds. They had also placed in two separate raised beds a little to the side of the others, one had watermelon and cantaloupe while the other had strawberries and blue berries.

The upstairs loft was pretty much left alone with the exception of the three single bed were changed to two double beds and the two small chairs and table was moved out. The second guest suite in the basement was exactly the same except for the table and chairs from the loft were moved in there. All in all everything that Ali, Tobias and Gibbs had asked for had been done along with a few extras thrown in.

Just before they left Tim had given Gibbs and Tobias a map of the new trails that the Corps of Engineers had added along with new surveillance images of their property so they knew what the property entailed. The Corps had also built a small fishing shack and dock so if Gibbs wanted to he could built a boat and launch it from the dock. The shack was equipped with three sets of the latest fishing gear along with a simple cane pole for Ali to start fishing with.

As the day wore Ali, Tobias and Gibbs started exploring their property but soon realized that it was going to take much more than one day so after a few hours they returned to the house. Dinner was a quiet affair and soon the trio was curled up in the chairs out on the covered deck watching the sunset.


The next morning Tobias and Gibbs woke Ali at their usual time and after a playful breakfast they got ready to drive into the nearest town to buy groceries. Ali decided that she wanted to wear some of her "big Ali" clothes so after careful consideration she choose a simple sundress with her small heeled canvasespadrille shoes.

The ride in Tobias' new SUV was luxurious and although they were going somewhere new Ali still fell asleep about thirty minutes into the trip. By the time they'd arrived at the town Ali was true to her word and was sprawled out on the back bench of Tobias' car.

"Would you look at that, even retired and dressed as "big Ali" our little one still shines through" said Tobias as he turned around in the drivers seat to look at their daughter.

They had brought Ali's bag that they usually kept in Tobias' car figuring that when they returned home they could replace it. So when Gibbs saw Ali lay down on the back bench he covered her with her blanket and slipped her pacifier into her mouth. Now she laid only completely on her back with one leg tucked under her and the other leaning against the back of the bench.

"Well you know Ali Tobias, she's never really going to give up little Ali no matter how she's dressed" said Gibbs as he looked at Ali and smiled. Even dressed in her "big Ali" clothes she would always be his baby girl

"I guess you're right Jethro, I just hope her acting like little Ali won't cause problems here as well" answered Tobias with a sigh

"If it does we'll deal with it Tobias, we can't asked Ali to change just because a few people are stupid and closed minded" said Gibbs as he laid his hand on Tobias' thigh and gave it a little squeeze.

"Your right of course, so are you ready to wake our little girl and get this show on the road?" asked Tobias as he leaned over and gave Gibbs a quick kiss then opened the door.

With a smile he followed Tobias then opened the door right by Ali's head.

"Hey Princess, are you ready to go shopping?" asked Gibbs as he gently stroked Ali's head until she opened her eyes.

"Are we there already Daddy? This car rides even better than you're other one Papa" said Ali as she started to climb out.

"Do you need changing now or can you wait until we get back home, it maybe a while little one" said Tobias

"Oh yeah, probably now is a good idea then Papa" said Ali as she laid back down on the bench seat.

"I'll get her Tobias you just go on in and start shopping and we'll be there in a minute" said Gibbs as he climbed in the back of the SUV.

With a wink and a smile Tobias closed the door then went into the store as Gibbs started changing Ali. The drive had been a long one, almost ten miles from their home which even at highway speeds had taken almost two hours to make so Ali was indeed wet. After fastening the last tape on her diaper Gibbs helped her sit up then wipes his hands with a baby wipe before getting out of the car.

In the store Tobias already had a shopping cart and was filling it up with several types of meat, poultry and fish when Ali and Gibbs arrived.

"You think you have enough there Tobias?" asked Gibbs with a grin as he saw his husband place several more packages of meat into the cart.

"Well we don't know when the meat Ali order online will arrive and I just want to make sure we have enough until it does. Plus a lot of this we can freeze if we don't eat it right away" said Tobias with a smile.

