The Saiyan King and the Lunarian Queen


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AN: This story aint a Vegeta / Usagi mushfic; mush will be between already
established couples from both series, with one exception. You guessed it;
Queen Serenity and King Vegeta are the real main characters; at least for
the first few chapters or so. I have no clue where this will go, so I make no
promises about what will happen later. I came up with this idea after first
reading ESM's Vegeta & Usagi. The plot around QS and KV's marriage just
had waaaaaaaaay too many holes in it for my tastes. I mean, can you picture
someone named Serenity wouldn't marry for love? I think not! She gave her
life so that her daughter could have one together with her fiance for cryin'
out loud! Last of all; yes, I am using the Japanese names. This is mainly
because some phrases sound better to me with Japanese words mixed in! Tee hee!

Also: Queen Serenity is 20 in the story's opening and not the queen yet.
If you have a problem with her mannerisms not being totally sweetness and light
all of the time, than watch out. I don't know how this will end up portraying
her, but by the middle she should be the way she is in the Anime. Maybe. *n*
(supposed to be pouty face)

Disclaimer: I don¹t own Sailor Moon. If I did, I would be the happiest
little otaku in the world! But I¹m not. Sailor Moon is owned by the Queen of
Manga/Anime, Naoko. Long live the Queen!


Silver Millennium: Moon Kingdom...


"Bad day, 'Rena?"'

"No, this goes beyond a mere 'bad' day, Cassie," Princess Serenity of the
Moon Kingdom said dryly to her best friend and Captain of her royal guard, Queen
Cassiopeia of Earth, a.k.a., Sailor Earth. "First those old ding-bats who
call themselves the Counsel of Elders make me attend one of their boring meetings
and make me listen to them yak on and on about things one would think much
too petty for the counsel, and then...!"

Earth laughed at the expression on her friend¹s face, calmed herself,
and then replied: "And then...what?"

"Those baka goobers (tee hee!) had the audacity to say, and I quote:
'Her Royal Highness should keep in mind the importance of a Prince and one day
King to the Kingdom, as well as more importantly, an heir to wield her power
when comes the time when she gains her mother¹s throne and one day when she
leaves this mortal existence'! For cryin' out loud, Cassie, they made it
sound like I was some 40-year-old old maid!"

Earth frowned, "But 'Rena, they do have a point; if something happened
to you, there wouldn't be anyone to rule your kingdom afterwards. And you are the
only unmarried Queen or Crown Princess left in the Solar System. Heck, even
Setsuna has gotten married."

"Fine! I'll work on it!" Serenity sighed. "I'm going to bed; see you
tomorrow, Cassie."

"Good night, 'Rena; I hope your dreams give you some insight."


"Why do I get the feeling that my personal 'Prince Charming' doesn¹t
exist?" Serenity asked herself aloud as she sat up in bed, giving up on any chance
of sleep.

"Perhaps because he doesn't; not in this time, anyway," a voice said
softly from the darkness.

"Geeze, give me a heart attack why don't ya, Setsuna! What are you
doing here?"

"I am here because if I had not come, you would face an unhappy future,
either married to a man you did not love, or not married at all, thereby dooming
your family line, and-"

"Aaaaaaaaaargh! Quit it, 'Suna; you're depressing me! Now, what
exactly are you here to do?"

"I am here to give you a chance to find your soul mate, Serenity.
Nothing more, nothing less. I must warn you, though, that to go on
this search means traveling through time, and spending years away
from all that you know and love, among strangers unlike any you have
ever met."

Serenity paused only a moment before exclaiming, "Let me pack some
bags and let's hit the road; anything to get away from those baka
goobers in the Counsel of Elders!"

Setsuna nodded and handed her princess a large back pack and said, "Pack
only what you absolutely need, Princess; you do not want to be too conspicuous."

As she ran around her room, throwing shirts, pants, skirts, a gi or two,
underwear, and other needed things into the pack, Serenity finally voiced
something that had been nagging her from the back of her mind. "Hey, Setsuna,
what about my parents and the other Senshi? Aren't they going to wonder
where I went?"

"I will tell your parents in the morning; I refrained from informing
the Senshi because I feared they would try to stop me, even though this
was left in Elder Pluto's final instructions to me before she died."'

"Yeah, Cassie wouldn't have stopped you, but the others might have
tried anyway. O.K., I'm packed; when are we leaving?"'



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