"I was teasing Tobias, buy all you want I'm going to take Ali and start on the vegetables and fruit. It might be awhile before her gardens bears any thing and I want us to have everything we need" said Gibbs as he took Ali's hand and lead her towards the fruits and vegetables.

"Good idea, and don't forget the hot peppers!" called Tobias with a grin

"I'll leave those to you Tobias, you know Ali and I don't eat them" called Gibbs back then with a smile pushed their cart away.

"Are you new here sir?" asked a middle aged woman wearing a dirty grocers apron.

"Well yes, we just bought a house here for our retirement. My husband and daughter are looking at the fruits and vegetables" answered Tobias a little hesitantly. He wasn't my any means ashamed of Gibbs or Ali, it's just his years in the FBI had made him leery of giving out to much information.

"Oh well welcome to the community, which house did you end up buying?" asked the woman.

"The one just off highway 952, I think the private road is called Brookhaven?" said Tobias

"Well it's about time someone decent owned that big beautiful house. The last owner had all kinds of questionable people coming and going at all hours of the day. I thought I heard that the government seized it when they finally caught the owners for money laundering or whatever they were doing?"

"They did, I retired from the FBI and my husband and I bought the house as a retirement present for our daughter. She's also a retired Federal Agent"

"Oh well then the house is finally in good hands now, well it looks like you might been needed in the fruits and vegetables so I'll get you go. Come back in the fall and you can buy from our stand at the farmer's market, we always sell our surplus there so it doesn't go to waste"

"Well Ali's planted several raised beds herself but I'm sure we'll come back for some more of your local produce" said Tobias with a smile.

"Well good luck with your gardens and I hope you all enjoy your retirement." said the woman as she wandered off to the back of the store.

A few minutes later Tobias was standing beside Ali and Gibbs as they put the last of their fruit in the basket.

"Who were you talking to Tobias?" asked Gibbs as he pushed their cart towards the check out counter.

"I think she one of the owners of this store, seams like a real nice lady and didn't seam that upset when I told her about my husband and daughter"

"Well that's a relief" said Gibbs with a sigh

"Asked which house we'd just bought and I told her, seams the previous owners weren't that well liked around here. Seams they had all sorts of unsavory people coming and going" said Tobias with a smile.

"Tobias are you sure this house wasn't involved in any drugs?" asked Gibbs quietly. They both knew about Ali's fear of drug dealers and drug lords and wanted to keep her as far away from that as possible.

"I'm sure Jethro, this house was seized for money laundering, tax evasion and embezzlement. It's previous owners had nothing to do with drugs, they used the money that they made to buy this property and have this house built. They figured if the money was put into something solid that we'd never find it and couldn't take it from them. They didn't count of the FBI and IRS tracking them for years then finally seizing all of their assets and properties."

"That's why it never pays to mess with the Federal Government" said Gibbs with a smile

"You got that right, most people think the FBI is bad but the IRS is worse. Once they get a hold of you they don't ever let go"

"Are we ready to go Jethro, Tobias? It's almost lunch time and I'm getting a little bit hungry" asked Ali

"Sure thing sweetheart, how about we pay for this stuff then go find somewhere to eat in town?" said Gibbs.

"Thanks Jethro, I think breakfast is just about gone"

"Any time baby girl" whispered Gibbs as he leaned over and kissed the side of her head.

Soon their groceries were paid for and loaded into the back of Tobias' new SUV and they were headed into town to a little place just a few miles down the road. During the drive to the restaurant Ali saw a road side stand that was selling chickens and eggs. Along with the fruits and vegetables they'd bought five dozen eggs and several gallons of milk, plus a dozen different varieties of bread and rolls.

Ali hadn't gotten a chance to try out the bread or ice cream makers that she'd found in the pantry so for now they'd stocked up until she did. Unknown to Ali both Tobias and Gibbs had put several gallon containers of Ali's favorite ice cream flavors in the cart and added several small ice chest plus ice to their bill so they would make it home before they thawed.

She was once again laying down on the bench seat but this time she was wide awake and watching a movie. She'd just so happened to see the top of the road side stand and sat up just in time to read it before they passed.

"Daddy, Papa! Can we stop and buy some more eggs and chickens" asked Ali

"Ali sweetheart, I think we've bought enough eggs for now and I don't think you really want chicken roaming around in your garden" said Gibbs as he looked back at Ali

"Oh, I guess you're right Daddy. Never mind" said Ali as she laid back down and started watching her movie again.

"Whew that was a close one, can you imaged chickens running around on that back deck?" asked Tobias with a smile as he looked at his husband.

"No thank you, Tobias. Ali's gardens are going to be enough work as it is" said Gibbs with a frown.

"Aww come on Jethro, you know you love Ali's fresh fruits and vegetables and with that irrigation system they put it it's not going to be that much work at all. Since the raised beds are on a wooden deck with plastic under neath them theirs not going to many weeds if any to worry about"

"Who are you trying to convince Tobias me our yourself, You know you like the fruits and vegetables as much as I do" said Gibbs as he leaned over and squeezed Tobias' leg then gave him a quick kiss.

"Hey quit that I'm driving!" said Tobias with mock anger

"You know you love it when I distract you Tobias" whispered Gibbs in a sultry voice.

"Yeah but not when I'm driving Ali in my new car I don't. Now behaving yourself and I might make it up to you later during Ali's nap" said Tobias with a grin

"You've got a deal" said Gibbs as he gave Tobias' leg on more squeeze then removed his hand.

The rest of the drive was uneventful and they made it to the quaint little country restaurant where they had a delicious lunch and even treated Ali to a small ice cream sundae. After a quick change in the parking they were once again on the road headed home. This time Ali didn't even make it back to the grocery store before she was sound asleep in the back seat. After Gibbs had turned around to cover her and give her her pacifier the rest of the ride was done in peace and they soon were once again pulling into the garage of their new house. One of the things that they'd had changed was the remote access to the garage doors so just encase whoever owner the house previously they couldn't get back in using an old remote. They'd also had a state of the art security system put in plus a sprinkler system just encase of a fire since they were so far from a town. After they shut off the alarm they carried the groceries into the kitchen then Tobias went to get Ali while Gibbs started putting the ice cream in the freezer.

After another quick change of Ali's diaper, Tobias helped Gibbs put the rest of the groceries up then together they went into their bedroom so Gibbs could continue to distract Tobias. By four o' clock Ali was awake again and after another diaper change she snacked on some of the fresh fruit they'd just gotten.

After lunch Ali went to check her email and noticed they'd gotten a reply to their email about the deliveries. Someone was going to come out tomorrow morning with all their boxes. As Ali ran out the office she was once again scolded for running in the house. She hadn't changed out of her "big Ali" dress yet but she'd taken off her shoes and was now wearing a pair of thick socks.

"Sorry Daddy, but aren't' you excited! Someone from the FBI is coming tomorrow to bring our packages" said Ali as she slightly bounced in from of them.

"What it's only been a day and you're already tired of us Ali?" said Tobias with mock hurt in his voice.

"Of course not Papa, you know I love spending time with both of you but you have done so much for me that I wanted to do something for you and I asked Papa's friend if he could deliver it with the rest of the packages"

"Allison Desirae Fornell-Gibbs, just what exactly have you done" said Gibbs in his best NCIS voice

"Nothing major Daddy I promise and I'm sure you're going to love it but I need you both to promise me you'll wait until tomorrow. Please, Daddy, please Papa."

"Alright baby girl, if it means that much to you we will wait to reserve judgement until tomorrow but after that" said Gibbs then smiled as Ali sighed and sagged against him. She'd been really worried that she'd upset them, but no matter what she'd did she knew that both he and Tobias would forgive her because that's what father's do.

After that they spent the rest of the afternoon watching Ali swim in the pool until dinner time and then they cooked some of their new steaks on the grill. Dinner was eaten outside on the covered patio and they stayed out their until well after dark just listening to the night time sounds of nature.

At Ali's bedtime they gave Ali a bath in the new jacuzzi then put her to bed the promptly returned to the jacuzzi to spend some quality time together. After a lot of cuddling and some water play they retired to their master bedroom to make love then fall asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning Tobias and Gibbs entered Ali's room to find her already awake reading a book. While Gibbs went to get her diaper supplies Tobias took Ali's book away from her and laid her back down.

"A little excited aren't you sweetheart?" asked Gibbs as he came over and started changing her diaper

"Of course Daddy, I just love getting packages even if I know what's in them" said Ali with a smile.

"Well don't get to excited little , you know it's going to be a lot of work to put up all the supplies from those packages" reminded Tobias as he helped Ali sit up then walked with her to her clothes to help pick out her clothes.

"Oh I know Papa, but you know I love spending time with you no matter what we do" said Ali as she reentered the room carrying on of her summer sundresses. It was pale pink dress with big yellow and orange flowers all over it.

"Looks nice sweetheart, why don't you wear your tennis shoes since we'll be working today" suggested Gibbs as he came out of the bathroom.

"Good idea Daddy, oh and Daddy can we go exploring on of the trails after lunch if it's not to hot?" asked Ali as she scooted by him and went into the bathroom to dress.

"Well see Prince how you feel after lunch and your nap, okay?" said Tobias as he looked over at Ali.

They both knew that she'd been dying to go explore the trails but didn't really want to get her out in the heat of the day.

"I'll check the temperature after lunch Tobias and then we'll go from there" said Gibbs with a smile.

It wasn't hot by any means up here but it was July and they didn't want Ali out in the hottest part of the day. They might have to confine Ali's outdoor activities to the early morning or early evening and let her swim or play in her play room during the hottest parts of the day. A few minutes later Ali emerged wearing her sundress and tennis shoes with matching lacy socks and hair bow.

"Aww, pretty as a picture Princess. Are you sure you're not dressing up for the agent that coming with the packages?" asked Tobias with a smile as he pulled Ali into his arms.

"I'm sure Papa, I don't even know who it is. Remember he's one of you're friends from the FBI" said Ali as she gently punched Tobias' side.

"She's got you there Tobias, now what do you want for breakfast today sweetheart?" asked Gibbs as he led Ali out of her room and towards the kitchen.

"Can we have some oatmeal and eggs today Papa?" asked Ali

"Sure little one, do you feel alright?" asked Tobias as he came over to Ali and took her face between his hands. She usually only asked for oatmeal if it was cold outside or she was feeling sick, but right now she looked and felt perfectly alright.

"I'm fine Papa, really. I just thought that oatmeal would give me some extra energy for unpacking all those packages" said Ali with a smile

"Good thought baby girl, and how about we add some fruit and meat along with that and you'll be raring to go" suggested Gibbs.

"Sounds great Daddy, thanks!" said Al as she started getting the breakfast ingredients out.

After that breakfast was made and eaten just in time to get the kitchen cleaned up before they heard the honk of a truck pulling up in front of the house. Ali quickly ran to the front door and checked the monitoring system then opened the door just as Tobias' friend was getting out of the truck. He'd come in a big white unmarked panel truck and when he opened the sliding back door they could see that it was cram packed.

"What did you buy Tobias the whole damn internet?" asked the man as they came around the back to see the back of the truck.

"Ali ordered most of this Thomas, and I think she wanted to make sure we had everything we would need for as long as we stay here" replied Tobias as he put his arm around Ali's shoulders

"Well you've certainly got that, you guys should be set for at least the rest of the summer if not longer depending on how long you stay" said Thomas as he looked at the pair.

"Do you have it, did you bring my special package?" asked Ali as she started to bounce slightly in Tobias' arms.

"Ali" warned Gibbs

"I certainly did Ali, it's in the front seat with me" said Thomas as he tossed Ali the keys to the truck. "You can get it if you like"

"Oh thank you Thomas, thank you!" cried Ali as she ran off to the front of the truck to retrieve her package.

"And just what did Ali buy that was so special that you had to keep it in the front seat with you Thomas?" asked Tobias as the three men climbed into the truck and started unload the boxes.

"Can't tell you Tobias, Ali made me promise not to say anything and quiet frankly I'm more scared of her than I am you. You're both retired, Ali still occasionally works for the Bureau and I don't want to piss her off so much that she screws up one of our documents" said Thomas with a smile as he followed Tobias and Gibbs into the house.

"Ali wouldn't do that, but you're right. She still occasionally works and we don't so it's best to keep on her good side" said Gibbs with a laugh

They both knew that Ali would never purposely mess up a decryption but she might just take a little extra longer than necessary if you pissed her off. So with a smile they watched Ali enter they house then place a medium sized package in the dishes cabinet and hutch that held the special dishes.

"Care to explain, Ali?" asked Gibbs as he watched Ali coming out of the dinning room

"It's for after dinner" answered Ali with a smile.

"Oh, well in that case do you think you could help us bring all these boxes in since you were the one that ordered all this stuff" said Gibbs

"Sure Daddy" said Ali with a smile then ran back outside to help unload the truck.

After that the truck was unloaded and all the boxes placed in the correct rooms, when they were finished Ali took Thomas on a tour of their house and then gave him some coffee and a piece of cake she'd bought. By the time they were finished it was nearly noon and Thomas excused himself saying that he needed to get back to headquarter and get a little bit of work done today. So after several cheery goodbyes, Thomas headed back to the office and Ali, Tobias and Gibbs started unpacking their boxes.

They worked for almost an hour before Gibbs called a halt to the unpacking for lunch and together they fixed sandwiches and chips which they ate out of the covered patio. After that Gibbs changed Ali then put her down for her nap, promising not to unpack any more of the boxes until she got up. Which was they're plan anyway because both Gibbs and Tobias were exhausted.

Ali had ordered enough stuff for them to be able to stay there well until October only occasionally having to go out to get more eggs, milk and other perishable items. They knew that Ali wanted to stay her at least until the first snow came then they would probably head back to D.C until everything thawed out. And with that thought in mind Ali had bought enough canned and staples to last them. They would certainly have to order some more of their personal items, but for the most part they were set.

By four o' clock Ali was awake again and after a diaper change and snack they once again started to unpacking the remaining boxes. By six o' clock they were done and after fixing a quick meal of spaghetti and meat sauce they took their plates to the small covered deck just outside the dinning room. When they were finished Ali took all their plates back to the kitchen and brought back on a tray three slices of cake, two coffee's and the medium sized box she'd hidden earlier.

"What's this Ali?" asked Gibbs as she placed the box between the two of them.

"It's my retirement gifts to both of you. It's something that I've been wanting to get you for a long time now but never could because of our jobs, but now that we're all retired I can and did" said Ali as she started eating her cake.

"Ali you really didn't have to get us anything" said Tobias as he looked at the box still in the middle of the table.

"I know Papa, but I wanted to. You got me my open hearts necklace to show me just how much I mean to you, and now I wanted to get you both something to show you just how much you mean to me"

"Well if you're sure Princess" said Gibbs with a sigh. She had them both there and they couldn't really argue with her logic

"I am Daddy, now open them. Your names are on the boxes"

With one more look at their daughter Gibbs reached for the box and quickly opened it and handing Tobias a the box with his name on it. Inside were two medium sized rectangle boxes and when they opened them they both had to catch their breath. Inside the boxes where two identical rectangular shaped platinum bracelets with the outline of heart in gold on the right side, and their birthday stones in the middle. On the back was engraved each of their names along with Allison's and underneath was written "together forever" with the date of their marriage and her adoption.

"Oh Ali sweetheart, these are beautiful! When did you have these made?" asked Gibbs and he gently picked his up to look at it.

"The morning after you're honeymoon, while you and Papa were enjoying yourselves. I got online and found a jewelry store online that would make custom bracelets and ordered them for you. Do you like them?" asked Ali hesitantly.

"We love them little one, but why couldn't you buy them for us before now?" asked Tobias.

"Because we weren't legally together, and I was afraid if someone at or out in the field saw them they might cause you some problems"

"Well your probably right about that but now we can wear them proudly and show they off to anyone who wants to see them" said Gibbs as he fastened his bracelet to his wrist then proudly showed it to Ali.

"Really Daddy, Papa? You like them?" asked Ali again.

"We love them little one and you know we have considered you a Fornell-Gibbs for a long time now" reminded Tobias

"I know Papa, but now it's legal. I don't ever have to sign my name Allison Grayson again. Do you think that Tim would help me change all my legal documents to Allison Fornell-Gibbs?"

"I'm sure he would if you asked him sweetheart, why don't you call him tomorrow and ask him" suggested Gibbs

"Thanks Daddy, would it be alright if I stay out on the covered patio for a while and sketched?" asked Ali as she finished her cake and drink

"Sure thing sweetheart, just remember to stay in the shade we don't want you to get sun burned" said Gibbs with a laugh as he watched Ali bounce up, kissing both men then head off to her play room to get her sketch pad and pencils.

"This was really nice of her Jethro" said Tobias as he looked at the bracelet on his wrist

"Well what did you expect Tobias, we bought her the open hearts angel necklace with her name on it and then the rest of the family had her pandora bracelet made for her. She just wanted to give back to us for everything we've given her"

"Well she doesn't have to, just knowing that she considers us her father's in thanks enough"

"I know that but this is Ali were talking about remember, she was raised where you only did something for a rewards. We could have her a thousand years and I don't think she'd understand just how precious her just being our daughter is to both of us"

"You got that right, so what do you want to do for the rest of the night?" asked Tobias with a wicked smile as he leaned across they table and kissed Gibbs on the lips.

"Well, Ali's out on the covered patio so I was thinking about maybe spending some quality Daddy time cuddling on the couch" whispered Gibbs after Tobias broke their kiss.

Even after all the time they'd been together Tobias could still take his breath away with a kiss. So with a smile Gibbs took Tobias' hand and together they headed towards the family room and some quiet cuddle time.

Ali spent the next several hours outside until Tobias finally called her inside then she went into her play room and spent the rest of the evening finishing and then coloring her sketch. At Ali's bedtime it was a very playful Gibbs and Tobias that gave Ali her shower then put her to bed with her bottle and Puffalump.

Over the next several weeks Ali, Gibbs and Tobias hiked, fished and did all the fun outdoor stuff that you do when you go camping all the while taking pictures of them enjoying their retirement and using all the additions that their family and friends had made. Finally Ali had enough to make their "thank you!" presentation. Along with the presentation Ali sent several sketches that she'd finished and when the presentation was viewed it got rave reviews from all the family and friends.

Ali finally mastered all of the gadgets that were in their new kitchen, so they were never without several different varieties of bread and rolls along with copious amounts of homemade ice cream. Ali's gardens did very well and soon the little family had an overabundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The only time they had to order anything over the internet was to get their's personal items, things they used a lot, or when they ordered a new sundress or play set for Ali. They still made a trip into town about every two weeks or so to pick up some milk and eggs along with some of the fruits that Ali couldn't grow.

Mostly the trio stayed in their Adirondack mountain home and lived the good life of retirement. In late October they began to think about closing up the house and going back to D. C to spend the winter there so they could be close to family and friends for the holiday's. By November Ali, Tobias and Gibbs were back in D. C having closed up their mountain home, leaving all of Ali's spring and summer clothes their since they were head back as soon as things turned warmer again.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were the usually festive occasion at the Fornell-Gibbs house and soon everyone was were they would go on their next big retirement adventure. For right now Ali just wanted to spend time at the house, doing everything that could be done then they would think about the next state she wanted to visit. For Christmas the family had a house sign that read "Fornell-Gibbs Residence, La vida buena" which they proudly hung beside their front door when they returned that May.

AN: this story was originally conceived to be a series of stories in which after they retire Gibbs and Tobias take Ali to each state to show her the wonders of all fifty states in the United States of America. As the authors notes in the beginning of this story states I got the idea for this while playing a Big Fish computer game and after doing some research of the closets mountains to D. C decided on sending them to the Adirondack Mountains. I am not sure when or if another story idea will hit me but when it does I will write it and post it as soon as I can. For now I want to thank everyone who has read, reviewed, liked or followed my little series and hopefully I will add more soon. Thanks for reading.